Lucky Dog 1 translations 09 Ivan route 06 best

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 9 Best

First Times

Warning: The next chapter is not work-safe!!

Ivan: Shit … I’m so pissed off I can’t sleep!

Hell if I know.  I plop onto my bed and snicker at him.

Gian: Wanna call up room service and ask ‘em for a girl?
Ivan: Shut up!  I’m not gonna touch their shitty leftovers!
Gian: Didn’t you go score some girl yesterday?  Just go and jerk yourself off imagining her.

Ivan: Y-You idiot!!  I didn’t go!  I was so fucking pissed off after all that shit that I’d drank myself to sleep in one of my safehouses!

Gian: Hmm.  If only we could go outside!  Then you could’ve gotten yourself a woman!  Too baaad.

Ivan: …Why you…!

Suddenly … I think I see Ivan’s eyes go bloodshot.

Is he gonna hit me…?!  I brace myself … but instead, I see all the pointiness in his expression, all the muscles in his body relax.

Ivan: …Haha, this’s just like when we were in the joint.  I just had a flashback, fuck.
Gian: And it’s quite a luxurious cell we’ve got here.  But, yeah, you’re right…  It feels like such a long time ago, seriously.

Ivan: …Smoke.  Give.

Ivan props himself against the bed and looks up at the ceiling.  I reach for my pocket…  Oh.  I’m still wrapped up in that towel from the loo.

I head for the chair I’d left my jacket on, grab the box of cigs and paper matches and head back to Ivan when…

Gian: Here.  Cool your head a bit and go to sleewaah?!

…Ivan reaches out, quick and fast as a punch, and grabs the hand that I’d had the smokes in.  With a pull, he kills my balance and I plunge onto the bed…

And then Ivan’s body and his scowl hang over me.  …Is he gonna hit me?!  Just as I think this…

Ivan: …I’m so fucking horny I can’t sleep.  I’ll just have to have you help out.
Gian: Wha?!  Stop, you idiot!


The moment Ivan’s words actually get through to me, I hear something snap! in my head and I see red.

He’s got my wrist held so tight I hear it creak… With his other hand, Ivan’s down dragging his nails across my still-wet neck and chest.

Ivan: You bastard…  Shit, this is pretty good!  The skin’s smooth like a baby’s…!
Gian: Ngh…!  I told you to stop, you asshole!

I use my other free hand and aim a punch at Ivan’s nose … but Ivan just twists his neck over and dodges it easily.

Gian: Guhaa….

I feel a light blow in my side, around where my liver is.  …But the impact clouds my eyes with black from the pain and, for a second, I can’t catch my breath.

Ivan: Struggle and you’ll just get yourself hurt.

I twist around, still trying to breathe…  Then, Ivan’s pressure on me suddenly disappears … or so I think, but the next second…

At first, I have no idea what’s happened.  …He’d pulled off the towel around my waist.  When I realize this, my head’s filled through and through with red.

Gian: You bastard…!  …Uwah…?!

…He’s really strong.

My hand’s twisted around and the wet towel’s wrapped around it … and then my other hand’s tied to the hand behind me.  I can’t move.  I finally get myself to breathe.  And then…

…he presses me down with his strength and his weight.  He pushes down on my tied arms and my body… …I can’t breathe again.

Things are getting hazy, and I can hear Ivan’s faint laughter and his labored breaths…  …His nails slide over my chest and my stomach, and I know he’s just tormenting me…

Ivan: Hehehe…  What is this?  Shit, it’s awesome…

Ivan’s laughing, practically shaking from excitement.

Gian: Y-You … bastard…
Ivan: Haha!  That’s a good look you’ve got there.  Now then…

Ivan sticks a smoke in his mouth … takes out a paper match and lights – tries to light it…

Ivan: Agh, shit … shit!  The fuck is this?!

…He tries to light it like a normal match and instead breaks several of them.  …The hell is he getting all flustered over, the stupid…

Gian: …Ngh, you idiot.  Don’t you know how to use a paper match?
Ivan: Sh-Shuddap!

Ivan spits out the cigarette in his mouth and twists my arm up.  A groan escapes my mouth from the pain.

He tried to act all confident, failed, and now he’s covering it up.  He squeezes my ass.

Ivan: Huh, yours are pretty bouncy even though you’re a guy.
Gian: …Uwah … uwaah, stop!  I’ll scream!

Fuck.  Completely involuntary, but with two hands groping my ass again and again, even if it’s Ivan…  …I start feeling something strange.

Gian: I’m serious here!  I’m gonna scream!  You…!

Though I say this, the moment I imagine another captain or one of the wiseguys coming into the room and seeing this, my voice breaks off.  …If they see this, I’m humiliated for life.

Ivan: Just give it up.  I’ll make it good for you too, so you should be happy!
Gian: Just what the hell am I s’pposed t’be happy ‘bout here?!  Shit, let my hands go!
Ivan: This isn’t like the joint, after all.  We’ve got suuuch a springy  mattress, and we’re sitting on top of suuuch clean sheets.

He cackles like a villain (No, wait, he is the villain here) as he puts more force into the hand stroking my butt.  I pale.

My cheeks are pulled apart like nothing.

Ivan: Geh…  Heh … it’s not what I’d imagined…

H-He’s looking…  I feel waves of shame and embarrassment batter me.

No, more importantly, at this rate, I’m gonna get raped?!

‘This is a nightmaaaare!’  I practically hum to myself as I make my best escapism attempt.  Luckily, Ivan’s hands leave my ass and I get in a breath of relief.

Instead, those fingers start sliding up my torso.

Gian: Ah … hah, ngh … Don’t pinch me!

His fingers discover my nipples and squeeze them.  A sweet pain runs through me, and even I know that they’d hardened straight away.

Ivan: Hehehe.  Just what the hell is this…?
Gian: I’ll lay this out simple beforehand.  It’s ‘cause your fingers were cold and that was it, got it?!  Ah…!

He stimulates the hardened points, rubbing them back and forth and pulling at them.  Moans spill out.  I can’t hold them back.

Gian: …Y-You happy … playing with a guy’s chest…?
Ivan: Hah!  Just how much do you feel in your nipples, you nympho?

I’m bitter.  Veeery, very bitter.  So what if my chest’s sensitive!  My body’s shivering on its own so it’s not my fault and would you stop using your nails…?!

My breaths start speeding up and my face, turned downwards, twists under all my anger and humiliation.

If only my hand was free, then I’d give him a good sock straight in his face!  All right already just let go of my nipples!!

Ivan: …What, you’re about to get fucked and you’re still gettin’ excited?

Because of his strange ministrations, my cock’s pretty swollen by now.

Gian: It’s all your fault, groping around everywh—!  Gh!

A hand shoots lightning-fast and grabs my knee.  I don’t even have enough time to gulp before he pulls my legs apart so far they start hurting…

Ivan: Hah!  If you didn’t go and take a bath, I wouldn’t ‘ve wanted to fuck a guy like you either.

Yep, I hate baths.  Shouldn’t have taken one…

Ivan: Hmph, ‘s cleaner than I’d thought it’d be…

He’s looking confused, like he’d been trying to figure out how to insult me when that spills out of his mouth instead.

Gian: Complimenting me won’t get you any favors.
Ivan: And just how many dicks ‘ve you taken like this?  You’re a guy, but you’re such a bitch.

Ivan curses this as some strange expression floats over his face, something between scorn or envy.

Ivan expertly takes off his own pants single-handedly.  And there, standing in salute in front of me, is his dick.

Gian: …Wait, what’s that you’ve got there, huh?!  You’re the one lusting about sticking your cock into another guy, you idiot!  Ivan!!
Ivan: Shut up!  You wanna get hit again?
Gian: Tsk!  Why you…!

I finally manage to get a foot free and I aim a kick at his gut, but I misjudge the distance and it flies clear of him.

Ivan: Whoa, there.
Gian: Gaah!

Ivan goes quiet, pulls me up higher so my back’s arched.  Fuck, I can’t even pull off a kick now.

…So he’s gonna stick that in me now?  At least prepare me a little.  Shit, this is gonna hurt…  I half-resign myself and heave a long breath.

Gian: Fuck…

…Hm?  Ivan’s stopped moving.

Some sort of humiliation sex play?  I lift my head up a little and look at Ivan, and…

Ivan: …

His eyes are swimming around the room, round and round.  Is he … looking for something…?

And strangely, I feel like they’re specifically dodging around my crotch…?

Ivan: …Ah … mrgh … fuck!
Gian: H-Hey … Ivan?
Ivan: Wh-what?

He’s clearly backing down.  It’s great he’s got his junk out and all, but his heart’s not there…  A few degrees off the mark, in fact.

He flicks his eyes back to my face.  …And immediately turns them away.

Wow.  He’s getting cold feet after coming this far?

Gian: …Ivaaan?

Do you know the pain I have to go through to keep up this pose?!  (No, you wouldn’t, but still!)

Ivan: …Hey, G-Gian…  If you promise to obey me from now on … w-we can just leave it off here?

Huh?  …What’s he got to be arrogant about?

Gian: You idiot.  Throw whatever you’ve got at me and I still wouldn’t obey you!

I throw these words at him despite my very embarrassing pose.

Ivan: What’d you say?  You wanna get run through like this?!

Now he’s clearly looking every which way around the room and searching for something.

Gian: …I’ll lay this out first.  My stomach’s filled with all those nice, juicy cukes from earlier
Gian: Going for a tool right now is just proof you’re a monkey.
Ivan: …T-Then do ya want me to rape ya with my 45 up your ass?!

His habit of turning beet-red in a flash like now is a bad habit of his.

Gian: Hah!  What’re you scared about?  You’re no virgin.

I give a scornful laugh.  Well, I shouldn’t talk.  I’m the (ass) virgin here.

Ivan: Me?  Scared?!  That’s a great joke!
Gian: Then get your shit in gear and finish what you’ve started, jeezus!
Ivan: Wha?!  I was just gonna leave it off here for today…
Gian: Don’t go getting cold feet on me now, you idiot.

You’ve got me doing this stupid pose here like I’m doing splits on display!  And this long period of doing nothing!  And my arms tied behind my back hurt, and my dick’s still standing for I-don’t-know-what-reason!!

I haven’t been this annoyed in the past few years!

Gian: And you call yourself a proud member of the male species?  If you’re gonna back down like a wuss, then don’t start!  Coward!  Pussy!

Still irritated, I curse and scold him.  I see the 45 dangling from his hand.

Gian: Oh, and now you’re gonna fire that gun without finishing taking care of it too, you ear-ly-bi-rd?!
Ivan: What’d you say?!

I can tell that Ivan’s boiled over the instant I threw that blatant challenge in his face.  Suddenly, I realize … I just fucked myself over, didn’t I?

Ivan, red all over, pushes me so my back is curled up to the limit, like he’s gonna thrust at my butt.

Gian: Ggh…!

My spine hurts so much it’s killing my breath.  That, mixed with the humiliation of having my crotch on display, makes my whole body flush.

Ivan puts his thumb into his mouth.  The next moment, it’s up against my anus and pushing in.

I’m suddenly hit with the feeling of something wet, and, with a squelch, I feel it invade me unpleasantly…

Gian: Ggh … Jesus, trim your nails all the way!
Ivan: Relax!  You’re too tight!  Leave the clenching for later!
Gian: …Guh…

I bite down on my voice when the thumb pulls out and his index and middle fingers replace it.

Probably because he’s still hesitant, Ivan keeps his fingers shallow.

Ivan: What’re you shaking for?  I haven’t even stuck them in deep yet.

Because he only has them in shallow, I don’t feel any pain and instead a strange pleasure.  I’ve played pitcher before, so I know there’s a good spot around that area.

…I don’t want to tell Ivan that I’m feeling it, so I grit my teeth.

Ivan: …I’m really gonna fuck you!  All the way!  And then you’ll … be my— … I mean, you’re gonna obey me!
Gian: Hah!  And I’ll fuck you right back!  …Uwah!

His finger squirms around inside, and my voice leaks from my throat.

It looks like Ivan’s finally set his mind to it.  He pulls out his fingers and strokes himself, pressing the tip to my anus.

…Maybe I should’ve just said any old random thing and run when I had the chance…  My arms hurt…

Ivan: I’m going in … Here we go…

Gian: …A-Agh…

Ivan: Shit, you’re tight…!

Gian: Fuck … hu-agh … Stop…  Ngh…!

Slosh … and Ivan tunnels into me.

No lubricant, but it still goes in pretty smoothly.  It’s ‘cause Ivan, the idiot, leaked precum all over himself, down to the base.

I really want to point it out to him, but it really hurts, and controlling my breathing is taking all my effort.

Just when I’m about halfway done calming it down, Ivan sticks it all in in one go.  …Addio, my anus virginity.

Gian: Ngh … go slower…  Don’t put it all in … at once…  It still hurts…

Ivan: What is this… ’s hot, and ‘s squeezing…

Aagh, it hurts…  And it’s also weirdly hot…  Luckily, it feels like nothing’s split back there.

I think it’s a really good thing that my body’s so much softer after going to the bath.

And, a pleasure, like nothing I’ve ever felt before, spreads through my spine.  It’s weird, like someone’s pushing at my penis from the inside…

Gian: Hah … Don’t … move so … suddenly, haah…

I squeeze my eyes shut at the jolt of something digging into me.

Ivan: Don’t make such a sexy expression, you idiot.

All the while wishing for the towel behind my back to come off, I match Ivan’s urgent rhythm somewhat.

It’s to lessen the pain, even if by just a bit, and to get Ivan finished off ASAP.

The blood’s gone completely to Ivan’s head and he’s lost himself in the middle of attacking me.

Gian: Hey, cum … outside.  It’s really annoying … taking care of it…

Ivan: …Wha?  …You think you’ve got … any say in this?!  I’m gonna cum inside…!  Agh!

Gian: Ow!  …Leave the joke … to your expressions!

The fact we’re both trying so hard to joke while shaking our hips is ‘cause we’re trying to hide we’re at our limit.

…We’re connected pretty intimately.  We know how the other’s feeling.

Gian: …Then, come on.  Hurry up and cum inside me, brat…!

Ivan: And you’re … the one … squeezing and twitching down there…  I’m just gonna cum like this…!

In the time we were wriggling around, the towel behind me came loose.  One of my hand’s numb, but I manage to pull it out from underneath me.

Ah, I can move my hand.  I finally bring it around in front of me…

Gian: …Gh, mngh…

…and move it down to my crotch.  Not to sock Ivan in the face.

I mean, just a little more and I’m gonna cum.  Lust triumphs over shame, and I weakly grab myself.

Ivan: What’re … you doing…?

I don’t know if he’s moving his hand over mine to stop me or to stimulate me further.

Gian: Nn … ngh…!

I don’t know how it turned out this way.  Ivan’s hand and mine move together to stroke my penis.

Gian: Uwah … ah…!  Guh, haa…  I’m…

Ivan: Haa, guh … hah…!  Y-you’re…

Like it’s feeling sympathy for Ivan’s dick pounding away at me, mine also starts swelling.

I don’t give a flying fuck anymore…

Gian: Auh, haa…!  Aah…!

Ivan: Fuck, don’t squeeze … nnaagh…!!  I’m cumming … Aah!

Gian: Haah, no, I’m cum—!!

A powerful force sweeps over me.

The warm white liquid spurts into me and all over my hand…

Gian: Uwaah…!  Guh…  Ngh…

…Weirdly enough, I feel Ivan’s hand linger over mine for a long time.

Then, like he’s flustered, Ivan tries to get away from me … and then stops mid-move.

Ivan: Hey … loosen up…  The tip’s stuck and I can’t pull it out…

Don’t care.  Moving hurts.

When I limply stretch, Ivan forcefully pulls out.  I give a sigh.

I can feel the semen he shot inside me leak out, just a bit.

Gian: Ah…
Ivan: Heh … the hell.  You even curled your toes when you came, just like a girl…

We came at the same time, so his words just sound like the howling of a dog that’s got his tail between his legs.

My hand and stomach are dribbling with my own ejaculate.  Because of my bad position, I’m numb here and there.  Seriously … what the fuck is this situation?

I dazedly look up at Ivan…

And I see his face slowly come closer.  Whoa, hey there.  What’re you doing?

He’s gonna kiss me, too?!  I stare at his approaching face.

Gian: What.  You’ve got something you wanna say?
Ivan: …N-No, I don’t…

Ivan moves away and fixes a glare on me.

I’m … really confused, at the moment.  Yeah, really confused.

Because what I wanna say to Ivan right now is…  …  …But, other words fly from my mouth instead.

Gian: Why’d you stop just now?
Ivan: Sh-Sh-Shut up!  It’s nothing!!
Gian: Hm…

I stretch my hand forward slowly to keep from startling him … and brush his hair, and his cheek.

Ivan: Wh-What…
Gian: Nothing.

I secretly smeared a bit of semen onto his hair, but it looks like Ivan didn’t notice.

The hell is this, this weird gazing-at-each-other atmosphere…  Yeah, we’re definitely both still confused by this all…

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  1. Ageha
    Jan 15, 2014 @ 10:03:27

    […Addio, my anus viriginity.]<– virginity



  2. LFM
    Apr 23, 2014 @ 23:39:45, this is very, very… O///O. This is one of the freakin sexiest things I’ve ever read/saw! And oh my god, Ivan is being such a cute tsundere. Let’s not forget Gian’s sassy little attitude too! XD

    Thank you so much for this *ahem* very enjoyable and eduacational read. You probably won’t see this but I just want to say that I FREAKIN LOVE YOU!!!!



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    Awww.. Ivan wants a kiss!



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    Sep 07, 2015 @ 11:26:03

    Dear lord in heaven this was way too adorable, I had to punch my couch to be able to handle this. I think I melted because of these two, thank you so much ❤



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