Lucky Dog 1 translations 10 Giulio route 05

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 10


This chapter contains an image of NSFW!

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After getting back to the hotel, Giulio and I don’t have any energy or strength or will to report back to Bernardo…

Bernardo seems to understand our situation and doesn’t say anything piss-annoying.  All he does is say,


Bernardo: Don’t worry.

…to us.  Nothing more, nothing less.


After refusing Bernardo’s offer to call a doc, I take nothing but a first aid kit and hole up in my room.  Giulio…

I haven’t said a word, but he goes to another room, probably one that’d been prepared for him by Bernardo.  I…

giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: …Shit…  The fuck am I getting relaxed for.  Fucking restless, stupid…!

I curse myself and throw the unwearable clothes and shoes across the floor.  I’ve got to get rid of them later…

bg00     bg0


I get in the bath and soak myself under the shower…

giandaivann4-2-2 Gian: …!  Ow…!

The pain that’d been lying dormant up until now wakes up hale and hearty under the bath water.  I wash off the dirt and blood clinging to the thin scratches, check the problem spots that’d gotten a hit or two…

There’s some marks on my face from when I’d gotten pushed into something, too.  Looks like the kind of cut that’d fester if I stick a bandage to it.  Like I’d gotten on the bad end of a razor.  I wash it…

And I wash the place where Giulio attacked.  A spike of pain…  Even after washing it, it throbs.  No blood’s coming out, but it feels really, really weird there…

giandaivann4-1-2 Gian: …Giulio…  That stupid idiot…

Surrounded by water and steam, I swear.  I wash up.  Long after the dirt’s stopped getting washed down the drain…

…I stay under the shower and the bombarding water.

bg00     bg62

berndaivan2-2-2 Bernardo: But … amazing job on returning safely.  I’m sorry…  To think you’d actually attack…

Bernardo pours some whiskey into the coffee cup in front of me, and … looking like he’s reminiscing on something, continues.

berndaivan4-7-2 Bernardo: To think, that you would truly annihilate the GD’s advance troops.  You two … really are something.  The Lucky Dog and Mad Dog … hm…
giandaivanu1-5-2 Gian: …I did practically nothing.  Giulio’s … the one who did it all.  D’you go … and take scout the place out?
berndaivan4-4-2 Bernardo: Yeah.  With that, it would indeed be impossible to clean it up.  By the time my men were heading down, police and firefighters were already flooding into the Bronx.
berndaivan2-2-2 Bernardo: …It looks like the front page for every morning paper will be the same tomorrow.
giandaivanu3-13-2 Gian: Probably…  We did whack that many…  It’s about impossible for the coppers to turn a blind eye to this one.  …They’ve got an arrest warrant out on us?

Bernardo buries his face in between his interlaced fingers and gives a horribly fatigued moan before saying,


Bernardo: I’ve said this earlier, but … you don’t have to worry about that.  The one who ordered the attack … was me.  I will never sell you out to the police.

giandaivanu2-9-2 Gian: Seriously, I’m counting on you…  But, even if it’s the Bronx … with all those bodies, even the old Bondone’s not gonna be able to cover that one up.

Bernardo: I agree, too.  On top of that, the old geezer … sig. Executive of the Board of Direttores isn’t picking up the phone.  Either he’s working himself into a flurry or he’s planning something…


…Phone…  Something about the word catches in the back of my throat.  …What was it…

berndaivan4-2-2 Bernardo: That’s why we’ll be taking care of the Bronx wildfire.  …Don’t worry.  I won’t let you or Giulio make it to the morning papers.
giandaivanu2-9-2 Gian: R-Right…  Phone…  Phone…!
berndaivan2-2-1 Bernardo: Hm?


I practically fly straight off the seat.  I dash back to the room and look for the memo from yesterday – the memo that’d been on that Max GD person.

…There it is!  Thank the Lord I’d left it on the desk before going to sleep last night.  I’d been hoping to look into it when I had the time.

If I’d brought it with me today, it would’ve gotten soaked and turned to mush…  I open the memo…

giandaivanu4-2-2 Gian: …3, 4 … 7, 6…  This’s it…!

The numbers I’m staring at on the corner of the memo right now and the numbers I’d seen the GD gangster ring up on the phone I’d blasted apart with the shotgun match up in my head.

…No question about it.  The two are the same number.

I don’t know if this is a number to the GD HQ or the one they use to call for reinforcements.

But, Bernardo might know something…

bg00     bg62

I turn the memo over to Bernardo and I explain what I’d seen today…  Bernardo’s eyes narrow and he takes in the numbers on the note.  Silence.



Bernardo: A GD Executive was calling this number?

Bernardo returns the question, a rarity itself.  I nod back in reply.

giandaivanu4-4-2 Gian: Yeah.  No question ‘bout it.  I thought … maybe it’s a direct line to the GD headquarters.  If so, then maybe we can use it for something?

Just as I’m starting to get a little pumped up…


Bernardo shuts the note and looks off into the distance before giving a clear-cut answer.

berndaivan4-8-1 Bernardo: Unfortunately, this is not the number for the GD headquarters.  It’s also not any number I’ve flagged…
giandaivanu3-2-2b Gian: Oh…  Is that so…  …Wait, you know the number for the GD HQ?!
berndaivan4-1-1 Bernardo: Well, because there’s an address, I also know the number.  Although, what I have is nothing more than the number for their surface headquarters.
berndaivan4-3-1 Bernardo: Besides … the number on this memo isn’t Rockwell’s, where the GD headquarters is located.  …This is a local number, from inside Daivan.
giandaivanu3-6-1 Gian: Daivan’s?!  Why’re they…?  Where were they calling inside Daivan?
berndaivan2-3-1 Bernardo: I suppose I’ll look into whose number this is…

Bernardo smirks and, with memo in hand, stands.


Bernardo: I’ll be returning to my room.  Gian, today … you’ve done well.  You can rest yourself easy for the rest of today.

giandaivanu2-9-2 Gian: …I’ll take you up on that.  Oh right, where’s Giulio…?


Bernardo: He just went into the new room for him earlier…  I haven’t seen him since.  …Has something happened today?

Bernardo’s worried voice.  But … there’s no way I can talk … about that…

giandaivanu1-11-2 Gian: No … it’s … nothing important.  It’s, how d’you put it… I just got off on the wrong foot with him today.  That’s all.

Bernardo doesn’t question any further.  Wordlessly, he gives my shoulder a few pats before returning to his room.  I…

giandaivanu1-6-2 Gian: …Shit, I’m still fucking shaking…

There’s no cold, but my hands and body are shivering.  I can’t put strength into them.  They tremble like I’m suffering from some kind of cold or something.


…Now that I think about it, I didn’t have anything for lunch today.  Still, I’m not in the mood to go out or order room service.

…I don’t think I can even put water into my stomach today…

I roll over on the bed…  Suddenly…

giandaivanu1-11-2 Gian: …

I look over at the bed next to mine.  …I wonder if Giulio’s gonna come back here…?  …I…  …Will I let him…?

giandaivanu1-6-2 Gian: …That idiot…

Giulio attacked me…  Rather, fucked.  Raped.  Wrecked.

I’m still working up a rage over it, but…

If I had to say, it wasn’t just getting done in by Giulio.  It was more seeing Giulio … The Giulio – that silent, cold, fighting machine, ruthless as a road roller – like that…

…like a dejected puppy, tail between legs, that can’t even look me straight in the face…  That pisses me off much, much more.  If anything…

giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: …That’s … that’s not you, right…?!

My thoughts take shape as words and leave my mouth, but … there’s no one in the room but me.  …I can’t even get up the will to down some booze…

giandaivanu1-6-2 Gian: …Shit…

bg00     bg95

bg00     bg0000

transition115     bg000

giandaivann3-11-2 Gian: …U-Uwah!  …A-Ah…!!


… … …Shit!!

…Crap, the sun’s set…  …The light’s left, getting replaced by dark.  The sight…

bg00     transition116

giulioscene21     giulioscene30


…The pitch black darkness … turns red…  …I see the Giulio from that time in my mind again…  …Shit!!


…How can I sleep like this…?

…Can I hold out?  …Until the war’s over…?

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