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Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 10

Alone in the World

This chapter (as you can tell from the first image) is very NSFW!! And Squicky! With a capital S!

bg00     giulioscene20

Giulio: …Haa haa…  Hahaha…


At first, I thought it was a giant spider.  Before I realize that the shadow’s human-shaped, my mind and gut start screeching warning signals at me.

‘Run!!  Get outta there!  Now!!’


But I … ignore my gut instinct and take a step forward.  In the time it takes for me to do that…


Giulio: Ahaha…  So … warm…  Beau…tiful…

The thing – no, it – no…  Straddling over a blood-smeared cadaver, Giulio was…

Giulio: Hah … haha … hehe…!

Giulio was covered in red.

…There’s no way he could’ve been hit by any blood spray…

No, this is different.

transition108     giulioscene21

The only things stained by blood are his hands and face.  Giulio brings his blood-covered hands, sticky with blackish red, to his lips like a boy making love…

Giulio: Haa … haa…  Ah…

Giulio’s shuddering tongue laps at his hands, at the blood dying his lips.  His mouth shivers … and his throat moves with a gulp.


His half-lidded eyes, empty and desecrated by heat…

Giulio’s eyes turn towards the body stretched out beneath him.  The corpse had hardened, grasping at the air with clublike hands, fingerless stumps.

Its clothes are ripped open, covered in blood… …No.  It’s its skin that’s peeled open.  And above it Giuilo…

He takes the flayed skin, pinches it up like a handkerchief and examines it.  Then, drops it on the body’s face with a squelch.

Giulio: Heh…  Ah … ah…  Ah…!

His body shudders like it’s been pumped full of dope.  His graceful face convulses, like from a mental fit.

Mixed in with the blood and rotten flesh muddling up the air is the scent of cum.

The front of Giulio’s pants is strained tight, as though hiding the over-swollen erection inside.  The insanity…  No, this is different…  Just what … is this…?

… … …I…

bg00     giulioscene22

Gian: …Giulio…

His name spills from my lips.  I know that what’s in front of me is Giulio, but … I can’t take another step.  Can’t voice any more words.

Giulio: Huu, hah … aah…


Giulio’s face, his eyes…  At some point in time, they’d moved.  Looked my way.  His eyes’re like empty holes.  And so’s his face…

…There’s no emotion in those eyes.  Eyes, empty as though they were simply looking at a rock and not me.

Giulio: …Uh … uhn…

Gian: …Giu…lio…  Wh-What are … you…?

Giulio: Uh, nh…?  Uhn … aah…


Giulio’s eyes turn towards me.  No.  Wrong.  The pitch dark eyes move.  They’ve found their new prey.

giandaivanu3-1-1b Gian: H-Hey…?
giuliodaivan2-4-2b Giulio: Ha … haha…  There is … still more…
giandaivanu3-16-2b Gian: Wh-What’s … going…?  Hey…?!
giuliodaivan2-2-2b Giulio: …Don’t die … so quickly.  It would be so boring…
giandaivanu3-11-1 Gian: ?!  Ngh…!  G-Giulio!!  Get a grip of yourself…!  Hey!

transition109     bg95

giuliodaivan2-3-2c Giulio: U-Uah…  Ah … ah…  Haa…
giandaivanu3-1-1b Gian: Wh-What are … you doing…?


Giulio: Ah … a-ah…!  Gian…!

Giulio’s empty husk eyes suddenly explode with emotion.  And that emotion…

…is fear.


giuliodaivan2-3-2c Giulio: …!!  …G-Gian…  A-Ah, ah…!

Giulio calls my name.




giandaivanu3-16-2b Gian: …Eegh!!

Something close to a shriek bursts out my mouth.

transition110     bg00

My gun’s already dropped to the ground.  My head’s writhing with screaming.  I move.  Back up.  I try to run from the place, fast.  No looking back.


…But I couldn’t.

giuliodaivan2-7-2 Giulio: …A-Ah!!  Aaah!!

The moment I turn my back, the instant my shoes strike against the mud…

Thump!!  A shock runs through my body.  I turn my sweat-coated, bloodshot face, and my eyes catch sight of the hand clenched tight around my wrist…

giandaivanu3-11-1 Gian: U-Uah!!  L-Let go…!!
giuliodaivan2-3-2c Giulio: …Uhn…!  I-I…

The eyes in Giulio’s blood-covered face shine with nothing but tinges of fear and pleading as they look at me.  Seeing those colors, I feel for the first time in my life…

…pure, unadulterated fear.

giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: Gh…!  Why youuu…!!

Without knowing why, I throw my fist out, catching Giulio in the cheek, punching him back.  But, Giulio’s hand doesn’t move a muscle.

transition111     bg00

giandaivanu4-6-2 Gian: Guah…!

transition112     bg00

A sharp pain, like I’d been shot, runs through my neck.  My eyes go black.  The intense urge to sleep suddenly assaults me as I collapse flat on the mud.

…Giulio hit me in the neck.  In my vanishing consciousness, I remember terror and try to struggle with my unmoving body lying in the dirt…

giandaivanu4-5-2b Gian: U-Uh…  Ah…

In my blurry vision…

transition112     transition47


…I can only see Giulio’s face … and his bloody hands … and his knife.

…I can’t even raise a scream.

giuliodaivan2-3-2c Giulio: U-Uh…  A-Ah…  I … am so…rry…

The knife drops into the dirt.


Giulio’s body, his hand, stoops over slowly, descends to pick it up…

giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: Ngh…  Shit…  What … are…


I try to get up, but Giulio puts his hand on my neck and pushes my face into the mud.  A blow runs through my side, like I’d been punched.

giandaivanu4-6-2 Gian: G-Guaagh…!  Giu—  You…?!
giuliodaivan2-7-1 Giulio: N-No…  No…!!

Giulio … approaches me from the back, from behind, and, while I’m still lying flat on the ground, pulls me into the awkwardest hug imaginable.

But, my mind’s bubbling over with terror.  I struggle, and…

giuliodaivan2-7-2 Giulio: No…!  Gian…  Don’t … leave…!!


giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: …Wh-What … the fuck … ‘re you…
giuliodaivan2-6-2b Giulio: …No!  No!!  …Please…!!

I feel something cold dribble down the back of my neck.  What’s this…?  …Tears…?  When I realize this…

giuliodaivan2-7-2 Giulio: Haa … ah…!  Haa…!  Don’t … run…

Giulio’s hand crawls down my body like a paint roller or something, embraces me with enough force to squash me…  And, with his bare hand, he tears away the metal on my belt.

giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: …Gh?!  Wh-Wh-What’re you doing…?

Some part on my clothes rips like paper.  My body’s screaming out in fear…

…as Giulio’s body holds it awkwardly in his arms … and I can feel the stiff, upright penis pushing against me from inside his pants.

giandaivanu3-11-1 Gian: …U-Uwah!  Stop!  Hey…!  Hey!!

I hear the clumsy sound of belts and zippers.  I desperately thrash about, trying to pick myself up while staving him off with words.

giandaivanu3-1-1b Gian: …Wh—

Giulio, looking like he’s about to cry, lets his hardness out the front of his pants.

‘What … are you planning to do with that?’  The answer’s there without me having to ask, situation being what it is.

giuliodaivan2-7-2 Giulio: Gian…  Don’t … leave me…
giandaivanu3-16-2b Gian: Stop!  What’re you thinki—  Uwah?!
giuliodaivan2-6-2b Giulio: My…  Please, understand … Gian…

Even as I try to close my legs, Giulio’s body moves in between them.  Rather, they push my knees out farther than before.

giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: Hey!  Are you serious…?

It’s plain as day my struggles are making as much a difference to Giulio as a fly whizzing around his head.  It’s the difference in strength.

giandaivanu3-4-1b Gian: Stop!  The fuck’re you getting all excited for, stupid?!

I lash out, raise my voice, when Giulio grabs the back of my head.


He forces my head down with brute strength.  Still kneeling, he shoves my top half down so far my face scrapes the ground.

There’s more important things than complaining about the pain cutting up my mug.


giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: …Calm … down…!  Giulio!!  You’re listening, right, Giulio?!
giuliodaivan2-4-2b Giulio: I am … listening…  Gian’s … voice…


Something suddenly enters my vision.  A flash.

The blade of Giulio’s knife.  I gulp.  My words get stuck.

giuliodaivan2-2-4b Giulio: Turn the other way…

…It’s such a tiny strip of metal … but it’s enough to make me obey, now that I’ve seen the blade at work.

As sad and pathetic as it is, I turn my head forward.

Two hands hold me firm from behind at the pelvis so I can’t move from this bizarre position – four limbs splayed on the ground, only my hips in the air.


Gian: Eeyaaagh…?!

Something rigidly hard pushes open somewhere I’d never thought anything would…

Violently ripping everything apart as it rams into me…


Gian: Gh … gah…  Aagh … Giulioagh…!

Mercilessly, unfalteringly, he pushes in.


My breath catches on the too-much pain.  For a second, I panic – did he just stab the knife into me? – but this, this is a longer, more brutal thing than a knife…


…violating me, ripping me apart.

Gian: S…to—  Giuli—

I can’t even make my voice work right.  I desperately try to kill it.


But the stubborn thought that’d snuck into my inner innards goes against my will and continues to invade deeper and deeper.  Hot.  It’s not a knife.  It’s Giulio’s penis.


Giulio: …sorry, Gian.  I’m sorry…


Gian: Gh, agh…  G-Get it ouuaaagh!

Giulio: …Ah, if you move … I…!

The moment I think ‘Perhaps maybe…?’ Giulio’s dick swells up.  I grit all my teeth at the stretch.  I’m at my limit.

Giulio: A-Aah…  Gian…  Gia—!  Ngah!


Gian: Gh…!  Ngh, uaah…!  Aaaagh!

Giulio: …Ngh, haa!  Nn…!  Haa, haa…!  Gian…!

bg0     giulioscene28

The “thing” stuck firmly deep inside forcefully spurts out heat.  It hits my inner walls, and my body convulses on its own.


Gian: Ungh…  Stu…pid…  Damn … early bird…

The fuck is … this…  Doesn’t feel real.

Out of nowhere, Giulio’d jumped me.  It hurts so much, it’s probably bleeding back there.  On top of that, he practically exploded off inside.

Plus, it’s not done yet…  Giulio’s dick’s as big as ever.  There’s no whiff of a hint he’s looking to pull it out anytime soon.


Giulio: I’m sorr—…  I ca—…  Gian…

Gian: Uungh…  Fuck…


Giulio:  …me…  —eave me…

I realize that, amidst all the frantic gasping, Giulio’s muttering the same words over and over again.

Giulio: …Don’t … leave me…

Whaa?  The fuck…?  I look a bit past him.  It’s a blood-red mountain of bodies.  What’ll we do if the cops come running?


My thoughts’re sputtering in their tracks.  No, they’ve already pulled to a complete halt.

Gian: …Aaagh … pull out already…

Fear I’ve never felt before takes hold – fear borne of the pain of my insides getting raped by a penis for the first time ever.


Fucking others aside, this’s my first time being the one fucked.  It’s a blow, like a dream where you get killed.

If it were all a dream, it’d all be good, even if it’d be a nightmare I’d moan about for a long time after waking up…


Gian: …Giulio…!  You’ve cooled down, right…?  Pull out…  Hey…!

Giulio:  Do—  …Don’t go…!


Even if I try to scramble forward, it’s useless.  Giulio won’t let me go, his hands around my waist.


Giulio’s penis, big as ever still, sits in my gut, staking me back like a picket.

Giulio: Gian, don’t leave me.  Don’t leave me…!


The powerful banging rocks me.  From the rhythm, from the feel, I can tell that the semen from him earlier is leaking out from where we’re connected.

Gian: Guh … agh…

Some nausea’s built up.

Giulio’s dick moves easier inside me.  The friction’s probably less with the cum and blood.

In further, further…  Even though he can’t go in any further, Giulio pushes harder into me.


Gian: Guagh!  You can’t … go in any further!  Can’t…  Inside…  Don’t…  Hurts…

Up to the hair at his base.  I can feel it hit my ass.


Giulio: I am sorry…  But…!  N-No…  D-don’t go…!

Looks like the blood’s that gone up to his brain hasn’t left yet.  In fact, it’s circling back to his dick.


I can feel it swelling up big and hard inside me, more than I’d ever like to feel.  I … could probably even feel its shape.  Fuck.

Gian: Just hurry up … and get it over with…!  Uwagh!

I brace myself against the awkward, forceful abuse and swallow a scream.  I feel like I’m getting turned inside out by a ruthless piston.

Here I am, staring at dead body opera d’arte in a back alleyway, getting fucked by someone – one of our own – who’s gotten the screws in his mind blown sky-high.  …Just what the fuck do you do in a situation like this?!

I can’t even wrap my brain around trying to lie to myself, to comfort myself.


Giulio: Ah … haa…!  G-Gian!  Gian!!  Signor … Gian…!

Gian: Told you…  Not-t … agh … inside…!  Hurts…!

Maybe my words actually do reach him, since Giulio slowly pulls his penis out from inside me.

But he doesn’t pull it out all the way.  It changes to slow strokes, out in the shallow parts.

Giulio: A-Ah…  You are … bleeding…  It must … hurt…


Gian: Ngh…!  Yeah, it hurts…

Giulio says this in what sounds like a helpless voice…  Is he looking at where we’re connected?  I don’t even have the presence of mind to feel embarrassed at the stare.

Giulio: …Don’t hate me, Gian…

Gian: Wha…?  Gah!

The fuck is he saying…  I give up on giving a coherent reply to the practically sobbing voice and exhale.

Or rather, I can’t do anything but that.

There’s no point struggling against someone excelling so much in physical prowess.  The only thing to do is hope he gets bored of what he’s doing soon, goes back to sanity.  Wait for him to let go of me.

To tell the truth … I want to run away right this second, from this situation, from this pain.  Want nothing more.

But as with any normal guy, I hate myself for the pathetic trembling in my body.  I didn’t want to acknowledge it happening.

Giulio: I cannot … stop, Gian…  I’m sorry.

Gian: Haa!  Ngh … guh…

Is playing catcher … always this disturbing…?

Another powerful thrust, and this one manages to throttle my breath.

Gian: …gh…  Aa!  Haa…!  Fuck … ngh…  Idiot…

Giulio: I am sorry, Gian, but…  But…!

Like I’m sitting and waiting for a storm to pass by overhead, I let Giulio fuck me as he pleases.

In short time, Giulio’s awkward violent abuse of my ass changes into something more adept.

Gian: Haa…  Ngh…  Ow…  J-Jeez…


Because of that, the pain’s gone down somewhat, though it never turns around into pleasure.  My dick stays at half-stiff – gets that far only due to the natural biological reaction to the stimulation from getting dug into.

Giulio: I’m sorry.  You are bleeding…  This…  This shouldn’t…  I’m sorry…

I try to relax myself as much as possible, let my body get rocked with every violent stroke, completely at Giulio’s mercy.

Everything from my gut downwards hurts. Hurts so much I can feel everything clattering around.  Everything above is getting shaken every which way, hitting everything around us and getting covered in small scratches.

…It’s like I’m getting raped by a mutt.


A tiny, just a tiny bit of pleasure appears.  How fucking annoying…

Gian: Don’t go deep…!  …Yeah, just keep it shallo—  …Ngh!!

Shallow or deep, it still fucking hurts.  It must be really ripped up back there…  I don’t really want to think about the horrid state of my crotch.

Can I even walk after this…?  Hopefully Giulio’ll be satisfied with just once.

Giulio: I am sorry.  Don’t leave…  Don’t hate me…

I can’t see Giulio’s expression from my position, but that’s for the better.  His eyes are probably doused in madness.  Terrified, no way I want to see them.


Giulio: Aah…  Ngh, it is coming…  I’m sorry, Gian…!

Gian: All right, already!  Just hurry up and … cum!  …Just get it all out already…

As I accept this brutal rape as reality – one I’d never imagined in my wildest dreams – I spit out words of encouragement to make him hurry through his second round.

Everything in me just wants to get away from this pain.  I didn’t give two fucks about my own half-hard dick and half-baked pleasure.

I just want this whole thing to end.

bg0     giulioscene29

Giulio: I am sorry … Gian…!

bg0     giulioscene28

Just as he howls, Giulio starts cumming.


The sensation of something gushing into my gut pulls my eyes wide open.


Fuck, I told him not to cum inside…  The moment he’d started spraying, he’d pulled me straight up close.

Gian: Ee, guh!  Uaah!

Giulio: A-Ah!  …Gian, I…  Haa…!

Gian: Nagh, ah!  Ah!!  …Hot…!!

The second one continues for a long time.


Gian: Damn it, Giulio…  Just how … long are you…

It’s painful.  Harsh.  And there’s some anger.  I’d been thinking as I was getting fucked just how to unload these feelings on Giulio.


As I fall in pace with Giulio’s dick as it hoses out jizz, my body unconsciously falls into fatigue, too.

My insides … hot.  And it’s fucking drippy … and slippery…

bg0     giulioscene31

I feel my consciousness start blurring over…  Fuck, no.  Not the time to be feeling relieved now…!

He’s gonna kill me…  Giulio’s gonna kill me…  But then I fall into darkness, as though my eyes were shutting closed…



…Pain.  Cold.  I couldn’t feel worse.  …At first, I have no idea why the hell I feel like this.  …After a while…

giandaivanu4-5-2b Gian: …Ngh … gh…!  Ack…

bg95     transition112

bg00     bg95

I realize that I’d woken up.  …Why am I lying on some filthy, nasty alley?  …Then the reason … or the cause…


Giulio: …A-Ah…  Signor … Gian…

…hits me…  …It was here, I was…  Giulio…  …Ummm…  I was pretty scared out of my wits and I panicked…


…and then Giulio attacked me here…

giuliodaivan2-3-2c Giulio: Y-You have … woken up…  Thank goodness…  Uu … I…
giandaivanu4-5-2b Gian: Gh … fucking … ow…
giuliodaivan2-7-2 Giulio: …My apologies!  I…

Giulio … sinks down to the dirty street in front of me.  Even if I stretch out, he’s just barely out of reaching distance.

And I…  I’m sitting up, leaning back against a brick wall.  …Did Giulio prop me up…?

My pants and shirt’re also in quite a state … but they’re on.  …Though my belt’s nowhere to be seen…

giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: …Owfuckfuckfuck…  Shit…  The fuck was all that…

I try to push myself up…


Giulio: A-Ah…!

Giulio reaches out a pitch black-stained hand as I try to get up.  I flinch back in reflex…  Giulio’s hand quivers halfway … and stops.

giandaivanu3-16-2b Gian: …!
giuliodaivan2-3-2c Giulio: I-I…

…He raped me.

transition112     giulioscene23

Very belatedly, memories from what was probably just ten minutes ago come back to me.  Simultaneously, prickles of pain assault my body everywhere.  …I completely thought I was going to get killed back there…


…Yeah … like those GD fuckers lying there just a little ways away.  The ones Giulio’d cut up…

Humiliation…  Anger… But more than anything, than either of those…  Terror’s still ringing the sirens inside my mind.

bg000     giulio00-2

…‘He’s dangerous.  Run away right now.’


Giulio: I am sorry … H-How… could I have done … this to…

…So he knows what he’d done earlier.  Or rather, he actually remembers.  …The Giulio from just then…


…was seriously like a different person.  A different animal.  …It wasn’t the inhumanly strong, cool-headed Giulio.  …It was … a psycho trapped in a whirlwind of pure insanity.

giandaivanu4-5-2b Gian: Ow … shit.  Hurts…  You … fucking idiot!  I don’t care how turned on you are, there’s a limit…!
giuliodaivan2-6-2b Giulio: I-I … I would … be better off dead…
giandaivanu4-2-2 Gian: …!

…To tell the truth…

…even if I take the pistol and shotgun lying over there and blow out Giulio’s brains … no one’d say a word, and for a second, I seriously consider it…

…But … my mental alarm at this abnormal situation is blaring far louder than my anger.

giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: …Stupid … idiot…!  Let’s just get outta here.  We can’t stay here…

I stand, swaying left and right the whole while.

giulio95-1     bg95

…Giulio stretches out a hand to support me, but stops.  …The hand, and his eyes, are still shaking.

…I can’t turn to look at Giulio.  …There’s still rage … and fear.

I stagger forward, hand on wall, one step after another…  I realize amidst my footsteps that Giulio behind me’s still crouched on the floor and not moving…

giandaivanu2-8-2 Gian: …The fuck’re you doing…!  You stay sitting there…  You wanna get whacked by the fucking GD?!  Pinched by the coppers?
giandaivanu3-4-1b Gian: You wanna get tossed into the slammer alone this time?!
giuliodaivan2-3-2c Giulio: I-I … should…
giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: You…!  Stupid idiot…!!


I go back … and grab a hold of Giulio’s wrist and jerk him up to his feet.  …I needed a second’s pause to gather my courage just to reach out my hand.

Giulio: …!  …A-Ah … ah…

Giulio’s eyes waver.  Tremble as they look at me.  It looks like he’d never expected, not in a million years, for me to come back, or for me to reach out again…

And there was a sparkle, small but unmistakable.


giuliodaivan2-6-2b Giulio: I…  My apologies…
giandaivanu2-8-2 Gian: Enough…!  This way!  Run…!

I practically drag Giulio along as I run.  With a few steps, I stop from the sweat and cold.  I pick up the shotgun with my fingerprints on it…

Fuck…!  The belt that’d gone off somewhere and those bodies…  The only thing I can do is pray that we hadn’t left any fingerprints behind on them…

bg00     bg32


…Everything’s just … the worst.  …Mission’s accomplished … I think … but with bodies on flashy display everywhere, and with Giulio in this state…

…There’s no way anyone could hush that up…  This time, it’s straight to jail … or the electric chair…

…It’s the worst.  Irritation starts bubbling up, targetting everything from that old geezer who shoved this impossible task onto us and even Bernardo…

…and Giulio, though he’d taken care of most of the enemies.  …I’m … annoyed.  Why the fuck does he get off of playing with corpses…?

…Why … the fuck did he rape me?  Another guy?!




Amidst all this “worstness,” about the only thing that could be counted as lucky … was that there was a faucet with the tap still intact in that back alley.

We soak ourselves wet there, washing off the blood and mud.  Of course, the blood and mud stick like limpets to the cloth, jeering at us, “Say bye-bye to this outfit!”


Still drenched to the bone … we totter back to the car waiting for us at the stand and roll in.

Luchino’s Subordinate A: …!  Sig. Giancarlo!  Are you all right…?!

giandaivanu4-2-2 Gian: Not really, but…  Drive.  We’re leaving before the coppers come.

Luchino’s Subordinate A: Understood.


…There was gunfire.  There were screams.

…But, I don’t hear any police sirens or any signs of ruckus.  In fact, it’s unsettling.  …Even in the Bronx, something should’ve happened…

Giulio and I, covered head to toe in muck and soaking wet, make a mess of the backseat in the moving car as we sink deep, deep into the seat like we’re trying to hide from the world.


Giulio sits there like a pile of wet laundry.  Unmoving.

…Probably, from his side, I look the same way…

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    After hearing his screams, I guess Gian can´t sit for a few months now. Poor Gian, but (perv mode activated) I LOVE THIS SCENE °٢° And the picture at the beginning O-O Seriously, I watched LOTS of Horror games, but this still scares me :S I think it´s cute how Giulio hates himself after doing that to Gian. But I saw Scenes much worse than this, like getting legs, arms or various other body parts cutted off. (I should stop watching these things, seriously) And now excuse me, I have to go to the hospital befor I die from blood loss *7*



  7. pokkihime
    Mar 20, 2013 @ 16:08:36

    “Fear I’ve never felt before takes hold – fear borne of the pain of my insides getting raped by a penis for the first time ever.”

    -ehem..may I ask you, Gian.. – What the hell do you get raped by usually then?

    (sorry, I absolutely had to get that out or else .. ->well this would also result in a NSFW-image probably..)

    anyways, -THANKS so much for bringing this to us… ^___^V



  8. Luckydoglover
    Apr 11, 2013 @ 20:09:10

    I feel bad for gain..but then again…(Pervy thoughts appear) that was a hot scene…2% of my brain said”Turn away!” but 98% said,”Hell yeah!!!!” I still feel bad for gian…it looked like it felt good O_o….*sigh* well….CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT NSFW!!!!! (PERVY THOUGHTS!!!!!) *7*



  9. Luckydoglover
    Apr 11, 2013 @ 21:37:56

    And thank u for translating lucky dog 1…..u are and always be the best!!! 🙂



  10. Maze
    Aug 11, 2013 @ 20:20:22

    Hello!I’ve been reading all these (ivan,giulio,currently bernado’s) for a while.
    & i must say thank you so much for doing such a wonderful work 🙂
    this really helps alot in the game!:D
    anyway,this chap…i don’t know how i feel…kinda unsettling;;…
    for some reason i don’t feel good about this…i reeaally feel bad for Gian..
    but even so i really love giulio lol! XDXDXD



  11. liszst
    Sep 07, 2014 @ 12:50:52

    Oh my gosh, this scene is completely different from the other nsfw scene after this. From blood to vanilla and ice cream. WHAT A TURN AROUND!! XD



  12. Luminosity
    Sep 10, 2015 @ 13:16:11

    holly crap currently playing this with ur translation. So thank you so much for doing this.(waiting for luchini n bernies route to finish) Must be hard i mean seriously even with my knowledge (or lack of it) is freaking hard its like i had a few vague knowing what they talking but not understanding it. ie “you restaurant eat burgers” sort of like that.

    anyway ehem. reading this and playing while reading is whole different experience i mean at first i sort of got a bit turn on ehem.. by gian miserable expression (props to the artist) -im a sadist so yeah i like this but then when playing this hearing gian voice realy in pain sort of unsettling xD

    and this is new when the protagonist got rape by the route character in any vn they often threw themselves back into the other arms without a second thought or any lash back so gian is really one of kind the part where he flinch back and stuff so its sort of refreshing than your usuals vn. with its actual realistic reaction.

    ops sorry for my LONG ranting D: this is long.. but i need to express my thanks *_* so THANK YOU♡♡



    • terracannon876
      Sep 10, 2015 @ 13:22:31

      Hello! Thank you for reading and I’m glad you enjoy the game and the translation. (And sorry about the delay with the last two… Sigh.)

      LD is unique in that though it has multiple dubcon events, when it comes to explicitly non-consensual events, the game and the writing doesn’t make it romantic. It treats it as a violation, which is, like you said, almost realistic. I think this was actually one of the things that really stood out in my mind and made me like the game a lot. As much as I dislike this scene for Giulio, the way the game handles it is one of the most unique (which is kinda sad if you think about it too much ^^; ).



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