Lucky Dog 1 translations 10 Ivan route 01

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 10

Mounting Assault

…I dreamt that I was a kid again.

…I’d gotten into a fight with a dog.  The dog … he was a dog and all, but he still socked me one, and I punched the dog right back.


…And then I suddenly remember what happened last night with Ivan.  That’s when I woke up.

Gian: …Tsk…

…I feel downright awful.

I look over at the bed beside mine.  …Ivan’s snoozing away with his mouth wide open.  …The bastard, he’s sound asleep…

Gian: Whoo…

I get a faint whiff of sticky semen.  I took a shower and all yesterday, but … is it just me or do I still smell Ivan on me?

I skedaddle into the bathroom and turn the shower up to max, letting it rattle against the tub.  I step in and give myself a wash.

Gian: …Fuck, ow…!

The hot water stings where he’d attacked me last night.  I give myself a quick rinse…  …What kind of idiot am I…?  …I’m all hard again…

…It makes me a bit depressed.  I abuse the boner with a cold shower.  …It doesn’t back down an inch, though.

I wrap a towel around my soaked body and return to the room.  There…

Ivan: …Hey.

Ivan’s sitting up in the bed.  His eyes look at me … before he slides them straight over to the window.

Ivan: Shit, it’s already nine!  …Whenever I’m with you, I always oversleep.  It’s like you make my brain all dull or something.
Gian: Isn’t that how it always is?  More importantly, get yourself a shower.  You can’t go outside smelling like seme—

Just as I say this, I remember.  …Riiight, can’t leave right now.

Gian: …If someone sees you like that, they’ll have a good laugh.  Hurry and wash yourself up.
Ivan: Oh just shut up already…  What are you, my mother?
Gian: …Oh my, Ivan!  Just what were you doing in the living room?!  What are these shameless gravures lying around?!  Oh dear, don’t tell me you were masturbating here?!


Ivan: Shuddaaap!!  Throw yourself out the window and die, stupid!!

Waves of cigarette boxes and tissue boxes and discarded socks come flying my way.

…All the commotion doesn’t change our current situation or the flow of time…

We dig into the breakfast the janitor’d delivered us.

Ivan: But seriously … fuck!  Are we just gonna stay locked in here with nothing to do but eat?!  We’re no different from pigs then!
Gian: It’s better than being pig food if we screw up…

The phone rings again.  I stay hunched over in the sofa with my hands hiding my annoyed expression as Ivan doesn’t move a muscle…

Ivan: Shit!

Ivan picks up the phone from the table.  …It’s the same scene, the same actions, that’s been repeating tens of times this morning already…

Ivan: …I know!  …Yeah.  Yeah!  I told you, I can’t go out right now!  I’ll send some men over your way, so just hold on!

The steam that’s been boiling in his gut spouts from Ivan’s mouth before he hangs up.

The GD and other gangs’ve started attacking Ivan’s turf and rackets.  All the calls were to report this to him and to request for backup, but…

Ivan: …Shit!!  Nothing’s gonna get done if I don’t go!

Gian: You know you can’t leave right now.  …Is the city that bad off?

Ivan: The bastards’re pinpointing out my territory and rackets and attacking them…!  It’s really bad down by the station!

Gian: …Word somehow got to the GD that we can’t leave.  That’s why all the firepower’s focused on you.

Ivan: Fuck!  If I’d known this was gonna happen, I wouldn’t have become captain…!  Even being a pimp on the street’s better than this!

The phone rings again.  An irritated expression covers Ivan’s face and he glares at the phone…  Seeing those eyes and that expression, I pick up the receiver instead.

Gian: Hey there!  You’ve reached the Gymnasium for Problem Children.

Bernardo: And what a lovely bird’s nest it is, I’m sure.  …There’s something we need to talk about.  We’re heading your way right now.

A bit later…  The door opens without a knock and Bernardo, Luchino, and Giulio enter.

Ivan: Oh, what’s this?  All the captains are here!  Are we having a birthday party or something?

Ivan’s face twists, like he’d eaten something rotten…  Bernardo and the others say nothing as they sit down at the chairs by the messy-as-hell table.

Bernardo: You have a choice.  Bad news or worse news.  Which would you like first?
Gian: We’ll take the bad first.
Bernardo: I’m sure you’ve received several reports this morning, but … the GD have started invading our territory.  Fights have been breaking out everywhere.
Ivan: If that’s the case, what’re you guys doing hanging out here, hm?  Leaving everything to your men, are you?
Giulio: …The attacks are all focused around you, Ivan, and your business districts.  …You know what they are aiming for, correct?
Luchino: They want to drag you out into the open and finish you off there.  With you out of the way … the non-Italian CR:5 troops will be scattered without a leader.
Ivan: So you do know.
Bernardo: They could kill you, or they could convince you to join their side.  …Either way, it’d be advantageous for the GD.
Gian: Which makes that even more reason than before to keep us shut in here.
Bernardo: Unfortunately.  Now then … let’s continue on to the worst news.  The enemy has left behind one very troublesome chess piece.  It’s a knight that goes by the name of Honus.

At the name, Ivan’s expression flashes with bloodlust.

Bernardo: I’ve lost contact with the man in charge of outside relations at the GD … and his successor is Honus.
Bernardo: He’s now vehemently saying that from now on, the CR:5 negotiations are to be left to Ivan alone.  He won’t talk to anyone but him.
Ivan: Haaaah?!
Gian: No way…!  There’s no reason he’d do that other than making Ivan’s situation even worse!
Luchino: Of course, that’s also the only reason we can think of…   However, some of the directors are secretly taking this as evidence of his betrayal and are pushing for Ivan’s execution.

Ivan: …Hey, just get me outta here?  It’ll only take half a day to find those shitty grandpas and finish ’em all off.

Bernardo: Calm down.  I know how you feel.  However … it’s true that we can’t negotiate with the GD anymore.  Even so, we can’t let you out.
Luchino: There are quite a few moderates among the directors who want to avoid a conflict with the GD at all costs.  Whatever the case, it’s bad for us the Boss isn’t here.

Ivan: Fuck!!  And you’re saying I can’t fight back?!  Look at us, we’ve become quite some organization.  We’re just like everywhere else!

Luchino’s expression darkens … but it’s as Ivan says.

The problem’s not that the Boss isn’t here.  Right now, the CR:5, as an organization, holds the hot potato that goes by the name of ‘internal conflict.’

And the reason for that is … me and Ivan…?

…What to do about this, shit…

My mood’s plummeted, and Ivan’s a few seconds from exploding when Bernardo clasps his hands in front of his face and says,

Bernardo: Ivan, listen carefully.  We the Cosa Nostra are an Italian organization, but there are many made members like you who are not Italian.

Bernardo: To be honest, without you and your people, we can’t hold our own as an organization.  …And it’s also true that you haven’t received your due status or any worthwhile advantages in return…

Bernardo: This problem must be corrected in the future.  However, it will take time.  …So, please, could you bear with it for now?

Ivan: …’For the family,’ you mean?

Bernardo: Yes.  …It’s true that you’d climb higher if you took your non-Italian men with you and left for the GD…

At Bernardo’s words, I’m not the only one staring at Bernardo as Ivan also gapes with wide eyes.

Bernardo: Of course, we can’t forgive that.  But, even more importantly…  We don’t want you to leave.  We don’t want you to betray us.

…Bernardo puts the vague, dark feelings I’ve been feeling in my gut into words.

Luchino: Ever since we’d flown the coop together, we’re stuck with each other for life.  Well, we’ll just see this through together ‘til the end.

Luchino, that bastard, just tosses the words out all cool-like.  And then, Giulio looks my way and says…

Giulio: I do not have my own land or racket, so … I have always … relied on Ivan.

Ivan: Hmph … we really are stuck with each other.  Shit…!

Gian: Ivan, if you weren’t here, I…
Ivan: Wh-What?
Gian: There aren’t too many people out there stupider than me…  I’d lose one of the few people I could make fun of!

Ivan: Shut up!!  I-it’s not like you can go around calling others stupid!  We’ll see after I fuck you ‘til you’re squealing and bleeding all over again!!

Gian: Ah!  You … idiot…

…The fucking idiot … in front of everyone…!  My face skips the red phase and goes straight to white…  …The idiot in front of me finally realizes what he’s said, but it’s already too late.

Bernardo: …Again?

Luchino: …Ooh?

Giulio: …Bleeding…?


Ivan: G-Gaaaaaaah!!  Nothiiiiing!  I said nothing!  Nothing happened!!

…The idiot’s completely lost it.

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  1. Trish
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  2. eclipsehunter
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    can you post a clip at the last part starting from where gian said he will be sad if ivan disappeared? That sound so epic i just have to hear it!



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    • Yui
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  3. Yui
    Jun 28, 2012 @ 17:03:14

    Yes I agree with you 🙂 instead of reading they should play it too that what I did…. and your translations SAVED me I can understand parts they say but when it comes to reading it o.O my head can’t process it yet TT.TT
    Thank you for your translations XD



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