Lucky Dog 1 translations 10 Ivan route 07

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 10

The Valkyrie

Hiding in the chunk of shadows, I inch my head forward and peer towards where the beam of headlight’s coming from.  There…

Honus: Are you still alive, Mr. Fiore?

…He probably hasn’t noticed where we are.  The fucking bastard raises his voice before giving a hearty and provoking laugh.

Honus: Heehee, hahaaaahahahaah!  I told you!  I said that you’d have nowhere to run!  You’re targeted not only by us, but also by your own allies!
Honus: You don’t have anyone on your side!  None!  Not a single one!  I’ll crush you in this filthy alley like the rat you are and watch you die!!  No?  You don’t like that?  You scared?!
Gian: I think he’s saying something.
Ivan: Probably practicing for a school play.

In the darkness, I think I see Honus make some signal.  Several engines start up, and the metallic sounds of several guns being loaded overlap each other.  …They’re coming!

…So … is this what they’d call being a cornered rat?

The tank-looking cars and gangsters slowly approach us from both sides.


Holy!  They’re shooting!  …They still haven’t found us, but this is a pretty shitty situation.

Gian: If we return fire … I guess they’d find our position, wouldn’t they…?
Ivan: Yeah.  Wait on it.  Just a little more…


Whoa?!  That was close!!  …They’ve reached the driveway around the apartment opposite us.  …The blasting of machinegun fire sends flashes into the dark.

A crash from above.  Did they break open the door we’d escaped from?

I look up … and, just as expected, there’s a guy with a hat poking his body out the escape route and pointing his gun this way.

Gian: Fuck!  They broke down the door…!

I immediately aim the fucking heavy shotgun.


Hitman 2: Gyaaah!!

Gian: Whoa?!
Ivan: Ack?!

A huge hammer flying down at us from above.  A shockwave of pressure and sound bombards Ivan and I, forcing us to the ground.

The sound of wood – of the building – crumbling mixes with the dying wails of people as they reach my ears from above…  And then, a beaten-up body crashes down to the ground.

…So the dynamite’s finally gone off.

Honus: Wh-What was that?!

GD Soldier E: U-Uwah?!

The gangsters on the street break into panic as well.

Ivan: …Run!!

Ivan’s yell pierces through the ringing in my ear, still throbbing from the force of the explosion.  Unsteadily, I get up and run.

The half-destroyed building creaks and scattered bits of it fall all over us as Ivan runs ahead, hunched over.  In front of us is the Mercedes’ white body…


Ivan: Get in!!


Ivan screams and, firing wildly, jumps into the open driver’s seat.  I also follow…

Gian: …Tsk?!

…Behind the Mercedes, at a blind angle from where Ivan’s clinging to the driver’s seat, some guys toting machineguns dance out of the shadows.  I fire the shotgun without even aiming.


GD Soldier E: …Guh!  Gyaaah!!


Something flies like a cloud of dust with a whoosh! from the gangsters’ bodies, their faces, their heads … as they all drop their guns and roll to the ground with a bloodcurdling shriek.

My feet freeze for a second at the screams … before I come to my senses and climb into the Mercedes’ passenger seat.

Just as I close the door…

…the Mercedes’ ignition and engine roar.


Click! and the ray from our headlights slice through the night ahead and the lit world greets our eyes.

GD Soldier F: Fuck!  Fire!!


The rust-colored gunfire flutter before us like waving flags, and several bullets hit the car’s body and its hood … but they only ricochet, digging only a little into the sheet metal.

Gian: That’s Mercedes for ya!  They’re not even making a dent!!

The Mercedes suddenly speeds up and cuts through the screaming men trying to flee, and the few who don’t run fast enough are sent flying like puppies.


GD Soldier G: Gyaaaah!

‘Is this what riding in a space rocket feels like?!’ I almost yell as the car accelerates again.

Gian: H-Hey!  They’re blocking off the way.  We’ve gotta back up or else…!

Reflected in our headlights’re the red Fiat and some pitch-black sedans barricading our way.  Instead of backing up, though, Ivan keeps his foot on the gas, and…

Ivan: Brace yourself!  We’re chargin’ through!!
Gian: Wha?!  A-Are you an idiot…?!

…Ooh crap!!  The gears of the Mercedes lock, and the car slows to a crawl…  It trudges towards the herd of cars in low gear.

Honus: …Why you…!!  I’ll teach you not to underestimate us!!


Honus fires away and the bullets dig some holes into the front window.  But, the Mercedes mercilessly tears forward.

Honus: Ee!  Eeeeah!!

Just before we get to run him over, Honus jumps aside with a squeal.  Then…


…the Mercedes plows ahead, trampling the black sedans and the red Fiat under the tip of its bumper.  …Awesome!!


The Mercedes pushes forward like a bulldozer, shoving the sedans blocking the road aside like cardboard boxes, denting them and even turning one over onto its side.

Gian: …Holy shit this car is awesome…!!  No wonder why it’s so expensive!
Ivan: Hiiheheeh!!  There’s still more where that came from!  You ain’t seen nothing yet!!

The Mercedes’ tires groan and its white body’s ruthlessly covered in scratches, but it keeps on moving, tossing aside all the cars blocking our way.


And then, our headlights illuminate a dark street.

Honus: …Fuck!  Chase theeem!  Kill theeeem!!

Behind us, Honus’s scream and the sound of the sedans’ engines hastily trying to start up reach us through the blanket of exhaust.

Gian: Holy fucking shit, that was awesome…!  Totally awesome!!  We are soooo totally awesome!!

I don’t know what the hell I’m saying anymore.  I just…  If I don’t shout out the words clanging around in my brain like bouncy balls, I think I’m gonna explode.

Gian: That was aaaaawesoooooome!!
Ivan: …Yeaaah!!  Wasn’t that the coolest thing ever?!

The words leave Ivan’s mouth like he’d hurled them.  In response, I bump my shoulder to his.


The Mercedes weaves through the few cars on the road and gallops forward.

…That was the best.  If only this Mercedes really were a space rocket…  …Childish thoughts start entering my head.

And then … we could go straight to the moon from here!!


It’s then that the flash of headlights sparks across the rearview mirror hanging smack between us.

A crack of gunfire from behind us.  One bullet strikes the rear bumper and clangs off, leaving a noise that triggers the instinctive reaction to duck.

Gian: Hooboy, they’re chasing us!
Ivan: Hmph, stupid trash!

Ivan smiles a toothy smile and, twisting his head back to look behind him, turns the wheel.  The tires shriek as the Mercedes swivels its rear around…


Gian: Whoawhoawhoa!!

He turns at a signal-less crossroad, and the car transforms into a beam of light as it flies down the main road.

Gian: Don’t tell me you’re gonna use the crumbs’ cars as a shield!
Ivan: Nope, I just wanted to get onto a straight road!

Ivan howls as he changes gear.  The Mercedes mercilessly pushes aside the other cars blocking our way with its bumper as it cuts through.

But … the guys pursuing us are just as merciless.  They even cross into the opposite lane as the ten or so black sedans tenaciously chase us.

Among them is the crimson Fiat as well.

Gian: Uwah?!

One shot flies through the back window and into the car.

Ivan: Tsk!  …Duck down!  They’re coming!

Ivan grabs my head and shoves it under the passenger’s seat.  It was then I noticed … a red line dribbling from his hair down his cheek.

Gian: Y-You idiot!  You’re hit!!
Ivan: It doesn’t hurt so it’s just a scratch!  …They’re here!!

But … the distance between cars chasing us and us gradually shrinks.  We’re getting dragged down by the traffic on this straight road.

Gian: Gwah!  Those bastards…!


Ivan: …Come on … come to me, baby, come on!!  Hehe, just a little more…!

…The idiot bares his teeth around his bloody face … and laughs.

Gian: All righty, it’s all on you!

I recline in the seat and cross my arms as I laugh.  …Yeah, I guess idiocy is contagious after all…

The Mercedes, the beam of light charges through countless intersections, ignoring the signal like it’s the law.

Behind us, the sound of horns and brakes explodes.  …The guys chasing us…  I think we’ve lost a few, but they’re still after us in a group, with the red Fiat at the center.

A shot, probably coming from the Fiat, digs itself into the Mercedes’ rear.  I duck, but beside me…

…Ivan howls.

Ivan: Here it coooomes!!
Gian: Huh?!


The Mercedes climbs over the gentle slope like it’s bouncing up and down a playpen of down feathers, piercing through Daivan as it flies down one of its main streets.

It’s a wide, two-way street, dark as the night sky but illuminated here and there by street lamps.  It’s on this road the Mercedes throws its beams of light.

Gian: Wh-what the—?  …We’re sitting ducks here!!

A crowd of headlights, so many they look infinite, follow behind us.  This time, the black cars pitch closer, trying to scissor us in from both sides.

Gian: H-Hey!
Ivan: I’ll show you … what she’s really made of!!

Ivan sets the gear to the top … and then throws his entire body weight behind his foot as he stomps on the gas, pressing pedal to the metal.

A moment passes…


The car twitches like a massive instrument.  The roar of metal and fire intricately meshing together wells up.


Gian: Wh-What?  …Whoa!!

With a Clang! we suddenly sprint forward with tremendous speed.  My body’s shoved into the seat by an invisible force.


Ivan: Here it comes!  Here it cooooooomes!!

Gian: G-Guh … what … is this…?!

The speed, faster than anything I’ve felt before, makes my stomach cramp … like a fist squeezing my gut tight, like I’m about to fall off from someplace tall.  …That’s some intense speed.

Next thing I know… …I can’t turn my neck around.  Instead, I look into the rearview.  Our pursuers, their headlights and their shadows, are about as small as a coin tossed into a well…

Gian: Wh-What … the hell is this?!  This is awesome…!!  This puts the roller coasters at Coney Island to shame…!!
Ivan: That’s my Valkyrie’s war cry!!  Haahaha!!  Ain’t she the best?!
Gian: …Huh?!  What’d you say…?!
Ivan: That’s the war cry of 200 supercharged horsepower!!  The pure white Valkyrie who rips through the night!!  Those small fry don’t even deserve to kiss her feet!!
Gian: …Pff.
Ivan: …Huh?!  You!  You laughed just now!!
Gian: Yeah, but, I mean … that’s hilarious!  That name sooo doesn’t fit!
Ivan: Sh-Shut up!! Don’t laugh!!



And then, a job well done.  The war cry disappears.

There’s not a trace of the headlight from the cars chasing us.  They were completely left in the dust…

…setting the whole ‘Valkyrie’ part aside and all.

Man, Germans are amazing.  They’ll survive far into the future.  They might even be able to make some machine that goes to the moon and stars for real…


Gian: …Pff … pffhahahaha…
Ivan: Hah!  …What… …Haha … hahahaha!

We just laugh for no reason whatsoever.  …No, if this isn’t the time to laugh, then when is?

For the first time since the Mercedes’d charged onto a main street and driven into the city suburbs, Ivan finally switches the gear back to normal.


Cavalli: …Why those…  Those stupid … those those fools!  Just what are they thinking…

The old man … Counselor Cavalli, looking even older than usual under the dim light, mutters curses under his breath…

Cavalli: …That idiot doesn’t even think about his situation … and, on top of that, Giancarlo, too…!  Alessandro’s spoiled him far too much…

In the heavily ornamented guest room, in front of a table adorned with a piercingly white cross, the old man paces aimlessly slowly back and forth.

Cavalli: Those fools…  That stupid idiot Ivan will … uhm … probably not be…  Rosalia, I’ll give them a harsh talking-to…

Rosalia replies to the hesitating old man with a cold and clear voice.

Rosalia: There will be no need for that, Grandpa.  I knew this would happen.
Cavalli: Eh…?  What did you … Rosalia…?
Rosalia: You and the other elders are too harsh on him.  He has his own job and promises to keep, so you shouldn’t keep him shut in a room like a child…
Cavalli: N-no, that’s…  Th-That was all for his sake…
Rosalia: I had Grandpa call him to dinner today to set him free.  …I didn’t think that he would really come.
Cavalli: Wh-What … did you …?  You … had me…?
Rosalia: …If he actually did come, I would have discussed the future … something very important with him and Grandpa.  But, it can’t be helped…
Cavalli: What…?!  S-S-S-Something very important…?!  D-Don’t tell me you’re seriously…?
Rosalia: I wanted to tell him that ‘There are more important things for a man than the future.’  I know how he is.  …I love gentlemen like that as well.

Rosalia gives a small sigh.

Rosalia: A car, please, Grandpa.  I must be returning to school now.
Cavalli: Eh…?  Weren’t you … going to … stay the night?  It’s … it’s already so late, so…
Rosalia: Tomorrow is Monday, and worship starts early in the morning.  …I would really rather go back on my scooter, though.
Cavalli: N-No!  No, no, no!  You can’t take something so dangerous…!  …I understand.  I’ll call some guards … and a car…

The old man hastily walks away…

…when the little girl, when Rosalia … lowers her head, just a little bit, and her small lips tremble.

Rosalia: …Stupid…

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  1. sarah0faber
    May 30, 2012 @ 10:27:00

    I’m seriously sooooo grateful that you’re translating this really.
    Especially as there is no patch around (seriously this game is awesome, why has no one started one????), so yeah, you’re great.

    Gooood job. ;))

    ps.: Ivan’s route is so funnnnn, haha.



    • terracannon876
      May 30, 2012 @ 19:39:03

      imo, patches are harder to do because you have to get into the programming bit but, more importantly to me, you also have to deal with companies hounding you like the plague. I chose my format since it’s a happy medium — not as good as playing the game (no sound), but not as boring as reading text-only translations (because I know I get bored).

      I’m glad you like the translation =)

      (and yeeesh, isn’t Ivan precious XD)



  2. sarah0faber
    May 31, 2012 @ 15:28:43

    yeaahhh so tsundere that one :’)) can’t get enough.

    on another note, you ARE still determined to finish the /whole/ game, are you? (for the sake of my mind and fangirlism, please be.) I’m pretty curious about guilo, who would’ve been my first choice, if my japanese wasn’t anywhere close to abysmal…

    and any other games you may translate in a far away future (or close, if I’m lucky enough…)?

    (aaahh, sorry for all those questions….)



    • terracannon876
      May 31, 2012 @ 20:08:40

      Yes. My plans are to translate the whole game. I’m more worried about what to do after that, lol, long way off as it is.

      To set an example of how long it’s probably going to take, Ivan’s route is at its 6th month (wow). There are 3 more routes that are the same length.

      If you want to see my “to do” list, you can go to my Translations page. I list the ones I plan to do (though it’s no guarantee).

      In general, I post everything I want to put onto the site. The main question is when (or if I ever get to it).

      After LD (and its SS), to be honest, I’ll probably be looking at either Baccano or Durarara.



  3. sarah0faber
    Jun 02, 2012 @ 13:59:35

    Hmm, so it’ll still be some years til you’re finished then… Eh, as long as you’re finishing it, all’s right, haha.

    Huh, why Drrr and Baccano? Aren’t they already translated?



    • terracannon876
      Jun 02, 2012 @ 15:24:17

      Just ’cause.

      They’re not licensed (last I checked) if that’s what you’re asking.



      • sarah0faber
        Jun 03, 2012 @ 09:53:51

        Naw, that’s not what I was asking, but whatever, haha. 🙂

        So I can’t possibly persuade you to translate DRAMAtical Murder or that other Nitro+Chiral game I’ve forgotten the name of?

        Because, really, it would be a completely new level of awesomeness, if you would.



        • terracannon876
          Jun 03, 2012 @ 10:00:21

          I’m not against the games themselves, since I really like TnC and Lamento and I’m working on DM atm (on Ren’s route), but I’m a bit hesitant about working on them. Nitro+Chiral’s a big company (or rather, Nitro is), so I’d rather … poke them first.

          Either way, LD will last me for quite a while. Even if I do decide to do Lamento (or TnC or DM) next, it would still be … a long time before I get to it ^^; (I haven’t played Sweet Pool yet.)

          Also, those games are pretty high profile. I’d rather try to introduce not-so-high profile games (like Daylight). (LD, when I’d started, wasn’t very well-known either, I think. Comparatively.)

          Final answer you can get out of that is that I’ll take your suggestion into account, but … well, poke me again when I am nearing the end of Luchino’s route ^^;



  4. sarah0faber
    Jun 03, 2012 @ 10:16:57

    Okay, I will. : )

    Huh, I haven’t even heard of Daylight. Gotta look that up now.

    Btw, I haven’t played Sweet Pool either, though I would love to. But, unfortunately I haven’t been able to find one lovely eng patch for it and I’m not particularly in the mood to try it with ITH and Atlas…
    Thankfully, TnC does have a patch. : D

    Oh yeah, I actually have wanted to ask this for a while now, but somehow I always forgot to mention it. What does that Luck and Omerta with those stars bar mean? Somehow, I seem to have missed the memo explaining it…



    • terracannon876
      Jun 03, 2012 @ 10:42:12

      Out of non-Nitro+Chiral and Tennenouji games, I’d highly suggest Daylight and Messiah. Daylight is a bit more “slash-but-not-slash,” though. Think of it as a kindasortabutnot slash, no-smut fantasy story.

      Sweet Pool, from what I hear, is … odd. My friend simultaneously loved it and was completely creeped out by it, lol.

      Luck and Omerta are decided by the decisions you make during the game. Luck is the % number, and Omerta is the star gauge. Their levels determine which ending you get and what events happen (sometimes). The choice may also be determined by the character’s affection level for you (which isn’t shown). For example, to get Ivan’s best route, you’ll need “Ivan affection 10+, Luck 95%+, and Omerta 24-“. To get the smut scene (that I haven’t translated yet because I didn’t fulfill this condition), you’ll have to have “Luck 80%+”. (This is all gotten from the LD Visual Fanbook.)

      In general, you don’t reeeeally have to care about it while playing the game, though. Just choose what choices make them like you most, lol. The only exception is during Gian’s dream sequence, at the very beginning of Part 3: Daivan. That choice can singlehandedly decide whether you go down the normal or the best route.

      I hope that long-winded answer helps =P



  5. sarah0faber
    Jun 03, 2012 @ 11:42:36

    Yup, it certainly did, thank you.

    Haha, now I know why I’ve gotten a different scene than the one you translated back in in chapter 6 (it was a smut scene, so I’m not complaing, not AT ALL : D). Instead of phoning Bernardo, they christened the room and all, but unfortunately I couldn’t understand what they were saying…
    Humm, I followed your guide, so, do you have an idea which route I’m taking right now?

    Oh yeah, I heard about Sweet Pool’s famous creepiness factor too. ‘supposed to feature lots and lots of blood and gore. In a way, that compels me to play it a bit more. Though I can’t really believe that it’s said to be worse than Enzai…

    Daylight really does look interesting, even if the no smut thing is a bit of a downer… The main characters do look a bit like Sora and Riku from Kingdom Hearts, I think, so that’s a plus.
    Messiah? Another game to look up now. : )



    • terracannon876
      Jun 03, 2012 @ 13:09:11

      Whoo! First time replying on the iPhone =D

      If you followed the decisions I made, then you should be on the normal route. But if you got the smut scene, then chances are you’re actually on the best route. I’m not sure what choices you made that’s different, but…it won’t matter much in Ivan’s route since in his there’s not a big difference between normal and best route.

      Yeah. Lufen and Eus look almost exactly like Sora and Riku, but their personalities are nothing alike. The game is also completely voiced, with Lufen doing the narrations. You can actually let the game run on automatic and treat it like a drama cd XD

      (I’m almost sure I got Lufen’s name wrong since I’m almost sure that’s his last name…)

      Bye. You may also be interested in Omertà. It’s another mafia BL game but takes place in Japan. I have some issues against it but it is certainly pretty and has potential.



      • sarah0faber
        Jun 03, 2012 @ 14:23:59

        Hmm, maybe it’s because I took – at the very beginning- the choice of raping that BOI member and then stop messing with him… I had no idea what you chose, so I decided to simply wing it, haha.
        Still, I do hope that I’m on the best route, just on principle. Ivan’s my favorite right now after all.

        I could, but then it wouldn’t be more than a lullaby of sorts, ’cause all I would hear is well… some wishy washy thingy.

        You’re a well of information, really. Three new bl games in one day. Three new bl games that I’ve somehow not heard about after all that research (that maybe wasn’t that thorough, I’ve got to admit) in one day. That’s goooood.

        Omerta looks great so far. Well, anything that’s a mix of TnC and LD1 has to look great. Though the protag seems a bit clichéd (which I was happy to note, Gian was absolutely NOT. That’s mainly why I love him so much, besides the fact that he’s awesomely funny.) and a copy of Cloud Strife; not the looks, but the personality.
        Eh, but I suppose making something that hasn’t been done before has to be kinda hard, so it’s excuseable.
        (..Now, if there’d be one blessed eng patch, everything would be perfect.)

        You’ve got an iPhone? Lucky you. I’ve been thinking of purchasing one for a long time, but every time I look at the price… (Whhyyyyyyyyy! Why do you have to be so !§%$”% pricy?! WHY???)



        • terracannon876
          Jun 03, 2012 @ 17:19:14

          Oh right. That. I should make a note of that, shouldn’t I.

          The choices for that were actually “raep”, and then “stop”. And then, on the day after, don’t do the alternative route.

          Since you did that, though, hmm… I should check my choices through, to see if I actually did it right…

          Omerta is positively beautiful, artwise. Its writing isn’t bad either, nor are its voices. However, its characters suffer from… uhm… Let’s call it BL bipolar syndrome ^^; It’s like they have one personality in all the scenes … other than anything remotely romantic. When something romantic comes up, it’s like the characters swap personalities. It’s really odd…

          That being said, their normal personalities aren’t bad. The story, while short, is OK, too. (At the very least, it HAS a story.)

          Out of curiosity, what games DO have English patches? Last I checked, Silver Chaos was the only one that had one.

          (I may as well suggest some more for you ^^; Kannagi no Tori is really good, though a bit Shouta. Kichiku Megane is fun, though its smut is a bit … out there. By the same company are Steal! and Gakuen Heaven. Lamento, Togainu no Chi, Sweet Pool, DRAMAtical Murder are the Nitro+Chiral games. Ore no Shita de Agake is a fun (weird) game (I can’t stop thinking of the main character as Roy from FMA), and Sukisyo is a <33333 classic. There's also Miracle Not-on, which is the other game Tennenouji did.

          I suppose you wouldn't be interested in non-slash visual novel games, too, would you? ^^; )



        • terracannon876
          Jun 04, 2012 @ 10:15:48

          I agree, but at least in Nitro+Chiral’s games and LD the characters are IC. In Omertà it’s like wow, what are you smoking???

          I thought Starry Sky was otome…but guess I’m wrong. I’ve only ever seen pictures of that one here and there.

          I just finished DmmD yesterday and am going to finally finish Lamento now. I’d left off after finishing only one route because I’d gotten too attached to that route <_<

          DmmD had its own share of problems, but the biggest is pacing. If you can't read the text though I guess it won't bother you much. That being said, a warning about Noiz's route. The game does not have a bug, so when it starts acting up, don't close it ^^;

          You'll also have problems later in the game when it starts acting funny and giving you puzzles, but I think the only one with a time limit is Ren's.

          Hm. Do you have a PSP then? Or only computer-based visnovs?



  6. sarah0faber
    Jun 04, 2012 @ 09:46:30

    Yeah, I got to agree with the art; it kinda reminds me of TnC style.
    Haha, that’s the first time I’ve seen it called like this- absolutely right, though. But I suppose, the characters would go nowhere without that nifty plot device don’t you think? I mean, the main protag alone does not seem like someone who would ever indulge in any kind of romance or relationship… And that’s kinda the point of the game.

    At least. One cannot say that of Miracle Not-on though, haha.

    Hmm, from what I gathered, Miracle Not-on, TnC, Kuro no Tsuki, Starry Sky, Silver Chaos… Well, those are all I’m aware of. (However, neither TnC or Starry Sky’s patch is complete… But TnC is already up to 95% : D)

    I’ve been trying to translate DMMd with the lacking help of Atlas and ITH… Woooo, real pain, but the story has been worth it. So far. I’m going for Noize though. And you?
    Kannagi no Tori actually seems familiar, hmmm…

    Not interested in non-slash visual novel games? Me? The one who was all over the moon for Fate/Stay Night? Of course I am interested! : D (I’m kinda in love with all book genres, not just the bl thing.)



  7. sarah0faber
    Jun 04, 2012 @ 15:03:52

    Huh, maybe they’re on some hormonal high? Some sort of weird genetic thing that only triggers with lots and lots of sexual tension in the air? Ehhh, ignore my idiotic musings, haha.
    Yeah, that IC thing is why I’m still so in love with TnC in first place. : ) (Rin’s route is the best, yeah!)

    Maybe it is, I never played it after all. Though I /did/ find it in a listing of yaoi games, so really, I’m not sure.

    Which route were you playing?

    Thanks for the warning. But what do you with pacing? Too fast?

    Problems are probably an understatement. I’m not /that/ fond of puzzles in first place, and now some game wants to shove one into my face in a language I’m not really comfortable with. Ugh. I’m gonna have to find some sort of walkthrough for that…

    Luckily, I’m indeed a proud owner of a lovely, lovely PSP (I tend to worship my precious electronic devices, being the weirdo I am at times…), but lately, I’ve been focusing more on those PC based versions. : /



    • terracannon876
      Jun 04, 2012 @ 15:17:35

      I wont spoil, but there’s one route that is the “final” route, so that was the one I did.

      Pacing as in, storytelling technique. The beginning starts off ok, buy around the halfway point everything just gets explained to you without further ado, the conflicts are kinda sorta presented then solved, and sometimes you’re just like “wait, that was it???” Again, if you can’t read it, it won’t matter much.

      I will say that DmmD is very pretty and sophisticated GUIwise for a visnov. I have a sneaky suspicion that the team put so much time/space into that they crammed in the last half of the game,which is a shame since the game has great potential.

      If you want, I can send you info by email for other games. Is the email you used for commenting here your address ?



  8. sarah0faber
    Jun 05, 2012 @ 10:25:14

    Ohh, by final do you mean the Ren route?

    You’re right there, I suppose.

    They did? Yeah, I’d rather they took their time and made it fantastic and OMG, rather than rushing. : /

    Yep, that’s right. And, yes, that would be really nice of you. : )

    Btw, I don’t mean to bug you or anything (and if I do, then sorry), but when does the next installment come up? I’m sooo anticipating the next chapter, that I keep checking my e mails for updates, haha.

    Oh, and are you by chance a fan of the more commonly known animes, mangas or visual novels? Like say, Naruto?



    • terracannon876
      Jun 05, 2012 @ 10:55:35

      Wuut. I say nothing XD

      I honestly don’t think it was a time problem but rather a space (size wise) problem since NC aren’t the type to rush.

      I’ll email you later. Currently at work (which is why I’m on my phone and not a comp). Or you can email me first (the address is on the About page). Yes, I do like most other series, common or not. Anime, manga, games, etc. I haven’t kept up with many things, though so most of my favorites are from years ago.

      I don’t mind nagging. Nagging reminds me that ppl like and want to read what I do. Game translations take much longer than SS translations though, so don’t check your mail everyday lol. I feel bad. I’ll be working on it after Wed, though I’m not sure when I’ll finish. I’m also waiting on an email before I can post it.



  9. sarah0faber
    Jun 06, 2012 @ 16:36:00

    Ah, that’s what you meant.

    THANK YOUUUU! That list’ll keep me busy for months for sure. Good thing, that summer vacation is nearly upon us- yes!
    Hmm, I haven’t either actually. Though, Naruto, per example, had once been a favorite of mine- well, until Kishimoto butchered the Kyuubi, a supposed evil creature, into some /thing/… He’s taking that power of friendship thing too faaaar.

    Haha, don’t feel bad; my mail account is connected with my phone, therefore I always get some message when an email flies in- that’s what I meant with checking my emails everyday. ; )
    Ohhh, so tomorrow you’re going to begin? Wooo, this day keeps getting better and better! : D



  10. best_of_luck
    Jun 26, 2012 @ 16:58:26

    These two (Ivan and Gian) are total wild horses 😀 And by the way have you ever tought of translating something for Death Note (If there is something to translate :D) Thanks for the translation 🙂



    • terracannon876
      Jun 26, 2012 @ 20:44:21

      Hmm … Death Note? I’ve never really thought about translating anything for that … mostly because I didn’t get too much into the series and because most of it’s already done by other people.



  11. Ageha
    Jan 15, 2014 @ 08:40:56

    [Ivan sets the gear to the top … and then throws his entire body weight behind his foot as he stomps on the gas, pressing petal to the metal.]<– pedal



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