Lucky Dog 1 translations 10 Ivan route Bad Ending

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 10

Reconciliation over Champagne

Bernardo: Ivan, I know it’s hard for you, but … please, bear with it.  Stay here and obey the family’s orders.  Please.

Bernardo says this in a curbed voice.  Everyone’s eyes focus on Ivan, but…

Ivan: So you’re saying I should just ignore the bastards picking a fight with us and our rackets and stay shut up in here?!  I keep doing that, then screw the turf…!


Ivan: All of Daivan’s gonna get taken, you stupid dipshits!  Ain’t what we’ve gotta do now is beat those bastards sitting up on their high horses and screwing with our territory to a pulp?!

Luchino: We will be the ones doing that.  If you go out right now … Ivan, it won’t just be you under suspicion, but us as well.

Ivan: ‘Under suspicion?!’  By those monkeys on the Board?  Then just finish them off, too.  That’ll just make everything easier!

Bernardo: The Board of Directors isn’t our enemy.  Without them, the CR:5 wouldn’t hold.

Ivan: Then you may as well go and just trash everything!  If we keep constipated shit held in like that, then one day they’re gonna rot us from the inside out and send us to our graves sometime down the road anyways!

Bernardo heaves a deep sigh.  Luchino lights his cigarette, his expression screaming that he thinks this’s all ludicrous.  Giulio wasn’t listening to him from the start.

I…  A sense of something, kinda like resignation, kinda like irritation, a feeling that makes me want to just spit, starts coiling and twisting around in the bottom of my stomach.

There isn’t much to go before this feeling gets turned into words.

Gian: ………
Ivan: …The fuck is this, all of you…  Say something!  Why’re you all shutting up like we’re at some gloomy Buddhist monk tea party?!
Giulio: …Any more would be pointless.
Ivan: What’d you say…?!
Bernardo: …Anyways.  Ivan, we can’t have you contacting anyone on the outside.
Bernardo: They, and especially GD’s Honus, know about your predicament.  It’s why they pushed such conditions on us.  If we take action, then we’d just be playing into their hands.

Before Ivan can get his furious breath out … I spew out the words that’d been piling up in me.

Gian: …If you set out … you’re not the only one getting into trouble.  The CR:5 itself will also go down.  At least get that into your head…!


Ivan: Wh—!  … …Gian…!

Gian: What, you can’t get anything without getting an explanation starting from the very basics?  You’re not a kid here…
Ivan: …So … you don’t care if I get destroyed…?

Ivan watches me … his eyes, his face wet with unpleasant moisture.

Bernardo: Ivan.  There’s nothing more to discuss.  You are not allowed to leave this room.  Also, all your calls will go through me and my men.
Ivan: …Doesn’t matter even if I say no, does it…
Bernardo: …No, it doesn’t.  Please understand.  This is a crisis facing the entire family.  I also have a responsibility for incurring the situation…
Bernardo: …but, Ivan, you’re the one being targeted right now.  This is also for your protection.  …Please understand.


Ivan doesn’t answer.  Following Bernardo, Giulio and Luchino also stand from their seats and head for the exit.

Ivan: …Shit…  Fucking shit…
Gian: …That’s just how it is…
Ivan: If I’d known things’d go like this … then I shouldn’t have joined up with this shit in the first place…!

…Mixed in his voice is an emotion that’s not really anger … but more … sorrow?  …Naw, that can’t be right.

Just then, Bernardo turns back, his hand still on the door.

Bernardo: …Gian, come here for a second.  I need to talk to you.

Gian: O-OK.

For some reason, I feel relieved…  I can get out of this room…  I feel like I’d been rescued.

Ivan: …What, you too?

Ivan’s black-dredged voice chases after me…

…but I pretend I don’t hear it as I leave the room.


With this, he’s been completely isolated.

I walk over to the sofa Bernardo’s sitting in and … silently, we both sit, and sit.  His men bring over glasses filled with whisky.

Gian: …You had something you wanted to talk about?
Bernardo: Yes.  Had we stayed, it would have been difficult to say, and you would have had a difficult time answering.  There’s good news and bad news.
Gian: Start with the bad.
Bernardo: Because of what happened yesterday, the directors are also targeting you now.  You have been forbidden from setting foot outside for the time being.
Gian: Yeah, I know.  …So, what’s the good?
Bernardo: I think Ivan is panicking, for lack of a better term.  If, perhaps, you find that room difficult to stay in, we have another room prepared…

I take the time it takes for me to empty the glass to think…

Gian: …Could I take you on that?  Any room’s fine.
Bernardo: I understand.  Also…

Bernardo also tips his glass.  And then he quietly continues along the same chain of words.

Bernardo: You and Ivan are friends – best friends, possibly…

Before I can say anything, Bernardo’s eyes pierce through me.

Bernardo: It’s all right for you to visit Ivan in that room.  But … you are forbidden from passing on any calls or messages to the outside as in intermediary.
Gian: I know…  If I do that, I’ll just make his position even worse.
Bernardo: That’s right.  This might be hard for the both of you right now … but we will do what we can to follow through.  Don’t worry.

I answer with a ‘Yeah,’ but…

…the memories of the few days I spent with Ivan flash through my mind like sheaves of paper swirling up in the wind.


…The thugs at the port.  The women on Tramp’s Lane…

Can anyone other than Ivan pull them together?  Can Luchino look after that kind of woman?  Can Giulio talk straight from the gut to those musclemen?


…I shake my head and stop thinking.

…Two days have passed since.

Ever since that day, I haven’t visited that room … visited the main bedroom that Ivan’s staying in.  Ivan … hasn’t sent over any messages either.

…During that time, the battles continued to break out.  Bernardo appeared in the war room, bitterness still intact.  The boundaries of Daivan’s influence are locked in a stalemate.

The GD, with their vastly numerous forces, with so much more manpower than we CR:5 have, send in waves after waves of hoodlums into Daivan.  We can’t take back the land they’ve taken…

… and so we lose not only time and troops, but also victory.

And, just as the third night is about to roll by…


Gian: …You say he called for me?

Bernardo: Yes.  Just earlier, he placed a call.  It seems he wants you to come to the room.  He said he has a favor to ask.

Gian: Ivan said that…?

First Bernardo’d called me here.  And, now, it’s Ivan’s calling me out to that room…?

The words filter through my ears.

Gian: …Would it be better if I went?
Bernardo: I’ll leave that up to you.  Ivan said that he doesn’t trust anyone but you, but whether you go or not in the end is up to you, Gian.

I stay put in front of Bernardo, silent and thinking.

Gian: I’ll just hear what he has to say.  I know, I know, I won’t let him have contact with the outside.
Bernardo: Could you?  He might just about be at his limit, too.  He may need to talk to someone … all right?
Gian: …Doesn’t look like it’ll be a happy talk, though.

I stand from my seat, feeling full of irritation.

Bernardo: If he asks you for a favor, tell me no matter what.  I’m counting on you.

Behind me, I hear him pressing the point with words a little on the harsh side.  …These few days of house arrest’ve also driven me to the end of my rope.  I feel slightly frustrated as I retort,

Gian: Then why don’t you just bug the room?!  You have machines for that, right?
Bernardo: That … I won’t do.  Even I would never eavesdrop on the Boss.  That won’t change even now.

The voice replying was quiet, firm, and a bit sad.  …”Boss”…  I’d already forgotten about something like that.

I’m the next boss to an organization seconds from collapse…  It’s like all of it’s a dumb joke.

Gian: …I understand.

Nervous, I gulp … and enter the room.

At first, I don’t see Ivan’s figure…  I walk a few steps forward before my eyes find him.  He’s by the big window with its curtains thrown wide open…

Next to the window looking down over the city of Daivan, caked in a dusk light that looks like dried blood is a sofa and table, and sitting there on the furniture is a familiar man.

Ivan: …Hey.  So you came.
Gian: You’re the one who called for me.  …What was this favor you wanted?

I take a seat at the couch.  Lying on the table is Ivan’s gun, the separate components of the 45-millli dissected and placed one after another .

Ivan: …

Strangely enough, Ivan keeps his face held down.  Doesn’t say a thing.  …Is he actually handling the confinement…?

Gian: …What?  If you don’t have anything to say, then I’m leaving already.

Rather than worry about the odd air surrounding Ivan, about his dark expression … I feel something that’s oddly like irritation.

Gian: …I’ll set up a girl with you after or something.  You don’t mind if it’s a lady from one of Luchino’s shops, do you?
Ivan: That’s not it.  I have … a favor to ask.
Gian: So?  Spit it out!

At my edgy voice, Ivan turns his eyes, muddy with darkness, towards me.

Ivan: I know Bernardo’s stopping you.  But … please.  Could you pass a word down to my troops down on the bottom floor?
Gian: Wh—?  Of course not!!  If Bernardo knows, then you’re definitely—
Ivan: No!  Please!  Please listen…!  …I … I was an idiot.

In the past, I probably would’ve laughed and poked fun at him, but … now, I just want to run from the room as fast as possible.

Ivan: I … I was an idiot.   So, I want to … make it up to Bernardo … and everyone else.  …I don’t want to fight with everyone anymore.
Gian: Wha…?
Ivan: Please … I’m serious here!  I can’t take this anymore!
Ivan: I want to make it up to them…  I want to start over!
Gian: …

I feel something – something like little bugs skittering and writhing around in my gut, down my neck.  A bad feeling…  No.  That’s not it.  A feeling something’s off…  What is this…?

Ivan: So … could you pass on something to my men downstairs?  There’s this champagne bottle we’ve been saving.  Tell them to deliver it here…
Ivan: If you just say that … they’ll know what you mean…!  Any of my men downstairs’ll know what you mean…  Please…!  H-Have them bring the champagne bottle over!
Ivan: I want … to make it up … to everyone…

Ivan’s strained voice gradually disappears.

Gian: Make it up … eh…
Ivan: Yeah.  Please.  You’re the only one I can tell this to…

I sit back on the couch and recline back.  I look down at the dismantled gun lying on the table.  The dribbling something in my gut coagulates and starts solidifying.

Gian: …What about me?
Ivan: Wh—
Gian: I get nothing in return for doing this favor of yours?  …Did you already forget what you did to me here in this room, you cocky bastard?


Ivan: …!!  You…!

A familiar flame starts blazing in Ivan’s eyes.

Gian: …Heh.

Ivan: Ngh…!

But … Ivan stops his hand.  At the last second, he’d remembered … that I’m his last link.

Ivan: S-Sorry…

Gian: Quit your whining.  You sound like a worm.  Champagne bottle or whatever, but if you want a favor from me, you’ve gotta do something for me first, ain’t that right?

Ivan: Wha— …Sh-Shit…  What do you want…?

Right now…

…I feel a dirt black pleasure, greed, and the sweet nectar of revenge at the sight of the body, the man beaten down by despair before me, his face twisted with distress.

Gian: You played me for a dog quite a few times up until now, right? …Haha … shit!  This time, it’s your turn, you fucker.
Ivan: Wh-What’d you say…?  Fuck you!  Just because you—
Gian: You idiot.  …You want a favor, right?  Then first, get me into the mood for taking that favor.
Ivan: …!!  …Fuck…
Gian: Whatcha gonna do?  It’s no sweat off my back if I turn right around and leave.
Ivan: …Gh…  …What … do you want … me to do?

Ivan reins in his body, trembling like it’s about to explode…  He spits out the words forcefully, his anger mingled with each agonized breath.

Gian: Remember when you treated me like some mutt?  This time … you’re the dog.
Ivan: What…?
Gian: Get on all fours like a dog.

For a second, a flash of light runs through Ivan’s eyes, still focused on me, but…

Ivan: I … understand…

Ivan crumples with a thud to his knees in front of me like he’s in the middle of fainting as I stay lounging on the sofa and, with some hesitation, buries his hands in the carpet.


I kick out my leg at Ivan’s arm.

Ivan: Wh-What do you want me to do…?
Gian: Mm, that’s right … first…  A superior’s orders are absolute, isn’t that right, Ivan?
Ivan: …Gh…
Gian: Haha, guess the same goes for both Mafia and mutts!  Here.  Lick it clean … like a dog.
Ivan: Wha…?!
Gian: My shoes.  I stepped on some dogshit on the street just earlier.  Lick it, eat it, clean it aaaaall up.
Ivan: …N-No fucking way…!
Gian: Don’t make me repeat myself again.  …This is an order from your superior … one from the boss.
Ivan: …!

A darkness of some sort crouching behind his eyes, Ivan looks at me silently.  I look down into those still-unbroken eyes…

…and feel a bit of fear – but even more than that, I taste the pleasure of sadistic delight.

Ivan: Guh…  Kh …

Ivan’s hand is shaking.  His trembling hand reaches out for my dirty shoe, takes it like it’s a piece of burning coal … and opens his mouth, tongue peeking out.


Ivan: Guah!  Wh-Why you…

Or he was when I kick Ivan’s mouth.  A blood-stained mouth and glittering eyes look back at me.

Gian: Mutts don’t use their hands.  Use just your mouth.
Ivan: Gh…  Fuck…

Ivan’s fingers curl like claws … and sink deep into the carpet covering the floor.  His mouth opens, and his rough heaving spits his breath onto the tip of my shoe.

Gian: Hurry up.


Ivan: Bguh…!  Guh…  Ku … haa…

The sensation of the shuddering tongue … penetrates through the hard leather and the sole of my shoe.  I feel a delight from the bottom of my gut, like I’d just jizzed.

Ivan: K-Kuh…  Uu … haa…

Blood, spit, and some shoe polish that’s started to melt paint a merciless mess over Ivan’s face.  His tongue is cut up after running over the rough bottom of my shoe…

Ivan: Guh…!  C-Cough!  Gh … gah…!

Gian: Don’t you go spitting it out now.  If you don’t, you’ll be licking it all off the floor and eating that, too.

Ivan: Ugh … you don’t have to … tell me that…  …Pff … h-haa … kuh…!

There’s no dark, no nothing mixed in Ivan’s voice anymore.  There in his place is just a pathetic, comical creature, lapping at shit with labored breathing.

Gian: …!  Fucking shit…!  …P-Pffha … hahahahaha…!

Ivan: …Kuh… H-Haa…

Gian: Haha!  Just look at you!  Hehe, pffhahahahaha!  Aahahahaha…!

I look up at the ceiling – cover my eyes with my hand and just laugh.  Laugh a pitch black jeering cackle that even chills me…

…Ack, it’s Bernardo.  When I see him in the lounge, I jump.

Bernardo: How was it?  Did he say anything?

Gian: N-No.  Nothing especially…  He just wanted to know how things were going down outside.

Bernardo: Is that all?

Gian: Well, also…  It looks like he’s pining over some girl from his turf.  He was sobbing at me to go call her over.

I give a chuckle, complete with heaving shoulders.  I wonder if Bernardo’ll be satisfied with the fib…

Bernardo: …I understand.  If he wants to talk again … I’ll leave it to you.

“Yeah,” I answer as I head towards the elevator.  I sense Bernardo saying something behind me.

Gian: I know, I know.  I won’t take a step outside.  I’ll just be taking some coffee with a paper at the café down below.  Once I’m done, I’ll come straight back.


…There’s no need to actually follow through with Ivan’s favor.  But, I … gaze at the soldiers mixed in with the crumbs on the ground floor.

Among them, I spot a familiar face… It’s one of Ivan’s men.  He doesn’t have a suit on.

I walk towards him.  …I’m … about to break Bernardo’s promise – and, in a way, break the Omertà.

…Why?  There’s no real reason.  It’s the law of an organization that’s as good as gone … and besides…

…I figured, if I follow through with Ivan’s favor, I might be able to hold it over his head if I ever need to tease him again.

Ivan’s Subordinate D: …Yes?

The grim man talks to me in a voice hiding his bad mood.  …Maybe he knows what situation his boss’s in…  I check around for any eyes looking our way before…

Gian: …I’ve got a message from your boss.

Ivan’s Subordinate D: …From the Boss?!

I give a wink … and distrust starts filling the soldier’s eyes.

Gian: What was it again?  Oh, right, right.  He said he wanted you to deliver some drink for the big make up…  Uh, a champagne bottle.

Ivan’s Subordinate D: …!!  …I-I understand.

With just those words, the man quickly leaves without a single question about how his boss’s doing.

Gian: Champagne, hmm…

I wonder if he’s got some smuggled high quality shit hidden around.  …He’s gonna share that with everyone?  …No…

…I can’t picture a scene where all the captains getting together and popping it open, not anymore.  Not with my mind as it is now.

A few days passed.  I’d almost forgotten the fact that Ivan’d asked me to pass on the message.


Bernardo: …It would seem … we’re at our limit.
Luchino: The only option left is to negotiate…
Giulio: If we give nothing, then they will not take to the negotiation.  …We must offer something in return…

The never-ending strife has driven the CR:5 pretty badly into a corner.

The GD’ve trapped us to the point where we’re not worth making a humiliating treaty, or even just an agreement, with.

Gian: …Maybe we could sell out Ivan’s turf.  It’s already, you know.
Giulio: …Perhaps…  Although, it would be dangerous to yield the railroad station…
Luchino: Is it all right to decide this without him…?
Gian: It’s already, you know … right?

Ever since then, there hasn’t been a peep from Ivan’s room, like he’s gone and croaked in there.

We all sigh and go on with the melancholic conference … when…


The elevator door opens.  Bernardo and my eyes turn towards it.

Bernardo: Wh-Who are you?!

The elevator’s stuffed to the very edge of the weight limit with men, with gangsters – no … with Ivan’s soldiers.

And, like a maelstrom, the brutal-faced men spill out.  It’s then Giulio stands, sensing the fatal atmosphere.

Giulio: …!  Signor Gian, get back!!

Gian: Huh…?

Luchino: Hey, just who are you?!  …We’re in the middle of a captain’s conference.  Only the guards have access to this floo—


Right before my eyes, something blows out almost comically from Luchino’s back.  …Fresh blood and ripped bowels start spilling, as though getting dragged out…

Resting in the men’s arms are enormous shotguns.

Gian: U-Uwaah?!

I shout the same moment Ivan’s men pull out their hidden machineguns and shotguns.

Bernardo’s Subordinate A: …Boss!!  You bastaaaards!!


The machineguns howl and mow down Bernardo’s men who’d been waiting at standby some distance away.  I stay where I am, still can’t move, when…



Bernardo: You!  How…!!  …Guah!!


…a storm of bullets rain mercilessly down in our direction, too.  Bernardo’s face and even his glasses are crushed…  And the same happens with Giulio…


Giulio:  Ugh … haa…!  A-Aa … ah…!

Still standing, the machineguns stitch holes through him.


Gian: U-Uwaah!!

Giulio’s body – now just a lump of meat – slams over me.  I reach my hand for the pistol by my waist…

Gian: Gah!  G-Gwaaaaaagh!!

The lead pellets spat out by the shotgun crunch through not just Giulio’s body but straight through my stomach and legs.

My vision’s stained red, and then with pitch black.  I lay collapsed, stuck to the sofa like it’s swallowing me, and my eyes … spin.  Wavers.  Intense agony robs me of my breath.

Gian: …Guh … tsguuh … guaagh…!

Ivan’s Subordinate D: …Boss!!  Are you all right?!

…Somewhere, I hear the sound of a door opening.

Ivan’s Subordinate A: Boss, we’re sorry for being late!

Ivan’s Subordinate B: Boss…!

Ivan’s Subordinate C: Big bro, we’ve prepared a car.

Ivan: …Hey, you guys.  Sorry for putting you through all this trouble.


Gian: …?!  U-Ugh…


Ivan comes into my gradually narrowing line of vision.  He’s saying something – he’s hefting his 45-milli, when he slowly…

Ivan: ………

…looks my way.

Gian: G-Guh … y-you…
Ivan: This is my ‘champagne bottle.’  I said I’d make it up to them, didn’t I?
Gian: …Tsnngh…!
Ivan: This way … I won’t have to fight with everyone ever again.

Ivan lifts his 45 piece.  Points the muzzle my way.  Looks.

Gian: Hah…!!  U-Ugh … s-stop…
Ivan: ………

The muzzle staring at me … turns its gaze down.  Ivan holsters the piece … and speaks.

Ivan: You’re … no pal… You’re not anything anymore.
Gian: Gh, ugh…?!
Ivan: So … we have nothing to make up for.  …But, next time we meet, I’ll kill you.  The CR … heh.  The CR:1 is our enemy, after all…
Gian: I-Ivan…?!

But by then … Ivan’s already acting like I’m not there anymore as he turns his back to me and shoots off orders to his men with every step.

Ivan: …You shitheads!  My bad for letting you get stuck with deadbeat jobs this whole time!  But starting today, things’ll be different!  We…
Ivan: …ain’t no fucking macaroni Mafia no more!  We are gangsters!!  We’re the hitmen who’re gonna fucking blast the GD and the wops to hell!

My consciousness, fading from the sharp pain and the loss of blood … is lost in a whirlpooling storm of English cheers and jeering.  In that storm, I lay, alone…


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  1. Trish
    Jul 04, 2012 @ 04:05:01

    You’ve done it. Yay. T_____T o ivan. Poor bby c’mere. All just a nightmare. Gian would never, he loves you, he’s just craycray. Otherwise he could never. *hugs* shshdfjagdjfjszsjgkc
    very good job … but fuck, so painful.



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    T.T omg….that is much much sadder than it seemed when playing. Poor Ivan! Dammit Gian, how come when you make the bad choice you always act mean T.T

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    • terracannon876
      Jul 09, 2012 @ 23:25:35

      Gian, while often cool, is by no means a good person through and through. By my analysis (and yes, I did analyze this ending XD) Gian is nice because he cares. Once he stops caring, he doesn’t give a damn. When he stops giving a damn, he really, really doesn’t give a damn. This is the extreme, in a way, of a person with a “free soul,” I suppose. He just does whatever the eff he wants, regardless of how mean or stupid it is.

      It’s so easy to read this ending thinking OMG IVAN AND GIAN ARE OOC. I’m glad you took the ending seriously =P



  5. Dog_Pair_Luver
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    Yeah, after reading this, I replayed this ending and was like omg….this is a lot more interesting now but also, Ivan-Sama would never beg for anything!!!!!! (You turned me into an Ivan fan…it’s your fault lol) But yes, they are very OOC!!!! Also, I have a new video for you…um, I said I would make one for each pairing so um….I made one for Luchino/Gian….um, if you need (or even want) the link, just um…let me know!



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      Mm, it’s arguable they’re not. I mean, it’s so easy to just say “THEY’RE OOC” and to disregard this ending, but if Tennenouji put this much effort into the characterizations of the characters, I doubt this was a lapse of character judgment.

      Gian showed a side we’ve never seen before … but this isn’t the only place we see him like this. It appeared once or so before, like when he killed the old lady back in Part 2, but also later in Giulio’s and Luchino’s bad endings (and perhaps even Bernardo’s). It’s not a side we see often, thank god, because then the CR:5 would be in shambles, lol. imo, I think this is the prototype for GD!Gian in bad egg+ (the LD expansion pack). I say prototype mostly because Gian does show a bit of unstableness in character, like towards the end, he actually seems to expect Ivan to … not be mad at what he did. Then again, he could just be O___O at seeing people he’d known shot right in front of him.

      Point of interest, though, is that if Gian hadn’t acted like that, it would’ve been very likely he’d have died. One of the only reasons he didn’t (or rather, Ivan’s rationalized reason he gave) was that he “wasn’t a friend, so there was nothing to make up for.” (Although it’s almost certain that Ivan just couldn’t bring himself to actually kill Gian, no matter what reason he gave.)

      Ivan being OOC … well, he lost faith in the group. He saw everyone as against him (not as actually worried about him), and they were something to be overcome … hence the champagne bottle. To his credit, half his eyebrow scrunching when he was pleading actually seems to be genuine. He probably really wanted to believe in them, but couldn’t. In that sense, he regressed in his character development, back to how he was at the beginning of the game, with his paranoid little self.

      …omg you have me writing an essay on this XD Ah well. It’s only the 3rd time I’ve ranted about it to someone.



      • Dog_Pair_Luver
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        It’s okay, I enjoyed the rant immensely!!! And I also agree, with that reasoning then yeah, it’s not that they were OOC it is more like they were showing the humanness of their characters. Gian has an underlying cruelty that is brought out by his lack of caring and Ivan has that inner fear(?) that everyone is against him because of that betrayal in the past.

        I am actually kind of excited to see the crueler Gian in Bad Egg because they show hints of it here and (When not directed at characters I like) it makes him seem more real because if he was just adorable then no, he wouldn’t be half as interesting to me.

        Anyway, thanks for taking the time to explain it! I like your rant lol, it makes things easy to understand because otherwise I would probably get lost x.x



      • Li
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        I’m back from my vacation.
        This ending was really hard (heart-breaking) to read, but I’m glad I persevered. Gian’s attitude here, combined with your accurate analysis will help me portray Dark!Gian much more accurately. Look forward to my fic (or not). I should be done in a few days.
        While writing, I’ve found out I’m missing info on certain things. Mind if I ask questions with my comments to fill in the holes?



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    I used that new Demi Lovato song….not her biggest fan but the song fits Luchino so well >.<



    • terracannon876
      Jul 10, 2012 @ 01:34:57

      You don’t know how rare it is I can say this, but … this song sounds familiar XD

      …I don’t care if you say you found these on zerochan. I’ve looked before and I have no idea where you get half of these XD And that’s the half I really want to download for personal viewing XD

      …This is torture. Luchino’s the last route to do, and I really do love his route as he has so much more depth than the other charas and dang is it action-packed. Wanna do! Wanna do! …*shoves head back into Giulio’s route*

      I’ll admit that the song doesn’t seem like it’ll fit the video, but some of the lines do mesh well. I think the discordance comes from the … type of singer vs. the fact that it’s (gay) mafia gangsters…? (You can ignore this comment. I don’t know what I’m talking about. I know zip about AMVs XD)

      Thanks for the vid!



      • Vivian Hau
        Feb 13, 2013 @ 18:20:03

        Ooooo I’m actually really excited for Luchino’s route due to his history and the fact I saw some of his cgs and wooooooowiieee the NSFW scenes are steamy xDDD Kind of sad you are going to translate his route last but then again there’s the saying that you should always save the best for last! 😀



      • xXxLuckyPuppyxXx
        Mar 28, 2013 @ 22:45:13

        I have now found myself looking forwards to Luchino’s route I can’t help but wonder what his route holds and hopefully we can learn about his past some. I’m also interested in how his route plays out I’ve already read the Manga sadly no yaoi has happened(yet…but, who says a girl can’t hope) I guess it only happens in the game.



  7. Dog_Pair_Luver
    Jul 10, 2012 @ 01:48:24

    Nope, you are absolutely right and I ran into the same problems but when I listened to the song (Over and over and over lol) it meshes well with Gian (When it’s his softer side) trying to get into Luchino’s heart and that knowledge that Luchino has been hurt before so I guess it is more accurate to say that this AMV is from Gian’s perspective then from Luchino’s.
    (I don’t know anything about AMV’s either lmao but it’s an attempt lol)

    Lmao seriously, I got all these pics from Zerochan! I swear! lol but if you want them, just tell me which ones and I can email them to you!!!!

    Now I just have to finish playing the Bernardo route and pick a song that suits Ivan/Gian >.< Which is more difficult then I thought it would be -_-

    And hey! No running away from the Giulio arc! I would cry T.T but yes, I understand how you feel XD When I first read the game reviews on this a lot of people criticized the Luchino route but when I played it….omg, I LOVED it. So yes…I understand how you feel XD

    If I find a better song for this pairing, I will probably scrap this vid though but it was an attempt! XD Once I find songs for the other two (Ivan and Bernardo) I will make those vids and put them on here for you! I hope you enjoy them as well! (and if you have any songs you can think of, let me know, I could use the help XD)



    • terracannon876
      Jul 10, 2012 @ 01:52:12

      Oh? What did the reviews say about the pairings? I’m curious.

      Mm … I’ll have to look through later and pick the pictures out. Some of them are really nice, though, and by artists I haven’t seen before…

      Eh. I’ll keep on the lookout for any songs. Btw, have you looked at the AMVs posted on this site? I really like -ERROR, which has the perfect song for Giulio. He has another one that has a great song (but I haven’t posted it) called “Beyond the Scarlet Moon.” I’ll find it and post it later.

      Don’t scrap the vid!! XD I’ll be linking to it! XD



  8. Dog_Pair_Luver
    Jul 10, 2012 @ 02:11:59

    <..> I have three different versions of ERROR liked on my youtube >..< I have watched all the amv's on this sight actually XD And thanks for keeping your eyes open, that's a major help!

    XD Okay okay, I won't scrap the vid….I may make a second though, lol (If I find a better song at least)

    Mmmm, they said -pulls up web page- Gian was the best protagonist for a gay game yet, that he was the most developed they had seen and he was fun without being annoying.

    Giulio was their favorite character, tied with Gian and they refer to him as the Super Seiyan Yandere lol Giulio/Gian was their favorite pairing.

    Ivan is awesome because of his comments and strange, love hate relationship with Gian making for some pretty comic moments (I agree…the constant bickering is amusing!)

    Luchino was their least favorite character, sighting his lack of character development (I disagree) and constant pervertedness (Something I loved XD) as well as the fact that he doesn't seem to fully love Gian. (I disagree….I think he shows his love through his actions!)

    Bernardo they liked a lot because (other than Giulio knowing Gian from that one time way back) he has known Gian the longest and thus seems to have strong ties with him. They adored the comments (Honey and Darling XD) and found it to be incredibly funny (I agree XD)

    Overall they said it was a great game, Gian was epic and Giulio made it even better though you can't possible live without Ivan's commentary. The game was not overly sexed and had a lot of good plot so in the end, great game.

    (That was the review in a nut shell XD)



    • terracannon876
      Jul 10, 2012 @ 02:18:28

      What … an odd review. OK.

      Well, at least I know why people love Giulio so much now. To be honest, I don’t really have a favorite character, but route-wise, I liked Bernardo’s least. …No offense to him, but I’m just really, really bad with technical finance stuff, and … oh god, I’m going to have to translate it o_o *trauma already*

      Back to flaws, though, I do believe each of the characters has their own. In short, Ivan’s scary (and/or paranoid), Bernardo’s kinda heartless, Luchino’s pathetic, and Giulio is … special. And then there’s Gian, which we got an eyeful of in Ivan’s bad ending XD

      Hee, I love this game.



  9. Dog_Pair_Luver
    Jul 10, 2012 @ 02:24:04

    If they didn’t have their flaws, we wouldn’t love them half as much cause they wouldn’t seem human XD I think Giulio is my favorite character…I mean, he scares me but he also makes me wanna hug him cause you feel so bad for him.

    XD Yeah, listening to Bernardo’s route makes my head hurt x.x

    But yeah, it was an odd review which wasn’t completely accurate (Not very accurate at all really)

    I love this game too XD



    • best_of_luck
      Jul 10, 2012 @ 17:14:35

      Oh..WOW..This is awesome !! I LOVE IT!! Thanks for making it Dog)Pair)Luver :):)! I realle like the manga too but…the chapters are coming so slow It makes me wanna ….(:@) !! Thank god thah there is you and terra and some others to make my day go from BOTTOM (of happines) to the TOP 😀



      • Dog_Pair_Luver
        Jul 10, 2012 @ 17:28:10

        I’m happy you like it! I love the manga too 😀 that is what convinced me to get the game! Without Terra I might have ended up crying in the corner or something cause of this game >.<

        Thank you for your comment, you made me smile so I am happy to be able to make you smile as well!!!!



  10. etyy
    Jan 04, 2013 @ 10:29:18

    Gian, you stupid fuck. That’s what you get for being an ass. If that’s how Gian will be when he joins the GD then I fear of what will happen to the CR:5. You can actually see the pain on Ivan’s face and hear it in his voice when Gian betrayed him. Go, Hirakawa!

    I don’t know how you do it, terra. Having to translate this awful scene. I respect you for it, as well as the others for having the balls to watch this scene.



    • Britches
      Jan 04, 2013 @ 11:29:32

      She cried a lot.
      I just searched through 6 months worth of emails and found these golden quotes:

      June 28th 2012:
      “*has free time

      Ok! I shall now do Ivan’s bad ending!!

      *2 lines in

      I can’t do this anymooooooorrreeeee T-T”

      July 2nd 2012:
      “Omg I feel like I’m crying inside. “

      So we all kind of owe her cookies. Candy and meat in general, she likes those things.



  11. etyy
    Jan 05, 2013 @ 05:22:07

    Oh god! I have no idea how much she’d suffered translating this scene. Thanks, Britches. Here, Terra. A token of my appreciation. *give cookies and candies*



    • terracannon876
      Jan 05, 2013 @ 08:44:41

      She’s exaggerating~ It wasn’t that bad! Kinda.

      Ok so I had to give myself pep talks every time I wanted to even try looking at the scene but…

      *gnaws on cookies



      • Britches
        Jan 05, 2013 @ 08:49:57

        How can I exaggerate, I quoted your silly ass. And don’t forget to brush your teeth. Or to reapply sunscreen, you-know-who is always watching.



  12. arcielfreeder
    Dec 09, 2013 @ 23:13:06

    I think my decision to take this ending before the best one was a good decision.. A few lines right after I chose (…..), I heard my heart getting crushed to pieces. I need me my best ending soon. Or I’ll never be able to get over Ivan’s line about having a ‘pal’…. TTATT Otsukaresama!

    On a side note, I’m so interested to play Luchino’s route as well. T3T



  13. Ageha
    Jan 15, 2014 @ 18:01:02

    [Giuilo: Ugh … haa…! A-Aa … ah…!]<– Giulio



  14. Ageha
    Jan 15, 2014 @ 18:09:22

    [Ivan’s Subordiante B: Boss…!]<– Subordinate



  15. Luminosity
    Sep 12, 2015 @ 13:46:46

    Playing Ivan route now and went straight to this end.. It makes me cringe and brokes my heart more than Giulio twisted bad end. But I guess it give more insight on the protagonist as whole and as a character.

    In truth ‘most’ of vn like to hide their protagonist ‘flaw’ (if you want to name it) if you accidentally choose the wrong choices it would end up either you wont get the one you aiming for or just plain solo and force sit on the friend-zone. Either way for me those bad ends it just that. Bad End and nothing more. (unless u play the gory ones.. yeah..)

    I guess I often have a very low expectations on vn xD I play for the heck of it but now when I see this, I sort of just realized on those normal end/best end that theres actually a character development for the protagonist as in. The choices we makes help him improve as a character. Because those bad choices is just is how he normally acts.

    Like killing the granma for one he doesn’t give a shit bout it if he can save the one he actually give a shit bout and also the ‘party’ chapter he let Giulio do whatever he wants even in his monologue he said he knows the owner is innocent but he still dont give a shit bout what happened to them.

    I guess it just shows I never really pay attention to the protagonist much with how bland they usually are and props for the vn developer to take a dive on a different route.

    and I’m not surprised that I hear on Bad Egg (the expansion of the game(?)) that theres a GD Gian heh now I wonder how that would ends up xD

    and… another long rant xD sorry bout that it just shows ur translation turning me into LD1 fans…(and yours).. Oh the horror!



    • terracannon876
      Sep 12, 2015 @ 13:55:04

      I got lucky in that sense. LD1 was one of the first VNs I played, and so I was very, very pleasantly surprised and loved VNs for a long time. It didn’t help that the second and third ones I played were Togainu no Chi and Lamento, both of which were also really well-written. At the very least, I’m glad you were pleasantly surprised by LD1 🙂

      Ivan’s bad ending is fascinating in how much of a regression it is in terms of character growth, and yet it’s not out of character. It’s like everything Gian’s done for him has toppled down, and he’s back to how he was at the beginning of the game – paranoid, isolated, etc.

      Yes, yessss. Turn into a LD1 fan 8D



      • Luminosity
        Sep 12, 2015 @ 14:34:01

        Thats good xD cuz that mean you dont have to went through the horror of cliches-ness like I did. well I never really try BL games.. this is the.. first? Or second if you count Fate/extra CCC as a vn.

        Because the usuals one I actually played the protagonist as character is more often than not.. normal-plain and then start their monologue bout the dream guy and how oh so mysterious they are and how their backstory are oh so depressing and so and so etc XD

        and the bad end just stops dead bout the protagonist went back to same ol’ same and then.. nothing. Ugh the emptyness it just I cant. It makes me feel depressed just thinking bout it. ^.^;

        I like the fact that their actually took the time to put ‘life’ (personality etc) on the protagonist rather than just let us control a bland doll.

        dont.. tempt me..xD *struggling*



        • terracannon876
          Sep 12, 2015 @ 14:40:40

          The reason the protagonists are usually plain, even in Nitro+Chiral games, is that ultimately, most VN are dating sims, and the philosophy is, why play a data-sim if you’re not able to put yourself in their shoes? In other words, it’s the “silent protagonist” philosophy so popular to video games. It’s also why most protagonists in het VN or otome games don’t have eyes or faces – so you can fill it in yourself. In fact, I find that BL games are the stark exception to this rule…

          For a second I thought you meant that Fate/extra was a BL VN, and I was like “WHERE?! WHICH ROUTE DID YOU CHOOSE?! WHICH PAIRING?!” XDDDD

          But protagonists aside, how they write the other guys are usually exactly as you say lol. Another fun exception that toes the stereotypical line but actually does more with it is Uta no Prince-sama. You wouldn’t think it (especially if you watched the anime…) but the games actually flesh the stories out pretty well while keeping it fun. Though, there is also no real backlash for “failing,” but you also lose the potential of “developing” the love interest further because you failed to push them to overcome some internal obstacle. And I feel like at the very least, this is what VNs with bad ends should do. Few do do that, though, and even fewer actually have a real regression. So, most are sort of like “dead ends” and LD has an actually terrible “bad end” that you want to avoid, haha.

          Nooo~~ Come to the dark side 8DDD



          • Luminosity
            Sep 12, 2015 @ 15:29:47

            True and in theory that would appeal more for first timer VN player(reader?) like myself for example. I play as a faceless protagonist (I dont even remember what the name is) first reaction. “what?.. I’m faceless? not even a nose?..” and Lol around until my stomach started hurting xD

            I like it. The story, the way we have to help certain characters (rather than your normal Sim game you know the sim things) but then my expectation started to grow even normal VN cant satisfy anymore and gotten boring that I started get my hands on unusuals one.

            Oh lol nooo xD But the feels LD1 and Fate/extra CCC if you choose male protagonist and Gilgamesh as a servant one wrong choice you’ll get hack and slash by him so I was like WTF?? thats not normally happen when I play VN so I had to suck it up and when it finally end you feel like you accomplish something. ^_^;

            Thats how I feel when playing LD1 xD

            I see my sister gush around that anime didnt see the appeal so never really cross my thoughts on to try the game itself. Considering I’m a guy.. and it’s weird enough I play BL and Otome game just for sake of boredom (see what boredom do to you!?) never really get into it. They do say curiosity kill the cat this is what happen when I try looking what my sister so fond of this so called VN.

            So trying this is whole new experience.. and I’m turning into a fan is a shock.. soo nooo dont lure me xD



            • terracannon876
              Sep 12, 2015 @ 15:56:18

              Haha, I’ve heard a lot of people have that reaction. It’s considered normal in Japan because of JRPGs, but in the west it’s much more common to create customizable characters XD

              Gilgamesh… I must have played regular ol’ Fate/Extra, then. There were only 3 partners, and I’d chosen Archer (because I wanted to know why the eff he was there).

              Well … welcome to the world of Visual Novels!! Like any anime-related media (and non anime-related media), there’s a load of bad things, but there are a few gems here and there 😛

              (Psst. Don’t try UtaPrince the anime. Don’t. XD I love the game but ugh the anime.)

              So … does this mean you want VN suggestions? 🙂 Because we all know you want to be a fan, yes? 😀

              (On a side note, did you know LD1 has side games that are playable without a translation? They’re a bit hard to follow story-wise, but … if you want to shoot LD1 characters using a human cannon…)



              • Luminosity
                Sep 12, 2015 @ 16:55:14

                Ohhhh! You should try it! Its a sequel (just add CCC at the back xD) and more focus on the characters rather than the game story wise its a prequel I guess? But they added alot of stuff including playing dress up with your servant.. (cough dont judge, their reaction on dressing up is amusing) and CGs ;D (I feel like I’m distracting you from this but you need breaks and have fun too!)

                Thank you my dear on officially welcome me to the dark side.. (wait I had been lured..) Thanks to your translation and LD1 I’m officially interested on BL now (you and this game are just amazing) and yes if you have anything interesting VN in mind even JP one I wouldn’t mind any recommendations? 😉

                Now thats interesting.. Human cannon.. O_O maybe I should try searching it.. xD is it for IOS or PC?



                • terracannon876
                  Sep 12, 2015 @ 17:53:24

                  …So there’s substantial addition of material? I remember to take a look into it XD It’s for PSP, right?

                  Haha YES! Ahem, I mean, I’m soooo sorry T_T I feel for your soul. Here, have some fava beans and chianti to placate the lingering hole where your soul used to be 🙂

                  So, VN recommendations… I’m a bit behind on what’s translated and not, ironically, but I know Togainu no Chi and Lamento are (which I mentioned before), and they’re highly recommended. They’re much more story-related (but with interesting characters than the usual lot) than your Gakuen Heaven or even tennenouji’s previous game, Miracle Not-on (pre-expansion pack). What else… Not translated (I think) are Taishou Mebiusline, cage (which I personally haven’t played but heard many good things about), and Daylight. If you’re interested in supernatural and pretty stuff, Messiah is really good (and pretty). If you want to try more old-school VN (ie, not really complex or in-depth, but has history value and isn’t BAD), Silver Chaos and Sukisyo are great, too.

                  …and if you want to do NOT BL, there’s quite a few on Steam and in English. My most suggested are Steins;Gate and Kara no Shoujo. I love Tsukihime, too, though the art hasn’t aged well.

                  The game is called If for Gian (I would destroy the world). It’s a sequel/side-story that is utterly ridiculous and awesome for it. The gang travels around the world to save Gian who’s been kidnapped in various situations. You can find it listed in my Trivia page (which you can find in my upper navigation bar). It’s for PC. LD1 is the only game that was ported to PC.



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