Lucky Dog 1 translations 10 Ivan route 03 best

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 10 Best


Bernardo: …I’ve been wondering this for a while now, but … do you two … have some sort of grudge against me?

Appearing as though he’d aged three years, Bernardo answers the call that had been made from a city public phone.

Bernardo: …I’ll contact the Counselor again myself.  So, well, just … just return here for now.
Bernardo: Also, if something happens – I don’t care when or what – contact me, got it?

…It’s then the phone cut off.  The nickel probably ran out.

Bernardo sets the receiver down and rests his forehead in his two hands before giving a deep sigh, like he’s aged yet another two years.

Giulio: How is Signor Gian…?

Bernardo: He’s with Ivan.  …Seems like they’re right in the middle of giving those GD gangsters an absolutely raving thank you visit for messing up Ivan’s territory.  …Those stupid fools…

Giulio: …What did the Counselor…

Bernardo: He sounded more tired than angry.  …The ones who’d let them out was the Counselor in the first place, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d predicted something like this would happen.

Giulio: …And … you did too, right…?

A small, rare – very, very rare – smile appears on Giulio’s face.  Bernardo looks up at his expression … and then sighs again.

Bernardo: …No, I didn’t.  I thought for sure they’d escape after the dinner at the Consigliere’s mansion … but I’d never thought they’d do it immediately.
Giulio: What did the … elders at the Board… say…?
Bernardo: To tell the truth, I haven’t reported it yet.  The Counselor sounded like he was going to tell them…  I worry for the poor elders’ hearts and blood pressures once they find out.

Giulio’s eyes snap into a narrow slit again.

Bernardo: Now … if only they’d return here before those GD gangsters set something up.
Giulio: You mean Honus … O’Sullivan.  …I have my men searching for him … but, he is not showing himself…  …He is truly a fox…
Bernardo: …There is definitely someone in our family who will report Ivan and Gian’s escape to the bastard.  …We can only hope that he doesn’t find them first.

At that time…

One of the many phones on Bernardo’s desk rings.  The sound belongs to the line from an underground club in downtown Daivan.

Giulio: …Is that … Luchino…?

Bernardo puts up a finger and winks as he picks up the receiver.

Luchino: …It’s me.  Just now, one of my men spotted a stout, fair-skinned German lady down by the front of Hamilton Bank, but he’s lost sight of her.

Bernardo sighs when, a click echoes into his ears as Luchino snaps his fingers.

Luchino: More importantly … looks like another fish’s been caught in the net, and it’s a super big haul, too.

Bernardo: What’s wrong?  Did the Big Lady depart from her home on Liberty Island?

Luchino: Hold me tight if it’s that big.  …The laundromat’s brought in something concerning.  You need to see this, and then it’ll be official.


I’d contacted them…  As expected, Bernardo got mad, but what depressed me even more…

…was the fact that everyone was worried about us.

Gian: …This is…  So we’re at the pleasure district already, huh.  I wonder if there shall be a Tramp’s Lane here, Matthew?
Ivan: Shut up, stupid!!  …You spout something creepylike that again and you’re fucking dead!
Gian: Don’t get yourself into a tizzy.  …Wow, you like Anne of Green Gables that much?
Ivan: Th-That’s not it, you asshole!!  Just go and die!  Get outta the car!  Hike your way back!!


…And then, it hits me again.  Out of nowhere.  Is this yet another spark of inspiration?

Gian: Don’t tell me … the chipmunk.  You know, Grandpa Cavalli’s granddaughter.  Don’t tell me you lent her Anne?
Ivan: …Nguh?!

…Ivan’s mouth – no, his throat – freezes with a kk!  …Guess it’s a bull’s eye…

Ivan: G-G-G-G-Got a problem with that?!  You know, I!  I was the kid’s … when she was even more of a kid, I was her bodyguard!!
Gian: Yep, so I’ve heard!
Ivan: …Gh!!  D-Don’t ask if you already know!!
Gian: …Well, I guess it’s no surprise she’s so attached!  You are the sweet dear of a big bro who reads her stories.
Ivan: That’s not what happeeeened!!  You!  Just die!!


Ivan smacks the wheel over and over again as he turns the intersection.  The car drives down an even dimmer street in the pleasure district than before.


Ivan: …Here we are.

His tongue slides over his lips.  Ivan’d said those words looking positively delighted as his bared teeth gleamed.  …?!  He means the GD gangsters?!

Gian: Huh?  Which ones?
Ivan: Them over there.  Just look at ‘em!

…Yeah, you say that, but…  Ah, now that you mention it, there’s much fewer girls here, I think.

Ivan: Look, that group of four.  None of the pimps’re talking to ‘em.
Gian: Ooh!  Oooooh, I get i—


The moment I understand … I bite my tongue as Ivan suddenly stomps on the Mercedes’ gas and we zoom down the dim street.

Gian: …Kkknghaagh?


I freak for a second, thinking the idiot’s planning to mince the tramps to shreds … but instead, the Mercedes whirls around the group in an impossibly delicate turn.

The four Ivan’d pointed out earlier turn to stare at us with fish eyes.  Then … the front of the Mercedes mercilessly smacks into them.

GD Soldier C: Gyaaagh!

GD Soldier D: Eeeek!!



He runs into the lot of them and sends them flying.

…Wow.  People really do literally fly when you hit them…

Ivan and I get off in a small road so tight there’s no room for fresh air.  …The GD gangsters…

Gian: …I don’t think they’re gonna be alive after that.
Ivan: Naw, I hit the brakes a second before hitting ‘em.  Corpses would be annoying, right?
Gian: Aah.  Right.  So, we gonna do this down the other streets, too?
Ivan: Who knows.  They’ve been messing around the shops, too, so first…

Ivan peels off the wrapper around a lollipop and sticks it in his mouth.  The candy clanks against his teeth.

Ivan: …Guh?!

Gian: Eh?

We look north and south down the street.  …But down both sides, we see the same thing.  Pitch-black sedans slide into view, as though to block off the road.

Gian: Tsk…!  Crap!!

Ivan’s hand snatches my wrist.  At the same time … cars seal off both the north and south exits to the no-intersection street.


Ivan: …Don’t move.

…Ivan moves slowly … and, still grabbing my wrist, inches closer to the Mercedes.

He opens the driver’s seat door and shoves me down into the shadows.  I have no idea what the hell’s going on when I hear his voice.

Ivan: A pistol’s bullets aren’t gonna pierce through these doors.    If they start shooting, don’t move from that spot!
Gian: Wha—?!  Y-You bastard!  Stop acting all cool!

And then, I see…


…from behind the shadows of the black Fords blocking the north exit, a flashy crimson sedan appears like a blaze in the darkness.  …It’s a very familiar red Fiat.

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  1. Ann
    Aug 06, 2012 @ 00:05:01

    Sorry if I’m being annoying for pointing this out, but you misspelled ‘thought’ in the beginning when Bernardo and Giulio are talking.



  2. Zokushi
    Oct 11, 2014 @ 11:07:56

    The way Ivan pushes him into the car… ❤



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