Lucky Dog 1 translations 10 Ivan route 04 best

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 10 Best

Face Off

Gian: Th-That’s…?!
Ivan: I know, I know.  Just stay put…

After having shoved me into the shadows behind the bulky door, he brushes open his jacket, flashing his holster and the clip of his 45 automatic in the darkness.

Across the street, the door to the red Fiat opens.  The wisefellas in black scatter … and from behind them, a man in a well-tailored suit appears…

That Honus bastard…!  …He’s about 20 yards away.  Even if I try … with my skills, it’d be like me aiming at the moon.

And … even if I do fire, we’d just be punched full of holes like Swiss cheese.  Nice knowing you, good bye.

Ivan doesn’t move a muscle … like he’s waiting for something.

Honus: Why, isn’t this Mr. Fiore?  Good evening.  We’ve spent quite some time searching for you.

Ivan: What’re you trying to pull with all these men?  Doesn’t look like you’re here to buy girls.

Honus: I’d received word you’d come down into town.  We were quite interrupted last time with so many things.

Ivan: Hah!  You wanna ‘talk?’  After you’ve brought out the machineguns and all?  That’s quite some preparation you’ve got there!

Honus: Hahaha!  It’s become quite dangerous around this area, after all.

The candy in Ivan’s mouth crunches with a loud crack.

Honus: I trust you have a favorable answer for me today?  I believe we are both sick and tired of these old, outdated organizations.
Honus: The old should leave the stage … and we, the new generation, will create a new era, a new world.  How does that sound, Ivan?

…The bastard’s words hit Bernardo’s and everyone else’s misgivings on the head.

Ivan: Hah … a new era, you say?  ‘s this a gag of some kind?  A place where the gangbangers all fight and rob each other over some filthy turf and cheap rackets?  That’s what you call a ‘New Age’?
Honus: So you are satisfied with your ‘cheap’ racket?  Don’t you want to expand to a bigger business?  …But, if you try from where you are, the organization will only get in your way.  Am I wrong?

A growl spills from Ivan’s throat.  …Shit.  …I don’t think he’d really get sucked into what the bastard’s saying, but…

But if someone from our family sees this…

Honus: You non-Italian Americans will forever be the dunderheads among the old Mafia.  You’re nothing more than neglected dogs to your owners.  Am I wrong?

…Shit, the guy’s got a silver tongue…!  …Plus, what he’s saying … isn’t false…

Honus: But, you believed in your own abilities and stood up for yourself!  We Americans should lend each other a hand.  This is a young country, filled with freedom and chances!

Ivan: I-I’m…  …Fuck…

Honus: The majority of the young Americans in the Toscanini family are your men, are they not?  And if you take action … we can have not just Daivan in our hands, but even New York wouldn’t be a stretch…!

Ivan: Sh-shut up!  The!  The Boss trusted me and made me a captain!!  I owe him!!

Honus interrupts Ivan’s raw shout with a grating laughter.

Honus: …Heh … hehahaha!  Your boss … Mr. Alessandro is missing, isn’t he?  Ran away with his tail between his legs?
Gian: Wha—  That bastard…!

H-How’d the asshole know that?!

Honus: Am I wrong, Ivan?  You’ve sold me.  You’ve charmed me.  I don’t want you to be dragged down by some rotten organization.
Ivan: Sh-Shut up!  Y-You guys…  You guys kidnapped the Boss, didn’t you…?!
Honus: Where’s your proof?  You, Ivan, not that old Moustache Pete, is far more suited for being a leader.

Damn you, fucking stupid GD shithead!!  If you’re that good with words then go be a comedian or something!

Honus: Now then, Mr. Fiore.  Can I have your opinion?  We are fully prepared to accommodate you.
Ivan: …And if … if I say ‘no’ … then what happens?
Honus: I will always be waiting for a favorable answer.

Honus moves his cig to his mouth … and gives a small nod.  At his signal, his men move.

Ivan: …Tsk…!

The gang of ten or so … don’t pull out guns from their coats or under their jackets, but instead walk forward a few steps before completely sealing off the street.

Honus: …But, quite a few of my men are rather short-tempered.  It’s so problematic.  …Now then, what will it be?

One of the impatient wiseguys pulls out a shotgun from beneath his coat and starts loading.  The shudder-inducing sound echoes through the street.  Ivan grits his teeth and glares at them.

Ivan: …Fuck…

He glances at me and, quietly, whispers.

Ivan: …Hey, you know how to drive her…?
Gian: Wh—?!  What’re you talking abo—

Ivan’s hand comes flying at me…  At first, I thought he was gonna hit me.  But then, his large hand catches my face, captures it…

Ivan: Get outta here while I’m chewing fat with him…!
Gian: Y-You stupid idiot!  I can’t…!
Ivan: …You don’t have to die here, too.
Gian: …Gh?!

The hell’s this idiot saying…  And finally, I understand what he’s trying to do.  My words freeze in the back of my throat and never make it out.

Ivan: The asshole Honus found me this quickly. The CR:5’s got holes like a strainer…  Even if I head back, they’ll just finish me off straight away.

Gian: That’s not—!

Ivan: I really am an idiot.  …I should’ve set my mind to it … before I started fucking around with you…  Should’ve decided, once and for all, heh.

The words dribble from Ivan’s mouth … and he smiles a lonely smile.  And then his hand shifts to his holster, silently cocking the 45-automatic in its holster.

I…!!  Anger.  Terror.  Regret.  They’re all there, but even before I can feel them fully…

…I stand from behind the Mercedes door.  The gangsters all jump and arm themselves at my sudden appearance.

Ivan: H-Hey!!  You idiot…!

I take several long strides and end up smack in the center of the street.  And then … facing Honus, I stand, and stop.

I can practically feel the hostile atmosphere stabbing me every which way…

I slowly move my right hand.  …Slowly…  If I move just a bit faster, the wiseguys’ll panic and then good bye, the end.  Hello Swiss cheese…

Honus: And who’re you?

…I – slowly – peel back my jacket, wrap my hand around the grip of the German pistol stuck in my belt…

…pull it out, grip the lever with my left hand and load the piece.  Standing surrounded by the dazed men, I…


…It’s all or nothing…!!

I point the pistol up towards the sky … towards the pitch-black sky, and fire.


Honus: Nugh?!
Ivan: Uwagh…?!

Bangbang!  Bang!

…Everyone there’s so taken aback by the sudden fire that no one pulls the trigger.  I – slowly – lower the gun … and stick it in my belt again.


…Gah!!  …Shit, it’s fucking hooooot!!  The gun!  Hot!!  It’s practically burning my balls off!

But thanks to that … my head’s completely clear.

Honus: Y-You fucking brat…!  What do you think you’re doing?!
Gian: You don’t know me?  What rock’ve you been hiding under?  You sure you’re not actually a hermit crab in disguise?
Honus: Wh-What did you say?!
Gian: You.  You said there’s no boss at our place?
Gian: Giancarlo.  Remember it, and remember it well, ‘cause that’s the name of your enemy’s boss.  CR:5’s Second generation capo, Giancarlo!!

A murmur, and a stir from the crowd beyond the darkness.

Honus: Th-The Second?!  …That’s impossible!  How could a punk like you—
Gian: You country hillbillies can’t go around throwing kisses to my dear, cute little captains when I’m standing right here!
Honus: Wha—!  Wh-Why you…

One of Honus’s guys who seems in the know starts whispering a storm into his ear.

Honus: You … you’re Alessandro’s—!
Gian: I’m the boss now!  Did you really think your foul, hillbillyish attempts at persuading Ivan to drop out would work with me right here?
Honus: …Guh…!!
Gian: And while we’re at it, even if the idiot here says yes, I’m still not forgiving you!  He’s one of us!!  He’s our pal!!

I put as much force as I can behind my words using all the air in my lungs and gut.  At my shout … Ivan, still standing behind me, shudders audibly.

Ivan: Wh—?!  Wha?!  Y-You…

Gian: …What.  Got a problem?

Ivan: N-No … just…


…Honus’s the first to break the silence.

Honus: Hehaha … Hehahahaha!!  Foolish macaroni brats.  Is it because you’re at the age you don’t fear death?

Trembling with hate, Honus … puts his hand up.

The gangsters surrounding us all reach into their coats and pull out their guns – their loaded shotguns and pistols – and point them our way.  I hear the same thing happen behind us.

…Gun muzzles … are really fucking terrifying.  Even before the bullets come flying out, waves upon waves of bloodthirst, or rather, the desire to run away screaming like a little girl, crash into me.  My ass practically comes undone.

But … I continue.

Gian: You’re the fools here.  Fights are won by the one who shoots first.  How many times you think I’d fired just now, hm?
Honus: What?  Hmph, even if you put on a front…
Gian: This is CR:5 turf.  You get what that means?  It means that there’s a whooole buncha soldiers running around aiming for your ass.  They’ll notice before long.

Honus and a bunch of the wiseguys whirl right around and stare behind them.  …There’s nothing there … but … the darkness is a wonderful actor.

The gangsters are turning frightened eyes not towards me, but towards the gaping mouth of the alley behind them.

GD Soldier E: B-Boss…

Honus: Guh…!  Ngh, stupid brats…!  Looking down on us…!!

It was at that time … don’t know whether it was ‘cause they’d noticed the gunfire from just now or if someone’d reported it, but the sound of cop sirens echoes down the street.

Honus: Guh!  Fucking shit!!

The gangsters shoulder their guns or hide them.  Everyone’s half-panicked.  It was then…

Ivan: Get on!!

Ivan shoves me into the open door.  I practically roll into the passenger seat before I manage to cling to it when Ivan flies into the seat too.

The same time the door closes, he whips the Mercedes’ ignition and gas into action, lighting a fire to the 8-piston heart.

Ivan: Honus!!  Negotiation’s over!!

Ivan pokes his body out the window and shouts this.  The gangsters point their guns at him, but the Mercedes has already slowly started gliding its massive white body forward.


Honus: U-Uwah?!

Honus and the Fiat hastily back down out the road.

Honus: Y-You…!  You fucking puuunks!!

Honus curses.  Our guts twist themselves into knots at the thought of bullets flying through the Mercedes’ side…

…but the car slowly continues down the silent, dark road.  Behind us, the sirens get even closer and the gangsters scatter into their cars.

Honus: Go to hell, stupid brats…!!  Don’t you dare forget this!!  I’m gonna kill you!!  Don’t think I’m the only one after your heads out there!

Complaining and whining, Honus stands behind the wall of fumes expelled from the Mercedes’ exhaust.  The two of us are still covered in icky cold sweat, in fear of the bullets that might come flying from behind us at any second.


The Mercedes turns onto a street in the pleasure district overflowing with headlights and neon lights, and merges into the waves of traffic.  For the first time, we heave a sigh, expelling all the air holed up inside our guts.

…I’d tried to be as forceful as possible during my speech, but … to tell the truth, I’m still shaking here…

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  1. Rai
    Aug 07, 2013 @ 03:47:07

    And … even if do I fire, we’d just be punched full of holes like Swiss cheese.  Nice knowing you, good bye.

    It should be ‘even if I do fire’.



  2. Zokushi
    Oct 16, 2014 @ 06:33:54

    Ahhhhhh.. Ivan being self sacrificing and princely … and then Gian .. being a total bad ass and completely stealing Ivan’s heart … ~swoon~



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