Lucky Dog 1 translations 10 Ivan route 05 best

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 10 Best

Stepping it Up

Warning:  This chapter is … kindasorta NSFW!  Mildly.  Very, very mildly.

I sink into the seat with a deep sigh…  I glance over at Ivan sitting in the driver’s seat.  He’s … looking the same as usual.

Ivan: Grr…

He’s got his mouth clenched in a straight line and glaring angrily ahead.  …Ivan’s the same Ivan as usual.

And Ivan, looking like he always does, says,

Ivan: You stupid idiot…
Gian: What is it this time…?
Ivan: …What if you’d gotten shot?  You were almost pumped full of lead just now, shit…
Gian: But I’m fine, so it’s all good.  …If I’d left you behind, would you’ve gone and joined them…?

…The moment the words leave my mouth, I’m think, ‘Shit.’  At the same time, Ivan starts beating up the steering wheel.

Ivan: ‘course not!!  …Fuck!!  ‘course there’s no way in hell!  You were the one who said it!!
Gian: What’d I say again?
Ivan: That I’m… … …one of you … that we’re pals!

I look at Ivan’s face.  His expression’s not really angry, but is more…

Gian: …Heh, my bad.  I did say that, didn’t I?

Ivan opens his mouth, like he’s trying to say something, when he trembles a little with his canines still showing.

Ivan: …You stupid idiot…

Ivan says this after burying his face in the steering wheel.

I look down at my hand, which’s finally stopped shaking, and pull out a stick from my pocket.  Miraculously, it only takes one paper match to light it up.

I take a drag, letting it burn up some.

Gian: Here.

I pass it over to Ivan.  Ivan slowly brings his head up … and looks at me.

Gian: …Hellooo, drivers face forward.  Eh…?

The Mercedes glides down the street at breakneck speed.  Ivan wraps his hand around my shoulders…

Gian: H-Hey … eh?!  Ngh… uhn…

…and suddenly kisses me.

The Mercedes rocks and sways off its lane before going back.  The squeals of brakes and horns break out around us before disappearing as we leave them behind…

Gian: …Ngh, nnnh… Nhm!

Ivan: …Nnh, haah. Hah…

He’s got my neck in an iron grip and, here in the car, the bastard’s pressing his lips against mine…  Uwaaah, now’s not the time to be tonguing!!  Ahead!  Ahead!!

Gian: ….Nnagh, agh. Gwah…!  Watch out…!

Ivan finally lets me go.  I feel the car speed up.

Ivan: I won’t get into an accident just like that!
Gian: Th-Th-Th-That’s not the problem here…!  More importantly!  What the hell was that … all of a sudden?!

…Shit, I’m all red.  Ivan, still looking mad, plucks the half-gone cigarette from my fingers.

Ivan: We’re … pals, right?
Gian: Wh-Whaa?!  And?!  Wh-What’s that got to do with anything?!  …That’s no reason to k-kiss someone!!
Ivan: Y-Yeah it is!
Gian: No, you’re not making any sense!  You one of those crazies?  Those alien things from some planet where it’s a custom to attack and rape ‘pals?!’
Ivan: Th-That’s not what I meant, stupidhead!!  I-I … well…
Gian: …Jeezus, you idiot…  If you’re horny, then just go call up a girl or something…
Ivan: I-I told you!  That’s not what I meant!!  …It’s not about just calling up some girl!  I-It’s … just…
Gian: Just what?
Ivan: Well, that.  You know, that…!
Gian: That what?!
Ivan: Th-That…!!  You know, that…  …Gaaaaah!!  Shut up!  Stop asking me!!

Ivan spits the crumpled abused cigarette out the window with a peh! before sulkily gripping the handle again.

Gian: …H-Hey, where’re we headed?!

The Mercedes is dashing down an unfamiliar downtown street.

Ivan: No matter where we go, those chatterboxes, Honus and his GD buddies, ‘ll notice us.
Ivan: We can’t stay anywhere inside CR:5 turf without it being dangerous, which is why we’re going to my safe house.
Gian: Safe house?!
Ivan: It’s in the downtown slums, so not even Bernardo knows where it is.
Gian: But we’ve gotta give him regular calls…!
Ivan: I know already!  The place’s got a phone.  In return, don’t you go spilling the beans on where it is, got it?
Gian: Aye, aye!

I sink into my seat as I put my hands behind my head, and then … I look up at the darkness ahead of us and think.  …There’s a traitor among us…

It might be the same someone who’s been targeting us ever since we’d escaped from the joint … or it might be one of the directors we’d sent into a rage the other day.

If it were just one of the retired gramps, then I could talk to them, but … those old director geezers all tied up with their “dutiful” customs and rights are … yeah, a no-go.

I know that not all of them are enemies or traitors, but…

At that time, a white something suddenly pops in my head.

Gian: …The pipsqueak’s probably soooo pissed right about now…
Ivan: Wh-Who cares?  Fuck…!  She’s the one getting all worked up about this.  …It’s not like there’s anything I can do…  Seriously…
Gian: Gramps’s prolly reeeeeally pissed, too…
Ivan: Hell if I care, stupid!  It’s his fault in the first place for spoiling the kid and letting her run around doing whatever the hell she wants!
Gian: …’s not like he can help it.  She’s his only living relative.  And such a precious little girl is completely head over heels with this ‘thing’ here, of all people!  If I were in his shoes, I’d start going bald, too.
Ivan: Who the hell’re you calling a ‘thing’, you fucker?!  …Sh-She’s not head over heels or anything…
Gian: Haah?  D’you know she called you her fiancé?


Ivan: Whaaaaaaa?!


Ivan’s face looks like a tomcat’s after he’s sniffed another cat’s butt.  He unconsciously slams the brakes on the Mercedes, raising a loud squeal.  …Thank goodness we’re in small back road without a car in sight…

Ivan: Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-What was thaaaaaaat?!  F-f-f-fiancéééééééééééé?!
Gian: You made a 13-year old dub you her fiancé!  You’re quite the Don Giovanni.
Ivan: Th-The hell should I knoooooooooow!!  I mean, that’s the first time I’ve heard anything about this!!  …She seriously said something like that…?
Gian: Yup.
Ivan: No way … I seriously don’t remember any of this…!

Ivan steps on the Mercedes’ gas again.  I peer over at his baffled face…  I bet I couldn’t make such an expression even if someone held me at gunpoint.

Gian: …Don’t tell me, you…  The chipmunk didn’t say anything along those lines when she was just an itty bitty little chipper?
Gian: When the pipsqueak was just a pip and still toddling along on her two little feet, she didn’t say anything like, ‘Ivan, once I gwow up, mawwy me!’ did she?
Gian: …And you didn’t just nod or ‘hmm’ or go ‘Yeah, yeah,’ without thinking too much about it, did you…?  Right?!
Ivan: Wha—?!  …‘course no—… …Oh.

Ivan looks like he’s remembered something.  Thunk.  His forehead clunks against the steering wheel.

I slap my hand to my face … and mourn the oh-so-cruel world.


Ivan: …Stupid…

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  1. Annie
    Dec 06, 2012 @ 04:20:50

    HNG~ best chapter! Love how shy he is awwwww~~



  2. Lucia
    Mar 21, 2013 @ 15:02:23

    Tsundereeeeeeeee…..aaaaaa just say it!!!!……



  3. Zokushi
    Oct 16, 2014 @ 06:36:52

    Bit of a typo

    “…The moment the words leave my mouth, I’m think, ‘Shit.’ At the same time, Ivan starts beating up the steering wheel.” -=> I think

    Or rephrase the whole sentence…

    …The moment the words leave my mouth, Ivan starts beating up the steering wheel and I think, ‘Shit.’




  4. Filipa Branco
    Sep 18, 2015 @ 01:24:14

    when they kiss Ivan looks like Frau from 07-ghost



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