Lucky Dog 1 translations 10 Ivan route 06 best

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 10 Best

Time Limit

This chapter is not safe for work!

…The Mercedes heads down some block of a downtown street even I don’t know. It’s a district in Daivan I’ve never set foot in before.

The Mercedes slides up to the damp sidewalk and parks when a young man runs up.

Ivan’s Subordinate C: Big Bro, thank goodness you’re safe.

Ivan: Yeah. We’ll be using the room. Don’t worry. He’s one of mine.

The guy hesitates a bit before opening the door to the passenger side. Before I can set foot onto the sopping wet sidewalk, the driver’s door opens and Ivan steps onto the street.

Ivan: Nothing’s happened?

Ivan’s Subordinate C: Yes, nothing at all.

Ivan signals me with his hand and walks me to the apartment. Suddenly, he stops and turns.

Ivan: Oh, right. Hey, get food for two. Just the usual’s fine. Thanks.

He orders the young soldier and disappears past the apartment’s entrance.

Gian: I’ve never seen you around before.

Ivan’s Subordinate C: …Yeah, I watch the place – I mean, yes, I am the guard here.

The guy’s English has some accent from who-knows-where. …He probably doesn’t know who I am…

Ivan’s Subordinate C: I’ll … be leaving now, to buy the food.

…But, the kid knows that I’m someone Ivan played chauffeur for, so he’s nervous.

I give him a wave and follow after Ivan.

Ivan climbs up the creaky stairway and opens up a door on the third floor. He glances around the room before entering.

Beyond it’s…

…a butt-naked empty room. …The only thing there is the amazingly sturdy lock. How to put this… Now that I think about it, it’s very Ivan-like.

I turn the lock…

…and then, I just realize something.

Gian: There’s only one bed here!
Ivan: Huh? Yeah. …D-D-Doesn’t matter, does it?! It doesn’t … matter, right…?
Gian: What’re you blushing for, dipshit! …What, is this the special place you take all your lays?
Ivan: Th-That’s not what I meant, stupidhead!! A-Anyways! It’s not like I’d ever planned to bring anyone here in the first place!!

Yeah, yeah. I give a sigh as I turn towards the door…

Gian: U-Uwagh?!

Suddenly, I feel something grab my neck from behind … but just as the thought hits my brain, his arms wrap completely around me instead, like an embrace.

Ivan: …Nnh, haa … mm …!
Gian: W-Whoa! Time out, time out! What’re— Uwah?!

He holds me tight from behind.

Ivan: …You … fucking bastard…! Teasing me … with the bed … and all…! Shit, this’s amazing, I’m already…
Gian: …Wh-What? What’re you— Aah! Hey…!

…He grips my chest with both hands, hard and sharp. It feels like I’ve got a muzzle or a club jabbing into my back…

Gian: Y-You idiot, what’re you… Why’re you completely hard?!
Ivan: N-No shit I am!! Fuck … You smell so good…!!

…What?! Rather, that just means you haven’t taken a bath in a long time!!

Gian: …Y-You can’t do this now! Stop! That guy’s … gonna be back soon…!
Ivan: It’ll be fine…! It takes ten minutes … to buy the usual stuff!
Gian: Gaah! Wh-What the hell?! What the hell’s up with this timing?!
Ivan: Sh-Shut up!! We just don’t open the door ‘s all!

A-Aah! There goes my belt…

Gian: S-Stop… Um, can’t we do this … after food…?
Ivan: We can just do it again after food…!

Wow. Mamma, he’s not on the same page as me! He’s not even in the same book! I … I feel like my head’s a complete mess…

If Luck >;;; 80, view Ivan Best Scene, +10 Luck, -10 Omerta. If not, +10 Omerta and view normal scene.

In that space of time, I can see Ivan whipping off his belt and pulling down his pants and underwear from the corner of my eyes.

Gian: Hnn … nngh…! …Y-You pulling out your dick already? W-wait, you’re seriously gonna do it?

Ivan: If I don’t, we’re not finishing this in ten minutes…!

He pulls down my pants and underwear in a single motion, too, like he just wants them out of the way before coating his fingers with a huge glob of spit.

…Wow, when the hell did the idiot get so good at this?!

Gian: …Nnh…

I feel the sensation of the chilly finger and lukewarm saliva around my anus. He smears it with more spit two or three times before his finger reaches in. My ass shudders a little.

Gian: Haa … ah…

Ivan: You’re not all that loose yet … but I’m going in.

Don’t say that over the squick squick of your fingers thrusting in and out! My voice won’t work like this!

His fingers – two now – pull out smoothly, and I jump when I feel Ivan impatiently placing his tip to my behind.

Gian: …You’re … putting it in already…?

‘I don’t want it to hurt…’ The thought automatically rises up to the front of my brain.

Ivan: I can’t … hold myself back…! …Please…!

As he says this, the swelling tip, like it’s got some agenda it’s got to follow, gradually enters me.

Gian: Nn! Guh … ah…!

Ivan: Quit sounding so dirty…!

The bastard, always saying and doing whatever the hell he wants…!

My ass squeezes tight and Ivan’s dick pulsates with a twitch.

Gian: …Haa … that was a good squeeze, right?

Ivan: You … fucking lewd bastard…!

Ivan’s slimy tongue drags over behind my ear. He laps at my earlobe while pinching my nipples with both hands.

Gian: …Nnh … haah! Ngh!

Ivan: You really … do feel it in your chest. Your ass is … tightening up again.

He twirls it round and round, and then pulls them with a sting.

Gian: …Ah … haa haa… Bas … tard… Quit it with the nipples…

He squishes them with his index fingers, and the spike of stimulation climbs up to the cheek he’s licking.

Ivan: I’ll put it all in … all the way into your stomach…

Slow and steady, stupid Ivan’s junk enters me as he shoves me up against the wall.

Gian: Aaah … aah…!

He’s probably all the way inside. But … maybe because it’s the second time around? It doesn’t hurt as much as last time.

…But, it does feel kinda weirdly hot. Hot enough like the heat’s invading through my whole body.

Ivan: Are you … a little looser from last time? …I can move really easily.

‘That’s ‘cause you used enough spit to paint a house!’ …but if I say that, he’d just snap and start fucking me like no tomorrow, so I’ll keep quiet.

Ivan: …Tsk! There’s no time…

He flips a look at his watch before both his hands grab my waist. He starts off with long strokes, but slowly he ups the speed.

Gian: Haa … guh… Ngh!

For every long one, Ivan’s head sticks against my entrance every time he pulls back and I feel a sting of pain.

Ivan: …Aaah…! Fuck … th-this is great…

Ivan’s roughly grabs my stiffening penis and, in time with his thrusts, moves.

Gian: Ah … aah… Aah…!!

You really can’t get those raging waves of ecstasy unless you touch your penis. Perhaps all the more because he’s hurrying, but the harsh strokes on my dick suddenly summon up a violent desire to cum.

Gian: Ugh… nngh … gh…!

Ivan: …Heh… Guess it’s gotta be the dick for a guy, huh?

He keeps stroking as he sucks on my neck, one hand returning to the nipples. My legs start trembling at the stimulation over my entire body.

Gian: Ee … ah… Ah…!

Ivan: You keep twitching down there…! …This good…? Hm…?

…The idiot. Can’t he tell without asking?

Gian: …You can’t … cum without … jabbering your head off…?

Just as I finish my words, I hear the sound of flesh slapping flesh and the thrusts continue, powerful as ever, making my vision blurs in and out.

Ivan: I’ll make it so rough you can’t use that mouth of yours.

Stroking my dick all the while, he starts thrusting into me with a fast rhythm. I feel my legs growing stiff.

Gian: Haa … ah…! Guh… Ngh…!

Now and then I think he’s going to do a long thrust when instead he jerks short, staccato ones inside me. Even if I don’t want to, I can’t hold back the juices that start leaking from my own penis.

Ivan: Your dick’s all dribbling wet … you erotic … bastard.

The insult comes near my ear, causing me to jump.

…It’s not because he insulted me! It’s because the stupid’s breath went into my ear.

Ivan: …What, you feel it in the ear, too?

His hips and hands don’t miss a beat as his tongue goes into my ear. I unconsciously duck my neck in.

Gian: Ss—! Aah … Stop … that. Feels nasty…

Ivan: Nasty? Hmm … is that so?

Squelch squelch the tongue plays around inside my ear, and then I feel a bite on my earlobe.

Gian: Aah…!

Ivan: Haha, when I lick your ear, your ass … squeezes up really tight … you know? …Though, I … think you feel it more … in your tits, though.

Smirking all the while, he pinches my nipples again.

Gian: Aah…! …Fucking … bastard. What happened … to ‘no time’…?!

Ivan: Tsk … I know, I know!

His voice, dissatisfied like I’d just denied him his toy, barely finishes speaking when he starts violently thrusting into me, hand still clenching my nipple.

Gian: …Haa…! Ha…! Ah…!

Ivan: You … wanna cum…? …!

My ass clenches up tight and Ivan’s dick inside squirms with each pulse.

Ivan: Aagh…! Shit … you planning on getting me off alone…?!

Gian: S-Stupid… I’m … almost there, too…!

A bite-like kiss afterwards, Ivan’s dick tortures the inside of my gut. I feel goose bumps at the mind-numbing pleasure.

Gian: Nnnh … nghaa…! Nngh … aah…!

Ivan: Ngh…! You’re clenching too much…! …Agh … I-I’m cumming…!

I think he’s going to cum inside, so I try to move my hips away, but he’s shoving hard into me and a pretty generous amount of surging spurts into me.

Gian: Y-You … idiot…!!

Shudders overtake my entire body as I also release my desire onto the wall.

Gian: Haa … haa…
Ivan: Haa… Haa… Aagh … my hand’s all wet.
Gian: …Pull out already…! And … bring the tissues already…

Ivan takes a look at the time before lightly clicking his tongue. He scampers off to grab the tissues, roughly grabbing a whole bunch and trying to wipe the stains off.

Gian: …It’s on the wall, too…
Ivan: Nnmgh, I know…!

He hurriedly goes to wipe my semen off the wall, too.

Gian: …On my dick, too.
Ivan: I know, I know…!

I thought he’d say something like, ‘Clean it up yourself!’ but he’s being unexpectedly diligent.

Gian: …Now then … we should … hurry up and give Bernardo a call…
Ivan: At least pull your pants up before you call… …What’re you lounging everywhere for?! Hurry up!
Gian: Aye, aaaaye. Mm, where’s the phone?

I leisurely pull my pants and undies up as I glance around the room.

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