Lucky Dog 1 translations 10 Ivan route 10 best

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 10 Best

Gian’s Revenge

This chapter is very much not safe for work!!

Gian: …Hey, Ivan.  Your hand.  Lemme see.
Ivan: Nwuh?

Ivan, back still facing me, turns just his head around.  …Judging from his expression, he’s still pissed off…  …No, he’s pouting.

Gian: Your hand…
Ivan: What about it?  It’s not like it’s hur—  Uwah?!

Holy fuck…!  That was close.  Just barely managed to pull off the sneak attack.  If I’d screwed it up, he so would’ve punched me in the face by reflex.

I tug on Ivan’s hand while he’s still got his back to me, taking him off-balance…  Seeing my chance, I push him down and climb on him.

Ivan: Wh-Wh-Whah?!  You!  What’re you…?!

I catch both of Ivan’s hands and, with them still behind him, tie them up with the rag – still wet from the soda – using it as a rope.

Ivan: …Wh-What’re you doing?!

It’s no surprise Ivan’s on his guard.

Gian: Naw, ‘s nothin’.  Just wondering if maybe I should have myself a piss here on your face.
Ivan: Wha?!  Y-You!  You do somethin’ like that and I’ll…!

Whine, whine.  I purposely hum a nasal tune, completely ignoring the noisy one, as I peel off Ivan’s clothes layer by layer.

Ivan: H-Hey?!  What’re you doing…?
Gian: Say, last time, you took really good care of my nipples, didn’t you?
Ivan: Huh?
Gian: Just thought, maybe I should take really good care of yours, too.  Does that make you warm and fuzzy inside?
Ivan: Huh?  The fuck are you—

Before Ivan can finish, I run my tongue over the pricks standing straight up on Ivan’s chest in front of my eyes.

Ivan: …Ngh!  …H-Hey!  Guh …you…!

After I flick my tongue over them a few times, I give them a hard suck.

Gian: … … …They stink like sweat.
Ivan: Th-Then don’t lick them!
Gian: Naw, I’m just saying.  It’s fine.  I’ll just bear with the sweaty odor part … though it really does stink.
Ivan: Why you…!

The frustration in Ivan’s voice is music to my ears, and I take off my belt, push down my pants, and strip off my underwear.

Ivan: …Wh-Why’re … why’re you stripping?!
Gian: Stained pants aren’t on my list of favorite things…  Plus, getting semen stuck on your underwear just makes it smell.
Ivan: Huh?!

I spit a generous glob of saliva onto my palm and spread it evenly over my fingers.  Ivan’s probably got an inkling of what’s going to happen since he starts desperately flailing around, trying to get free.

Gian: Hm?  The sirens going off in your head right now?
Ivan: Y-Yeah fucking right!  You should stop now … while I’m stuck … or … else…!!

Wow, and there you have it, brawn over brains.  Because of Ivan’s desperate struggles, the rag tying his hands together’s almost off.  Annoyed, I jam his mouth with the clothes I’d just taken off.

Ivan: Mrgh!  Mugh, mmmmmmgggh!!
Gian: Ngh!  All righty…

I straddle Ivan’s thighs and purposely press my weight down heavily onto him.

Casually, I grab Ivan’s dick, which is now in the open.

Gian: …Hm?  Lookie here, you’re hard…
Ivan: Mgh!  Grrrgh!
Gian: Mm, I’ve got no clue what you’re saying … but I’ll still make you make some niiiiice sounds for me.

Ivan’s face twists at my words.

Ivan: Fugh!  Guugh!!  Grrrugh!!
Gian: Hm?  This makes you happy?  Ah, yes, I know.  I know just how you feel!  So just be patient!  We’re almost there.  ‘K … puppy boy, arf arf?
Ivan: Mgrrrrgh!!  Guuggggh!!

Oh wow, he’s trying so hard he’s almost crying.

…Huh, stuff like this is actually kinda fun.  Rather … whoa, I’m getting pretty excited here.

I ignore Ivan as I smear a trail of saliva with the hand I’d soaked earlier back to my anus.

Ivan: Mngh…?

Ivan expression goes surprised when he sees what I’m doing and he cocks his head.

Gian: …I’ll take that off for you.

I pull out the clothes stuffed in his mouth, which Ivan opens, about to say something, but then he just shuts it.

Gian: Nn…  Mgh, nnhaah…
Ivan: Ungh…!  Nn…  Mmngh…  G-Gian…?
Gian: I’m gonna fuck you the way I like it.  Thoroughly, through and through.

I aim Ivan’s stiffening member towards my rear while he’s still speechless at my words, and I swallow the head as it slips in.

Ivan: Nnh…!  Haa … agh!

I’d planned on wettening myself up back there, but I guess I didn’t do enough…

Gian: Owowow… Ouch…

Fuck, it still hurts…  And here I thought I’d have gotten used to this…!

Ivan: Y-You’re…

Gian: I guess … what hurts still hurts even if I go at my own pace…  Thank god you’re not fucking huge.

As I say this, I push Ivan’s penis further inside me.  It’s still small, so it still goes in pretty easily, but the fact that it hurts doesn’t change.

Ivan: …Nhaah … ngh…

I lightly suck up and down Ivan’s neck, run my tongue over it…  It’s all Ivan’s scent.

Gian: Whoa, shit…  I’m starting to feel dizzy…

Ivan: Haa … Y-You…

I can feel Ivan’s dick swell up in a flash inside me.  I squeeze it with a clench and, feeling it, he scrunches his eyebrows up tight and breathes out hard.

Slowly, I move up and down, and when Ivan himself starts moving as well, I feel Ivan’s presence inside me even stronger than before.

Gian: Nnh…  Feels … good?

Ivan: …’f course … good…

Gian: Huh?  What’d you … say?  Come on, say it … louder!

I can’t hear him all that well, so I twist around a little, feeling Ivan inside me tight and painful, before sliding along smoothly, clenching all the while.

Ivan: Nnh!  Haa … O-Of course … it feels good…

A satisfied smile makes its way onto my face.  When I rock my hips again, I notice something.

There’s a sweet spot inside.  Bam! and I’m done for.  I can feel my spine shivering.

Gian: Aah … haa…!

Ivan: …Look at you, looking so perverted…

Gian: …B-Back at you.  You were leaking the whole time!  You … haa … think I didn’t know…?  Nngh…

I seal Ivan’s noisy mouth with my lips, and as he hits that good spot again, I can feel waves of bliss assault my lower half.

Gian: Nnh … naah!!  Th-There…

Every time I push myself onto it, my body starts shaking, twitching, and my movements grow clumsy.

Ivan: …That … feels good there?

Before I can reply, Ivan gives one strong thrust.

Gian: Ee!!  Haa…!!

He hits the place, pinpointing it on the dot, and I feel myself bend backwards.  This feels so weird.  What is this?  …Shit…

Ivan’s getting into the groove, and he starts thrusting, hitting that spot and that spot only, again and again.

Gian: …Ah … shi—  Aah!

Ivan: Oh?  So that’s what makes you feel good.

Annoyed, I grip Ivan’s nipples and give them a strong pull.

Ivan: …Aagh…?!

Gian: …You’re the one … sitting back … and being fucked … today…!

Ivan: Shut … up…!  You’ve got no right … saying any of that with such a sexy face on…

I twirl Ivan’s points around and around, like he’d done to me.  Ivan’s body tenses up and I can feel him bulge even larger inside me.

Ivan: Pff…!  Shit … stop … stop that…!

Gian: Ooh?  Ivan, you’re sensitive here, too?

Ivan: Why … you…!

I slurpily peck at his nipples as I start rocking again.

Gian: Ngh … haa…  Ngh!

Ivan: Haa … F-Fuck…!  M-Move harder…!

Like he’s impatient with my movements, Ivan starts moving his hips, too.

Gian: Ah…!  Haa … haa…!

Never expected it to be this hard to move from above.  The feeling of sluggishness transforms into ecstasy with every thrust upwards from Ivan.

Ivan: …Haah … let my hands go…

Gian: …N-No.

Ivan: Tsk!  Jeez…

He clicks his tongue before shooting his hip upwards, jamming me right in that sensitive spot.

Gian: Haa!  Guh!  Why … always there…?

Ivan: Feels … good, doesn’t it?

Looks like Ivan’s getting pretty close to the edge …  He’s joking around, but his eyes aren’t smiling.

Ivan: Fuck…!  Hah … I-I’m gonna cum…

He’s just about at his limit.  I’ve gotta get myself off … or else he’s cumming inside.

Gian: Ah … shit…  Guh…  Nnh … nnh!

But … I can’t make my knees bend further than a certain angle.  I want the thing inside me to fuck me, stimulate me long and hard.

I’m … almost at my limit, too.

That’s fine.  I’ll cum first.  Then, if I pull off first…

I reach forward and grab my dick.  Not enough.  More.  I want more.

Gian: Guh…  Ngh…!

I want absolute pleasure.  I want him slamming into me more.  I lose myself in rocking back and forth as I work Ivan inside me hard.

Ivan: Ugh … you idiot…!  You do that and … ah, I’m…!

I raise myself up, intent on pulling Ivan’s dick out of me … but I can’t.  Ivan’s boner pushes up and against my innards, shoving everything aside as he swells.

Ivan: Haa … I’m … cumming…!!

I can feel Ivan’s hot juices flow into me, pushing into me.

Gian: Ah…  Shi—!!  Ah…!!

At the same time, my swollen member spurts out all the semen I’d been holding back with a vengeance and I unintentionally get some on his stomach and face.

Ivan: Uwah?!


Gian: Haa … haa … Got you … on the face…  Sorry, my bad…
Ivan: Fuck!  Wh-Whoa?!  The fuck is this?!  Get it off!  Quick!!
Gian: Uhmmm…  Tissues…  Where’s the tissues…
Ivan: Y-You idiot!  Hurry up!!

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  1. Li
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    “Get it off! Get if off!” As if it’s some kind of bug xD
    That was hella sexy though, by now they really can’t stay away from each other anymore, can they…



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