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Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 11 Best

Stubborn Impasse


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Ivan: The hell’s that?! Those fuckers lookin’ down on us or what?!

Luchino: This is out of the question. This is a worse suggestion than ripping Daivan apart and selling it piecemeal.

Giulio: I also cannot accept this. If it were only them sending their members here, then we could deal with them … with no negative consequences, but…

Luchino: He wants us to send our captain and soldiers into the GD, too? Impossible. Besides, who would we send in the first place?


Ivan: Say, Bernardo. This what you meant by ‘negotiations?’ Just playing messenger boy to their requests, huh?!


I’d expected this. The conditions the bastard had brought up yesterday are getting slammed. Luchino and the other captains stand unyieldingly against it…

At this rate, even if, say, Bernardo and I support it, it’d be a straight flush down the gutter with 2 against 3.

…But … if we throw the deal out, what’ll we do then? They’ve got their objections, but … solutions don’t pop out of the ground like daisies.

cavalli3 Cavalli: …However, it is true … that trading people will be more flexible than dealing with land. …At least, those that can be eliminated…

Kind of toeing on Bernardo’s side, Gramps says this after his bout of consideration.

giuliodaivan1-4-1 Giulio: That would hold … for them as well. Firstly, who would we send?
cavalli9 Cavalli: The family wouldn’t miss old men like me, but … I’m willing to bet the other side wouldn’t accept me either. After all, my records are hardly clean either…
luchidaivan3-1-2 Luchino: In addition … trying to trick them by instilling a new captain now wouldn’t work.


Bernardo: On that matter… Whoever goes over will be, well, a hostage. As I hold responsibility for bringing up this proposition, I’ve considered that I should go.

giandaivanu3-1-1b Gian: Huh?!
luchidaivan2-3-2 Luchino: Have you gone mad?!
giuliodaivan1-4-1 Giulio: …Wait. What about your job? The contact network will become unusable.

Bernardo: As for that issue, I haven’t taught him everything yet, but I’ve taught Gian my trade. So long as my men assist him, he’ll hold…


W-Wait right there!! This is news to me, and plus, I’m nowhere near prepared yet!! And besides, Bernardo, why’re you suddenly…

giandaivanu3-4-1b Gian: H-Hey! Wait, you can’t just go deciding this yourself…!
berndaivanc4-1-1 Bernardo: …I’m sorry, Gian, but the reason I showed you how I work and had you help was … that I imagined something like this would happen,
berndaivan4-4-1 Bernardo: and that should I be popped off some day, the family wouldn’t halt in its tracks…
giandaivanu3-1-1b Gian: Bernardo…! But, hold on…!

I search for words but as they’re still eluding me…


Ivan: You know, you’re using all these fancy words and whatnot, but …Bernardo, you’re really just lookin’ to flip sides, aren’t ya? That’s what it sounds like to me here.


Everyone startles like they’d stepped on a bed of tacks.


Bernardo: What nonsense—


Ivan: Don’t be sly. Haven’t you got a pal there on the other side? I’m sure they’ll treat you better than you staying here?

Bernardo: …Are you trying to pick a fight? If so … Ivan, why don’t you go? You’re half American anyways. You’ll get along with them just fine.


Ivan: The fuck you say?! You lookin’ down on me here, baldy?! Want me to rip what little hair you’ve got out by the roots?!

Bernardo: …! Why don’t you try it, randagio. Why don’t we try cropping all that hair off and throw you to the streets. Let’s see how sutras help you as you beg for charity!

bg00 ivan106-2

Ivan: You bastard!


cavalli4 Cavalli: Shut your traps, you fools! Bernardo, what do you think you’re going to accomplish with this?!

…Agh, jeezus…!! But … moronic though Ivan may be, his crude words … are exactly…

…what’s sitting deep in everyone’s guts.

…What … should I do…?





…Maybe I should just make a break for it…

I seriously want to get away, run to the other’s side, but … the moment I think that, I shake my head viciously, throwing out the horrible consideration.


What’ll I accomplish by fleeing? Besides, where could I run?

It’s true – so long as I have the greens, I can run anywhere. I could go to Florida or somewhere down in South America. But … what then?

No way in hell am I going to live a half-life, crippled by an eternity of regret!

giandaivanu3-3-1b Gian: Hey, Bernardo.


Bernardo: Mm? Y-Yeah?


Just before the conversation takes a turn for the worse, I suddenly raise my voice. Bernardo’s eyes look a bit unfocused.

Gian: What you said earlier, about sending someone out to the GD. Wouldn’t … I be good for that?


Bernardo: What…?!


Ivan: The fuck?!

…Good. That hooked the idiot, too.


giandaivanu3-13-1d Gian: Whoa, hold your horses. Listen. Bernardo said he’d go just now, but if that’s the case, then I’ve got more weight, being the next boss.
cavalli4 Cavalli: Gian, humor is good, but you should restrain-
giandaivanu3-3-1b Gian: I’m 100% serious. It’s a bit sad saying this myself, but … you can call me Capo all you want, but ultimately I’m just the naked emperor. There’s no way I can be like Pops.
giandaivanu2-6-1 Gian: But, you know, naked as he is, the emperor’s got his underwear at least. I’ve got at least some importance … something that’ll keep ’em from whacking me straight off, right?


Luchino: It…is true … as hostages go, you’d be ideal…


Giulio: But … that is absolutely unacceptable…!


giandaivanu2-4-2b Gian: Which is why I’m saying hear me out! Before I really go, let’s pull a bluff first. If I’m the one heading over, it’ll freak them out, too, right?
giandaivanu3-13-1d Gian: Now, even the GD’ll think, ‘We can’t just send any old gangbanger out.’ They’ll definitely pick and choose. That’ll buy us some time.
cavalli7b Cavalli: Mgh … If they don’t send someone of executive clout, all we’d have to do is not say yes. …There aren’t that many higher-ups willing to leap into a tiger’s den.
luchidaivan4-4-1 Luchino: If you really get them hung up on such details, you’d have to be the world’s greatest bluffer…
giandaivanu2-6-1 Gian: Why, thank you. …What do you think, Bernardo?

Bernardo clasps his fingers together in the empty air and buries his face in it as he thinks.

berndaivanc4-6-2b Bernardo: I almost want to set off fireworks in agreement. …It will be dangerous for Gian, but…

Again, Bernardo falls into thought, but this time it’s quicker.


Bernardo: …All right. Let’s proceed with his suggestion. The GD will see it as an opportunity and continue negotiations on that vein.


Ooh yeah! I nod, as Luchino gives a spectacular snap. The others are also nodding.


Ivan: Now then, while you fellas’re off buying us time … hopefully we can find something that could cut those grave digging bastards right at the knees.


Giulio: They are a gang. Their ties … are unquestionably far weaker than ours. If Signor Gian can throw them into confusion…


Yep, the mood’s lightened up a lot. It was worth it, putting my life on the line … I guess?

cavalli5 Cavalli: …Gian’s words made me wonder just now…

At Counselor Cavalli’s words, everyone’s eyes focus on him.

cavalli6 Cavalli: Perhaps, Alessandro may still be alive.
luchidaivan2-1-2 Luchino: Huh…? I would love to believe that, but…
giandaivanu1-2-2b Gian: …Gramps? Don’t hurt yourself making leaps like that.
cavalli4 Cavalli: Show some respect! …Something about the gang’s threats hasn’t been sitting right with me. It’s as though they know of our Boss’s absence…
cavalli5 Cavalli: Even so, they don’t attack us straight on. We haven’t found hide nor hair of Alessandro’s whereabouts, but likewise, doesn’t that mean … they don’t have proof of his death?


Luchino: In other words … the GD haven’t taken the Boss’s life…?

cavalli6 Cavalli: If they’d already killed Alessandro, they would’ve already sent us his head as a message. …But, they haven’t.


Bernardo: You mean, they only heard about the Boss’s absence, yet are trying to take advantage of it?

cavalli7b Cavalli: No, I feel it’s something else. I feel as though they have proof that Alessandro isn’t with us, or that he won’t be coming back…


Giulio: …Do you mean … that they have secured the Boss’s person?

cavalli5 Cavalli: That is also a possibility … but…


Ivan: Hey, hey there! Wait a sec! Then why not just whack him right off the bat? If not, then at least hold him for ransom or something.


Gramps, his words interrupted, frowns, but … what Ivan said is apparently what Gramps was trying to say anyways.

luchidaivan4-2-2 Luchino: That’s true… But, they haven’t made any such move.
giuliodaivan1-3-1 Giulio: Perhaps they are holding the Boss captive … and have some use for him?
giandaivanu2-11-1b Gian: Maybe some perv out there’s got a taste for old men?
cavalli4 Cavalli: Watch your mouth, you fool…

Gramps gets mad, but then … he gasps like he’s realized something and continues in a more contemplative tone.

cavalli3 Cavalli: Ah, that’s … right… Alessandro and the GD Boss Ethan are old acquaintances … as enemies, of course.

Words fly through everyone’s minds in an uproar at that one sentence. Plastered over everyone’s face are ‘No way,’ ‘It can’t be,’ ‘Why’…


Bernardo: …I’ve heard mention of this before. But … if they are bitter enemies, it would be even more reason to off him after he was taken captive.


Ivan: …I just got a super bad feeling. Don’t tell me Boss here’s … turned his back and swapped—


giandaivanu2-8-2 Gian: No way in hell! There’s no … way in hell…!


Bernardo: Calm down! If that man was our enemy … we’d have bid this world farewell long before now.

giandaivanu2-2-2b Gian: Was Pops really that scary? Him?

Bernardo: …Ah right … you’ve never seen him when he was like that.


As the question marks flash through my brain, Gramps sighs.

cavalli9 Cavalli: Why do you think I am the only elder in this family other than a portion of the directors? It’s because in Alessandro’s time…


Giulio: …I have heard of the Purge of Roses.


Ivan: Ah, some nasty shit did go down back then, didn’t it? The whole thing rubbed Boss the wrong way so he reformed the CR:5 with us as the captains … right?

…Huh? …That lecherous prune … he cleaned out … he killed everyone standing in his way in the family…?


Luchino: Grim Reaper Sandro, was it? It seems that Boss was quite the force to be reckoned with when he was young.


At Luchino’s voice, Gramps gave a deep nod. …Seriously? I had … no idea.


Bernardo: Perhaps he’s in the hands of someone other than the GD. I’ll try to expand the range of my net…


Everyone nodded to that.

cavalli5 Cavalli: Now then, it’s about time. Everyone, please return to your duties. Perhaps I will also stay the night today…

At Gramps’s words, the captain meeting was dissolved.

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