Lucky Dog 1 translations 11 Bernardo route 02 best

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 11 Best

The Middle Man

bg00 bg109

After that, Bernardo head off somewhere with his men…

In the end, I return to the Phone and Wire room myself and take care of the incoming calls.


After a while, Bernardo returns. One of the guards hands something off to Bernardo before leaving without another word.


…And now we’re finally alone. It shocks me frozen when I realize it, but…

But, of course, nothing happens. That in its own way pisses me off, though…

bg00 bern109-2

Bernardo: …Sorry, Gian. Thank you…


giandaivanu2-2-2b Gian: Wh-What? That came outta nowhere.
berndaivanc4-4-2 Bernardo: …For being there… For backing me up earlier… Thank you.
giandaivanu1-3-2b Gian: …It’s not like I did it for you. I mean, I just thought that all the family’s captains getting caught up in a shouting match was just stupid. That’s all.


Bernardo: I’m glad the Boss chose you. If you weren’t here, Gian, I’d have long since…

Bernardo: No, not just me. The CR:5 itself would’ve long since fallen apart. I would love to make you Boss right now…


…Somehow, him putting me on so high a pedestal … makes it feel like he’s just making fun of me, embarrassing me… It annoys me…

giandaivanu2-11-2 Gian: W-Well, situation is how it is, right? If we don’t do something about the Boss soon, we’re screwed.
berndaivanc4-6-2b Bernardo: Yeah. First, I’ll try bringing the condition we brought up earlier about the personnel exchange to the GD. You’ll be prohibited from leaving the building for the moment, though.
giandaivanu2-1-2b Gian: I don’t really mind, but…

I let my words trail off as I think… I wonder whether I should bring it up or not, but in the end I choose to bite the bullet.

giandaivanu3-3-2c Gian: Hey, why … didn’t you tell everyone about the cash?

Bernardo’s hand stops before it makes it to the phone he’d been reaching for. After a frozen moment, he looks at me.


Bernardo: I was thinking of telling them eventually. Maybe on Halloween, or Christmas…

Gian: Liar.


Bernardo: Sorry. At first, I had planned on splitting it evenly between everyone. It would’ve been quite a sum, even then…


Again, Bernardo’s words cut off. …I should’ve brought some coffee. That’s the good thing about beverages. They let you sip straight through these awkward silences.

berndaivanc2-1-2 Bernardo: About the money… If it’s all right, Gian, could I keep it for a while?
giandaivanu2-2-1b Gian: It makes no difference to me. You’re the one who really earned it, after all. What, you thinking of making a big purchase or something?
berndaivanc4-5-2b Bernardo: No… A little of it has been converted to cash, but the majority is still hibernating in the bank books.

Bernardo looks down at the map spread across his desk. It’s a map of Daivan… No. It’s a map of the East C oast. …What’s he thinking?


Bernardo: Depending on how you use it, hard cash of that amount can be a weapon more powerful than any bomb… I want to prepare it so I can strike with it at any time.

giandaivanu3-2-2 Gian: …Attack the GD with that? I’m sorry, but won’t that just make them really, really happy?


Bernardo: Haha … maybe.


Bernardo chuckles vaguely. …As I thought, he won’t tell me. I just get the feeling … he’s just full of secrets, this man.

Knock knock.

giandaivanu2-1-1 Gian: …Oh!
berndaivanc1-1-1 Bernardo: Enter.

Bernardo’s Subordinate B: …Pardon me. Comandante, the lady is here to see you.

…Lady? At first I seriously couldn’t figure out who it was. It was only when I saw Bernardo’s face that I knew.


Bernardo: Her? …I told her not to come here… What does she want? Ask her.

Bernardo’s Subordinate B: That’s… She said that she wanted to talk to you. She absolutely insisted, so…


…The bird from the bar, Nastasha, right? I’m not surprised Bernardo wouldn’t let her come here. Even if it is a hotel, it’s the mob’s HQ right now.

berndaivanc4-1-2 Bernardo: Just what am I going to do with her…?

Bernardo’s Subordinate B: Shall I let her through?


Bernardo: No.

Bernardo responds quietly but firmly.

Bernardo: Have her leave. And tell her never to come here again…


giandaivanu3-2-2 Gian: H-Hey, you sure about this? Didn’t she come here to talk to you about something?
berndaivanc4-4-2 Bernardo: She could do that … just as well over the phone.
giandaivanu2-9-2 Gian: But … that guy, Dave. He’s coming hard onto her, right? …You fine leaving her out to dry like that?


Bernardo: That’s … her problem.


He mutters at first, but then, the words turn frosty. I start getting pissed off for some unknown reason.


…No, I know the reason.

Man or lady, seeing Bernardo kick someone away like a mangy pup…


…I feel like I’m the one he’s kicking.

giandaivanu2-4-2b Gian: Aren’t you going out with that girl? Then … don’t be half-assed about it! Look after her properly at the very least!
berndaivanc4-8-2 Bernardo: That’s not … how it is. I’ll … call her later.
giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: If you’re gonna split ways, then tell her that straight! Or … she’s just some hole you’re keeping for when you get horny? Maybe that’s what I—


Bernardo: Gian…!

…I almost completely lost my head like a fool right in front of the men…

berndaivanc4-4-2 Bernardo: A-Anyways… Hear what she has to say and have her leave.

Bernardo’s Subordinate B: B-But… She insisted that she would not leave until she has met you.

berndaivanc4-5-2b Bernardo: Gh… That woman… Fine.

Bernardo orders the soldier to throw her out, but before they can carry it out though, I make my move.

giandaivanu2-11-2 Gian: Why don’t I go talk to her? I’ll just say you’re too busy to meet with her.


Bernardo: It has nothing to do with y—


Just as he’s about to finish his sentence … he looks into my eyes, ponders for a while, before saying,

berndaivanc4-1-2 Bernardo: …Sorry. Could you meet with Nastasha and hear what she wants…?
giandaivanu1-9-2b Gian: Yeah. Don’t think her fur’ll get as ruffled as having the soldier throw her out.

The soldier nods. I follow him out of Bernardo’s room. …Bernardo’s already on the phone with someone before I leave…

bg62 bg83

Nastasha, swathed in her coat, is sitting in the café, surrounded by respectable guests.

I approach her so that she can see me. Nastasha’s eyes catch sight of me.

Nastasha: …Oh…

She looks like she knows just why I’m here in an instant.

giandaivanu2-7-2 Gian: …Sorry. Bernardo can’t leave his post right now.

Nastasha: He’s busy, right? …I knew that would be the case. I only came to cause him trouble today, anyways…

…What’s she’s saying’s kind of childish. Was this one of the qualities that endeared her to Bernardo?

Nastasha: Would you like to sit?

‘Sure,’ I answer as I take a seat at her table. It’s absolutely no surprise, but she’s giving off a completely different impression from her songstress self back at the bar.

A snow white coat and hat. Chic shoes. Her hands, bare and gloveless, show off the silver ring encircling her ring finger. …Bernardo doesn’t have something like that…

giandaivanu3-3-2c Gian: Um… Is there something you’d like to tell Bernardo?

Nastasha: Not anymore, not if he can’t come here himself. …But, then that would be problematic for you, wouldn’t it?

giandaivanu2-5-2 Gian: I’m just a gofer. Please don’t mind me.

Nastasha: It must be so much trouble working under that man.

…The truth is I’m his superior in rank, though. Explaining this to her will just get annoying, though, so I’ll pass.

Nastasha: I’ll be appearing on-stage tonight. I have no doubts Dave will be coming again. That’s all … I’d like you to tell Bernardo.

She really dives straight into the troublesome topics.

giandaivanu2-1-2b Gian: All right. I don’t know if Bernardo can take action or not, but I’ll tell him to send some troops to guard you.

Nastasha: He suddenly grew so cold. If he’s grown tired of me, I just wish he’d tell me this sooner…

giandaivanu3-3-2 Gian: I don’t think that’s how it is. We’re in an emergency situation right now. If we make a single mistake, we’d lose not only our family but also our lives.

Nastasha: In other words, he’s too busy, right?

The way Nastasha says this as she lights a cigarette is clearly a challenge. She expertly plucks the spent butt from her tongue.

It’s a sexy sight, but given the situation, it does nothing for me.

Nastasha: That person… He wasn’t like this in the past. …He was more passionate. More of a poet. I mentioned this before, but he’s quite the beast.

…Even if you say that. No, I also know the beast side of him.

giandaivanu2-1-2b Gian: You two go way back, huh?

Nastasha: Ever since he was in university. When I had first met him, he’d just returned from deployment. His hair was still short at the time…

…Hmm. Rather, Bernardo, he was in the army once? I had no idea. …He never told me about any of this…

giandaivanu2-2-2b Gian: You were singing back then, too?

Nastasha: No. At the time, I was a dancer in some run-down hovel.

giandaivanu3-2-2 Gian: Oh? You can dance, too?

The lady’s face clenches for just an instant before she laughs.

Nastasha: That’s not what I meant. There are many types of dancers, right?

giandaivanu2-7-2 Gian: Oh. Sorry.

Nastasha: I’ve known Bernardo since back then. After he climbed up the ladder, he gave me that store so that I could sing there.

Nastasha lights a new stick, plucking fragments of leaves from her ruby lips with her nails.

Nastasha: That’s why if Bernie abandons me … I will be kicked out of that establishment and lose everything. I’m not young anymore either…

giandaivanu2-11-2 Gian: Bernardo’s not the type to do something so petty. Even if you two split up, he’s already given that shop to you, so it’s set.

Nastasha: Really? …I see, you’re … just as high up as Bernardo. One of the … captains in his family…

The lady’s fingers crosses the small distance and lightly touches mine over the table. It’s cold. Soft like freshly laundered silk…

I draw my hand back.

giandaivanu4-2-2 Gian: I’ll pound some sense into Bernardo. I’ll make sure he takes proper care of you.

I stand, getting ready to pick up Nastasha’s jacket for her.

giandaivanu2-1-2b Gian: Is there anything else you’d like me to pass on?

Nastasha: Would you care if another man steals me away? …Just tell him that.

I nod and hand her her fur coat. …I wonder if Bernardo’d bought this for her, too.

Nastasha: If Dave comes … is there something you want me to tell him?

giandaivanu3-13-2 Gian: It’s not cool trying to creep in on another’s girl at your age. Tell him that.

Without a reply, Nastasha accepts the coat and walks out, following the bellboy.

Now then … there’s nothing I have to rush back to Bernardo about. …Just why’d I even come here…?

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  1. abc
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 16:41:04

    “After that, Bernardo head off somewhere with his men…”
    ‘head’ —> ‘heads’

    “…What’s she’s saying’s kind of childish.”
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  2. Akira Nikaido (RandomUploads)
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    I’m jelly of Natasha, I like BernardoxGian. They are so cute together! I don’t like her one bit. Hmph….

    I love Lucky Dog I honest to god can’t stop reading the manga and playing the game. I’m so hooked, it has everything you could possibly want hot men, drugs, mafia, violence, blood, gore and YAOI!!!! I WENT ABSOLUTELY CRAZY WHEN I FIRST LAID MY EYES ON LUCKY DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice work of Translating you make my life so complete!!!!!



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