Lucky Dog 1 translations 11 Giulio route 01

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 11

Down Into Darkness

-20 Luck



…And I wake up, mood downright hellish as ever.

Plus, I’d left the lights on at full blast, so my eyes’re all tired and I couldn’t sleep a wink.

And … not surprisingly, Giulio’d never returned to the room even after morning’d rolled around.  …Maybe he’s still worried about … feeling down about…

…On top of that, I … I think I caught a cold with everything that’d happened yesterday.

All that shaking and trembling yesterday up and down my body wasn’t just from getting freaked out of my mind, I guess…

bg00     bg87

giandaivanu1-1-2 Gian: Wonder if I’ve got a cold…  …Ha … ha, I’m so pathetic…
luchidaivan4-1-1 Luchino: What are you saying?  People have died from colds!  Wait right there.

…I sense the giant blob that is Luchino disappear…  Then, it’s back, next to me.  Something that feels like a paper bag appears in my hand.


Luchino: It’s just for peace of mind, but here’s some antipyretic.  Go back to your room and rest up.  Don’t worry about what’s going on outside.  We’ll do something about it.

giandaivanu2-5-2 Gian: Haha … sorry…  Guess it’s gonna be business as usual even with me gone, since I’ve always been utterly useless…


Luchino: What are you blathering on about?  Your fever must be hitting you hard…  Need me to give a lift to your room?

giandaivanu2-6-2 Gian: Naw…  Right now, I feel like if you pick me up and carry me over I might just fall head over heels, so let’s leave it…

I force a grin onto my face…  Suddenly, looking on Luchino’s troubled expression, I remember…


giandaivanu3-3-1 Gian: Oh right…  Where’s Giulio…?

I see with fever-and-pain-glazed goggles Luchino shutting down quiet with a difficult expression for a second before he shakes his head.

luchidaivan4-2-1 Luchino: He … went out into the city.  Another direct order from Mister Top Executive came in.
giandaivanu2-11-2 Gian: …Ah.  Is that right…?  Shit … he fucking left me behind.

One hand over my eyes, I turn my face up towards the ceiling.  I can hear Luchino chuckling bitterly out of sight.

luchidaivan4-7-2 Luchino: You know … he apologized.  Said, ‘My apologies,’ like he does.  ‘I can’t allow the Capo, Gian, to be placed in any more danger.’
giandaivanu1-11-2 Gian: …’cause I’m just that useless.
luchidaivan4-2-2 Luchino: I’m sure he didn’t mean it that way.  He looked quite dreadful.
giandaivanu2-9-2 Gian: Huh…?


Luchino: …‘I can’t fight like I used to,’ he said.  …He said his ‘pillar was gone’ or something of the sort.  I didn’t quite understand his words, though.

giandaivanu1-11-2 Gian: H-How the hell would I know either…


…Liar.  My chest stings with a pain sharper than any bruise or cut on my body.  …Is it … my fault…?

luchidaivan4-7-2 Luchino: He’s also looking down in the dumps.  Which is why…!

Luchino’s large hand scruffles my hair round and round.


Luchino: I have no idea what happened, but once you’re up and about, head out with him again.  I think you two made quite a good combo.

giandaivanu1-11-2 Gian: …

Luchino: Out on my rounds through the city, I hear quite a few GD hoods squealing, ‘It’s the Mad Dog and Lucky Dog!  The rabid dogs are here!’ as they shook in their boots.

Luchino: Ivan’s just about blown his lid, now that you two’ve gotten yourselves more infamous before he could on his turf!  When your foes start calling you by your nicknames, that’s who you are now, right?

giandaivanu3-3-2c Gian: It’s ‘cause we beat up so many, and killed so many, too…  I see it in my sleep.  …Oh!  Then…  Shit…!  If Giulio gets spotted by the cops, then…!


With a, “Oh, about that…” Luchino takes the morning paper he’d stuffed down his coat pocket and pulls it out for me.

…Plastered across the front page…

giandaivanu2-1-2b Gian: ‘War strikes the Bronx, a district of Daivan under redevelopment…  More than 30 illegal immigrants lose their lives in an internal conflict…  …also casualties among the Jewish residents…’  …The hell is this?!


Luchino: Every paper is tooting their horn to the same words.  In other words, that’s now the truth of what happened.  It looks like Bernardo pulled some strings for this.

giandaivanu3-3-2c Gian: ‘…The mayor and city council are grievously saddened by this tragic act of lawlessness and are now reconsidering the frozen status of the Bronx redevelopment project…  Continuing to ignore this Daivan “Wild West” would be the city’s…’

Luchino: Which means that the problem is now in the hands of those with more clout than the city police.  Also, it seems that the richer Jews have a hand in this, too.


Luchino: So, don’t worry too much about yesterday.  Everyone will have forgotten about the incident by the time you’ve pulled out of the cold.

giandaivanu2-9-2 Gian: ‘s that really how it works…?

Luchino: Didn’t I say?  The Jews are in on this.  They have complete control over the papers.  Tomorrow’s morning edition will be back to the usual scandals again.


I leave the paper I’d been reading on my face.  The smell of paper and ink relaxes me a bit.  And … in the dark, various memories come stirring awake…

The streets, painted in blood-red dye.  Corpses, barely human anymore.  The body decorating the walls in stained patchwork after I blew him away with a shotgun…  Giulio’s madness, terrorizing me down to the innermost of my gut…

………Maybe it’s the fever.  Somehow, the memories’re all hazy.


Luchino: When Giulio gets back, I’ll let you know, so you can get going with guzzling your meds down and nod off ASAP.

giandaivanu2-5-2 Gian: Sorry.  …I don’t remember you having quite so nice a personality.


Luchino: I have a soft spot for the weak.

giandaivanu1-9-2b Gian: Why, thank you for that, then.


Just as I’m heading over to my room on shaky feet…

From the corner of my eye, I spot the door to Bernardo’s work room creaking open.  Past it’s Bernardo and Gramps.  Both of them look like they’ve already heard about me.


Bernardo: Sorry, Gian.  Leave the rest to us.  Please rest in your room for a while.


Luchino: I’ll have someone bring over meds and some chow later.  Would you like half a dozen beautiful nurses to go with that?

giandaivanu1-1-2 Gian: That’s just mean.  Don’t you have to keep your energy up to shake a cold?  More importantly…  Giulio…  ‘s he gonna be all right on his own?

Bernardo: …I tried to stop him, but … it’s his grandfather’s orders, so there was no dissuading him.  Though, I don’t plan to let that continue forever.

Bernardo looks over to Grampa Cavalli with questioning eyes.

cavalli3 Cavalli: …I still haven’t managed to get a hold of Don Bondone yet.  He appears to be in the middle of important business negotiations, but…
berndaivan4-3-2 Bernardo: ‘Important business negotiations,’ is it?
giandaivanu3-3-2 Gian: …How’s the war going?
berndaivan2-2-1 Bernardo: Don’t worry.  The pieces are moving perfectly.  It seems like yesterday’s attack was a hard blow for them.  In addition, the GD have already lost two of their executives.

…The ones Giulio and I whacked, huh…  There’s the macho called Max, and that petty-official-looking guy I’d blown away with a shotgun before I could even get his name…

…How…  …How did Bondone…?

giandaivanu4-2-2 Gian: How’s Don Bondone…?  How’s he managing to pinpoint where the GD execs are arriving to the dot…?  Don’t you think it’s weird?
berndaivan4-4-1 Bernardo: I’ve already tried to question him on it.  When I did, he responded with ‘I have a superior information network.’  Like my network was nothing more than tissue paper.

Annoying as usual, the geezer.  Maybe … the old fogey’s snuck a stool pigeon into the GD?

…Like how we’ve got one ratting us out…

For a second, I see Ivan, out in the city right now – and Giulio, too – going under in a swamp of red mud, sinking…

bg00     transition117

I shake my head vigorously.  …Shit, I’m starting to hallucinate from the fever.

No … if there really is a leak … then that might actually happen…  In reality, that’s … how the GD execs’d died.

…That’s how we’d killed them.

Brrrriiiing.  Brrrriing.

…Fuck, why’s the horn ringing…  I’m starting to hear things now.

giandaivanu2-9-2 Gian: Sorry…  I’m gonna go crash in my room for a bit.
berndaivan4-1-1 Bernardo: Do that.  If you need anything, don’t—

Bernardo’s Subordinate A: Captain!  There’s trouble!!

The voice that’d interrupted Bernardo’s had come from one of the black suits that’d been waiting on the phones in the work room.  The bells continue ringing on and on from beyond the door.

…What…?  What’s going on…?!


I…  To tell the truth, I think I can hear all the blood come rushing whoosh out of my ears.  I feel like I’m about to keel over.

Bernardo’s Subordinate A: Cazzo!  Those no-good gangbangers…!  Commandante, all through the city, they’re…!

Bernardo’s man, who looks like an intelligent sort, chokes on his report and starts cussing when…

berndaivan4-5-2 Bernardo: I understand.  I’m heading over right now.
giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: …Shit!  Now’s not the time to be getting doped up to the gills…!

I shove past the guard trying to shut the door and follow tottering after everyone.  Even in that short time…

Brrrriiing.  Riiiing.  Brrriiing.

…the phones, several of them, continue to ring unsettlingly.

Brrriiing.  Brrriiiing.

transition118     transition119


RockfortPort.  2:35PM.

Close to dusk, the fish market at Rockfort transforms into a marketplace of a different sort.  In the morning, a bustling bazaar of fish lines the streets, but…


…as night approaches the fish market loosens its hold on the area and the farmers and residents from the neighboring suburbs, as well as fisherman returning from a day out at sea, bring in their goods, turning the grounds into a modest marketplace for all goods.

Among them is a stand belonging to a farmer and her grandson, who have come in from the outskirts to sell autumn greens.  There…

Child 1: …That’s weird…

The young child at the stand tilts his head.  Next door, at the empty counter, stands a man – one of the police on his rounds – smoking.  He snubs out the cigarette…

…before hurrying hastily away.  As he departs, he leaves behind where he had been standing the canvas bag he had been carrying.

Child 1: Hey, Grammy?  Look!  That cop left it behind when he left.

Missus: Oh dear.  Um, let’s see, where is the officer now?

Child 1: Right over there!  I’m gonna go call him over!

Missus: Ah, slow down!  You might trip!

The lady pounds her elegant shoulder a few times as she peers into the worn cloth bag that had been left at the stand next door.

Missus: …I wonder what this is?

A thin thread of smoke trails out of the half-open mouth of the bag, like from a cigarette butt.  Inside, there is … the farmer has no idea what it is, in fact.

It is…

…a dynamite, its nails and bolts coiled together by wires, its fuse just burnt out.

Child 1: Mister!  You forgo—

transition120     bg105

transition121     transition106

Brrriiing.  Brrriiing.

transition122     bg116

Downtown.  St. Rita Abbey.  2:55 PM.

That Sunday afternoon, the Sisters at the church, having finished their Sunday worship and mass, set out excitedly on their final task for the day – the distribution of free emergency rations to the slums.

Next to the portable gas burner and enormous pot on the corner of the street, there are bread baskets, a simple table and some chairs.  Here is where the Sisters set to work like bees.

The corner is lined full with the unemployed and filthy street urchins, each given some steaming hot soup and bread.

Some are talking and laughing.  Others stay silent.  Either way, each person receives their daily meal however they like.

It is how Sundays usually end in Daivan here.

Sister 1: …Don’t you worry!  There’s still quite a bit left over!  Line on up.  It’ll be your turn quickly.

Sister 2: Don’t you think we don’t have enough firewood?

Sister 1: Now that you mention it…  I haven’t seen him this week…

Sister 2: Signore Gregoretti?  You’re right…  Perhaps he’s busy?


A pitch black car pulls to a stop in front of the Sisters as they are distributing the meals.  It’s a giant, beetle-like police car.

Sister 1: Is that city’s police car…?

The Sisters look at each other.

But what they see next…

bg0     bg116

Sister 1: Eh…

The back and passenger windows roll down and pointed straight at the two are dull black muzzles.

transition123     bg000

transition124     bg11

bg000     bg11

Before anyone can utter a scream, a shower of lead rains from the muzzles.

The downpour rips through and blow apart the Sisters and the soup pot and the gas burner, the bullets piercing indiscriminately through everything and everyone there.

transition123     transition124

bg000     bg11

One of the Sisters who had escaped the hailstorm tries to run, but a club catches her in the neck from behind, sending a sharp flash of pain through her.  The car crushes her underfoot before it races away, tires screaming.

bg00     bg11

All that is left there … are groans of pain, sorrow, and death.


Brrrriing.  Brrriiing.


Bernardo: …Shit!!  …Damn lowlifes…!

cavalli4 Cavalli: Preposterous!  How could they target the respectable … indiscriminately murder them…?!


…Even if I’m not there myself … I can see in my mind what’s going on down in Daivan…  …Shit…!!

luchidaivan5-1-1 Luchino: They are not Cosa Nostra.  They are a gang.  It doesn’t matter if the target is a respectable, woman, or child or church worker.  …It was probably intended as revenge against us.
giandaivanu2-8-2 Gian: Shit…!!  Then just bring the fucking fight to us!!  They already know we’re here anyways!


luchidaivan4-3-1 Luchino: They don’t have the guts or they don’t have the men.  It’s probably one of those two.  However…  …Fucking inbred randagio…!

Luchino’s eyes slit, veins practically popping out of his forehead.  …Right, the targeted respectables are the common folk from Luchino’s turf, since there’s quite a bit of the lower class under him….

…On top of that, they even hit a church.  ….It’s an act of violence that’s just completely incomprehensible to us.  …How the hell could they lay a hand against woman and children and the church?!


Bernardo: This is a completely indiscriminate act of terrorism on their end, to confuse and disable the Daivan populace with anxiety, terror, and fruitless rage, thereby weakening us at our foundation…

Bernardo: The city is in a state of calamity, but…  The actual perpetrators probably number only a few.  It will be … difficult to catch them in the act.


giandaivanu3-4-1 Gian: Then…  Then what should we do?!
cavalli5 Cavalli:  In addition … it appears that they were masquerading as fake police officers during today’s assault…  The city police are very irritated at having at this blatant snub.
luchidaivan4-1-1 Luchino: Well, it’s not like they can do a thing about this.
cavalli10 Cavalli: Fool, we have a far deeper problem!  The police may decide to make an example out of all of you!
giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: …So they might come after us instead to kill some time.
berndaivan4-4-2 Bernardo: It’s very possible.   It is also perhaps one of the GD’s goals.  I took care of the judges from before, but, should the police desire, it is possible to have arrest warrants out on all of us.
giandaivanu2-8-2 Gian: Shit…!  Ain’t this a free-for-all on us?!  The fuck do we do then…?!

Bernardo clasps his fingers over his desk and buries his face against them, thinking.  For a while, there’s no words.  The silence itself thrusts forth just another truth under our noses.

cavalli5 Cavalli: …Don’t brush off what your elders say as yarn.  This is precisely why we Cosa Nostra have abided so strictly by the Omertà and never laid a hand on the respectable…
cavalli3 Cavalli: You understand, don’t you?  Once it’s gotten this far … you can’t stop them anymore.  …We may very well have a repeat of what the GD did to Rockwell on our hands.
giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: Shit…!!

I punch the desk, forceful enough to draw blood.  …Utter helplessness.  After whacking that many GD troops and executives, it’s all completely pointless.

…Is biting our nails, twiddling our thumbs as everything unfolds in front of us all we can do?


Bernardo: These past few days, we’ve dealt an enormous blow on GD’s invasive forces thanks to Gian and Giulio.  …That might be why, because the GD have lost any ability to fight a war head-on…

giandaivanu3-4-1 Gian: Then … what should we do?!

Bernardo: There are two ways to stop the terrorism.  Make peace with the enemy and reconcile … or annihilate every last one of them.


Luchino: Then we have our answer.


Luchino lets loose a bloodthirsty sneer.  Seeing it, I turn to look at Bernardo.

berndaivan3-1-2 Bernardo: Peace is impossible with the GD.  If we yield even one step to the bastards, we will eventually lose everything.  Our only option is to destroy them all and end the war.  But…
berndaivan4-3-2 Bernardo: …realistically, the CR:5 doesn’t have the manpower to assault GD’s hometown Rockwell.  …If I remember right, Ethan is the name of the GD boss.

Bernardo mutters, running through and scratching at his long hair irritably.

berndaivan4-4-2 Bernardo: If only we knew where the bastard’s hiding, we could send Giulio in for his head … but sadly, not only do we not have the enemy boss’s location…
giandaivanu2-8-2 Gian: …We don’t even know where our boss is…!
luchidaivan4-3-1 Luchino: …Then we’re left with tightening the watch in the city.  I’m going to string up every last person who so much as looks suspicious…!
cavalli1 Cavalli: If you go too far, you’ll be knocking on the police’s doors.

Luchino’s teeth clench tight loud like a set of fangs.  …Everything reality’s got in store for us is a disadvantage.

giandaivanu3-1-1b Gian: Oh … right…  Giulio … and Ivan.  They’re still in the city, aren’t they?!  Are they gonna be OK…?


Bernardo: Oh … yes.  Just earlier I received a call from Ivan.  He went to where Giulio had headed for his hit and … found him and brought him back.

…?  I’m catching scent of something in Bernardo’s voice, like he’s hesitating about something, hiding something.

Bernardo: Giulio’s currently laying low at Ivan’s safe house, so don’t worry.  Gian, you should—


Brrriiing.  Brrrriing.  Brrrriiing.

Bernardo cuts his words off.  He turns wide, bristling eyes, like he’d just spotted a live bomb, towards the phone ringing on his desk.

berndaivan1-1-1 Bernardo: It’s me.  What is it this—

…For a while, Bernardo listens to the report in silence…

And, silently, he sets the receiver down.

luchidaivan1-4-1b Luchino: What is it this time?
berndaivan4-5-2 Bernardo: …Another church has been hit.  This time … the St. Rita abbey’s … meal center was attacked.  Casualties are two Sisters and five others in line for food.
giandaivanu3-1-1b Gian: …Wh—?!

Clatter.  I can feel something in me snapping in half.  …The St. Rita abbey.  I’ve got no good memories of the place or its orphanage, where I’d grown up…

bg00     bg116

The loudmouth Sisters.  The terror of an abbess…  Rarely did I ever have a full stomach’s worth of food there…  And the more I skipped my studies, the more I’d get caught red-handed by the cane and missed out on sweets…

…But…  Even then…  I was never cold.  I was never hungry.  I grew up there…

bg00     bg87


giandaivanu3-4-1 Gian: Motherfuckers!!  …Fuck!  Fuck!!  Fucking dirty cocksucking cunts!!
luchidaivan2-1-2 Luchino: Whoa!  Gian…!!
giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: L-Lemme go!  Let me go!!  Vaffanculo!!
luchidaivan2-3-2 Luchino: Even if you head over right now— …H-Hey!!  Gian…?!

transition125     bg0

transition125     bg00

giandaivanu4-5-2b Gian: …Fucking … shit…


berndaivan2-5-2 Bernardo: …!!  Take Gian to his room!  …Shit, I was careless to say this in front of him…!

transition126     bg00

duo-bernluchi-87-3     bg00

Everyone’s voices, everyone’s faces, swirl round and round…  I scream things I don’t even know what, and…

…And I’m falling, free falling off a black ledge.



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