Lucky Dog 1 translations 11 Ivan route 05

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 11

Italians are the Shit! Pt 3

Gian: Go…  The moment they get here, I’ll light this baby up … and blast them to smithereens…
Ivan: …You do that, then…  Shit…!!


Ratatatatata!  Bang bang!  Bang!

Ivan curls his body in on itself at the enemy’s fire.  He reaches into the back seat and grabs a machinegun.


Ivan: …Gian!  Get up!!  Here!  Shoot them with this!
Gian: What…?

Ivan: Gimme that!!

Ivan snatches the dynamite and paper match from my hands and stuffs the machinegun in instead, but…

Ratatatatat!  Bang bang!  Bangbang bang!

Ivan: F-Fuuuuck!!
Gian: L-Looks like it’s no good…  My body’s…  I’m sorry…
Ivan: Shit…!!

Ivan pulls his head down…  He’s trying to shorten the dynamite fuse with his pocketknife.

Bangbang!  Ratatatat!! Bangbang!  Bang!

Thudthud! as the enemy’s bullets slam into the car, rocking it.  …This car’s not gonna hold any more…  My vision’s starting to go black…

Ratatatat!  Bang!

…Is this … it?  …Shit, what kind of a “Lucky Dog” am I…?



Gian: Eh…?

Thud.  Click.

A black shadow looms over above me, and at the same time, the sound of a bolt cocking back echoes through the car.  The shadow, with its machinegun…



Ratatatat!  Tatatatat!  Ratatatat!  Ratatat!  Screeeeeee!

…launches a hail of bullets at one of the sedans approaching the Mercedes from behind.  …Wh-What was that…?  Who…

Rosalia: Oh, i-it hit…!
Ivan: M-Miss?!
Rosalia: I knew you’d come save me, Ivan…!


Rosalia: Eek!!

I snatch the chipmunk’s body just barely in time, and drag her down behind the door.

Gian: …So, you not only know how to ride a scooter, but you can also fire a machinegun…
Rosalia: That was my first time!!  And this, it won’t fire anymore!!

I almost feel like puking blood, but I smirk … and load the chipmunk’s gun with one of the new magazines rolling around.


Gian: We’re … not done for yet…


Gian: …Now!


Ratatatatat!  Aaah!  Ratatatat!

Rosalia pokes the machinegun out the window and pulls the trigger.  The rust-colored fire burst from the gun, which jerks with each blast, but it stays nicely rested on the window frame.


The approaching men stop moving at the continuing shower.  …That was close.  If they manage to break in, then…

Gian: …Nnnngh…  …Man, you can’t underestimate the Cosa Nostra women!
Rosalia: …Of course!  After all, I’m—

Ratatatatat!  Ratat!

We dive down behind the seats.  Fuck…!  Where’d that fire come from…?!  There’s too many of them…  They’ve completely surrounded us…

Honus: All right!  Come out, you fucking brats!  Do you want to be roasted along with your car?!

Honus’s insane cackling and livid cry echoes, causing Rosalia’s small body to cringe in fear.  …That fucking geezer…!

Suddenly … I see Ivan, leaning down in the driver’s seat, spewing “Fuck” and “Shit.”

Gian: Wh-What’re you doing…?
Ivan: It’s hit-or-miss…  I’m counting on you, Lucky Dog!

Ivan’s … taken the dynamite bundle with its shortened fuse and taped the paper match to it…

And then, he’s folded the striking paper from the matchbox in two … and clenches the match tight inside.  And then … Ivan’s hand flaps around…

Ivan: …Shit!  String!  String!! You got any string?!
Gian: String…?

Bangbang!  Bang!  Bangbang!

Then, another shower of bullets assault us.

Honus: I’ll give you ten seconds!!  I’m a kind man, so if you do as I say, I’ll treat you nicely!

Rosalia gives a shiver … before letting go of the machinegun she’d been clenching and moving her hand to her hair.

Rosalia: Ivan!  Here!

I can’t see it because of the dark … but Rosalia tears off some of her hair and hands it to Ivan.  Ivan stares dumbly for a second, before…

Ivan: …All right!

Ivan gathers together the hair and ties it around the matchbox sandpaper … and holds it there with tape.  Then…

Ivan: …Honus!  Wait!!  Please!
Honus: …Eight!  Seven!  Come on out!  You’ve wasted enough of our time!

Ivan smirks … and jams the dynamite into the space between the seats.  Then…

…he ties Rosalia’s hair, still connected to the setup on the fuse, around the door handle on the driver’s side.  …I finally realize what he’s doing with the setup.

Gian: …Ivan, take this.

I hand Ivan the gum I’d been chewing, which’d gone a weird color and flavor what with all the blood.  Ivan immediately realizes what it’s for…

Honus: …Five!  Four!  What’s taking you so long? So scared you can’t stand straight?!

Ivan fixes the gum firmly around the hair.   The hair – the strand linking the door handle to the dynamite jammed between the seats – sways.

Ivan: Done…!  …Honus!!  I’m coming out now!  Please … don’t shoot anymore!

Ivan shouts.  Beyond the window, the thugs move out from behind the shadows of the cars and point their guns our way…

And like a swarm, surround the Mercedes.  Behind the gangsters, Honus’s voice trembles with delight as he shouts.

Honus: Come on out!  Nice and slow!!  Try something funny and you’re getting pumped full of lead!!

As his crowing echoes away … Ivan scoops up Rosalia’s small body.

Ivan: Gian, can you swim?
Gian: …The night sea’s a first for me.

Ivan: Me too.  …Rosalia, close your eyes.  …Here we go!

Gian: Yeah!

I pick myself up.  Push myself up against the passenger door on Ivan’s and the ocean’s side and grip the door handle.

Ivan: …This is it, Valkyrie.  Your cries were the best…!
Ivan: Let’s go…!

Ivan, carrying Rosalia, and I roll out onto the pier concrete.  The shadows beyond the Mercedes…

…and the chillingly cold sea wind wraps around us.

I can see the feet of countless men from under the car.  I can see them all come running, having heard the door open.

GD Gangster 5: …?  What was that sound?

Honus: Hm?  What?!  Where’d those bastards go?!
Gian: We didn’t go anywhere…!  Open up the door.  We’ve got a lady with us.
Honus: Guh…!  You brat…!  I’ll deal with you first…!

Thump thump and a man’s feet approach.  They stop.  Click, the sound of his hand resting on the handle.

Ivan: All or nothing!!
Gian: All or nothing!!

The sturdy lock to the Mercedes’ door clicks … and with a pull, the hair stuck to it pulls the rest of the setup…



Ivan and I pick up Rosalia at the same time…

…and we leap.  Over the wharf, with the pitch black sea as our destination – the jet black sea, with its roaring, swirling, raging rapids of a current.  Please, at least let Rosalia live…!

Our bodies fall down into the darkness…

…The moment Honus opens the door to the Mercedes,

GD Gangster 5: Boss!  They’re in the ocean!

Honus: Wh-Whaat?!  …Hm?

Honus raises an angry shout, but then he sees…


…tiny fireworks sparking from between the Mercedes’ seat.

Honus: …Ngh?!


The shortened fuse burns to its end, and the fireflowers slither down towards the dynamite.  Honus’s bloodshot eyes open wide…

Honus: !!  …Fuck yoooooooooooooou..!!




From inside the Mercedes – the car that has withstood a storm of bullets and completed its task of protecting its owner – the excavation-use dynamite bundle releases a nitroglycerine-driven explosion, pushing out at the car’s frame, ballooning it open in an instant…


It blasts apart the Mercedes body, and the flimsy human bodies standing around it are blown apart down to the cells.  The surrounding sedans are also consumed by the inferno spread by the force of the explosion.

The blaze from the explosion, large enough to shake the pier and even the whole port, climbs up, reaching as tall as any building … and obliterating everything in its vicinity.

…The force of the explosion and the roar attack us…


Like a giant hand’s shoving down on me, I shudder, almost lose consciousness, and like a small critter, curl into a ball.

… … …Huh…?

I slowly open my eyes … and pick myself up.  …This … this isn’t the bottom of the sea.  This is…

Gian: …Heaven sure stinks of oil.
Ivan: …Heaven?  Just how shameless can you get?

Ivan and I look to each other.  Then … slowly, we turn our gazes downwards.

…Clinging to Ivan’s a tiny, unconscious Rosalia.  The three of us’re sprawled out…

…on a bunch of piled, bundled up rope.  Even further down are some thin planks … and a drab-looking ship cabin and a chimney.

Ivan: …The hell is this?


…on top of a tugboat – the really common ones in the port that haul the boats around.

We’re on top of one of those tugboats that continuously chug through the port like one of those pondskaters.

Gian: …Wow…

Behind the tugboat and its filthy tracks is a wharf that looks like a collapsed building … and standing high up on that’s several explosion flames.

Ivan: …Um…  I guess this…

We’ve got no idea what’s going on when an old man with a knit hat pokes his face out the boat’s cabin.  Both sides jump, surprised.

Captain: U-Uwaaah?!  Wh-Who’re you?!

Captain: There’s this huuuge noise, like booooom!  Was that you?  D’you come from the moon?!

Ivan and I look at each other, and then down at the cutely dozing Rosalia … and then back at each other.

…When we’d jumped off … there just happened to be a tugboat coming by under us…?  The fuck’s that?

Gian: ….Pff…
Ivan: Ha … haha…

We laugh together.  We hoot, cackle, guffaw.  We fall back on top of the ropes and look up at the still-dark sky, and…

Gian: Ahaha!  Haahahahafuckthathurtshahahaha!!

Ivan: Ahaha!  Haahahahahahaha!!

We turn our eyes towards the east sea horizon, slowly being dyed with a dull flash, look at each other … and laugh again.  Our tears come streaming out, and still we laugh.

Ivan: Hahahaha!!  The fuck is this?!  The hell’s going on?!

Gian: This is awesome!  This doesn’t even count as luck anymore!!

Ivan: Fuck yeah…!  You’re…!  We’re the best!!  Fucking cool, yeah!!

Ivan grabs my head and pulls it close before howling again.  I also grab his shoulder and slap it several times.


Captain: …Um … I’ve gotta go head off ter dock the boat now…

The nice-seeming old man’s scrunching up his yarn hat like he’s troubled.

Ivan beams as he speaks.

Ivan: Could you take us there?  The cost’ll go over to the CR:5!


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  1. Trish
    Jun 23, 2012 @ 17:36:13

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~ Another part! ❤ Fuck Ivan, Rosalia – I'LL marry you. Badass.



    • terracannon876
      Jun 23, 2012 @ 17:40:35

      Looool. I’m sorry, I don’t think Rosalia will take anyone but Ivan. She didn’t even look twice at Gian!! (which is a travesty imo)



      • Trish
        Jun 23, 2012 @ 17:57:42

        It IS O_O … you think the two of them will eventually end up together in other routes once the age difference isn’t as icky anymore? Such as, when SHE’s 22 and he’s… 31, if I remember correctly? 8D



        • terracannon876
          Jun 23, 2012 @ 18:05:33

          I don’t remember their age difference (she’s …13? He’s currently 24, so you’re off by 2 years maybe?) exactly, but I think the questions rendered moot in that he’s always looking at Gian, lol. Plus, he’d always view her as “the little girl,” poor kid.

          Huh, that’s a fanfic idea…



  2. Trish
    Jun 23, 2012 @ 18:14:12

    According to the character page he’s still 22, unless I’ve missed out on a time skip in the story or something 8D <– see? :3

    Meh, poor kid indeed, doomed for heartbreak Q__Q

    FANFIC SHE SAID. MAKE IT HAPPEN. I'LL GIVE YOU WHATEVER YOU WANT. Seriously. We could trade artfic or something. 😀



    • terracannon876
      Jun 23, 2012 @ 18:20:42

      That’s. ………weird. In the game he- Oh. Crap. That’s Giulio. NEVER MIND ><

      …Eh??! Fanfic??! …To be honest, I've thought about writing LD fanfics, but the plotbunnies are slow in coming, unlike, say, Natsume Yuujinchou. I have a few ideas lined up, but I haven't had any real time or motivation to write them. Maybe a trade is just what I need…?



      • Trish
        Jun 23, 2012 @ 18:29:37

        >D In that case, you just think of something you’d like to see, let me know, and then we’ll see, mhkay? *excited*



        • terracannon876
          Jun 23, 2012 @ 19:09:19

          I’ll keep that in mind ^^;

          Although you’ll have to wait ’til I’m done setting up for the Best Route and all the maintenance shenanigans I have to do before I can go too far along.

          Plus, you can start brainstorming, too, lol. …Admittedly, though, I can’t write smut scenes. I haven’t even written any romance scenes. So … uh … ideas not involving smut, please! (I’ll try to give romance a shot) XD



      • Trish
        Jun 23, 2012 @ 19:24:55

        Aah, don’t you worry, whatever I’ll suggest won’t be more than a harmless drabble. :3 I don’t have much experience with giving prompts, just receiving them, and since every client is unique, it’s debatable whether I can even claim that much. :DD I can wait. You, feel free to prompt me whenever tho. I can hold out on you. Or you’ll just owe me one or something. No pressure. :>



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