Lucky Dog 1 translations 11 Ivan route 06

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 11

Judgment Again

Giulio: …This again…

There, spread before them, is a very familiar scene.  It’s almost the exact same scene as Gian and Ivan’s inquiry that had been held just a few days ago.

The only things different at this conference from a few days ago are … that Ivan is sitting in the center of the hall alone.

That the Boss’s seat has been readied, though it’s currently empty.  And also … that there are several blatantly empty seats among the directors.

Bernardo’s men haul a heavy-looking case filled with documents over to his seat.

Bernardo skims over the documents before speaking.

Bernardo: Thank you everyone for gathering today.  We will now begin today’s inquiry, with Capo Fiore’s summons as the main issue—

Ivan: Hmph.

Before Bernardo’s voice has finished dropping off, a stirring of low rebukes and consternation wells up from the directors.

Director 1: Just wait a minute…!  There are still several directors who haven’t arrived yet!  It’s too soon to say that they won’t be attending!

Director 2: Sig. Girotti and sig. Graham aren’t here!  I will not acknowledge any voting that takes place without them present…!

‘He’s right!  He’s right!’  They raise voices of agreement with a hint of anger.  Bernardo continues without a twitch of his eyebrow.

Bernardo: No.  The only ones attending the conference today are those already present.

Director 1: Wh-What?  What do you mean by that?!

The directors stir among themselves as Consigliere Cavalli, who had been as still as a rock up to that point, whispers without a movement in his lips.

Cavalli: …Among us…
Cavalli: …is a rat who’d leaked information about my granddaughter’s – about Rosalia’s – route to school and her schedule…  As I’m sure you all know,
Cavalli: we of the Cosa Nostra never harm women or children.  Turning your back on this Omertà means that you will thoroughly regret what you’ve done in this world before you are sent off to hell.
Bernardo: Every member not attending are guilty of approximately the same offense.  During the attack … I helped myself to listening in on your phone lines.  That is all I have to say.

A few of the directors collapse into their chairs with a clatter.  Some of them shudder, as though to prepare for flight … but a sturdy hand from one of the guards falls on their shoulders, pushing them down.

Director 1: W-Wasn’t today … an inquiry about that man’s – about Fiore’s actions?!

Bernardo: I was only explaining the presence of the empty seats.  Now, let us begin the inquiry.

Bernardo stands from his chair and opens the door … and behind it stands Boss Alessandro.  The chatter among the directors silences in an instant at his appearance.

Alessandro: …Everyone, thank you for coming.  I’ve caused you all a lot of trouble.  I apologize.

Boss Alessandro walks, attended by Bernardo by his side, and takes a seat at the highest spot.  The seat faces Ivan’s seat, that of the accused, but still leaves some distance between them.

Ivan: …Boss…
Alessandro: You did well on surviving, Ivan…  It looks like you’ve gone through quite some trouble yourself.  I’d love to chat about it…
Alessandro: …but unfortunately, there is something else we must discuss first.
Ivan: …I know.

Counselor Cavalli stands, swaying as he does so.  His eyes flicker between Boss Alessandro and Ivan before he slowly opens his mouth.

Cavalli: Capo Ivan Fiore.  Do you know why you have been called here?
Ivan: …Yeah.

Cavalli drops his eyes to the documents that he doesn’t need to read as he starts to read out the charges ascribed to Ivan.  …They state…

…that his main offense is forming a collusion with an executive of an enemy gang, and instead of reporting this to the family, he had let the situation worsen.  …This is the heaviest accusation.

In addition, the murder of sig. Gantz, a long-time supporter of the family from a wealthy old Italian line, has been revived as well.

…Ivan listens to the list in silence.

Cavalli: That is all.  Capo Fiore, do you have any explanations you wish to give beforehand?

Ivan: …No.  It’s all true.

Ivan nonchalantly tosses the words out.  Cavalli, Bernardo, and even Boss Alessandro turn to him with surprised eyes at his lack of reaction.

Ivan: I just did what I wanted to, how I wanted to.  Besides … since I’ve caused trouble for the family, it’s my responsibility.  I’ll take any punishment you have to give.

Ivan: Is it breaking me back down to your run-of-the-mill soldier?  Or is it exile from the family?  …I’m even prepared for the death penalty.

A murmur runs through the assembly.  There are many directors who wish for Ivan’s fall, but actually having someone preempt their words in this situation…


…Shit damn fuck, this huuuuuuuuuuurts!!

I don’t know if it’s because of just how much time or energy I’ve spent getting from the infirmary to here…

…but the morphine fairies’ve been whispering some mighty enticing seductions into my ear for a while now.

The floppy loose sick clothes’ve started falling off my shoulder, but I don’t have the energy to fix them because of the pain and fatigue.

But, still, I…

Gian: Wh-Whoa!  …S-Sorry everyone!  Looks like I’m running a bit late…

Giulio: Signor … Gian?!

Luchino: Gian?!  Is it all right for you to be up and about already?!

Gian: Whoo, the morphine’s finally worn off.  …Sorry, passing through.

After that whole escape episode, I’d been bed-ridden and couldn’t even get up for several days because of the damage and injuries from being a punching bag substitute.

I pass through the guards and soldiers lined up and through the directors’ seats … staggering, walking.  …Shit, being able to walk with a snap sure would be a wonderful thing!

Ivan: …Gian?!  Y-You!  Didn’t they tell you to get complete bed rest?!

Gian: Nuh…?  By ‘complete bed rest,’ you mean … no jerking off in bed, right?
Ivan: …Idiot…
Alessandro: …Giancarlo.

Aah, it’s the Boss…!   There’s quite some distance between us, but yeah … he really does look huge.  Yeah…

Gian: Boss … long time no see…  …Sorry I couldn’t go pick you up that time.
Alessandro: Hmph … you haven’t changed a bit.  The doctors said you shouldn’t be getting up for another week.

Boss Alessandro gives a little chuckle.

Gian: Mmm … so, has the verdict for this idiot been settled yet?
Ivan: ‘Idiot?!’  The hell you calling an ‘idiot?!’
Gian: Shaddap.  Idiots should keep quiet.  …We’ve done tons of stupid stuff and screwed up a whole bunch.  He doesn’t listen to a word anyone says either.
Gian: But … he’s … Ivan’s … never betrayed the family!  Not once!
Alessandro: Is that true, Ivan…?
Ivan: Y-Yeah, I…
Gian: I’ve been sticking by his side the whole time, so I should know…!  He’s … he’s not the kind of person who’d betray one of his own!
Gian: He … and I…  We’re both still young, and we’ve still got a long way to go … and it’s true we’ve caused a load of trouble on everyone.
Gian: For that … I apologize.  Sorry…

Luchino: Oh dear … it’s rather nasty of you to tell us the truth straight off the bat.  About the only thing we can do now is nod and accept.

Giulio: I … never once thought that … Signor Gian was any trouble at all…

Bernardo: It’s true that your actions have been problematic in numerous ways … but, more importantly, they had great merit.  …Don’t you think so, Consigliere Cavalli?

Cavalli: M-Mmm…  But we can’t just write off their offenses…


Gian: He and I are part of the family, just like everyone else.  …He’s our pal.  I’ll take the responsibility of looking after him.
Ivan: Y-You…!  Quit trying to act cool…
Alessandro: The famiglia, mm…

Alessandro the old man ponders something over … crosses his arms as his eyes fix coldly and powerfully straight on me and Ivan…

And then…

Alessandro: …Before anyone makes a decision … I would like everyone to hear my opinion on the punishment these two should receive…  Would that be all right?

Everyone acknowledges this with their silence.

Alessandro: It’s as Giancarlo says.  Just as the crimes fall on the both of you, so should the punishment be equally distributed.  However…
Alessandro: Giancarlo, despite your position as my successor as the next capo of the CR:5, you failed to put a stop to Ivan’s actions.
Alessandro: As such, Giancarlo, as Ivan’s superior, you will receive the heavier punishment.

I almost hear the heavy atmosphere shiver with a loud hum.  …The Boss’s always gone easy on me, but just this once, he…

Alessandro: Giancarlo, your promotion to capo will be put in temporary stasis.  For the time being, I will continue acting in my position as I have previously.  …What do you think, directors?

At Boss’s sudden words, the old-timers and middle-aged men of the directors start stirring with a murmur…

Director 1: …I understand.  We also thought that the seat at the head of the family was too heavy for him.  If you would stay as capo, then…

Director 2: Salto, if you would stay as capo and supervise those children … then it’s not our place to disagree to the two of them remaining as captains…


Alessandro: Thank you.  Does anyone else have any opinions?

Ivan: W-Wait…!  Then that means I’m getting off scotch-frggggh—!

I shut Ivan up by whacking Ivan’s foot with ones of my crutches.  …I see what you’re doing there, Boss.  That’s our Boss for you…

Bernardo: In that case, capo del Salto, shall we take those orders as the final decision?  Captains, directors, do you all accept this?

…Again, silence.

Bernardo: Very well.  As such, capo Fiore, capo del Monte, your punishment has now been settled…

If Ivan Affection > 10, Luck > 95, Omerta < 24, then view best ending.  Otherwise view normal ending.

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