Lucky Dog 1 translations 12 Giulio route Bad Ending 01

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 12

A Hazy Dream


giandaivanu3-9-1 Gian: If we don’t end this war now, the people are all gonna get caught up in this!


Luchino: Then … what do you suppose we do…?!  With things like this?!

Luchino throws his hand out, gesturing the smoke rising in a column from the residential area and the lonely coffins.  My words get caught in my throat…


…but, I’ve had fucking enough of this shit.  I can’t take it anymore.

giandaivanu4-3-1 Gian: …I’ll do it.
luchidaivan2-1-1 Luchino: What?
giandaivanu4-2-1 Gian: Let’s … strike a deal with the GD.  For a truce…  If we can draw their attention away with a negotiation, then…
giandaivanu3-9-1 Gian: …even if it’s only temporarily, the shit in the city’ll stop.  In that time, we can think of a countermeasure.

Luchino’s grim expression shows he’s clearly unsatisfied.  …I’m … not exactly confident in this, either…

But, we can’t leave things as they are…!  We have to stop any more citizens from becoming victims…

giandaivanu1-5-1 Gian: I’m heading back to the hotel.  I’ll talk to Bernardo and Counselor Cavalli.  …This time, I’ll talk to the GD as the Capo.


Luchino: I’m going to chase after the culprits.  …I’ll leave one of the Chevrolets behind, so use that.


With just those words, Luchino leaves.  When I try to move, my feet…  …Shit, my feet’re shaking.

Did the fever rebound?  Or … is this fear…?

bg00     bg78


When I return to the hotel, I head straight for Bernardo’s room.  But … he wasn’t there; instead, he was in the lounge.

Standing in front of Bernardo’s Counselor Cavalli.  Before I can celebrate the perfect timing … something about the gathering feels horribly unlucky to me.


Bernardo: Gian, you’re back?

Seeing me, alone, without Luchino, Bernardo’s eyes narrow suspiciously.

giandaivanu1-7-1b Gian: Another bomb went off near the abbey.  You got the report?

Bernardo: Yeah.  A supermarket was taken out.  Is Luchino heading there now?


Somehow, I feel like he’s blaming me for coming back without doing a single thing.

giandaivanu3-3-1 Gian: We can’t have any more of the crumbs in this city die…  Matter of fact is, we’re out of options, right?
berndaivan4-3-1 Bernardo:  If we’re talking about the manpower within Daivan, we are at an advantage.  We did reduce not only their numbers but also take out an executive in the first three days.  They can’t come at us head-on.
cavalli5 Cavalli: Which is why … they’ve resorted to using such underhanded methods … to undermine our foundation.  It is as you say – we have no way of stopping them.
giandaivanu1-7-1b Gian: We have one…

I pound down on the table, drawing both their attentions to me.

giandaivanu4-2-1 Gian: …I fucking make myself sick thinking of this, but … let’s call for a ceasefire with the GD.  This time … I will bring it up to them as the one next in line for Capo.
berndaivan2-1-1 Bernardo: …
cavalli7 Cavalli: …Are you planning to strike a deal with them?
giandaivanu4-3-1 Gian: I’m not planning on licking their heels, too.  Either way, it doesn’t matter if we play nice or not.  We’re going to make them stop doing this shit to the city.
giandaivanu3-9-1 Gian: All we have to do is, while we’re working on the negotiations … find out where their headquarters are and locate their boss, and while their guard’s down, kill him.
cavalli3 Cavalli: There’s no way things will go so…


Bernardo: To tell the truth … earlier, there was a call from Don Bondone.  He had made the same proposal, Gian.

giandaivanu3-2-1c Gian: Wh— That old fogey … as me…?

Bernardo: With Capo del Salto absent, we can’t undergo formal negotiations, which is why, for now, we’ll pretend to accept their conditions…

Bernardo: At the very least, we’ll have peace through the negotiations.  That was Don Bondone’s plan.  He didn’t mention taking a hit on their boss, though.


cavalli6 Cavalli: The GD Boss is a man named Ethan…  He’s sly, cruel, and careful.  He’s not someone who would be killed so easily.
giandaivanu3-4-1 Gian; That’s why … I’m going as the Capo, to bring him out to the table…!  Then … we’ll just let Giulio do his job…!

When Giulio’s name leaves my mouth … I notice … Bernardo and Cavalli’s faces freeze stiff.  They look at each other.

giandaivanu2-9-2 Gian: Did something … happen to Giulio…?
cavalli9 Cavalli: …It may be … the end of the line for him…
berndaivan4-5-1 Bernardo: Things have gotten quite bad…

Bernardo and Counselor Cavalli both slump their shoulders and, like the world’s problems are all on their backs, they heave a deep sigh … before saying,


Bernardo: Today, Giulio had gone out under Don Bondone’s orders again, but … on his way there, there was a quarrel.

giandaivanu3-2-1 Gian: A quarrel?

It’s not a phrase that really fits Giulio.


cavalli3 Cavalli: It appears the discovered those fake police officers from before… But Giulio … he, without contacting us at all, executed them in the middle of the city…
giandaivanu1-5-2 Gian: He killed … them all…?
berndaivan4-4-1 Bernardo: In addition, what’s worse is … the city police arrived on scene and secured the location and the bodies.  There is even talk of witnesses…


Suddenly, a black shadow falls over my eyes.  …If Giulio gets arrested … even we’re in trouble.

giandaivanu1-6-2 Gian: That idiot…  Of all times…!
cavalli3 Cavalli: The only option is to have someone young take his place as a scapegoat.

…Just hearing that makes me feel sick to the stomach.  Why’d Giulio … why can’t that idiot hold back on killing…?!

Plus, he let people see him…!

giandaivanu2-9-2 Gian: Where is Giulio right now?
berndaivan4-5-1 Bernardo: …He’s being confined, unarmed, in that room – the one you two had shared at first.

After saying that, Bernardo looks over towards the main bedroom, nothing but his eyes in motion.

cavalli6 Cavalli: We’ll have to remove Giulio as captain…  …We can’t protect him anymore.  It’s too dangerous.


Bernardo: What do you think?



…To tell the truth, if Giulio stayed as captain, if he spreads his insanity around anymore … it’d be the seeds of our destruction…  Even I know this.

…If I leave him like this, Giulio…


giandaivanu3-3-1 Gian: …Is it … all right if I talk to Giulio for a bit…?

Bernardo takes a breath, thinks … and replies,

berndaivan4-8-1 Bernardo: …I understand.  If it’s you, it should be fine…  Also, you may not have much time left.
giandaivanu2-1-2b Gian: What?  Don’t tell me…?
berndaivan4-4-1 Bernardo: Yes.  It appears that Don Bondone will be obliging us with his complaints.  And … at that time, he may take Giulio with him when he leaves, I believe.
giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: All right…

I get up and head towards the main room.  …That geezer Don Bondone’s coming … and taking Giulio away.


That … probably means…

I will never get to see Giulio again.  I know that’s what this basically boils down to.  We were two people who lived in different worlds in the first place…

How much time do I have?  An hour thirty?  I…  What should I talk about?  What kind of expressions should I make?

Without knowing the answer to a single one of my questions…

…the door shuts behind me.


There’s no light on.  When my eyes adjust to the dark of the room, I take a few steps forward.  I can’t see the person who’s supposed to be in here – Giulio.


I flip the switch by the bed, turn on the lights.  Then I see…


giandaivanu3-6-1 Gian: …!  Gh…  So that’s where you were…

Giulio: Signor … Gian…

Giulio’s standing by the bed, the one he’d used.  …How many times had Giulio used that bed?  I can’t remember; it feels like such a long time ago.


For a while, we’re silent.  …What should I say?

‘It’s already the end for you’…?  ‘I’ll be here, so let’s weather this out!’…?

Giulio: …What is the matter … Signor Gian?  Why did you … come here…?

giandaivanu1-6-1 Gian: …!!


I didn’t think those were the words that’d come.  I feel like he’s mocking me … and so, I stalk forward and stop in front of Giulio.


Giulio: Ngh…

Giulio takes a few steps back.  His retreat’s blocked by the bed.

giandaivanu3-3-1b Gian: …Why’re you running away?

Giulio: I … did such horrible things … to Signor Gian…  So horrible … even if I apologize, it would not…

giandaivanu4-4-1 Gian: Hmm?  So even if your head’s off its rocker … you actually do remember that you did something wrong.  It’s familiar…


Again, I sidle up to Giulio…  I take my thumb and rub away the scar that’s still there on my jaw from that time.

giuliodaivan5-4-2b Giulio: …Ah…

bg000     giulio65-3


When I rub it strongly, the cut breaks and again, it’s smeared with blood.  Giulio’s eyes catch sight of it, widen…  And, like a torch was lit, the light flickers, and then vanishes.

…Eyes like an overgrown dog’s when they spot a slab of meat…!!

giuliodaivan2-5-4 Giulio: …!  Ngh, haa…!

I jam the blood-stained finger into Giulio’s lips.  Giulio groans, coughs.  Canines prick against my thumb, a cold tongue drags across it.

giandaivanu3-13-2 Gian: You like this?  …Just how much of a pervert are you?  Seriously.  No, you’re not a perv…  Your head’s not on right.
giuliodaivan2-5-4 Giulio: Ah, mph … I…

Like he’s mouthing a dick, his timid tongue licks at my finger, sucks it, looking all the while like he’s completely enraptured in the act…  That face…  It makes me want to punch something.

giandaivanu4-8-2 Gian: Hah!  …Haha!  My head’s not on right either!  Even though a guy … even though a guy like you’s using me for a pacifier … it’s all tingly and turning me on!
giuliodaivan2-5-4 Giulio: Unh, gh…  Ah…

I don’t pull the thumb from Giulio’s mouth.  A man’s rough hand’s shoved into Giulio’s pretty face, his pretty mouth, and they’re screwed around, twisted and slovenly…

And, the sensation of the lips and tongue sliding against my finger make me shudder … more than if he were doing this to my dick.  Somewhere near my tailbone spasms from the shock of white pleasure.

bg0     bg65

Every time the small, soft tongue travels down the inside, the side of my finger … a pleasure shoots through my backbone like I’d just cum.  The lukewarm saliva drips down all the way to my wrist.

giandaivanu2-11-2 Gian: Haa … Giulio…  Your gramps’s comin’ for you, y’know?  Ain’t that great?  You get t’go home!
giuliodaivan5-4-4 Giulio: U-Unh … gh…

Giulio’s eyes look up me in question.  I look away.  I don’t want to see them anymore.

giandaivanu3-13-2 Gian: You get to go back to being the Bondone rich kid…!  Go back to the cushy life!  Wonderful, right?!
giuliodaivan3-2-1 Giulio: …gh!  …Gh, cough…!  I…!


Giulio tries to say something, coughs, and pulls back from me.  When his touch leaves my fingers, I whine like a dog whose food was taken away.

giandaivanu1-7-2b Gian: What’s this?  …Or, what?  You’d rather be a gangster, where you can always play with dead bodies?!

Giulio: I-I…!  …I wa…nt … to stay … with everyone…  I wanted … to stay with … Signor Gian…!!


His straightforward words, his direct eyes…  I could look away from his eyes, but I can’t avoid his words…

giandaivanu1-6-2 Gian: …It’s impossible now … for a Mad Dog like you to…!  Why’d you do something stupid like that…?!
giuliodaivan5-7-2 Giulio: I … am of … no use alone…  If you are not with me, I…
giandaivanu2-5-2 Gian: Hah!  ‘s that it?  You mean I should’ve just played dog owner?
giuliodaivan5-4-2b Giulio: I … wanted to always…  I wanted to love you … forever…
giandaivanu3-7-1b Gian: …!  …Haha, you’re not making a lick of sense…!  …Well, whatever.  In that case, before you leave…!
giuliodaivan3-2-1 Giulio: Uah…!

I shove Giulio onto the bed behind him.  The murder machine collapses weakly onto it…

giuliodaivan2-3-2b Giulio: Signor … Gian…?

And, like that, I…  I…

giandaivanu1-6-2 Gian: Grr…  Shit…!

I’m … gonna punch him right here, shove him down, and fucking rape him like he did to me back then … or I want to, but … I…

giandaivanu4-5-1 Gian: You … stupid … idiot…
giuliodaivan4-2-2c Giulio: Signor Gian…  It is … not your fault.  I … am stupid, so someone has to give me orders, or else I…
giandaivanu4-6-1 Gian: …Aagh!!


I slam my fist into the bedpost.  My knuckles split open.  The blood streams out…  The bloody red spills onto the sheets, staining them with red blotches…

transition192     bg65

giuliodaivan5-7-1 Giulio: Ah…!  Ah…

A confused voice spills from Giulio.  …No.  It’s a heated exhale of delight he couldn’t hide…

giandaivanu4-5-2 Gian: I…!  I can’t be your owner, not someone like me!  It’s … already impossible!  I can’t…!!
giuliodaivan5-4-1 Giulio: Is it … because I am strange in the head…?
giandaivanu3-9-2 Gian: …!  Yeah … that’s right!!  Mad Dog, it’s because you love your blood and bodies!!

I…  I dribble splatters of blood over the blank white sheets when…

giuliodaivan5-6-1 Giulio: Signor Gian, your blood…

Giulio searches through his coat pocket and pulls out a pure white handkerchief … and with the piece of cloth…

…a few small kraft packets spill out.

giandaivanu2-5-2 Gian: Ha … haha, you’ve still got these?
giuliodaivan4-2-2c Giulio: U-Um … I have … not had the chance to throw—

Fuck!!  I curse as I stretch forward my bloody hand.  I break open the paper packet, and the powdery snow…

…bursts out, piles on top of my blood before immediately dirtying red and disappearing.  I lick up the blood…

bg000     bg0


giandaivanu3-3-2c Gian: …Ss…!  …Fanculo!!


I scatter the rest of the power over the back of my hand and inhale t up my nose.  Bang!  …It’s a Dynamite – a mix of heroine and cocaine.  Instantly, the shotgun inside my brain explodes.

giandaivanu4-8-2 Gian: …!  Gh … hah…!  A-Aah!!  …Pffhaha…  It’s over.  It’s all over…!!
giuliodaivan5-7-2 Giulio: Signor Gian … I am … sorry…
giandaivanu2-8-1 Gian: …!!  Agh!

transition194     bg0

Carnival confetti showers down before my eyes.  Beyond the drizzle, far, far off in the distance … I see a tiny Giulio, sitting smack in the middle of nowhere.


Giulio, tiny and black like a comma inked in out of nowhere in this world of pure white…  I rip open the paper packet and scatter it over my sliced up hand.


giandaivanu4-8-2 Gian: …Lick it, Mad Dog.  You’re a dog, right?  So lick it clean.
giuliodaivan5-6-4 Giulio: Y-Yes…

Sploosh.  A warm feeling wraps around me.  That’s all it takes for my spine to start trembling.

giuliodaivan3-2-4 Giulio: Ah…

I shove Giulio away.  Shove my hand up to that blood-stained mouth.  Drag it across his lips…

…Fuck!!  There’s skittering bugs crawling all over my body!!

I throw off the bugs.  Lap up blood soaked with dope…

…and laugh.

bg00     bg66

giandaivann1-10-2 Gian: …Haa … haa haa…

How long’ve I been at it?  The crimson blood on the bed sheets look pitch black to my eyes before turning pure white … and shuddering like a wave and crashing.


Just earlier…


I’d opened the packet of dope from Giulio’s coat pocket and snorted it.  Why’d I do something like that…?  I don’t remember anymore.

Now, it’s just…


Everything sways, buried beneath the white waves.  Sways…  Then night comes, and it’s all dark…  And again it sways, a white wave leisurely drawing closer.


When the white wave disappears…  Between the waves…

giuliodaivann5-6-2 Giulio: …Gh…

I see Giulio, rolling between the snow white waves.  Why’s he here, in a place like this…  Oh, I see…


giandaivann1-2-1 Gian: Ah, I get it.  We … the two of us came to Florida…

That’s right.  We threw everything aside and fled to the gulf … to the beaches of Florida, just the two of us.


giuliodaivann5-6-2 Giulio: …Ah…
giandaivann1-2-1 Gian: Giulio, you still swimming?  The waves’re getting higher.  You should come on back.  Let’s have some sundae back at the hotel.


The sun’s blaring bright.  Though it’s the equator sun, it’s an awfully chilly sun.  We’ll talk with the hotel and have them change it.


Somewhere, a jazz band’s playing.  Damn, they suck.  ‘sides, they’ve only got drums.  Where’re the piano and sax?


As soon as I start booing, they stop playing.  I hope the boogie-woogie’s up next.  Something red hot fast that makes you wanna step to it.


giandaivann2-2-1 Gian: …Oh, don’t worry about cleaning up the room.  Don’t look like that.  Come on, we’ve got the tip right here…


Bang.  Bangbang.  Bang.


bondone1 Bondone: Hmph…  What an auspicious brat.  Expiring during a drug high was probably his greatest desire.

After capturing the lounge and then the main room, the Bondone’s private troops lower the guns as they drop their guard and, with eyes practically spitting, they gaze down at the body.

…At the wretched, stark naked man’s body on the bed.

bondone1 Bondone: If you had been a woman, then I would have coupled you with Giulio and had you continue the del Salto bloodline, but … what a useless man.

The old man sneers, spitting out the name of the man whose mere mention would bring him to seething rage, before…

bondone2 Bondone: Giulio.  …Giulio, get up!!


giuliodaivann2-5-1 Giulio: …!!  …Eh…!  …A-Ah…?
bondone1 Bondone: How foolish can you be, to follow the words of this … this insignificant man.  But … it is already over.  Come!  Giulio!
giuliodaivann2-4-2 Giulio: G-Grand…father…?  …!  A-Ah … aaah…!!

Giulio’s muddied eyes wander.  They first catch sight of his grandfather, wrenching him with fear.  Then … he notices the spreading sea of blood by his side.

Lying there … is the body of a young blond man.  A body whose torso and skull were penetrated by rounds upon rounds of 45-caliber bullets.  On its face is a faint smile, or is that an expression of anguish…?

A body that had died with its eyes staring wide open.

giuliodaivann3-1-2 Giulio: …!!  Gh…!!

At the sight of the corpse, of its face … Giulio’s body wells up, as though his hair had transformed into the bristling mane of a lion…


bondone3 Bondone: He is yours now.
giuliodaivann2-4-1 Giulio: …Ah…

At the old man’s words, Giulio’s body twitches and shudders, and his eyes that were bursting with rage vanish, leaving only emptiness … as he gazes down at the body.

giuliodaivann5-4-1 Giulio: Signor … Gian…
bondone3 Bondone: Do as you wish.  We still have scum to clean away.  You may stay and play here a while yet.
giuliodaivann4-1-1 Giulio: Yes.  …Thank … you … Grandfather.
bondone3 Bondone: …I love you, my dear Giulio.  Be a good child and follow my directions well.  If you do…
bondone3 Bondone: …I will give you anything you want.
giuliodaivann2-6-1 Giulio: yes…  I will … do as you say, Grandfather.

Bondone leaves the room, taking his posse of private soldiers.  The armed men sweep their eyes over the scene unfolding in the room, over the disturbing young man their master was talking to…

…and, their lips curled like they’d seen something disgusting, they turn away.

bg00     bg63

In that emptied room…

giuliodaivann2-6-4 Giulio: …Signor Gian…

Giulio’s hand stretches towards the still-warm skin.  His entire naked body, its skin, its blood, are still warm…

bg00     bg63

I lick Signor Gian’s unresponsive skin more meticulously than usual.



Giulio: It is soft…  It buries my fingers so easily…

With a gushing noise, the smell of gastric fluid wafts from his accepting lips.

Giulio: You are so warm … Signor Gian…

But, I know.  That this – that Signor Gian will only last temporarily.  I know that he is slowly growing cooler.

Giulio: Please … do not stare.  It is embarrassing…

I gently close his eyes.  He looks as though he is sleeping.  I clean the blood smeared on his face with kisses.

I rain kisses down on his slumbering face.  Again, I open his eyes.

Giulio: Haha…  What … is the matter, Signor Gian?

I adjust his eyelids as they are open.  I lick his eyeballs to soften them.  This way, he looks calm.

Giulio: Signor Gian…  Do not stare at me so much…

I see my reflection in his unmoving eyes.  It is laughing more joyously than I have ever seen in the mirror.  Signor Gian is also smiling for me at the sight.

Giulio: Signor Gian…  My Signor Gian…

He is finally mine.  My head grows dizzy with abnormally potent excitement.  A blood vessel may have burst in my brain.  I must breathe.

Even if this happiness were only to continue for a short while, I would be happy to die now.  I am afraid … that it will decay before I can know everything and taste everything.  Before I can exhaust everything.

I take deep breaths to calm my body.

bg0     giulioscene50

Giulio: Haa, haa…  Haa…  Haahghaah…  Signor Gian.

bg0     giulioscene50

I ejaculate without noticing.

Giulio: Oh … I am … sorry…  Haa, I will lick it clean for you.

I am in such perfect ecstasy.

Giulio: Signor Gian … you are also asking for more…?

Again and again.  As I climax within his pliant intestines, I can feel my mind being paralyzed by a pleasure far greater than what my penis is experiencing.

My whole body shakes.  My mind cannot climax any more.

Giulio: Haa…  You mentioned before, didn’t you … Signor Gian?  That I … should speak what I want…

Giulio: I … am stupid … so it is only now that I realize…

Giulio: I love you.  I love you, Signor Gian…  May I eat you?

There is no response.  Signor Gian is always so easily embarrassed.  Even someone like me knows this.

Giulio: Signor Gian, you are so soft…  While you are still warm … may we be one…?

My fingers caress Signor Gian’s neck.  I slowly, gently bury my fingers into the carotid artery that has long ceased movement.

Giulio: …I love you, Signor Gian…



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          This was more … well, I understand desperation. And he was killed by an enemy, not his … former friend that he humiliated just for shits ‘n giggles (and the power trip, I guess). It’s more bearable, I suppose?

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              On a side note, I try to make it stand out in the translation by being stupidly pedantic (or just overly formal) in the 3rd person scenes, really casual with Gian (but surprisingly educated when it comes to vocab), and really simple with Giulio. (And, on that note, Ivan is also incredibly simple, but has contractions and swears a lot.)

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                I know. I know that trying to combine ‘saner’ with Giulio is madness. But you have to admit, it’s like the boy has different personalities. From cool and monotonic to meek Gian lover to ‘Mad Dog’. When I say saner, I refer to when he is all cool and monotonic. Sorry for the confusion.



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                  May 31, 2013 @ 01:24:07

                  Not really confusion. Just joking =P But yes, he is a bit (and I use this word casually) bipolar.

                  Well, the original Japanese had its differences. Like I said, Gian was more informal and had slang in it. The 3rd person narration was more proper (ie, no random slashes and slurred sounds etc.), while Giulio’s POV is … well. Polite. You played along with the game so you probably noticed (or you actually know Japanese and you noticed), but Giulio is the kind of person who uses a polite form of Japanese when talking in his mind / with Gian (and then proceeds to switch to coldly insulting with almost anyone not Gian). It was just that it came out without any transition, so you had to pay attention.



  4. etyy
    May 28, 2013 @ 03:21:27

    [bg0 => giulioscene50]

    Oh, you miss one more. XD



  5. Rain
    May 28, 2013 @ 14:23:35

    i somehow cried… it was too sad and mortifying. waaah! :(((



  6. KuranNita
    Jun 04, 2013 @ 10:17:41

    God, I’ve played his route before with not understanding the words. I’ve searched the options and stumbled into this scene.. OK. But, reading this translation, I-I become VERY GLAD that I didn’t eat right now.. I want to puke… *Covering my mouth as my face turned green*

    Still… Giulio is my favorite…



  7. absenceoffaith
    Jun 07, 2013 @ 17:52:54

    Ah how dare they hurt my precious Gian!

    Yeah he can be an asshole sometimes… but he doesn’t deserve this!

    I mean, after what Giulio did in the first love scene (I’m actually really freaking bitter about that XD). I mean, come on!

    All I can say is you got on my hit list, Giulio. I don’t care how cute and innocent you seem e.e… And how everyone loves you’re weird necrophiliac self. You’re on it. You’re lucky that my loveable Bernardo is going to be translated next Giulio, otherwise, I’d lay down some pain on yo’ face!!

    Sorry xD! Joking aside, I’m really thankful for you to translate this! I love this game <3. And I love you… o.o… *cough*… *slithers away*



    • absenceoffaith
      Jun 07, 2013 @ 18:20:51

      Also I know it’s not really Giulios direct fault for this… but I had alot of pent up aggression from completing all his route today and seeing the first love scene (just a bit ago) e.e… so I ended up releasing it all here XP.. sorry

      That said, I enjoyed his route regardless and i do like him :3. He might not be my favorite character (who is Gian), but he is interesting. I’ll give him that.



  8. absenceoffaith
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 02:17:42

    Let them come @_@ *undoes wedgie with a dramatic flick of my wrist*… I’m ready for them!

    Just kidding XD. Seriously o.o. I do love Giulio ^^. I just get mad when he puts my Gian in bad situations is all!

    Also, in my earlier comments, by first love scene i meant the first love scene when they got back to Daivan (not the 2 foreplay during the excape)… *cough* I don’t know why I worded it so weird.



  9. andyphantomhive
    Jun 25, 2013 @ 13:51:04

    I hate this ending, but at the same time, i love it. Giulio is my favourite character and to get to read from his point of view really fascinates me , i love his personallity…… insane people fascinates me… dont judge > 3 <

    thank you for translating btw, i'm really captivated by lucky dog, i really want to play the game, but unfortunately i don't understand japanese ._. so thank you very much ^^



  10. Pijon
    Oct 23, 2013 @ 03:21:41

    Ah, what good BL game doesn’t have some form of cannibalism rape in it? I was expecting it from Giulio a mile away. The set up was there from the from the beginning. I thought it could never compare to the weight some other cannibal endings spoiled me with by the way Giulio acted in the other endings. I was expecting something bland like yandere Makoto in Sweet Pool- yeah yeah, get on with it, kill the loved one you can’t own and relish in the delicious delicious blood bath- but this one threw me for a loop. It was surprisingly good. Expected, yes, but the way it played out was very nicely done- masterfully even.

    Giulio himself doesn’t kill Gian, and for a moment it seems like he will attack his grandfather and mourn Gian’s death. However, his previously established self-defense mechanism comes back into play at just the right moment, and he ends up getting exactly what he’s always wanted: someone who will control him completely, the freedom to indulge himself in a fetish without being reprimanded, and the complete control over the wild Gian- all those things which he’d never get in any other ending.

    In fact, the one who’s in control of him now, his grandfather, is the one who gives Giulio what he needs- not just Gian or the freedom to do whatever with him, but the acceptance of his “dirty habit”– which can be seen as the acceptance of everything Giulio is, regardless of how ugly it may be. It strikes home that in another ending, we find out unconditional acceptance is what Giulio has wanted and has worked hard to earn this entire game. As sad as it is for the viewer who’s journeyed along side, grown fond of, and sympathized with the main character thus far, Giulio should be happiest in this ending– which is what makes this a truly twisted and well thought out ending in my book. Stamp this as one of my favorite game endings, A+



    • terracannon876
      Oct 24, 2013 @ 13:30:58

      I’ve never seen such an indepth comment about this ending. Thank you for your thoughts. 🙂

      I have to agree. I don’t like this ending, but I will agree it is a tragic view where Giulio will probably be the happiest, the wrongest, and the most ignorant/closed off from the world in this ending. The cannabalism is just a side thing, stemming from his desire to be with Gian. I don’t agree the Giulio desired control, per se, over Gian, but to him, just being in Gian’s presence was enough to make him happy. My friend and I had a conversation once, and she said that Giulio probably was the one person who would’ve been happiest in all the routes – not just his own – because he would’ve been happyx10 just from being by Gian’s side. The whole romance aspect? Completely flew straight past all his wishes and brought him to something near utopia. All he needed was to be close.

      …And yes, his grandfather gave it to him. It was a surprising move on his part, but also shows that he does understand how to control Giulio – not just with discipline but also with rewards. Just like a dog.

      While Giulio may be happiest, it is also happiness in ignorance, and so whether that can be called true happiness is debatable.

      I admire the writers for thinking this indepth with their endings, even with the “classic” necro ending. I’m surprised you enjoyed this one the most, but I understand why, with your reasons 🙂 I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the game (that’s up)!



  11. Pijon
    Oct 27, 2013 @ 19:12:21

    I do agree that Giulio is content merely being around Gian. If nothing more, he feels comforted by his presence. (Who wouldn’t, with Gian’s luck?) However, as Gian tries to get closer with him, Giulio begins to want something more in depth. Naturally, Giulio looks up to Gian- especially since Gian seemed to have accepted him when they’d originally met. It’s not the same for Gian. Gian is put off by Giulio from the start, and his acceptance wavers off and on the more he starts to get to know the guy. He might not lay down the law with Giulio and say “Your fetish creeps me out, stop it or I’ll look down on you” but it’s fairly obvious Gian isn’t comfortable with it. Gian can’t turn a blind eye to it as if it’s completely normal, and Giulio picks up on that- which is why he comments that Gian must see him as “funny in the head” at times. Gian isn’t going to accept or join in with the activity that Giulio can lose himself in. He even outright denies Giulio of this habit a few times, like when he tells Giulio not to put the blood to his mouth, and at points seem like he’s trying to ‘fix’ him. I believe that Giulio understands Gian’s standpoint- that Gian cares for his well being which is why he doesn’t want to see Guilio playing with the corpses.

    However, this is not something that can suddenly disappear from Giulio’s life- and having sex with Gian can never replace it. Killing has been his purpose in life and he will always be surrounded by dead people. He’s learned to cope with human mortality and even find comfort in corpses- perhaps a comfort he’s relied on for quite some time. Dead people cannot judge him like living people do. They lie there, completely accepting whatever Giulio does without any complaints. This way, it’s ok to kill people on command. There is an enticing reward waiting for him shortly after. The vulgar thug trying to kill him moments before? Now lifeless and fully yielding to Giulio’s fancy. The only problem with the bodies is that he cannot fully interact with them. They will not hurt or deny him- however, they will not acknowledge him or praise him. They will not give him the validation he needs. Being with a body is the same as being isolated with a toy, and as a human, Giulio needs social interaction. He seeks validation in the form of being commanded. If he completes a task someone ordered him to do, said person will acknowledge him. This is the easiest way for him to be accepted. He does not have to dance around with diplomacy (like we see Ivan doing in his route when he must coax each person the right way in order to keep his night business establishments in order, or like our protagonist who must do and say the correct things to make each of the CR:5 give their utmost loyalty to him). Giulio might not understand the interactions among normal people enough to get the results he needs, and obeying another person requires very little social prowess. This does not mean, however, that he wishes to submit to another’s will that he disagrees with. He obviously wants to enjoy life too, and he wants to share his joy with that other person who will accept him.

    That being said, I do feel like Giulio wants to control Gian -but not in the ‘absolute obedience’ sense. Rather, he wants to make Gian accept him for who he is and not criticize him for what he does. It’s the sort of control issue that is bound to happen in any relationship. His ideal for Gian would be for Gian (the respectable and trustworthy authority figure) to order him, receive a sense of importance by being the only one Gian can trust, and have Gian accept that Giulio’s way of blowing off steam happens to involve playing with his victims. Gian is pretty wild in the sense that he won’t bat an eyelash to question what anyone else thinks while simultaneously doing whatever the hell he feels like doing, even if it’s a huge gamble. Gian knows how to get on a person’s good side. He is likable and socially acceptable. Giulio is not the sort of person that can trust others- he cannot easily make friends and he much prefers the tight bond that comes in pairs. This explains the hints of Giulio’s jealousy when Gian mentions Bernardo. Gian is a risky bet for him. While Guilio is fond of Gian, Gian can easily ditch him for bigger and better things out in the world. This is why Giulio does not refuse his grandfather at first, even when Gian is openly aggravated with him about it. Grandfather is a safe bet, Gian is the risky bet- rewarding when obtained but can easily slip through his fingers and lose everything. Giulio wants Gian to have eyes only for him, and he will be forever loyal and devoted to Gian in return. However, it’s impossible with Gian- whom Giulio has set his sights on. He most likely will never have that fairy tale ideal of complete devotion and acceptance- but if he can’t have the devotion, at least with the bodies he can have acceptance. With his grandfather, he has validation through his job and the comfort to do as he pleases. So, no, he is not 100% truly happy with his grandfather but it’s most likely the best he can get without flipping Gian’s yandere switch. Or you know, somehow will his way into necromancy and summon a really devoted Gian zombie.

    Giulio’s pretty lucky no matter which ending. He’s never had to suffer through much agony and he never has a mental breakdown to the point where he snaps (or at least from what I’ve seen). He’s a true spoiled rich kid for ya =P



  12. Pijon
    Oct 27, 2013 @ 19:13:23

    //sorry for the term paper of a reply -_-;;//



    • rin
      Dec 01, 2015 @ 21:45:51

      I rather liked it. It made sense and was really insightful, especially since I never was good at finding depth in people or characters.



  13. Zatzu-chan
    Jun 15, 2017 @ 10:56:50

    Is it wrong for me to love this!?
    How did that old man raised Giulio?
    Also, should this have a NSFW sign? … just wondering…



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