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Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 12

I Have Always… Pt. 2

This chapter contains lots of NSFW!  Lots!  …Screw that.  THERE BE RABBITS HERE.  Ugh.


Chuckling, I rip off the cover to another ice cream cup and stick my fingers straight inside.

giandaivann2-2-4 Gian: Wait a sec here…  Here, this one’s strawberry!  …Say ‘Aaah.’
giuliodaivann5-6-4 Giulio: Ah … nh … hah…  It is … delicious…
giandaivann3-1-4 Gian: There’s still a whole load to go through!  Sweets get the spirit up, right?

I continue letting Giulio devour the ice cream off my hand for a while.  …I feel like I’m taming a wild beast with food.

giuliodaivann5-4-4 Giulio: Ngh, haah…  I-It … is sw…eet…  Ngh…

There’s not even a hint of his previous madness.  His expression gradually gets more and more relaxed, more satisfied, and a bit high.

giuliodaivann2-1-4 Giulio: …Haah…  Haah…
giandaivann4-9-1b Gian: Ngh, that’s a little ticklish…
giuliodaivann5-6-4 Giulio: Ngh … Apolo…gies…  Nh…

Well, having such a handsome guy get so caught up in licking your hand is pretty perverted in itself.

giandaivann2-6-4 Gian: Haha…  There’s other stuff here ‘sides ice cream, like chocolate.  Marshmallows.  I’d bought the whole menagerie of confections they’d had at the stand.  They’re cheap ones, but … want some?
giuliodaivann5-1-4 Giulio: Yes…  Please.

I pick out one sweet after another from the bag, and Giulio plucks them away with his lips one by one.  He’d gulp them down in no time, leaving me with almost no time to eat any myself.

He’d probably eat from my hand forever, all the way until his stomach sputters and gives out.

giandaivann2-3-4c Gian: You really like it, don’t you…?

‘…Not the sweets, but me,’ I wonder as I place a cookie in Giulio’s mouth.

It’s a bit embarrassing to acknowledge, but one can’t turn their eyes from reality!

…Every now and then, his lips or the tip of his tongue would touch my fingertips.  It’s on purpose.  With his physical abilities, he’d probably be able to eat the whole thing without touching my fingers once.

Rather … Giulio, you’re surprisingly bad at hiding your expressions.  …Every time he touches my fingers, his long eyelashes would flutter, and the first thing I’d see’d be his openly frightened expression…

giandaivann2-1-4b Gian: Oh!  If we don’t get the ice cream first, it’s all gonna melt…  Take what you want from inside.  Here.

I remember I still haven’t had a bite yet.  I push the bag o’ sweets to Giulio while dipping my fingers into a cup of ice cream.

This time, I move it to my mouth.  …Mm, it’s good.

giandaivann3-3-3 Gian: It’s gotten softer than before…  Oh, whoa there…

The liquid melting from the cup scurries down my wrist.  In a panic, I stick out my tongue to catch the bead.

giuliodaivann2-2-4 Giulio: A-Ah…
giandaivann2-2-4 Gian: Hm?  What?  Wait up a bit!  Lemme have a taste, too.

Giulio silently watches me as I test each flavor.  He doesn’t make a move for the bag of sweets I’d handed to him.  He blushes, starts shifting restlessly…

giuliodaivann4-2-4 Giulio: Ah … nh…
giandaivann2-1-4b Gian: What’s wrong, Giulio?

I cock my head as I lick up the sticky mess of ice cream flavors from my fingers.

…Giulio whispers, like he can’t take it anymore,

giuliodaivann4-3-4 Giulio: Um, Signor Gian…  May I please have … ice cream … too…?
giandaivann3-1-3 Gian: Sure.  Here, chow down.

I nod towards a cup sitting there with its cover wide open.

giuliodaivann2-4-4 Giulio: N-No, I mean…  That is…

I know.  Sorry, just teasing ya.

giandaivann2-3-4c Gian: …Here, Giulio.  Have at it.

Without jabbing my fingers into the container for another helping of ice cream, I hold my empty – save for some stickiness – fingers up in front of Giulio’s mouth.

giuliodaivann5-6-4 Giulio: A-Ah…!  …Ngh, haa…  Mh…

transition151     bg122

For an instant, I spy Giulio’s overjoyed expression before he hastily latches on and sucks.  I feel a jolt at the tongue, hotter than before…

giandaivann4-7-4b Gian: …Ngh…  Whoa.  …’s really something, this…  …You all right with just the fingers?
giuliodaivann5-2-4 Giulio: Eh…

Giulio opens his eyes from his vacation on cloud nine.

giuliodaivann2-4-4 Giulio: …M-May I also … lick … your palm…?

Is that something to ask with such an unsteady voice?

giandaivann2-2-3 Gian: You can help yourself to anything you want to lick, too.

When I say this with a wry smirk, Giulio suddenly draws his tongue in and raises his face.

giandaivann1-4-4 Gian: You like me, right?

I say this, wondering inside just what I’d do if he gives me an answer different from what I expect.

giuliodaivann5-2-4 Giulio: Yes … I love you…   You are extremely precious to me.  Dear to me.  I love you…

With a tearful expression … Giulio nods again and again, so much that his teeth practically clack together.  …It’s more or less the expected answer.


I know that what’s inside him isn’t an emotion that can be summed up with the word “love.”

He’s a reliable ally, and the killing machine Mad Dog who idolizes me.

So long as I’m around, he doesn’t break.  He can stay unbroken.  …I don’t want to see him broken.

…I’ve already prepared myself for the worst.  I’ve forgiven him, accepted him…

Because Giulio … is also precious to me.  I love him.

giandaivann1-11-4 Gian: What happened last time…  It’s not something uncommon with virgins rushing in for a go.  It’s not something I don’t get, as a fellow male.
giuliodaivann2-4-4 Giulio: I’m sorr—  I’m sorry…
giandaivann2-7-4b Gian: Yeah, you better regret it.  So if you go and suicide on me, I’m gonna spend the rest of my life in pain.  Suicide makes God mad, too, yeah?
giuliodaivann2-1-4 Giulio: …I do not care about God.  If Signor Gian despises it, then I will never commit suicide.  To me … Signor Gian is more important than God.

Wow, that’s quite the declaration…  My heart quivers unconsciously.

giandaivann2-6-4 Gian: …All right.  From here on, I’m overwriting my memories, and yours of me.  They’re gonna be better ones, with more love and joy.
giuliodaivann2-4-4 Giulio: Eh…?
giandaivann3-1-4 Gian: Haha, here goes nothing!  …Come on!

I shove the bag of sweets on the bed away and collapse backwards onto the sheets.  I drag Giulio up and over me.

giuliodaivann2-2-4 Giulio: Signor Gian…?!

With his body bent over mine, Giulio’s limber body trembles with a confused expression.

giuliodaivann2-1-4 Giulio: …W-What … is this?  What is this reward for…?
giandaivann2-10-4b Gian: It’s no … ‘reward.’  I also…

Giulio’s face looks like he’s debating whether he’s dreaming the whole thing.  “Reward?”  You’re not actually a dog here…

Well, reward or dog or whatever…  If he’s a dog, then I’ve just gotta be the alpha or the master.

I whisper into Giulio’s ear,

giandaivann2-4-4 Gian: There’s gonna be no more repeats of before, you hear…?  Besides … you know, kissing in bed and moving on from there’s how the rest of the world does it.
giuliodaivann5-4-4 Giulio: Y-Yes … Signor … Gian…!
giandaivann2-3-4c Gian: I told yo—  W-Whoa…  Mff…

Giulio’s face draws close, steals my lips, interrupting me.  …That’s a bit unexpected, though this speed and quick learning’s just what you’d expect from Giulio.

giandaivann4-7-4b Gian: Nn, haa…

The tongue swirling around, licking everything in my mouth makes goosebumps appear all over.

giuliodaivann5-6-4 Giulio: Haah, ah…!  It … is sweet…  Nnh…
giandaivann4-10-4 Gian: Wh..y you…  Mm … haa…!

Worrying the whole time whether I can actually control myself and Giulio, I reach back towards that sweet tongue…


Gian: Heh, it’s tasty in the mouth … but this way it’s kinda cold…

Giulio: I will … lick it away now.

Gian: Nn…  Then you’re just gonna spread it back on.

From the heat, the taste, the smell, I could tell just how excited we were getting.  And mixed in with all that was the perfume of the melted ice cream – the vanilla, the chocolate, the strawberry.  Heat’s filling up the room.

Giulio: Mm … it is … delicious…


Gian: Which?  …Nn, haa … ah…  That made me jump.

Giulio: Signor Gian’s taste … is delicious…

Giulio’s burying my body in ice cream and then lapping it up.  I hadn’t planned on any decorative food play, but … oh well.  Whatever.

Gian: You’re more kid than dog…  Giulio, you eat that much sugar, you’re gonna get fat…

I joke around.

Giulio: I used to eat more before.  I have never … grown fat…  But … I will be careful.  Starting tomorrow…


Gian: W-Whoa?!  Hey, wait, sensitive…  Ah…

He licks the area around my crotch, ‘round and round, pulling an embarrassingly heady groan from me.

Giulio: I love … that voice…  It makes me happy…  My whole body is floating…

Giulio says this absentmindedly as he strokes my already-slippery boner.  With the grips of irresistible bliss clawing me down, I start emitting wordless noises in sync with my breathing.

Gian: Ah … ah…  Haa … Giulio…!

Giulio: …Nn…  Please … do not say my name…  Just that … makes me … a little stranger…


Gian: Haa … ngh…  You’re good, you bastard.  It’s just your second lay and you’ve already got it down…  Giuli…o…!

Giulio: Signor … Gian…!

The icy touch of the cold ice cream and warm touch Giulio’s tongue.  The reason the melted ice cream’s all warmed up and getting even stickier is because I can feel my body temperature rising, too.

There’s no pain, no violence, no forcefulness in all this.  Everything slowly, gradually, erases any fear of Giulio still lingering in the bottom of my heart.


Gian: Hey, don’t just … there… Ah…

Giulio: Is here … all right?  Oh … it appears it is…

In his enthusiasm, Giulio sets aside his desires and continues to take care of mine.  As he jerks me off, it’s like he’s feeling the pleasure I’m feeling.

Giulio: Your nipples … are cute … and delicious…

Gian: Stupid … don’t say that out loud!

Probably because he can’t hold back, sometimes he pulls his hard-on up to my stomach, but it doesn’t feel like the forceful assault from before.  I don’t feel the desire to run away.

Gian: …How long you gonna keep licking?  If you just do that, you…

Giulio: Even if there is no ice cream, Signor Gian is delicious…

Gian: Nn … your hands … can tell, too?

Giulio: Signor Gian … is excited…  They can tell … it feels good…

As he slides his hand over my dick, his lips and tongue lovingly caress my chest.

Giulio: Nn … haa…  Gian…

Gian: Why … you…  Doin’ whatever you want…

At the painless, crazy-less ministrations … I exhale, and close my eyes, and surrender myself to Giulio.

If I reach up and touch Giulio’s body, I’d feel the supple, clean skin.

A beautiful body, like a prince’s, hiding an unbelievable amount of overwhelming physical strength.

Crap…  We’re both guys, yet I don’t feel any disgust at all…  I’m in trouble…

Giulio: Where … does it feel good?  Please tell me.  I will do anything.


Gian: …Nn…  —ss…

Giulio: A kiss…?  Yes…  Nn…


Gian: Haah … Nn!  Ngh…!

I was raped by this guy, wasn’t I…?  But even so, the kisses he gives me sometimes are so gentle, feel so good and only good…  Just where did I go wrong in life…?

I can’t open my eyes from the intensity of the pleasure.  Giulio’s strokes are pinpoint accurate.  I feel like I could just cum already…


Gian: Ah … haa!  Shit … clo—  Giulio…!

Giulio: Oh … are you ejaculating…?  …Shall you go like this?  Shall I … use my mouth…?


Gian: E-Either one’s…  Aah!!  Don’t stop!  I’m … c-cumming…!!

Right then, I wrap my hands around Giulio and draw him close.  The next instant, my mind goes white.

Giulio: Signor Gian…!  Gian…!  Come…  Come by my hand…!

Gian: U-Ungh, aah…!  T-Too strong…!

My penis, stroked and fondled in Giulio’s hand, bursts out with semen, more powerful than it’s ever done before.


Gian: Haah…!  Ngh…!

bg0     giulioscene34

Splitter, splatter.  Something warm dribbles onto my face…  Wow, did I really just spray onto my own face…?  The rest is spewed out over Giulio’s chest.

Giulio: …It is so hot…  There is still so much…

Still gripping my dick, sensitive from having just gone, Giulio whispers this, fascinated.  Beat, I just nod in response with a groan.

Giulio: Um … did it … feel good…?

Gian: Nnnh … You can’t tell … without asking…?  You don’t … usually go this much…

Giulio: Oh … my apologies…

Gian: More importantly … the jizz got up my nose…

This is the first time in my life I’ve ever cum onto my face.

Giulio: Yes … I will clean it now…  Nn…

Gian: Nn, nh … Giulio…

Giulio licks my face free of cum.

And the stuff that got up my nose?  Of course he slurps it out.  …How to put it … this has already transcended way past embarrassing.

Gian: How can you go that far…?

Giulio: Eh…?  What…?

Getting slathered in ice cream.  Having it feel so good and everything get all squelchy, and then even seeing my most embarrassing moments, watching me cum.  …I’d given everything to Giulio.

Suddenly … I realize I trusted Giulio.  Well, I suppose I wouldn’t be doing this with him if I didn’t…

Gian: Giulio … you’re up next.  I’m counting on you to make it hurt as little as possible.

I say this as I stroke the back of Giulio’s head, and he nods back meekly.

Giulio: …Yes.  I will do my best…

+25 Luck

bg0     giulioscene35

Carefully loosened up with the melted ice cream and Giulio’s saliva, my hole takes up three of Giulio’s fingers.  At my nod, he pulls the fingers out…

Gian: Nnah…  Th-That’s enough…

Giulio: Yes…

Gian: Go in … slowly.  It’s loose now, so it should probably be fine…

Giulio: Yes…  Then … I am moving now.

His entrance is, as I’d told him, slow and steady.  The moment I screw my face up, he stops.

Gian: …Ngh … what’s this?  …Look at you, you can hold back…


Giulio: Unh … it is hot … and amazing…

Slowly, taking his time, Giulio pushes into me.


Gian: Aah, gh … Ow … guess … there’s still more…?

Giulio: A-Ah … I…

Gian: Ngh … slow…ly…  —olly gonna bleed…

We’re connected … right smack up to each other.  To try and do away with the pain, I slow down my breathing to try and relax myself.

I can hear Giulio gulp before he pushes down near my groin.

Gian: Hey … what’re you doing?  That just makes it hurt more…


Giulio:  Eh…?  M-My apologies…  But … I am … inside Signor Gian … and…

Ah, he needs more than words to really get it…  Well, he was virgin enough to rape me.

Giulio’s staring at the gushy place where we’re connected, stroking my abdomen again and again.

Giulio: I am … really inside here…

Gian: Even if you don’t tell me, you can trust me, I know…!


Giulio: I also know without seeing…  It feels amazingly good … like…

Just once, Giulio moves his hips.


Giulio: Ngh…!

Gian: Nn!  I-I’m all right…!

Probably because we used enough preparation and lubricant, I feel more of an encroaching pressure than any pain.

Maybe it’s because he’s going easy, but it doesn’t feel like it’s in all the way.  I still don’t feel confident I’ll be fine going that far.  But, I’ve gotta say something to Giulio, who’s looking all anxious…


Gian: …Yeah, I’m serious.  I’m fine.  You can … keep going … all right?


At my prompting, Giulio starts moving his hips again.

…Mm, yeah.  It’s fine.  It doesn’t really hurt…  He really is elite in anything.  Tell him once and he can pull anything off.

Gian: …Mm, I think it’s all right…  A-Ah…!  It’s good, so keep going…!  Ah…!


Giulio: Yes…  It is very … good…  Signor Gian … is amazing…  Even if there … is no blood, it is … very good…!

What disturbing thing’d he blurt out just now…?

Gently, I wrap my arms around Giulio’s back to ease my movements.  …I’m also … feeling kinda good.


Giulio: …I love you…  Signor Gian … you are beautiful … and strong…  What is … this?  I … so happy, I…

Despite being so happy, a thin film of tears floats up in Giulio’s eyes.  Before long, drip, drop, they drizzle down onto my face and chest.

Gian: Don’t cry while you’re screwing me…  Jeez…

Ice cream and saliva and semen and tears.  I couldn’t get any more sticky and messy…  ‘But it doesn’t feel bad,’ I want to tell Giulio, and so I put on a smile.


Giulio: My apologies … I am sorry.  To cry from being so happy, I…  This…

Gian: Don’t apologize…  I don’t mind if you’re crying.  So long as they’re tears of happiness … ‘K?

After a moment’s hesitation, I continue.

Gian: …Then I’m happy, too.

…He’s really twisted, and it feels like he could break any second.  But, I will always be by his side and keep him straight like right now…  I swear this in my heart.

Giulio: Um … I will move now…  If it hurts, please tell me.  Please hit me…

Gian: Mm.  I’ll do that, so you move … however you want!

Giulio: Nn … yes!  Ngh…  Hah … aah, Signor Gian…


Gian: Nagh, uwah…!  There!  That place’s good!  …Ngh…

Sobbing tears and snot all the while, Giulio speeds up his thrusting.  A rain of kisses descends upon my face…  Is he trying to hide his crying?  How cute…

My dick’s also in full salute.  It’s been leaking precum this whole time from rubbing against Giulio’s stomach.


Giulio: Does it … hurt?  It is squeaking.  I am all right…  But how is it for Signor Gian…?

…Huh?  Did he move in pretty far at some point in time?  Giulio’s sacks are slap-slapping against my buttocks down there somewhere…


Gian: I-I’m good…!  What’s this, it doesn’t hurt at all…!  Seriously…?

I’m horrible at this, too, but I move to match Giulio’s rocking.  The pleasure from him plunging into me grows stronger, easily drowning me in a flood of need.

That time when I first learned the pleasures of sex back in my teens comes to mind.

Getting violated and all the happier for it, getting fucked rather than doing the fucking…  I know, in my mind, that a door to a world I’d never known before’s been opened.

Gian: ‘s good…  Amazing…ly good…  ‘s it always feel this good…?


Giulio: I … am glad…  I also … feel good…  Almost … there…

Giulio’s face, still slightly teary, is realy sexy as it scrunches tight as he approaches his limit.  …It’s horribly … cute … or is what I’m feeling in my chest…  Is this love?

Is it … just because I’m doing it with you … that it feels this good…?

Giulio: I am…  I’m sorry, I am coming…!


Gian: I-I’m also cumming…!  A-Ah, aaah…!


My entire body shudders, and at about the same time, we climax.

bg0     giulioscene40

Gian: Ugh!  It’s going…!  Haa … gh…!

Giulio: Sign—!  Gian…!!  Haa…!!

The spray continues for a long while… Giulio and I clasp each other tight in each others arms and stay unmoving for a while…


I think … my consciousness might’ve been blasted away for a little while.  The gentle stroking and the tongue cleaning at my dirty face and arms suddenly wakes me up.


Gian: Oh … Giulio…?

Giulio: …You have awoken, Signor Gian?

I answer with a “Yeah” when I realize that Giulio’s still sheathed inside me.  We’re still connected.

I mean, I’m finding it hard to separate myself … but we can’t stay connected forever here.  I’m feeling a bit troubled at his complete lack of intention to pull out.


Giulio: Signor … Gian…  It was wonderful … very…

Gian: Haha…  H-Hey!  That tickles there…

Even as I’m feeling troubled, he licks me here and there, carefully and closely from palm to finger…  Stares at me with a spellbound gaze…


Gian: …?  What’s this…?  A déjà vu…?

Ack!  I just realized.  The way he’s caressing my body’s strangely similar to how he looks when I saw him peel human flesh back with his knife before.

Was … was that his way of caressing, in a way?  I hide my uneasiness and carefully pick out my next words.

Gian: …Hey, Giulio…  Don’t you think … using your fingers, your hands, your lips, your tongue’s … better than your knife … during sex…?

Giulio: Yes … I … understand…  I understand now…

That’s great.  That’s really, really great.

Gian: Oh, and your dick’s important, too!


Giulio: Oh…  I am sorry…  Only I…

Gian: Haha, c’mon here…

Giulio: Ah … yes…

Gian: Mm, ngh … this is better than dead bodies, right…?


Giulio: Yes … I … did not know.  I did not know…!


He says this in a thick voice as he reaches for me, already limp, wedged between our torsos.  I mean, there wasn’t any meaning behind it, but…

Gian: Ah?!  …What’s this…?  I just came, but … I feel like I can cum … again already…

At some point in time, Giulio’s also revived inside me.  The feeling of something thick and strong within me brings about some fear and a bit of anticipation in me.

As he thrusts against the G spot inside, I can’t even bring myself to say “Round two without even pulling out?” to him.

The seed from before’s letting Giulio’s penis slide easily inside me.  …Shit, this feels good…!


Gian: You’re going for the KO here…?  Jeez, just do whatever you want…!

Giulio: Yes, I will do as I wish…  If you do not like it, please … hit me.

Gian: …Aah … a-aah!  Ah!  I’m cumming again!  …Aah!

Giulio: If you tighten so much, I…!  Ngh…!


I can’t tell if climax part two feels good or if it hurts…  I feel it deep, deeper than anything I’ve ever felt before.

It’s like a sweet arousal’s settled deep in the core of my body and will never disappear…  And from there, we…

bg0     bg18

bg19     bg98

…When I come to, the sun’s already set…  In the dark room, the two of us, like animals, are just laying there, covered in various fluids.

And like that, night comes…

giuliodaivann2-2-4 Giulio: Oh … it is open … gaping … like a corpse’s…
giandaivann2-7-4b Gian: Y-You idiot!  What’re you looking at so closely?!
giuliodaivann5-4-4 Giulio: But … so much of … my semen is coming out …  It is very … lewd…
giandaivann1-2-4 Gian: S-See if I care!  Just leggo…!  This position hurts.
giuliodaivann5-2-4 Giulio: Signor Gian…  Can we … do it again…?
giandaivann2-2-4 Gian: Agh, seriously…!

…Giulio…  Something inside him really is off.  But, to me, that’s already…

giuliodaivann5-6-4 Giulio: Signor Gian…  Ah…
giandaivann4-10-4 Gian: …Ngh…  Getting started … so suddenly?!  Gh, agh…!
giuliodaivann5-2-4 Giulio: …Signor … Gian…!  Gian…!
giandaivann4-7-4b Gian: …Gh, ow!  You’re going too hard!
giuliodaivann2-1-4 Giulio: Apologies…  If … Signor Gian is with me, I could … perhaps even love myself … forever…
giuliodaivann5-2-4 Giulio: I do not … want to … hate myself anymore…
giandaivann2-2-4 Gian: …We’re hopeless.  Good boy.  Good boy.
giuliodaivann5-6-4 Giulio: I … have always loved you…  You were always been my pillar of support…
giandaivann4-10-4 Gian: That’s … quite the honor.  …Jeez, you’ve been keeping everything dammed up!  All the way since the slammer, ngh?
giuliodaivann5-1-4 Giulio: … …Since a long, long time ago.


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    i apologize for the long-winded comment and i look forward to your reply!



    • terracannon876
      Jul 30, 2013 @ 09:52:14

      Thank you for the kind words O_O

      I’m glad you’er enjoying it 🙂 I always translate the written meaning first, but as I go through the script line by line with the game, I listen to the VAs to hear if they’re saying something like sticking Italian in or how they say some of the exclamations (and this could change how it’s translated). Thanks to that, I’ve also noticed some recording errors, but let’s not mention those… XDDD

      Umm … I think you’re thinking of ぎゅう. きゅうきゅう means squeak. It could also mean the idiom “squeaking by” (like, in life or with money or something). In that sense, it could also mean “tight,” I suppose? ^^ In which case, it is a very strange choice of words to use for Giulio, and that combined with the fact that Giulio has really no freaking idea about any of this, I’m translating it as Giulio observing what happened => saying it exactly as it is => Gian figuring out what he means.

      Granted, what you’re reading is really a first draft. I might change it later.

      I hope this answers your question? Feel free to ask more if they come up 😀



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    Um. Anyway though…I did find an error. Just a tiny capitalization thing OTL (sorry to find such a pesky error @@).

    “[…] my hole takes up three of giulio’s fingers.”

    Giulio’s name needs to be capitalized :3

    Otherwise wow this is glorious. Giulio isn’t my favorite but even I can’t deny such a great scene. :’D Thank you so much for all of the hard work and effort you put into these translations!

    (and sorry again for the posting error ;-; )



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