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Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 12

Forgotten Homework


This room is properly fixed with a heater.

We hang wet towels over it and let them get all steamy before using them to wipe each other’s bodies and talk about random, stupid things…  We kiss, and laugh…


It’s like we’re two kids hanging out.

And then I…


giandaivann3-3-2b Gian: …Oh crap…

…feel like a student who’s forgotten to do his homework as I spin the dial.

giandaivann3-1-2b Gian: …Aah.  Hello?  Uncle Bernie?

Bernardo’s voice crackles through the receiver, clearly suffering from a rankled stomach due to too much coffee.

Bernardo: …!  Gian?!  Is that you, Gian?!  Where are you now?  Why did you not contact me immediately?!  Where are you calling from?!


bg00     bg98

Bernardo: …Counselor Cavalli is also worried about you.  You should gracefully accept your share of scolding, too.

giandaivann1-1-2c Gian: Ah, I think I’ve had my fill already.  …Sorry, Bernardo.  This’s a completely sudden, and a really crazy, whacked-out plan, but…

Once again, I talk about the plan I’d decided on out of gut instinct.  I can tell that Bernardo’s supporting his forehead in his hand as he sighs from across the receiver.

Bernardo: It is crazy … but it is truly enticing.  However, we would be putting you, the person who will become our Boss, out to bear the full brunt, so, from my position, I am finding it difficult to say yes.

giandaivann4-8-2b Gian: But, while we’re here the GD could be putting together their next attack.  Don’t worry ‘bout me.  I’ll be fine.  Giulio’ll be with me.

Bernardo: …How is Giulio?

giandaivann2-2-2b Gian: Mm.  He’s sleeping like a good boy…

I turn towards the bed.  At some point in time, Giulio’d woken up, and, like a faithful dog, he watches me closely…

giandaivann2-8-1b Gian: …Mwah!

I place my index finger to my lips and send a kiss over before returning to Bernardo on the phone.

Bernardo: The cop you two had captured together sang like a bird without much special treatment.  …It’s as you’d heard.

Bernardo: Too much of the GD’s manpower has been destroyed.  To take them out in one go, the best plan of action would be to lure them out with some irresistable bait and turn the tables on them, but…

giandaivann3-3-1b Gian: Giulio’s already put down a place for the ritual.  It’s a cottage in the west suburbs called Unicorno.  If we hold it there, we won’t have to worry about the crumbs or the cops.

From beyond the receiver, I hear Bernardo’s gears churning.  …But man, this phone line sure is amazing.  It’s like I can see what’s going on on the other side just from the noises leaking through.

Bernardo: All right.  I will talk to Counselor Cavalli.  I will notify the Board tonight of the generalities.  Tomorrow, we will hold the ritual and formally instate you as the Capo.

giandaivann1-5-1b Gian: Now you’re talking.  As for captains and directors … just have those who can make it come.  After all, they’re not our main guests.

Bernardo: Luchino and Ivan are already on standby.  They’ve had quite enough of their bullying recently.

giandaivann3-8-1b Gian: Eccellente.

Bernardo: Perhaps … the more diligent directors will pass on the news of tomorrow’s ceremony up the pipeline to the GD after tonight.

giandaivann2-6-1b Gian: Yeah.  And then … we cross our fingers and hope the GD troops come raiding after my balls like a horde of wasps.

Bernardo: They’ll probably … no, they’ll definitely come.

I can see Bernardo’s fearless smirk from across the phone.  I hum a “Hm?” and ask him about it.

Bernardo: It’s something the cop sang…  It sounds like Rockwell’s in worse condition than we thought.  It appears the effects from their struggle with the Outfit are spilling over into the city.

giandaivann2-9-1 Gian: The Chicago Syndicate?  In Rockwell?

Bernardo: Yeah.  Rumors are that they’ve taken quite a bit of land.  It’s why the GD don’t have energy to spare in their war with us.  That’s why they will definitely come tomorrow.

giandaivann2-7-2b Gian: …Looking forward to it.  I’m on the verge of wetting my bed here!  Oh, right, right.  I’ll be heading to the meeting place straight from this hideout.

Bernardo: …What do you mean?  You’ll need bulletproof vehicles and guards…

giandaivann4-8-2 Gian: It’ll be bad if they bring it on right outside the hotel.  No question, the respectables’ll get caught in the crossfire, and not to mention, the city cops’ll fuss up a storm.  Don’t worry, Giulio and I’ll lay low and sneak on over.

Bernardo falls into thought on his end…

Bernardo: Perhaps … you’re right…  Even if we have the cars pick you up, it will be the same situation should the GD find them…  Sigh…  It looks like there’s no sleep for tonight…

Bernardo: I’m currently looking into the call logs for the Las Vegas Girl, but … it looks like I’ll be up all night.

giandaivann3-1-1 Gian: Sorry for asking so much crazy shit from you.  My condolences to Don Ortolani’s hairline.

Bernardo: …How rude.  It hasn’t receded that much … I think.  But … haha, it really is crazy.  Turning the boss’s oath ceremony into the trump card…  Protecting the ordinary citizens…

Bernardo laughs joyously … but I can hear through the line the atmosphere hardening to a point on the other side.

Bernardo: …Gian.  Be careful.

giandaivann1-5-1b Gian: I know.  Adios!
giandaivann3-3-2b Gian: Sorry, Giulio.  Did I wake you up?
giuliodaivann5-1-1b Giulio: No, I … slept very well.  I dreamed … of my childhood…

A serene smile spreads across Giulio’s face, like the pleasant dream’s still in his eyes.  …So there really were good times in his childhood.

…I’m a tad relieved.

giuliodaivann4-2-1b Giulio: I will … make preparations for tomorrow.

“R-Right…” I say, flabbergasted, as Giulio strides through the dim darkness in his birthday suit like one of those statues.

He moves aside a floorboard … and gazes down.  Just as I think, ‘…A hidden storage?’ and pick myself and wander over…

giandaivann3-2-2b Gian: …Wow.  This sure is something.

Coming out from the rectangular hole are the characteristic fumes of metal and oil, enough to gag me.  There’s gigantic gleaming guns, more guns, some boxes, hunting knives…

giuliodaivann5-7-1 Giulio: …

Giulio picks out a long, long rifle, about as tall as me.  The gun’s got years on it, but it has the peculiar intimidation only an honest-to-god tool of murder has.

He works the gun’s bolt, pulls it back.

After checking its mechanics, he gives a small nod.  Huh…?  Is he planning on shortening that rifle?  He’s bringing out the hacksaw and file…

…Shotguns, I understand … but a rifle…?

giuliodaivann4-1-1 Giulio: Signor Gian, please … do not worry about me and rest.
giandaivann1-11-1 Gian: Helloo.  Looks like you’ve already forgotten.
giuliodaivann2-2-2 Giulio: Yes…?  Um…
giandaivann1-5-2b Gian: I’ve been reminding myself this whooole time, but I keep forgetting.  …Yep, sex really does things to your brain.  It’s negative points with ‘Signor Gian,’ Giulio.
giuliodaivann5-2-4 Giulio: Oh … my … apologies…  Gia…n…

My name comes from his voice awkwardly.  I climb into bed as I continue to tease Giulio.  …Maybe Bernardo’ll contact us or something…

I watch Giulio…  His naked body … is almost inhuman.  Like it belongs to some graceful beast…

…Too much’s already happened today…

…But despite how I think to myself there’s no way I can fall asleep…

Before I realize it, in some the corner of some tiny fragment of my consciousness, I realize I’m already rolled up in my sheets and sucking in pathetically drowsy breaths…

And then, even that vanishes beneath my slumber.


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  1. Di
    May 11, 2013 @ 16:09:18

    Update!! *Eccellente* 🙂



  2. Fate
    May 17, 2013 @ 11:40:17

    Yay! You finally update , thank you so much and I can’t hardly waiting for the next update



  3. Cindy Mui (@EMILYSLASH)
    May 20, 2013 @ 17:50:15

    Why are you using Spanish? O_o;



    • terracannon876
      May 20, 2013 @ 17:54:34

      Haha, you’re the first to notice that XD

      The original says “Adios.” I assume it’s because adios is a popular enough saying that everyone knows what it means (like sayonara) and Gian’s just being a brat and saying that instead of Italian (ciao or whatever else he would use).



  4. Byungwha
    Jul 24, 2013 @ 00:11:44

    “Once again, I talk about the plan I’d decided on out of gut instinct. I can tell that Bernardo’s supporting his forehead in his his hand as he sighs from across the receiver.”

    One too many “his”s



  5. Ren
    Jan 07, 2014 @ 17:54:32

    A serene smile spreads across Giulio’s face, like the [pleaseant] dream’s still in his eyes. …So there really were good times in his childhood.





  6. Ren
    Jan 07, 2014 @ 17:58:09

    Before I realize it, in some the corner of some tiny fragment of my consciousness, I realize I’m already rolled up in my sheets and sucking in pathetically drowsy breaths…

    um…? Maybe the beginning of the sentence can be reworded?



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