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Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 13 Best

Giving Everything

Here we have NSFW with a hearty helping of talk.



Our Boss Alessandro has returned.


The news leapt through the CR:5 like an electric jolt.

The enormous top floor lounge is filled to the brim with direttores and soldatos gathered wanting to catch a sight of the Boss, healthy and hale.

In that sweaty commotion…

luchidaivan2-2-2 Luchino: …Boss…!!
giuliodaivan2-1-2 Giulio: Capo del Salto…

Why’s he so neat even though all he’d done was run a brush over his clothes…? The Boss appears, clad in what looks like a clean, neat suit.

aless02 Alessandro: Good morning, everyone.

At the voice – that single voice – a stir rises among the directors and the soldiers roar like a joyous creature, roiling the atmosphere into new levels of shivering intensity.

bondone3 Bondone: I am most … heartened you are well…

Bonavita: We have all been awaiting your return! Oh … to think we may yet again be graced with that honorable visage…

The directors lay out their sniveling, ass-kissing flattery before … someone puts to words what everyone’s always wanted to say.

cavalli2 Cavalli: …My God. Just where have you been all this time…?
aless03 Alessandro: …You all have my deepest apologies. It appears I have caused everyone an unprecedented amount of trouble and stress…
aless02 Alessandro: Well, the short of it is… …Man, this spring chicken’s finally gone over the hill. Never thought one of my own men would sell me off!

The meeting place stirred with a cry. There … are a few directors that clearly jumped and some others looking away now.

aless05 Alessandro: well, that was also because I let my guard down. I’m very sorry. …Their Boss, Ethan, has also been rather kind to me.
luchidaivan4-2-1 Luchino: Pardon me, but Boss … were you negotiating with the GD on your own…?
aless05 Alessandro: …Pretty much. They’ve got their own share of troubles. Looks like we were in a whole heap of trouble this time, with the both of us a toe from collapsing…
aless07 Alessandro: No, I suppose we’re still in that heap…

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giandaivanu2-1-2b Gian: …You still hurt someplace?
berndaivan4-10-2 Bernardo: No, I’m fine. …You could call it torture, but they didn’t hit me.
giandaivanu3-3-2b Gian: …What … did they do?
berndaivan4-1-2 Bernardo: Electricity. It’s like they had a miniature version of the electric chair… I couldn’t handle it. It was too much…
giandaivanu2-7-2 Gian: …Nothing you can do ‘bout that…
berndaivan4-10-2 Bernardo: But … haha, who would’ve thought that the Boss would be tied up right there beside me! …He must’ve heard some pretty pathetic screams.
giandaivanu2-5-2 Gian: That’s saved your life, you know…?
berndaivan2-3-4 Bernardo: Yeah. Gian…

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After Boss’s grand ceremonious return was over… After everything, we’re back in our rooms.

Now that I think about it, it’s been a long time – no, possibly the first time? – that Bernardo and I’ve relaxed and spent any alone-time in this room.

…Even so, we’ve just been sitting next to each other on the same bed. No food, no coffee, no drinks. Just … sitting.


Every now and then, the phone in the room rings. Bernardo would head over to the phone, have a short conversation, and then come back to the same spot.


Bernardo: It’s from the Boss. It seems we will be having dinner with the directors tonight … though there are some who have already packed their bags and vanished.

giandaivanu1-2-2 Gian: …They’re making it too easy.

Bernardo: We’ll be keeping an eye on them, of course. It will be quite interesting to see whether any of the little mice can escape from Daivan.


Bernardo snorts with a small “Pfhaha.” I wonder how many people will die from this “Pfhaha.”

giandaivanu2-11-2 Gian: …You were an inch from getting whacked, too, you know? Jeez, it’s all ‘cause you trusted that asshole Dave…
berndaivan4-4-1 Bernardo: It’s not that I … trusted him. Rather, I’ve always suspected him. But … there was never any proof.
berndaivan4-5-1 Bernardo: That’s what’s always been holding me back… But, it’s all settled now … thanks to you, Gian.
giandaivanu2-9-2 Gian: ‘Settled’…? What’s the point of tying up loose ends if you’re dead by the end of it?
berndaivan4-2-1 Bernardo: Yesterday, I … was the bait. Even if I’d died, my men would have launched an attack on Dave and the GD.

…To save the famiglia in exchange for his life…?

giandaivanu2-4-2 Gian: …Damn selfish bastard…
berndaivan2-4-2 Bernardo: …Sorry. I didn’t … really want to die. So … when you came, I was…
giandaivanu2-5-2 Gian: Don’t break down on me. You’re the senior here.
berndaivan2-3-2 Bernardo: Haha … that’s right.

Bernardo looks up at the ceiling lights with narrowed eyes. Then…

…he stands up and flips the switch by the pillows.


giandaivanu3-2-2 Gian: Huh…? Hey…

Bernardo returns to the bed. Is it just me or is he sitting even closer than before…?

giandaivanu3-3-2c Gian: Why’d you turn off the lights? I thought you’re not good with the dark.
berndaivan4-7-2 Bernardo: Yeah. To be frank, I’m still terrified. But, now…

Then I notice them. Bernardo’s eyes. They pierce through the darkness, focusing straight at me. …That drivel they say about “the light in his eyes”? It really exists.

…A dark light is twinkling from behind those glasses, directed straight at me.

berndaivan2-2-2 Bernardo: Gian … so long as you are here, I will be fine.
giandaivanu2-5-2c Gian: Wh-What d’you mean by that…?
berndaivan3-3-2 Bernardo: When I was bound, captured in that place… I was always blindfolded. It was always pitch black… I cried from the sheer terror … and I felt like I was going insane.
berndaivan2-4-2 Bernardo: But…
giandaivanu3-2-2b Gian: Agh! …What’re you…?

Bernardo’s arm had snaked around my shoulders. He’s not even pulling me closer. The hand just rests there, warm, gentle.

berndaivan2-3-2 Bernardo: …in that darkness, I always thought about you. When I did that, I could deal with it…
giandaivanu2-6-2 Gian: …That’s when you should be thinking about God. He’s probably sobbing his eyes out up in the clouds.
berndaivan2-2-2 Bernardo: It’s all … thanks to you…

With his hand still on my shoulder, his head and the curtain of long hair falls forward.

berndaivan3-3-4 Bernardo: …

He stays in that position, curled in, his face downturned. …I’ve gotta do everything, don’t I, old man? I reach up with curled fingers towards Bernardo’s hair, his cheek…

berndaivan2-2-3 Bernardo: …Gian—

And, like that, turn Bernardo’s face my way… He looks a little gob smacked. I hold my breath a little and peck a light kiss on this mouth, still open in the same expression.

berndaivan2-1-3 Bernardo: …Haa…? …Gi…an…
giandaivanu4-4-4 Gian: …Haa… …They say if you hold everything in too much, you lose it faster.
berndaivan2-3-4 Bernardo: Now that’s a predicament.

Bernardo chuckles. I smirk right back. And this time, Bernardo returns the favor…

giandaivanu4-7-4 Gian: …Nn … Nh… Ah…
berndaivan3-5-4 Bernardo: …Haa… Mm…

The kiss he gives me is freaking amazing. …Shit, this is bad. …He’s melting me into putty so badly I forget to breathe…

berndaivan3-3-4 Bernardo: …Haa… Gian…!

His mouth abandons mine, moving instead to trace a line from my ears down to my neck. Through the kisses, he whispered,

berndaivan3-2-4 Bernardo: …Haa… I really am useless…
giandaivanu2-6-4 Gian: I know.
berndaivan2-3-4 Bernardo: …How awful of you, Honey. That’s not what I meant…

…I feel like it’s been so long since he’s called me that. Bernardo doesn’t stop kissing me – or more appropriately, doesn’t stop caressing me with his lips… I think my shirt’s being unbuttoned…


Bernardo: When it comes to pleasure, I’m satisfied with just a little of the best. Alcohol, cigarettes, everything. Or, so I thought. But … Gian, you are the one thing I can’t hold back on…


berndaivan3-2-4 Bernardo: My lust is the one bane … to my self-control.
giandaivanu2-5-4 Gian: Haha… The hell’s that?
berndaivan3-5-4 Bernardo: I’m … sorry about the last time. Everything I’d been holding in had come flooding out. …The power of alcohol is truly frightening.
giandaivanu4-9-4 Gian: …Nn, ah…! …So … you always like that … when you haven’t had any?

With a vague smile, he again drowns me in a deep, searing kiss, silencing any words either of us could’ve said…

While my mind’s blank with the kiss, Bernardo’s fingers reach towards me, loosening my shirt and pants.

I stand up to get away from those hands… Bernardo’s eyes suddenly panic a little, but I quickly strip off the clothes myself.

giandaivann2-3-4c Gian: Shit … I’m already hard as a rock…
berndaivan4-2-4 Bernardo: Same here.

I shrug off the clothes as Bernardo laughs, and he watches as I toss the now extraneous pieces of cloth onto the chair. He also starts loosening his suit sleeves.

…This feels really, really weird for some reason. It’s like we’re stripping for each other’s eyes… But, there’s no sign of my arousal waning.

giandaivann2-7-4 Gian: It feels like I’m a cherry boy again…
berndaivann4-2-4 Bernardo: So there was a time when you were one?

I catch sight of Bernardo’s complete and utter arousal… I pounce on the bed with what can only be described as complicated feelings.

giandaivann1-1-2 Gian: The Lucky Dog body pillow, on sale today!
berndaivann4-6-4 Bernardo: I’d buy the entire stock before it even reaches the market. I’d throw in all the cash I’d earned earlier.
giandaivann2-6-4 Gian: In that case, I’ll have ‘em all ready for you tomorrow so you can enjoy those sweet dreams… We’ll count today as a special free service.
berndaivann4-2-4 Bernardo: Grazie. But, I don’t feel like drifting off just yet.

Bernardo buries his shapely nose into my hair from behind. …His hand grabs my penis without an ounce of hesitation…

giandaivann4-7-4b Gian: Uah! …You bastard! Too sudden!
berndaivann4-7-4 Bernardo: Sorry.

He says one thing, but his hand’s moving up, down, up, down…

giandaivann2-7-4 Gian: Ah … uhn… You’re not really sorry, are you, Bernardo?

…Oh well…

I stop resisting and go limp. Bernardo asks me right back,

berndaivann4-4-4 Bernardo: Hm…? What? Is something—
giandaivann2-1-4 Gian: What’s wrong? You get turned off if there’s no fighting back?
berndaivann4-2-4 Bernardo: How rude! …Well, you may have a point, though…

Again, Bernardo’s nose, his lips, burrow into my hair, my neck.

berndaivann4-5-4 Bernardo: …What a clean scent, so free of tarnish. It’s so wonderful…
giandaivann1-11-4 Gian: Well, that’s ’cause I take a bath every day.
berndaivann4-4-4 Bernardo: You smell so good … Gian…
giandaivann2-1-4 Gian: It’s not like I ever put on any cologne though?
berndaivann4-5-4 Bernardo: Mm, that’s not what I mean. It’s my favorite scent…

Don’t whisper that with such a sexy voice, you sassy, silver-tongued devil. During this whole conversation, Bernardo’s teasing hands are flitting across my skin.

One hand goes to my lips. Another, down by my navel. They poke, tickle, rub circles in loving caresses…

berndaivann4-4-4 Bernardo: Is that a little sweat I feel appearing? How cute. Look at you shuddering…
giandaivann4-9-1 Gian: ‘c-cause that tickles! Hey!

I’m a little embarrassed I can’t keep my voice steady thanks to Bernardo’s caresses.

berndaivann4-1-4 Bernardo: Now that I think about it … I’m glad we took the main room.

With those words, Bernardo pulls me close into a hug. Holds me tight like I’m literally a body pillow … and just … squeezes me.

giandaivann3-3-4 Gian: What’re you trying to do, Jeez…?
berndaivann4-8-4 Bernardo: Even if it’s dark … I’m fine so long as you are here. You really are amazing…

It feels like he’s spoiling me with this warm feeling…

giandaivann2-6-4 Gian: Amazing luck, and great for fucking, too, am I right?
berndaivann4-5-4 Bernardo: And we’re … lovers, too.

Geh. Is it just me or does that sound like flirting? Have you no shame blurting that out to a fellow man, Bernardo?

giandaivann2-4-4 Gian: Are we just gonna sleep or what? You should make up your mind. We’re booked all through tomorrow and after that, too, right?
berndaivann4-3-4 Bernardo: Yeah… But I think I’m going to stay up for a while longer…

His snort of laughter blasts a puff of air past my ear.

berndaivann4-1-4 Bernardo: …What do you want to do?

That’s mean. He’s trying to make me say the words. It’s not for nothing we’ve known each other for so long.


There’s no question Bernardo wants to fuck me, and he wants me to say the words, “no” not included…

Refusing and then getting himself forced on me like before is a big “No thank you.” (Raping people on the street is a crime, fellas.)

And, to be honest, I don’t really want to say no. Damn it. I started the kissing, we stripped, we’re naked as babes, and we’re lying in the same bed, and you still want me to say it?!

bg00 bg66

It’s so embarrassing to be so honest to yourself. I do my best to be my wordiest and to give the most roundabout “yes” possible.

giandaivann2-10-2 Gian: …Sweetheart, thought you liked riding Italian cars.
berndaivann4-2-4 Bernardo: What’s that supposed to mean? Are you asking me to pump some gas?
giandaivann1-1-2c Gian: Wow, that was just awful. Please spare me the dad jokes—! Ah! Hold it!

My body gets flipped 180 and Bernardo’s face appears in front of my eyes. Even in the dark, I can feel his intense stare.

berndaivann4-1-4 Bernardo: Lay it out, plain and clear. I’ll take good care of you and make you see stars.
giandaivann3-3-4 Gian: …
berndaivann4-4-4 Bernardo: If you don’t give in soon, then … perhaps I will just fuck you in front of the other captains?

Wow, there wasn’t even a blink when he said something that awful. The glimpse of possessiveness awakens just a bit of masochism in me.

giandaivann2-7-4 Gian: You beast…

Bernardo laughs. I may as well make a jab here.

giandaivann2-4-4 Gian: You know, that time you raped me before. I’m still holding a grudge about that.
berndaivann4-2-4 Bernardo: One usually would.

If you know that, then don’t do it!

berndaivann4-4-4 Bernardo: I knew you would be fine with it, even if you held a grudge against me afterwards. I am sorry, but I don’t regret it.
giandaivann3-3-3 Gian: You big doofus. Show your repentance through your actions, starting now. …By being gentle.
berndaivann4-1-4 Bernardo: Leave it to me. I’ll treat you like a princess.

He didn’t devour my lips in the next kiss. Instead, he strung me high as a kite, and before I knew it, I came to my senses and fell straight back to solid ground. Again and again.

giandaivann4-7-4b Gian: Pfhaa… You’re too gentle. It’s actually kinda … eh, Bernardo?
berndaivann4-5-4 Bernardo: Kind of like what? Are you not satisfied with your care?

Bernardo’s large palm carefully caresses my body. He brings up my hand and pecks a kiss to each finger and wrist.

Even though my eyes have gotten used to the dark, I still can’t make him out clearly. Bernardo really is skilled at this.

giandaivann2-7-4 Gian: Why’m I not surprised you’re so good at this sex thing…


Bernardo: It comes with the age. …Even without breasts, I love you, you know?


His hands work insistent circles around my nipples at those words. My body jumps like an undesired hiccup.

Bernardo: Haha… Aah, you’re already wet…

Gian: Ah…! Because you’re so sudden…

Reaching for my erect rod, Bernardo gently moves me so that I’m turned around.


Gian: Ngh! Ah…

Something hot rubs against me. I realize it’s Bernardo’s own heat.

Bernardo: …Your tip … is so adorable.

Gian: You say that, but… What, you’re not leaking at all yet?

I reach over to check. There’s a steady trickle dripping out from Bernardo’s dick. I gather it up with a handful of mine and smear it around.

Gian: Haa … This … feels nice…

Bernardo: Yeah, it’s not bad…

I’d thought that doing this in the dark would be an uphill battle, but what with Bernardo being so skilled and me being cooperative, there wasn’t a problem at all.

Bernardo fondles the area around my sacks. Gently, his fingers slide back towards the narrow stretch of skin…

Bernardo: Hm? Gian…? Did you … prepare yourself in the shower?

Gian: J-Just thought that it might be better that way…

I just washed out a bit … inside.

Bernardo: How adorable of you! This old man is so touched.

Bernardo shuffles down towards the foot of the bed. I expect him to insert his finger…


Bernardo: …Mn…

…but instead, a soft, wet sensation makes me clench up.

Gian: Eah?! Wh-Whoa, seriously…?!

No way. He’s … eating me out.

Gian: …Ah! …How the hell … can you even do that…?!

Bernardo: You washed it for me, didn’t you? …Nn…

His fingers tease up and down my dick as he keeps licking. I lay still and expose myself for Bernardo to take.


Eventually, the tip of his tongue wriggles into me. Embarrassment and pleasure both color my consciousness…


Immediately after, the knuckle of Bernardo’s middle finger slips past the rim. All I can do is shiver, feet high in the air.

Bernardo’s smearing something wet and slippery inside me. Where’d he get that…?

Bernardo: It’s Vaseline. This way I can enter smoother, and I’ll move easier, too.

He prepared something like that? …Another finger enters. They move separately, and then they brush past… That’s a good spot… There, more….

Gian: …! …R-Really… Aah, a…aaah!

Bernardo: Relax… I don’t want to wait any longer…


His fingers pull out, and impatiently return, pushing back in. As Bernardo’d claimed, the entry was smooth. I surprise myself with how easily I swallow Bernardo without a hiccup.


Gian: Gh… So…rry for being … so tight and cozy in there…

Bernardo: …You don’t have to try so hard to think up witty quips.

…If I don’t yabber out stupid things, I’d die of embarrassment. I can feel throbs from where we’re connected, pounding out each pulse.

Gian: …That’s … good, Bernardo…!


Every accurate jab in that one spot sends sparks through me.

Bernardo: …Perhaps I should turn the light on after all?


Before I can respond with an “OK,” he’s already turned on the side table lamp. The sudden brightness blinds my eyes for a second.

The next thing I see … is a fearless, but slightly flustered Bernardo – a side of Bernardo I’d never seen before.

Bernardo: …Seeing your face as we do this… Things aren’t allowed to feel so good.

Though my lips curl in a confident chuckle, I shudder.

Gian: Haah…! Mhf, haa…!

Boom! A single thrust pushes all the air out of me.

Bernardo: It’ll be easier if you don’t hold back your cries.

Gian: …This hotel … ‘s got thick walls … right…?

Bernardo: Yeah. No need to be courteous.

…And lo, I go all out. Perhaps it’s because of the Vaseline, but even with the tension caused by the stretching, I don’t feel any pain at all.

Gian: Aah…! Aaah…! Ngh, aa…!

Bernardo: You … are amazing. Truly … amazing, Gian…! Gh!


My whole body’s transcending into a world of white. Shit, this feels good…


Gian: Ngh…! Haah! Bernardo!

Suddenly, Bernardo freezes in place.


Bernardo: Haa… It’d be a waste … to end things so soon, don’t you think?

…You’re taking a break now?!

Just lemme cum already…!! …Wait, the hell am I thinking? I don’t think my brain’s functioning right anymore.

Bernardo: Mm … are you already at your limit?

He presses against the creases under my glans. I nod.

Gian: S-Say, touch me when you move? Bernardo…?

I’m desperate enough to give voice to those words.

Bernardo: …Just a little.

He circles his fingers in a ring around my length, rubbing round and round as he pinpoints just the right parts. But … that’s not… I don’t care if you fuck me seven ways to hell just let me feel more…!

Gian: Haa! Not … like that… More… Move more…

I’m gonna go crazy if you don’t…!

Bernardo: Nope. We’ve finally come to this point, so we should cum together. Don’t you think the same, Honey?

The wandering caresses continue… It’s like my body’s slowly going up in flames and melting.

Gian: …Say, Bernardo… The fuck…? Never knew you were … such a Lothario in bed…

Bernardo: How cruel you are to me. I’d prefer you call me … a skillmaster…! I’m getting close, too.


After talking about something or another, I can finally feel Bernardo reaching the last stretch, and I match his movements and move my hips desperately.

Bernardo: If I’d known … it’d be this good … I would’ve made a move sooner…


Pleasure floods all the important parts of my brain. It’s so good – way, way too good – so it’s OK if I just let myself go, right?


It’s OK if I just think about Bernardo and nothing else, right?

Gian: Bernardo-oo! Bernardo…!

Screw that. Forget thinking…

Gian: Aah! I’m c-cumming…! Bernardo! …Aah!!

Bernardo: Me too, Gian… I love you…!!

It’s the highest ecstasy I’ve ever felt in my lifetime.

bg0 bernscene35

After I’d climaxed, I heave each sobbing breath as I cling to Bernardo…


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