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Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 13 Best



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aless05 Alessandro: Ethan, the idiot, probably captured me … well … because he wanted my help.
luchidaivan2-4-2 Luchino: Help? From the Capo of an enemy gang?
aless03 Alessandro: To help with the war, the GD called in the fellas from the Chicago gangs, and so they ended up almost devoured by the big guys. …Ethan’s gotten old, though I really shouldn’t be talking.


Ivan: Hmph, what a sob story. In the end, the punks were hicks who’da gotten blown away like a straw house if we just puffed hard enough, huh.


Luchino: And we almost lost to said hicks.


aless05 Alessandro: I’m not proud of it, but I have a lot of old unwanted connections. I can talk to the Chicago Boss. That’s why Ethan took me captive…
aless03 Alessandro: He probably wanted to push the Outfits back somehow. To me, it was like this city and all of you guys were being held captive, so I played nice.


Giulio: …So … how did the negations with the Outfits go…?

aless05 Alessandro: As for that … Bernardo’s flying over right now. He’s meeting with the biggest face in Chicago right now.
giandaivan2-10-2 Gian: …’s he gonna be all right…?
aless03 Alessandro: It’s a good deal for the Boss there. It’ll be fine. Probably. Bernardo will come back with both balls intact.

I hold back a ‘Shit,’ instead digging my nails into my palm like a runt. The conversation goes on with everyone gathered here, everyone except Bernardo.


cavalli1 Cavalli: Then, will we proceed with the meeting with the Grave Diggers at the planned time, planned location?
aless05 Alessandro: Yeah, keep the date. I’ll be counting on you guys when the time comes, too. Neither of us can’t bring all that many guards, but…
aless06 Alessandro: …just in case, I’ve invited the mayor’s secretary. Gangsters or not, they won’t be firing a shot. If they do, they’d be making enemies of the department of justice as well.
aless02 Alessandro: Originally I’d asked the mayor himself to come, but … I guess that was a stretch.
aless05 Alessandro: We will negotiate peace with the GD tomorrow. We’ll be ending this lose-lose war of misfortune between us. In other words…
cavalli5 Cavalli: We won’t be yielding one grain of Daivan’s sand to the gangsters.
luchidaivan5-1-1 Luchino: Will they accept those conditions?
aless02 Alessandro: That’s why Bernardo’s calling the Chicago Boss here. It’s infuriating, but we’re going to have him mediate for us.

‘Infuriating,’ he says, but there’s a smirk on his face. …What’s up with the old man? …He’s hiding something from us…

cavalli6 Cavalli: We’ll see you tomorrow, then.

Everyone stands from their seats. I head over to the completely silent phone desk. Without Bernardo here, I’m the one on duty.

aless05 Alessandro: Oh right, Giancarlo.
giandaivan2-5-1 Gian: Yeah?
aless05 Alessandro: About you being the next Capo
giandaivan2-7-1 Gian: Oh. We did say something like that, didn’t we? Rather, you’re hopping ‘bout like a spring chicken. You should just stay Capo.
aless11 Alessandro: You fool!

The crack of the metaphorical whip makes me jump and stand up straight.

aless06 Alessandro: The decision was made with good reason! You are already the de facto Capo of the family. …I’ll say it again,
aless05 Alessandro: Giancarlo, you will succeed my position.

Boss announces the words loud and clear in front of everyone. …They’re heavy words. In a sense, it reaffirms my position to all the captains.


Giulio: …I will follow Signor Gian.


Luchino: On the Omertà and my honor, as you command.


Ivan: …You better do your job, you bastard!

giandaivan3-4-2 Gian: …Yeah. I know.

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That night…

After I dithered about for an entire hour, I make a phone call to a certain location… Crap. I shouldn’t be doing this…

…but … I couldn’t not be certain.

I always lie to myself … which is why I called that one bar. I called the Keyside.

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After keeping me waiting for a while, Nastasha comes onto the phone.

Nastasha: …Why are you calling me?

giandaivanu3-3-2 Gian: …We caused a lot of trouble for you and your place, so I figured I’d call.

Nastasha: …Not really. Why isn’t Bernardo calling?

giandaivanu2-5-2 Gian: He’s busy right now…


Nastasha: I see…

…For some time, we both fall silent. …It looks like I’m the one imposing. …Dave didn’t lay a finger on her…?

Suddenly, the lady makes to talk. Her voice holds the sound of laughter … but, if I had to put a color to it, it’s pitch-black.

Nastasha: …Please. Don’t call me anymore.

…A pitch-black silence flows between us through the cables.

giandaivanu2-7-2 Gian: Do you want me to pass anything onto Bernardo?

There’s a pause before Nastasha replies.

Nastasha: Tell him … that I don’t need his roses this Friday. I’ve found someone else who will give them to me. Tell him that.

…Don’t tell me…

Nastasha: …I’m keeping people waiting. I’m hanging up.

giandaivanu2-9-2 Gian: All right. …Goodbye.

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