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Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 13 Best

The Ultimate Trap




Royal Forest Park.

The cottage-style mansion sitting next to the golf course was chosen to be the location for our meeting. The heads of both family and gang will be showing their faces there…

And so, for the sake of peace … for the sake of ironing out a treaty, we gathered.


The GD boss, Ethan McCullough, his many executives, and their chosen guards, best of the best, sat in a row…

…and across from them sat the CR:5 Capo Alessandro del Salto and his “four” captains with their guards.

Aside from these two groups, a plump, suited man followed by men of clearly different stock formed the last piece of the circle.

This last man is Chicago’s Capo, Ernest Bong – a prominent Big Boss from Chicago elected to mediate the peace between the GD and CR:5.

Both sides have already been informed of the contents of the treaty and the conditions for peace, and all that’s left is the ritualistic oath … or so it should’ve been, but…

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Even as the sun crept past the horizon, the meeting never started.

GD Executive A: …What is the meaning of this?

GD Executive B: To think that he would be late to such an important event. That’s just what you’d expect from an Italian gentleman, taking his sweet time dilly-dallying along.

The GD executives all snigger with acidic laughter.


…No one from our end opens our mouths.


dave02 Dave: If the negotiator in charge of this treaty isn’t here… A ceasefire is important, but this is a problem, wouldn’t you agree? After all, he was the one bringing the necessary documents…

…Fuck! That fucking smug snake just keeps gabbing…! I thought Bernardo’d already caught him out, but … there’s nothing we can do here.

The Big Boss that’d come all the way from Chicago snorts.

Ernest: I hope you didn’t summon me all the way here to be a room decoration. Mr. Ortolani, was it? Why is he not here? Don’t tell me he’s fled.

…Damn tub of lard. Just as I’m about to open my big trap, our Boss – Capo del Salto – quietly says in a low voice,

aless05 Alessandro: We apologize for making you wait. We received a call just earlier. He should be arriving soon…
aless07 Alessandro: …with gifts for everyone.

Ernest: Oh?

At our Boss’s voice, the man, looking like he’s inhabiting his own faraway island surrounded by his men…

The man, swathed in a suit like a black shadow… The GD boss, Ethan, speaks.

Ethan: …Signor del Salto. No, Alessandro…

His voice is a cold one, chilly like it’s laced with blades. But, in response, the Boss just replies…

aless05 Alessandro: Hey there, Ethan. …Thanks for last time, by the way. You were a great host.

…with the voice of someone meeting a long-lost friend. Ethan responds without a single twitch in his mask-like face.

Ethan: …I hadn’t thought you’d escape. We should have killed you at that time.

There’s an uproar at his words. The CR:5 captains and soldiers start raising their voices. In response, the GD side returns their own murderous glares.

aless07 Alessandro: Whoa there, hold it, hold it! Let’s all calm down. Ethan, both of us … both of our organizations are in rather dire straits.
aless02 Alessandro: At least for today, let’s both return home with smiles on our faces.

Ethan: …I am grateful that you have organized this meeting, at least. And also for inviting Don Bong here.

Ernest: Oh, don’t mind me. I know very well the pointlessness of needless warfare. War begets debt. We should all aim for profit, not loss.

Ethan: …Thank you. Our organization … may yet garner much wisdom from our Chicago superiors.

There is no tone of allegiance in Ethan’s words. Rather, he’s declaring that there’s no way in hell they’ll be swallowed up by the Chicago Outfits.

dave03 Dave: However … what will we do? If your head captain Ortolani still does not show…
dave02 Dave: I don’t wish to call it irresponsible, but … we have a guest from Chicago among us. We would hope that you’d show some sincerity.

…Damn it. Fucking chatterbox… But that aside, Bernardo…


…No. I believe he’ll come. No question about it…


…But what’s going on…?


On our side, Luchino asks the Boss with a muffled voice,

luchidaivan3-2-2 Luchino: …What will we do, Boss? Should I proceed with negotiations as representative of the head captain?
aless05 Alessandro: No, just wait…

The Boss swiftly pulls back his left sleeve and makes a show of glancing downwards. On his wrist is an old watch, completely incompatible with his suit.

…Huh? …That watch, it’s Bernardo’s…

giandaivan3-2-1 Gian: Boss, that’s…?!
aless02 Alessandro: Yeah, it’s Bernardo’s.
giandaivan3-13-2 Gian: …! Wh-Why’s that with you, Pops?!
aless02 Alessandro: Bernardo lent it to me. Understand? I always return everything I’ve borrowed. That’s my—

…Then it happened.


The echo of the hall doors opening resounded through the room. The sound startles everyone there, drawing all of their gazes to the open doors.

The only ones who didn’t look … are Boss Alessandro, who knew who had arrived, and Ethan, who was keeping a close eye on him.


Beyond the enormous doors was the dark of the night…

And there, in the backdrop of moonlight bright like the last breaths of daylight…



…is a squad of men.  Standing in the middle, like the king of all the black suits…  No, standing there was the king of all the black suits.

Gian: Bernardo…!!

My voice bursts out, but I don’t regret it. All the tension in my body flees. I feel like I’m about to collapse on the spot…

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Bernardo… He came back…!!


Luchino: Bernardo…! Cavallo, look how much you made us sweat!

Ivan: Bastard. You just wanted to make a grand entrance.

Dave: …Gh…! Bernardo…!

Several voices ricocheted through the meeting hall.

Bernardo: …

Bernardo’s silently smiling eyes stares straight into the hall as his spine bends almost straight over in a deep bow of respect.

Bernardo: I deeply apologize for my tardiness. There were some minor obstacles on my way here.

Dave: …Gh…!

The GD exec, Dave, groans. …Bastard, don’t tell me he set something up…?!

…But … Bernardo’s here, like nothing’d ever happened. Then…


With black-clothed black-suited men in tow, he slowly glides into the center of the hall. All eyes are focused on him.

giandaivan3-14-2 Gian: Bernardo…

At the word that spilled from my lips, I think … Bernardo glanced this way, just for an instant.

Ernest: Look at this! This is quite the appearance, Mr. Ortolani, almost worthy of a Boss! Are you trying to oust the Capo from his seat?

Bernardo lets the snide, oily remark slide as he addresses everyone in the room.


Bernardo: Before we begin negotiations for the treaty … there is something I would like everyone, especially the gentlemen from Rockwell, to be aware of.

Bernardo: May I please have a moment?


dave05 Dave: …Bernardo…! …Say, Bernie, what’re you trying to pull? You thinking of putting this whole conference to waste?
berndaivan4-1-1 Bernardo: I wouldn’t dream of it. However, before we put end to this conflict, I think we should first let out some of the pus that has been festering on both sides.
dave06 Dave: Wh-What…?

Ethan: What are you planning, Captain Ortolani?
The GD Boss says the words in frigid Italian. …This is the first time I’ve heard the language said so coldly.

dave07 Dave: Y-You mean the turncoat? It’s true that we had one of our men in the CR:5 … but we were at war…!
dave05 Dave: We’ve already removed our spies. After that … wiping out the rats is your problem and should be dealt with on your own time, not during the meeting, right?

When Dave finally finishes prattling on and on, Bernardo only responds with a quick finger to adjust his glasses and a


Bernardo: …You talk too much, David.

dave07 Dave: Wh-What…?!


Bernardo makes a signal and one of the men toting a big leather case behind him comes forward and sets the trunk onto the table.


The case pops open, and inside, stuffed to the brim, is what looks like a bizarre, foreign machine to everyone present.

…A device with a flat, round disc attached to it. Bernardo reaches out and, with swift fingers, presses some switch hidden somewhere on the gadget.

Sound starts flowing from the machine in the trunk…

Ethan: What is the meaning of this?

Just as the GD Boss starts raising his voice in anger…

Dave’s Call: …Yeah, no problem there.

Suddenly, a human voice emits from the machine. Everyone jumps, looks at the case, each other, then back at the case.

dave06 Dave: Wh-Wh—?!

Dave’s Call: …That Bernardo is as pathetic as usual. Even now he’s got faith in me. I think he might even lick my boots, no, my ass, if I ask him to!

No question about it … that’s … the creep’s voice…! This is from … a phone? Why’s that voice … um … coming out here…?!

luchidaivan2-1-2 Luchino: …A bug… That’s Bernardo for you!

A bug…? Oh, right…!! Was what Bernardo was talking about, when he said he was “settling it with Dave”?!

dave07 Dave: U-U…! S-St-Stop…

Dave whimpers, face soaked wet with cold sweat.

This strange machine that most people don’t know about that records not home radio nor records but phone calls and plays them back…


…captures the attention of everyone in the hall.


Dave’s Call: …Tricking those pretentious asswipes who think they’re so smart is so easy! Haha! I’m really in a good mood today. By now, we could leave the damn Toscaninis alone and they’d fall apart!

Dave’s Call: …Yeah, that’s right. I’ve already got Bernardo tied up here. We’ll take our time roasting him on the spit…

Dave’s Call: …Yeah, that’s right, that bitch! I took everything from Bernardo! Fucking Nastasha took me so long to nail.

Dave’s Call: …Haha! Yeah, I got the cunt. I got her good. Fucking whore was fighting like a harpy at first, but by the end she was wiggling her ass over me.

Dave’s Call: …Haha, I like how you think! I woulda shown that to Bernardo! …Now then, I’ve gotta get going… Ah, yes…

Dave’s Call: …Well, there’s an order to everything. We’ll have to off Ethan sometime down the road. All we’ve gotta do’s make it look like the Outfits did it, and we’ll be off the hook.

Dave’s Call: …Yeah. Stay sharp on your end, too. Mm, let’s see… Once I become boss … that awful ‘Grave Digger’ name’s the first to go.

Dave’s Call: …The Prohibition’s about over soon. Come that time … it’ll be our era. …Yeah, I’ll do it. Yeah. Trust me on this.

bg00     bg83

The machine stops… A thick, viscous ocean of silence envelops every man in the hall.

aless01 Alessandro: Bernardo … you shouldn’t play such vulgarity for public ears.
berndaivan4-4-1 Bernardo: …My apologies for sullying everyone’s ears.

Ethan: …What is the meaning of this, David…?

dave08 Dave: U-Unh…! …It’s a trick! Absolutely bogus!! Bernardo, what do you think you’re doing with that toy—


Bernardo: Do you want me to play it again from the start? Dave … David. It’s over for you, you slinking bastard.

dave08 Dave: Y-You bastard…!

Bernardo: …You were always exceedingly watchful. Ever since I first met you in the prison … ever since you saved me, you always had eyes on the back of your head…

dave08 Dave: You … noticed…?

Bernardo: I always suspected … but I never had any proof. The same about you conspiring to overthrow the GD. Which is why … I waited. And eventually, you…


Bernardo: …dug your own grave.


dave06 Dave: Wha—?
berndaivan2-2-1 Bernardo: When you took my girl … Nastasha… When you stole her from me, you got so carried away you made a call to give orders to your men, which you never would’ve done, ordinarily.
berndaivan4-5-1 Bernardo: This is what I heard from the bug on that line.
dave08 Dave: Gh…! Y-Y-You bastard…!! You … you bugged … the place of your own chick?!
giandaivan3-13-2 Gian: Wh— Bernardo…!


Don’t tell me Bernardo… In order to catch Dave in the act, he purposely abandoned his girlfriend and let Dave fuck her…?


Bernardo shuts the lid to the case.


Bernardo: I apologize for the show.

Ta, ta, ta.


With a swivel, Bernardo walks towards us. His face … as though it were molded from plastic, was completely devoid of any expression…

bg00     bg83

dave07 Dave: Y-You fucker…!!


He throws himself on jelly legs from the seat as though to make after Bernardo, and … from beneath his suit, he pulls out a gun. With a black flash, the short barrel of the revolver is pointed at…

giandaivan3-9-1 Gian: …! Bernardo…!

But … before the muzzle can lock onto Bernardo, all the men around him, the GD executives and their soldiers…

…and Luchino and Ivan, too, stand with their hands to the piece at their sides. …No one but Dave’s drawn, but…

dave08 Dave: Gh…ghhh…!!

…it’s already over.

Ethan: It’s too bad, David.

dave08 Dave: Nh…ghh… Fucking…!! …Bernardooooo…!!

Bernardo doesn’t turn around. He keeps his eyes hidden and face down as he freezes in place.

dave09 Dave: H-Heh! Hehe! You stupid ass! D’you know?! That time I saved your fucking ass from that lynch back then?!
dave09 Dave: Well guess what?! I set that fucking shit up from the start?! If only you’d fucking realized it back then, eh?!
berndaivan4-4-1 Bernardo: …I knew.
dave06 Dave: …?!
berndaivan4-3-1 Bernardo: I… Some part of me wanted to believe in you. …Yes, I … really am a stupid ass.

Dave growls. With everyone’s hostile eyes on him, his trembling hand grips the useless gun tight. Slowly, the GD thugs close in on him.

dave08 Dave: Gh…!!

bg00     transition05

bg0     bg83


Catching everyone off-guard … Dave instead jams the small revolver muzzle against his own temple.

dave08 Dave: …I should’ve had you whacked … back then in the slammer…!

Without turning around, Bernardo replied,

berndaivan1-1-1 Bernardo: You probably should have.

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bg00     bg19



We climb into the cars waiting for us.

The countless herd of headlights flood past the gate of the garden, the metal beasts lined up on the lawn and wrecking it beyond repair. Most of the cars are guards for the CR:5.

Directly opposite, the GD cars formed a solid wall. Down the center, over the corridor of flagstones, a Chicago limousine, hefty like its owner, pulls out.

The GD – Ethan and his executives – make their move after we vacate the premises… In the last minutes of the ensuing peace, we’d reached a decision.

The war in Daivan was over.


Luchino: Boss, this way.


Ivan: Whoa, hold your horses! The Boss’s getting in my car!


Giulio: …Let us go, Signor Gian.

giandaivan3-1-2b Gian: Y-Yeah. Hey, Bernardo…?


I look back towards the black shadow standing against the backdrop of headlights…

The man who hadn’t moved an inch, still as a monolith. Bernardo’s been like this this whole time.


…Because … Dave had died before his eyes…? But, no, that was something Bernardo had set up…

Or maybe … because Dave stole Nastasha, stole his lover from him…?


…But, that was also … a trap Bernardo had set…

…A trap using his own lover as bait, all so he could snare his nemesis…


giandaivan3-8-2 Gian: Hey! Bernardo!

Bernardo: O-Oh. Yeah.


Bernardo’s eyes are focused far away, beyond the waves of light, past the boundaries of this world.

I … couldn’t find a single thing to say to him…

Click. Click.

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