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Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 13 Best

In the Rain


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After the treaty with the GD had been settled, Daivan returned to its peaceful days – or, more precisely, to the times were days could go by without hearing a single bang… A week’s passed since…

I wonder if you can call this peace? …Either way, we’ve gone back to the days where we can stroll through the city without worry of being whacked at every turn.

…We’ve just gone back to square one, haven’t we?

This whole week, we captains were even busier than we’d been during the war. Repairing relations with the respectables run ragged from the scrapping. Making deals with the police and the public officials…

All of it wrung the CR:5 dry of time, effort, and cash… And then, finally…

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Luchino: …Now then, it’s about time we sally forth, isn’t it, everyone?


We sigh as one. It’s Friday night. We’re spending the night, drinks all around, on Luchino’s tab.

Of course, since the ol’ lion’s taking care of everything, we’re not talking a normal bar here. Today is the day we gouge yet another painful hit into the CR:5 treasury.


Ivan: Aaaall righty! Let’s get this party started, suckers!! Aagh, shit! Why’ve I gotta get down and dirty with the books, too, eh? This ain’t my kinda work!


Giulio: It is already late. We should try to finish as soon as possible. Will Boss not be taking part?


Luchino: The Boss will be having dinner at the Consigliere’s mansion. Tonight, the higher-ups will be out of the house, so we’re going no holds barred. I have the car waiting for us outside. Let’s go.


Everyone files towards the elevator. Suddenly, I…

giandaivan3-1-2b Gian: Huh…? Where’s Bernardo?
ivandaivan2-5-1 Ivan: Hmm? He was here just now, wasn’t he? Maybe he went to take a leak.

I have a feeling something’s up…

bg00     bg133

I try heading to Bernardo’s room. It’s empty inside – devoid of electricity and of people.

giandaivan2-10-2 Gian: Bernardo…

bg00     bg61

giandaivan3-8-2 Gian: …Hey, guys! Sorry. You all go on ahead. I’ll catch up later!


Giulio: Huh? Signor … Gian…?


Ivan: What’s crawled up your ass? Gonna find some ho to shack up with? Fucker.


Luchino: Did something suddenly come up…?


Luchino’s eyebrow twitches, but … almost immediately, he shrugs with a sigh. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a book of paper matches for me.


Luchino: This is the place – the “Biancaneve.” We’ll be in the basement. We’ll be there until daybreak, so feel free to take your time.

giandaivan3-4-2 Gian: Sorry ‘bout this…!


I climb into the elevator before everyone and, alone, descend towards the ground floor.

bg00     bg86



…It’s pouring.

Because of an out-of-season storm scraping past Daivan’s skies, a huge torrent of rain, so rare in the fall for Daivan, floods the city tonight.

bg139     bg140

I climb out of my taxi. It’s still nothing but a small drizzle, but as I make my way through the night streets, my clothes get soaked through to the bone.

The rain throws a haze over the neon lights and streetlamps, and the swamp of mud that used to be a road completely ruins my shoes. …My mind’s blank as I keep going.

…No, I rephrase. I’m keeping my mind blank as I keep going.

Then, I approach a certain place, a familiar place… I turn onto the street housing the Keyside.

giandaivan3-1-2c Gian: Bernardo…


…There stood Bernardo. He’s right where I’d thought he’d be. …I’m not sure if I’m glad I found him there or not.

Bernardo stands in the rain. There’s no umbrella in sight.

Bernardo: …

His clothes and long hair are drenched. …And, as I’d thought, in his hands was a big red bouquet of roses…

Gian: …

Bernardo’s eyes aren’t turned towards me. They’re gazing at the muted lights illuminating the building housing the Keyside, at its dimly lit window.


Splash, splash.


…don’t say a word. I silently walk up to him.

berndaivan2-2-1b Bernardo: Gian…
giandaivanu2-5-2e Gian: Yoohoo. Doofus ahoy.
berndaivan4-4-2b Bernardo: …
giandaivanu3-3-2d Gian: …It’s Friday night.
berndaivan4-5-2c Bernardo: …! …You’re not going to the celebration?
giandaivanu2-4-2c Gian: Yeaaah, well, I oughta be asking you what you’re doing here. You’re the head captain. Who’s gonna make the toast now?
berndaivan3-3-2b Bernardo: …

…I know why. Bernardo’d come to see the lady. …The dame’s innocent. A complete victim.

If we must point fingers, then … would the blame be on the man who’d abandoned her and used her as bait to lure Dave out? Or, would it be on the man who forced himself on her?

…Or, would it be … on the powerless Second Boss?

giandaivanu3-3-2d Gian: …It’s Friday night, Bernardo.
berndaivan3-5-2b Bernardo: I know…


I recall her words – the last words Nastasha’d spoken to me.

…‘I don’t need his roses this Friday,’ she’d said. ‘I’ve found someone else who will give them to me.’

That man … is now dead. We’d tricked him, and in the end, he’d turned his gun on himself and put a bullet through the brainpan.

Which leads to the present… Why am I even stopping Bernardo? Or perhaps … I should be stopping him?

…Which is it…?



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For those of you going for 100% completion in the game, SAVE at this time.  Choose the SECOND choice (in both the game and the links above).  After seeing Gian back to the hotel, LOAD your save file, and choose the FIRST choice.  Continue playing with this choice!

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