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Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 13 Best

Nice Guy



…I haven’t got the right to stop Bernardo. We have a unique relationship now, but … that is that, and this … is fucking this. Shit!

giandaivanu2-5-2e Gian: Hurry up and go in…
berndaivan2-4-2b Bernardo: Gian…?
giandaivanu3-13-2b Gian: That’s what you got the roses for, right? …Go on. At least talk to her or something.
berndaivan3-3-2b Bernardo: But … I… She’s already…
giandaivanu2-4-2c Gian: What’re you saying? You got a whole bouquet and all for her. If you don’t get a move on … I’m gonna tattle to Luchino and Ivan.
berndaivan4-10-2b Bernardo: You demon.

Bernardo’s eyes smile from behind the glasses speckled with droplets. And…


…he goes. He steps past the doorway into the Keyside, the café sitting on the second floor. He’s gone…

giandaivanu2-7-2c Gian: Hah…

…I’m freezing. I…

…don’t feel like going drinking anymore. I feel like … everything’s over.

giandaivanu2-11-2b Gian: Yeah, s’ppose that’s right… I’m back where I started now… Happily ever after, the end…

When I hear these words said aloud to myself, I feel like dying then and there. This damn night … isn’t my first like this. I know how to handle it. Just leave it to me.

giandaivanu1-2-2c Gian: I’ll throw one back alone and jerk off a bit before I go sleep. Then I’ll greet the buon giorno with a grand hangover…



giandaivanu3-11-1b Gian: W-Wh-… Why’d you come back, you stupid-
berndaivan4-10-2b Bernardo: …I couldn’t see her.
giandaivanu3-2-2c Gian: Huh?
berndaivan4-1-2b Bernardo: She was on stage, and she looked busy. And, well … the roses…

Bernardo lifts the bouquet, which is drenched like a wet dog. …Oh, boy… …It looks so sad!!

giandaivanu3-12-1c Gian: Ha…haha…hahaha…! We’re sooo pathetic!
berndaivan4-7-2b Bernardo: …You’re absolutely right.
giandaivanu4-1-1d Gian: Hahahahaha… She’s a fine lady… It’s for the best!
berndaivan2-7-2 Bernardo: …You’re absolutely right.

We stand there, two pillars in the rain, laughing. We, two pathetic adult men, stand there in the rain, and just … laugh.


giandaivanu3-13-1e Gian: Let’s go.
berndaivan2-4-2b Bernardo: …Where to?
giandaivanu1-9-1c Gian: They said they’re gonna keep the party going ‘til morning.

I take the first step forward. A moment passes … one ripe with hesitation…

…but then I hear Bernardo’s footsteps follow after me before he catches up and we’re walking abreast.

berndaivan1-2-1c Bernardo: ‘Crying in the rain’… Green eyes crying in the rain … huh… How about it? Did I seem a little cool just now?
giandaivanu1-3-1b Gian: Not at all.

The two of us fall silent. We keep walking.

berndaivan4-2-1b Bernardo: Sometimes, there are just nights … where you stand crying in the rain holding a bouquet. That’s part of being a man … wouldn’t you say?
giandaivanu1-1-2c Gian: What’re you talking about, you pathetic old man?


The rain keeps falling.

bg00     bg141

Bernardo and I walk through curtains of falling droplets.

…We’re not heading to the party. Rather, we’re not heading anywhere in particular. Without a destination in mind, we’re just walking…

I pull out the stopper to the whisky bottle I’d had on me, and, without slowing down my pace, I hork it down straight from the bottle.

giandaivanu2-11-2b Gian: Wanna drink? It’ll warm you up.

I hold it out for Bernardo. A weak hand comes up, takes it, and…

bg0     bg141

berndaivan2-10-1 Bernardo: …! Gh! Pffagh! Wh-What is this…?! Is this supposed to be bourbon?! Ack…! It tastes horribly cheap…!
giandaivanu1-3-1b Gian: What, didn’t you know? Cheap booze is the perfect thing to cook your brain to just the right level of ossification.
berndaivan4-1-2b Bernardo: …Are you sure this wasn’t enhanced with fusel oil or perhaps maybe even kerosene? I can already sense the hangover.
giandaivanu1-9-1c Gian: Perfect, ain’t it? Let’s get wasted.
berndaivan2-2-1b Bernardo: …


Surprisingly, Bernardo – the man who always harps about alcohol and tobacco and food – takes the 20-cent bottle of cheap booze … and throws it back another time.

berndaivan2-7-2 Bernardo: …Gah! …There’s always room for new experiences.


Bernardo: Life is a cup of mortal poison, eh…

Gian: Why, of course. ‘cause everyone dies someday.

Bernardo ends up drinking more than me. No surprise, though…

Bernardo: If I’m going to be dosed, then I’d rather the poison be sweet. …I … sure am blessed, Gian.

Gian: Well look at you! I can see the cheap stuff dribbling out your ears now.

Bernardo: You know I’m serious.

Bernardo holds out the drenched, wasted bundle of blossoms for me to see.

Bernardo: …I … won’t ever look back again.

Oh. Really. Then why’ve you been indecisively hauling that that sack of regret around all these years?

Gian: Why not gimme that?

Bernardo: Haha… In that case, I’ll buy you a new one.

Gian: Naw, I want that one. I’m gonna press it dry and make a plaque of it. Then, we can stare at it forever and ever and laugh our asses off.

Bernardo: You fiend.



The whisky bottle makes its rounds between us. …I wonder … just how far have we walked? I think the rain’s lightened a bit, too…

giandaivanu3-13-2b Gian: We must look so awesomely awful, eh?
berndaivan2-3-2b Bernardo: …I’m glad.
giandaivanu1-3-1b Gian: ‘bout whaaat?
berndaivan4-1-2b Bernardo: That there’s a ‘we’… I’m not alone.
giandaivanu4-1-1d Gian: Haha! …Yeah… Ain’t that right?


Suddenly, I realize that, up ahead, the eastern sky stretching over the sea wasn’t so dark anymore.

giandaivanu3-3-1b Gian: …I … wonder if I can be a good Capo…
berndaivan2-3-1b Bernardo: You will.


The response to my sighs is immediate. This is getting a tad embarrassing, so I … take another swig.

I’m walking… Bernardo’s walking… …To where?

…It doesn’t matter.

…So long as we’re in it together … it doesn’t matter where …

transition219     bg00

The Normal Ending ends here.  If Bernardo Affection > 10, Luck = 100, and 75 > Omerta > 25, then continue to Best Ending.

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