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Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 13 Best

Together We Walk, Anywhere, Everywhere


berndaivan2-2-1c Bernardo: Look.

‘Mm?’ I hum as I raise my head.

The rain’s stopped without me realizing it. It’s what happens when you’re soaking wet.

My eyes follow Bernardo’s finger towards…

…a hazy, immaterial shadow. I can make out the forest of concrete cranes looming tall over Daivan Port and, further beyond, the steel bridge straddling the river.

The beastly skeleton silhouettes stand out in contrast to the sky lit up by an invisible sun, still reluctant to show its face. …It’s a familiar sight, but…

berndaivan2-3-1c Bernardo: Seeing it like this… It feels like we’ve arrived in a different world.
giandaivanu2-6-2b Gian: Wanna keep going and see if we can get blown to Oz?
berndaivan4-1-2c Bernardo: And we happen to have a dog with us, too.

With a nearly empty bottle of cheap hooch and a useless, drenched bouquet between us, we…

…walk towards the rendezvous point of sky and sea as it brightens before our very eyes.

giandaivanu3-2-1d Gian: Oh…!

Suddenly, my eyes catch on something horribly nostalgic. My brain quickly follows suit, bringing life to the memories.

…The enormous steel bridge built over the Daivan estuary…

giandaivanu3-8-1b Gian: This brings back memories…! How many years’ it been?
berndaivan4-6-1b Bernardo: What’s up?


I point towards the metal bridge with the hand still holding the bottle. It straddles the night sky, a mammoth of a shadow darker than its backdrop, as though it’d been there since the beginning of time…

… … …All righty!


I take off running.

berndaivan2-1-2c Bernardo: Hey! Where are you going?! Gian!

I hear Bernardo’s footsteps pounding after me. …I’ll have to watch my footing here. Can’t trip.

giandaivanu3-15-1c Gian: Let’s climb it!
berndaivan2-10-1b Bernardo: What did you say?!
giandaivanu3-5-1c Gian: D’you know? That bridge’s actually got a walkway on it!
berndaivan2-6-2b Bernardo: Whenever I cross it, it’s always been by car— Wait! Hey, Gian!

With Bernardo’s footsteps in tow, I…


…dash towards the steel bridge where I’d hung out as a brat, back when the simple act of “riding a car” was a whole ‘nother world.

bg0     bg00


giandaivanu3-12-1d Gian: Whoowhee! What a view!
berndaivan4-4-2c Bernardo: …H-Haa … haa… Haa… What’d you say…?
berndaivan2-2-2b Bernardo: …Oh! It really … is a beauty.

The sun’s finally started peeking over the Atlantic, dying the sky and sea in its warm hues, warm like the best whisky, like a hearth full of fire.

The sea breeze, warmed by the morning rays, whistles past our ears.

giandaivanu2-6-1c Gian: Ain’t the view the best?
berndaivan2-3-2c Bernardo: Yeah … I never knew … though I’ve lived in Daivan for so long…
giandaivanu3-13-1f Gian: Prolly not! I’m sure there’s plenty of stuff like this you haven’t seen! Stuff you always ignore without realizing it. Lotsa wonderful things are like that.
berndaivan2-2-2b Bernardo: …Yeah, you’re right…

…At some point, Bernardo’s eyes had focused on me.

berndaivan4-6-1c Bernardo: Did you … bring me here to show me this?
giandaivanu2-6-1c Gian: Nope, not at all. This place here… We’ve got a history… Let’s just say I’ve bet against it plenty of times and I’m still here to tell the tale.
berndaivan4-1-1c Bernardo: ‘Bet’…?
giandaivanu2-2-1d Gian: Back when I was a brat, sometimes we’d butt heads and end up staring each other down like goats. When that happens, we’d head here … and settle it.


giandaivanu3-13-1f Gian: This walkway’s railings are fifty yards from start to finish. It hasn’t even got ten inches to its width. We’d climb up and cross it, all the way to the other side.

Bernardo looks at the metal banister, at the distance … and then down, down to the estuary spread out beneath the steel grids, where the muddy ribbons of river and salty tides crash to form curls of whirlpools…

berndaivan4-4-2c Bernardo: …I’m surprised you’ve survived for this long.
giandaivanu2-11-1c Gian: That‘s not all! We’d each have a bottle of whisky at the start of the match, and by the time we’re across, we’d hafta drain it empty.
giandaivanu1-3-1c Gian: If you didn’t clean out the bottle or had a bad case of nerves and fell back onto the walkway … then you’re the scummiest loser ever. You’re no man to them no longer!
giandaivanu3-13-2c Gian: ‘course, if you fall into the river, you’re good as dead. …Yeah. ‘bout three kids went that way when I was here.
berndaivan2-3-2c Bernardo: I’m surprised you’ve survived for this long…
giandaivanu2-5-2f Gian: But maan, I sure was a donkey back then. Nowadays, I wet myself thinking ’bout it.

Bernardo remains silent as he stares at the now sparkling sea. No … he’s gazing at the railing, still wet with rainwater.

giandaivanu3-15-2b Gian: Strange how things work, ain’t it? We can stroll down the curbs on sidewalks without a care in the world, but stick us up here with a handrail with the exact same width, and your legs turn to jelly.
berndaivan2-2-2b Bernardo: Life … is full of beginnings… I see… So, this was … where your life started, Gian…
giandaivanu2-5-2f Gian: Whatever you just said, the cogs up there aren’t up to the task right now. …Now then … we should get…
berndaivan2-11-2 Bernardo: …One day, you die … and then, after that…!!

Bernardo stands rigid… Just when I go to reach for his shoulder…


Bernardo: …U-U…Uwoooooah!!


giandaivanu3-11-1c Gian: Whoa?! Th-The fuck?!

Bernardo loosens his tie, shuffles off his outer jacket and, with that waste of a bouquet still in his hand…

berndaivan2-10-2 Bernardo: …I’m gonna do it! I’m doing it!!
giandaivanu3-6-1c Gian: Wait, what?!

With much horrifying pinwheeling of all four limbs, he…

…H-Holy shit?!

Clang. Clang.

giandaivanu3-4-1c Gian: Hey! Bernardo! Stop that!
berndaivan2-6-2b Bernardo: Uwaaah! …Th-This is terrifying!!

Bernardo perches on the steel railing … clinging to the bar like a cicada, his eyes directed down towards the running river far, far below.

…Just when I think he’s good and going to get down now…

Clang, clang. Clang.

berndaivan2-10-1b Bernardo: O-Oh! Whoaa!!
giandaivanu3-11-1c Gian: Ack! You freaking idiot!!

…he fucking stands. On the railing. Just like I did as a brainless brat ten years ago.

berndaivan2-7-2b Bernardo: …This … this is absolutely terrifying, Gian!!
giandaivanu3-4-1c Gian: O-Of course it fucking is! What d’you think you’re doing?! You’re not a kid!! Watch your step and get down … he…re…?!

Clang. Clang, clang.

…I don’t believe it. Bernardo, that stupid idiot, is balancing precariously on the railing. He brings one foot up…

…he steps forward.

Clang, clang, clang, clang, clang.

giandaivanu3-11-1c Gian: What’re you doing…?! …Aaaaagh!!

I also strip off my jacket……and scramble onto the steel railing.

Clang, clang, clang. Clang.



Gian: …U-Uwaaah! ‘s been so long, but … holy fuuuuck! This is super fucking scary!!

Bernardo: I agree completely!! Haha!! It’s scary! Super scary! The GD gangsters don’t have anything on this!

Gian: We fall here, then … bada bing, both Second and Top Captain’re gone, and adieu CR:5!

Bernardo: No…! They’ll just be the CR:3, won’t they?!

Gian: Stupid! Don’t turn around! That’s fucking dangerous!

Bernardo: Don’t worry! I’ve got it! Haha … haha! …This is fun … this is really fun, Gian!!

Gian: Yeah, ain’t it?! Ain’t this the best?! We’re fucking alive!!

Bernardo: Yeah…! The best!! The very … best…!!

Bernardo: throws out his hands wide, one still clutching the pathetic flowers, as though inviting the whole wide world into his arms for a big embrace. And, with arms his arms flung out, he keeps walking… Then he says,

Bernardo: Gian…!! Giancarlo! Gian!!

Gian: What?!

Bernardo: I love you!! I love you, Gian!!

Gian: Wh-What?! Don’t yell that out loud at a time like this, doofus!

Bernardo: I’m … an idiot! A big, stupid idiot!! Proof? I had proof from the start…!

Gian: Proof…?

Bernardo: Proof of my existence… That’s you, Gian!!


berndaivan2-11-2b Bernardo: I love you! I love you! I loooove youuuuuuu!!

bg0     transition220


Gian: You fucking idiot!! You … stupid…!

…He’s a real idiot. …And, I’m sure I am, too. Two idiots doing the same stupid thing, walking the same stupid path, together.

Gian: I-I’m…! G-Gonna do it! I’m gonna be Capooo!!

Bernardo: I have no more regrets! I love you, Gian!

Gian: I know…! I’ve always known…!!

bg00     bg143

The two of us are the most amazing fools. The two most extraordinary dunderheads in all of Daivan…

Just counting the guys who’ve been dumped and are drunk on sunrise and are flirting with death walking down some railing on a steel bridge? Bernardo and I… We’re the most awesomest even then.

giandaivanu3-15-2b Gian: …Haha! We’re finally halfway ! You thinking of throwing in the towel?!
berndaivan2-7-2b Bernardo: No! I’m going all the way!! I’m going to cross this railing, and I’ll be rebor—

Just then…

…the wind starts howling. We start flailing back and forth, balance completely out of whack…

berndaivan2-10-2 Bernardo: …Oh?! Whoa?! Aaaaah!!
giandaivanu3-2-2d Gian: Uwah?! Bernardo…!!

bg00     bg143

transition221     bg00

bg18     bg143

Thump. Thump.

giandaivanu2-4-2d Gian: Shit … I dropped the bottle. There was still some left in the thing.
berndaivan4-1-2d Bernardo: I … did not drop the bouquet…

The both of us…

…collapse onto the steel walkway in a tangle of limbs. We roll over on the rain-drenched sidewalk and stare up at the now-bright sky…

…adorned with scattered crimson rose petals.

giandaivanu2-1-2c Gian: We totally suck! We fell onto the walkway, so now we’re the biggest losers ever!
berndaivan2-3-2c Bernardo: We really are.

Bernardo takes in a deep, deep breath…

berndaivan2-7-2b Bernardo: Ha … hahaha… Ahahahaha! Ahahahaha!
giandaivanu4-1-1e Gian: What’re … you laughing for…? Haha… Heehaha…hahahahaha!!

Our backs still to the floor, we join shoulders and laugh, a bright sky stretched overhead.

Eyes peer at us through car windows zipping by on the road part of the bridge… There’s pity there, but an instant later, it’s whooshed by.

transition222     bg20

The CR:5 Second Boss, Giancarlo. The CR:5 Head Captain, Bernardo.

The two of us… We live, and we laugh.




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