Lucky Dog 1 translations 13 Giulio route 01 best

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 13

Party Crashers



…I feel like someone’s calling me … and when I think that…

bg119     giulio119-1

Giulio: Please … wake up, Signor … Gian.

giandaivann2-10-2 Gian: N-Nrgh …?  Giulio…?

…Giulio’s face’s right in front of mine.


giandaivann3-9-1 Gian: Oh … m-my bad!  I overslept…!  Crap, what time is it…?

…If I remember right, we decided on an evening ceremony yesterday…  When I try to hastily clamber up from bed, Giulio’s hand quietly slides towards my shoulder, shocking me still.

giuliodaivan2-5-2 Giulio: …My apologies.  Please … dress yourself.  Hurry.
giandaivann2-3-2b Gian: …?  What’s wrong…?

…Is that … fear I see…?

I clamber out of bed and scurry into the clothes I’d discarded on the floor.  I inadvertently glance out the window…


giandaivanu3-1-1b Gian: …Huh…?  Is … is that…?


Giulio: …

Giulio looks down.  It looks like he’d already noticed and seen the things that’d caught my eyes down below.  His eyes … are black…

…Black like a dull oil stain, reflecting nothing – eyes I hadn’t seen in the past few days.  Could these people be…?


Below the window, countless high-class cars are parked in the street in front of the apartment and up on the sidewalk.  Pitch black sedans, Pierces, Cadillacs…

Around the vehicles are black suits, blatantly Mafia – unmistakable enough that the crumbs’d get cold sweat just from spotting them.  They audaciously assemble around the cars, waiting for something.


…Those are…


giandaivanu4-2-2 Gian: Hey, those… They’re the ones from your…?!
giuliodaivan4-2-2c Giulio: …They are … of the Bondone truppe

Giulio says these words, spits them out like dirt caught in his mouth.  Just then…

Thump.  Thump.

Violent banging echoes through the room, making us both jump.

giuliodaivan5-4-2b Giulio: …My … apologies … Gian…
giandaivanu2-8-2 Gian: …?  Why’re that old fogey’s troops here…?

I’m slipping into panic…  I glance at the phone.  I’ve gotta tell Bernardo this…

Thump.  Thump.

Bondone: Giulio.  Are you inside?  I know you are.  Open this door…!

From beyond the door, I hear Don Bondone’s gravelly voice.

giuliodaivan2-3-2b Giulio: A-Ah…

Giulio starts moving towards the door … and then gasps.  No, he actually jumps as he turns back towards me.

giuliodaivan2-6-2b Giulio: …Gian…!

The real Giulio’s flickering in through his eyes and voice.

giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: …?!  Shit.  Don’t tell me…

When I pick up the receiver, there’s no response.  Even when I turn the dial…  Silence.  …Did they cut the phone line…?!

Thump.  Thump.

giandaivanu2-8-2 Gian: …Don’t tell me, that bastard…!

I now know what he’s going to do…

Bondone: Do you want to suffer along with that other boy?  Open the door, Giulio!

giandaivanu3-13-2 Gian: You’re gonna call the man who’s gonna become Capo today ‘boy’?  That’s quite the buon giorno!

Bondone: Pfhaha, so you really are here.

An unperturbed, hoarse voice replies.  I grab a shotgun from the weapon storage … and I wanna just let it go off at the door…


Giulio: Gian…

giandaivanu3-3-2c Gian: …Don’t worry.  I’ll go.

The focus of Giulio’s stare shifts and rests on me.

Giulio: Gian … I…

giandaivanu2-5-2 Gian: What?  I’m just gonna give your grandpa a proper greeting.  If … if things go south, I’ll just give an ‘Arf arf!’
giandaivanu3-13-2 Gian: When that happens, I’m counting on you.


I touch Giulio’s cheek.  Caress it.  Then I walk forward just a few steps and unlock the door.


The second the lock turns, a flood of black suits come flooding into the room.  They catch me by my arms, drag me back…

bondone4 Bondone: —making me waste all this time!  Damn fool…!
giuliodaivan2-3-2b Giulio: …!  G-Grand…father…
bondone4 Bondone: As though that were not enough, you even turn against my commands.  You coop yourself up in a place like this … with this man, I see.  Hmph.  I suppose it is impossible for you to revolt against that bitch’s blood.


Giulio: …!  That … is not true!  Mother…!  Was not such a person!  How I am has nothing…!

bondone2 Bondone: …?  What is this?  You dare … speak up against me?

…Are they talking about Giulio’s mom, the one who was killed?  Giulio’s rebuttal’s without real bite … but the old man’s eyes light up with shock and anger.

bondone3 Bondone: Hmph…!  I can see foolishness is indeed inherited…!  That fool Pietro was the same way.  If he were not so slavishly in the pocket of that rotten bitch…!


Giulio: …!  …Father and Mother were…!  …Please … do not speak bad of them…!

Giulio says as he moves to push aside the black suits.  Before he even finishes his words…


giuliodaivan2-7-2 Giulio: …!  …Ah…

The old man’s cane swipes up, swishing through the air.  That was all it took for Giulio’s body, his eyes, his spirit to freeze in place.

…No go, huh…

bondone3 Bondone: You must be punished for this later.  …Fool, getting in the way of my plan…

The grandpa spits out the words hatefully, as though the only thing keeping him from actually spitting is that it’s not very gentlemanly…  Then he takes up the cane and jerks up my chin with it.



giandaivanu4-6-2 Gian: …Gh!!


A fist digs into my liver from behind.

giuliodaivan2-7-2 Giulio: …Gian…!
bondone2 Bondone: Giulio!  You come with me.  Take care of that man per my orders.

The lights to my consciousness switch off.  I hear a voice…

giuliodaivan2-6-2b Giulio: …Signor … Gian…!  I … I will definitely…

Behind me, I hear Giulio’s shaky voice pursue me … but it’s cut off by the sound of wood cutting through air, slapping against flesh.  …I…

bg00     bg54

giandaivanu4-6-2 Gian: Gah…!

Before I’m shoved into the backseat to the giant coffin-like Pierce, the suits’re careful enough to give me a good blackjack to the neck…


My vision goes black, and I fall.


The phone in the room doesn’t ring.

bg00     bg59


Bernardo: Shit…!  We’ve been had…!!

luchidaivan2-1-2 Luchino: It’s not connecting?

Bernardo: The phone line’s been cut.  Cazzo…!  This is my error…  I should’ve sent guards over last night…!

luchidaivan4-8-2 Luchino: Isn’t Giulio with hi—

Just as Luchino goes to say the words, he realizes the fallacy in his logic and clicks his tongue.

berndaivan2-5-2 Bernardo: If only I had known this just a little earlier…!

Bernardo crushes the memo lying on top of his desk in his fist.  On it…

…is the note Gian had filched from the GD executive, and the phone number he had seen in the Bronx.  The numbers from both sources were identical…

And, below that, is the name of the motel, Las Vegas Girl, and…  This third number is also the identical to to the previous two.

luchidaivan4-3-2 Luchino: That number…  There’s no question … it’s the number to Don Bondone’s mansion, is there?
berndaivan3-1-2 Bernardo: …None.  It is a phone that was added to his mansion.  In addition, it was just cancelled yesterday evening…!
luchidaivan5-1-1 Luchino: Are you sure?  …Even if you’re getting the information from the call logs…  But, I’m surprised you got the phone company’s men to spill.
berndaivan4-3-2 Bernardo: …It’s been a while since I’ve truly threatened a respectable’s family.  …There’s no question.  The number and the call logs are both Bondone’s!
luchidaivan3-1-2 Luchino: Vaffanculo…!  Which means … that bastard…
berndaivan2-5-2 Bernardo: The one who ordered the GD executives that Gian and Giulio had killed, and the one who ordered the terrorist attacks to those rotten cops…



Bernardo: …were both Bondone!!  Fucking bastard!!

Bernardo: We’re changing our plans!  Have Ivan’s frontline forces return.  We’ll also scrape together our available men!


From beyond the mountain of phones and files, Bernardo’s men give a bow before going off to start their individual tasks.  Bernardo stalks across his room with giant strides.

berndaivan2-5-2 Bernardo: Sorry, Luchino, but could you…


Luchino: …I know.  Where should my troops head?


Bernardo: Please take care of all the companies and facilities related to Bondone within the city.  Every last one.  …We won’t let that traitorous rat escape…!

Bernardo: My crew will take care of Bondone’s mansion!



Bernardo’s Subordinate A: …Commandante!  It’s a wave from the cars at UnicornoCapo Fiore’s crew was attacked by men lying in wait on the main road!  The enemy’s numbers…  There are only a few!

berndaivan3-1-2 Bernardo: …Che palle, they’re also attacking there?  …Strange.  There shouldn’t be any need to head over there anymore…
luchidaivan3-2-2 Luchino: They’re not the monolithic organization they seem to be.

Bernardo gives his men their orders and exits his room and continues into the hall with Luchino.

bg87     bern87-1

Bernardo: …It’s my fault for not realizing this sooner.  Gian had already given me the necessary information long ago…  …I was also hesitant on being too decisive…


Bernardo curls his claws into his scalp and tears at his hair as they continue….  This is the first time Luchino has seen him like this.

luchidaivan3-1-2 Luchino: But … I don’t understand…  Bondone set up hits against the GD executives using Giulio.  If so, then why would he betray us?

Bernardo scans a report his subordinate brings him, his eyes the only thing moving as they slide back and forth, checking its contents, before scribbling different orders over it and returning it to him.


Bernardo: …Damn…!  He was using us, that bastard!

Bernardo: He joined hands with the GD.  They’re probably seconds away from internal division, so he joined hands with one of the factions and guided their invasion into Daivan.

luchidaivan2-1-2 Luchino: …You’re serious?  Then, the gangsters Gian and Giulio had killed…

Bernardo: …were being disposed of.  I believe that the targets Bondone had designated were GD executives already slated for execution.

Bernardo: Bondone made a deal under the table with the GD to draw the unneeded individuals into Daivan, and then, using his own grandson, assassinate them.

luchidaivan5-5-1 Luchino: …It’s amazing how much rot he’s got festering in that gut of his.


berndaivan4-9-2 Bernardo: We … no, I was too naïve.  But, what Bondone didn’t expect was…

Bernardo shoots off an order to a subordinate who approaches him hauling a boxful of weapons before the two of them stop to wait for the elevator.


Bernardo: …that Giulio would stick by Gian’s side.

Luchino: The Lucky Dog and Mad Dog.  Haha…  A pack of just two, huh.

Bernardo: Right now, we can only count on Giulio being the last thing keeping Gian alive.


It is then the elevator arrives.  Bernardo and Luchino, accompanied with only the men necessary to relay their orders, enter the steel cage and, shouting through the bars,

berndaivan2-5-2 Bernardo: Call the janitor Ragtliffe!


Bernardo: …Please make it in time…  Don’t die, Gian…!


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  2. Di
    May 11, 2013 @ 16:26:23

    Bernardo: …that Gian would stick by Gian’s side.
    (should be “that Giulio would stick by Gian’s side” right?)



  3. Kuroneko
    May 13, 2013 @ 17:53:43

    …is the note Gian had filched from the GD executive
    There is something wrong in that sentence, isn´t it? Sorry, can´t tell you what, my brain doesn´t work at night.



  4. Rai
    Aug 25, 2013 @ 20:26:21

    That was all it took for Giulio’s body, his eyes, his spirit (to) freeze in place.

    Bernardo scans a report his subordinate brings him, his eyes the only thing moving as they slide back and forth, checking its contents, before he scribbles different orders over it and returning (returns) it to him.



  5. Zero
    Feb 01, 2015 @ 14:35:51

    At the part when Bernardo and Luchino are talking it says “Bernardo: …were both Bondone!! Fucking bastard!!” but that line is spoken by Luchino. Just a heads up that I spotted an error, but no worries since we all make mistakes. To add, thank you so much for translating this game, it makes it so much easier to play it, you have my most humble gratitude.



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