Lucky Dog 1 translations 13 Giulio route 02 best

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 13

Breaking Free


Don Bondone’s imposing mansion is in an uproar.  Gathered around it are a large number of private soldiers, openly armed, and their vehicles.

Sitting in the middle of the high-strung atmosphere, as though on alert for an attack that could come at any second, is the Bondone mansion.  There, deep, deep inside…

bg00     bg56

giuliodaivan3-3-2 Giulio: Gh … ugh…!
bondone4 Bondone: It must have been because you turned your back on my commands that those brats caught wind of me…  But, regardless…
bondone4 Bondone: The Toscanini family is already at an end.  …The Caporegime Cinque … such daft fools have no hope of protecting the old ways.
giuliodaivan2-6-2b Giulio: …Grandfather, why … did you betray the family…?  Why did you do such things to the people of Daivan…?
bondone2 Bondone: Those peasants…

The old man caresses the silver lion adorning his cane as he spits his words out.

bondone3 Bondone: Humans like them are alive, and nothing more.  That is what it means to be poor.  I have told you this countless times, fool…!

bg0     bg56


giuliodaivan3-1-2 Giulio: …Ugh … gh…


bondone2 Bondone: …It is all that brat’s fault.  I should have dealt with him sooner.  It is all because of that meddlesome Alessandro that…


giuliodaivan3-4-2 Giulio: Gh…!  …Grandfather…

A choked sound leaks from Giulio’s mouth, but … the old man knows very well that the voice isn’t emitted out of any pain or fear of the cane.

bondone4 Bondone: You … still dare to go against me…?!  It is because of him…! It is all that brat’s fault…!


giuliodaivan3-3-2 Giulio: What … do you intend to do to Gian…?!

From deep within Giulio’s voice, a fire starts to burn.  The man swings his cane up in irritation again, but … fatigue sways him, his soldiers barely catching him in time.

bondone5 Bondone: …Haa, haa…!  Haa, haha!  Hahaha!  That child…!  If only he’d been useful to the end.  Either way…
bondone5 Bondone: This will be the end of that meddlesome del Salto bloodline.
giuliodaivan2-3-2b Giulio: …?!  …What … do you mean—


bondone5 Bondone: You…!  You need do nothing more than listen to my orders!


GD Soldier A: Hey!  We’re getting off!



giandaivanu4-6-2 Gian: Guah…!!

I get hoisted up like a sack of rubbish before getting tossed to the ground.  …I’m getting taken out of the trunk…

The fresh air fills my lungs to the brim with the taste of blood.  …I’m … still alive…

…The sunlight’s burning my eyes…  …Is it evening already…?

giandaivanu4-5-2b Gian: …Shit…  Where is … this…?  Ngh…

In front of my eyes, so close to the ground, I see several shoes – the gangsters’ feet…  There’s more than ten people…

Suddenly, I realize that I’m lying on a neatly, carefully trimmed lawn.  …Beside it’s an asphalt road and tire tracks.

…Where is this?  It’s no place I know.  …Is it some villa?  A cottage?  …A hotel…?  Is this even Daivan in the first place?

…Or is it the GD’s city, Rockwell…?


GD Soldier B: Stand on your own, you limp macaroni.

This time, a kick sinks into my gut.

GD Soldier C: This is that Boss of theirs?

GD Soldier A: Huh, it’s just a kid!  This guy’s … the head of the Mafia?

Bondone Soldier A: Yes, this is Giancarlo.  Perhaps you would be more familiar with the name … Lucky Dog?

The sentences of Italian-accented English come from behind me, raising a murmur among the hoodlums, and in a few breath’s time, the silence returns.

The people around me are GD gangsters and … fuck, the black suits are Bondone’s private troops.  Looks like they’re in real tight with the enemy….

GD Soldier C: Him…?  A wimpy bastard like this’s the partner of the Mad Dog that whacked Max and the others?!

Bondone Soldier A: There’s no question.  Let that fucking Sandro meet him.  That’ll solve everything in one shot.

GD Soldier B: Shit…!!  Our fellas were killed by someone like this?!

A swell of English swearing wells up from around me.  In the meantime, I’m punched, kicked, and tossed down and given the beatdown.

giandaivanu4-6-2 Gian: Guh…!  Guah!  Angh!  …Gh…!!

GD Soldier A: I wanna fucking finish you off right here, fucking shit!  They’ll take good care of you on the other side!

giandaivanu4-5-2b Gian: Uwagh…!

GD Soldier B: Hey!  The boss’s calling.

The lynching stops, and once again I’m dragged onto my feet.

bg00     bg123


This time, my vision’s gone all wonky from the agony from the beating.

…Someone’s … coming.

….Is it … the GD boss…?

dave01 Dave: So this is him.  Haha, to think both Bosses would be delivered straight into our hands.  Your brotherly love makes me want to cry, macaroni bastards.
giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: …Wh…  Wh…at’d you … mean…?

From behind the man … several gangsters surround a wheelchair as it’s being pushed forward.  Sitting on the chair in a simple suit … is…?!

giandaivanu4-2-2 Gian: What?!  …No way…!

The gentleman sitting on the wheelchair looks at me.  His eyes … curve into a slightly fatigued smile.

aless03 Alessandro: …Giancarlo.  You’ve grown.
giandaivanu3-11-1 Gian: Wh—?!  The fuck’re you saying…?!  Is that really…?  Why’re you…?!

It’s pops – Capo Alessandro del Salto.  There’s no question it’s him.  There’s no way I could mistake him for anyone else.

dave01 Dave: Oh?  It looks like both of them are the real thing.
giandaivanu3-4-1b Gian: Old man…!  Why’re you here—

Did even Alessandro betray us, too?!

…No … it looks somewhat different.  The boss’s hands and ankles are bound tight to the wheelchair with a thick rope.  …In other words…

giandaivanu4-2-2 Gian: They … caught you, too?
aless08 Alessandro: Sorry.  I‘ve lost my touch, to be sold out by my men.
giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: …Was it Bondone?
aless09 Alessandro: What?  It was him for you?  Damn.  I thought I’d put an end to this with the purge, but I guess many things rot with the passage of time.

The old man’s … acting so normal for someone who’d been held captive for so long.

dave02 Dave: What a touching reunion.  Now then, it’s about time we move on to the main topic.

The GD executive signaled with his chin.  Then,


giandaivanu4-6-2 Gian: Guah…!!


The thugs start ganging up on me.  …My consciousness wanes from the piercing agony of each strike…

giandaivanu4-5-2b Gian: Ugah!  Ah, uwaagngh…!!
aless06 Alessandro: Stop.  If you want to threaten me, then just hit me instead.
dave03 Dave: But that hasn’t been very effective, you see.  This method … is much more likely to draw your attention, right?
aless06 Alessandro: …You pigs.

bg000     bg123

giandaivanu4-6-2 Gian: Uwah!  Gh, ngh…  Urgh … gh…!

…The guys striking me … are holding back.  …Planning on keeping it at pain to threaten Boss, huh…

They drag me up, sock me in the stomach…


…and pummel me down into the bloody bile I’d just hurled up.


aless06 Alessandro:  Stop it.  He’ll die at this rate.  If this man dies … I will never cooperate with you.
dave01 Dave: Haha, we won’t kill him off so soon.  I’m looking forward to how long you can bear your dear little junior’s screams.

The executive gives some kind of order to the man behind him.  The stick-like man – doesn’t look like a thug at all – strides away on hasty feet…  I have a real nasty feeling…

…But…  I never thought the Boss’d be caught, too…  …I don’t get it…

…Why’re the GD keeping the old man alive…?  It doesn’t look like he’s gone through any awful torture.

…Why didn’t they threaten the CR:5 if they already had the Boss in their hands…?  I want to ask this of Boss, but…

giandaivanu4-5-2b Gian: Gh…

…The only sounds my mouth are capable of producing are groans of pain.  …The boss we’d been searching for all this time is right here in front of me, and yet I…


aless03 Alessandro: Stop.  …Please, stop already.
dave03 Dave: Hm?  I can’t hear you.  Say that again.  You have to say it louder, from start to finish.
aless09 Alessandro: I will meet with your boss.  I will meet with him and talk with him … so, stop this already!
dave01 Dave: Hmph.  That’s a deal.


giandaivanu4-5-2b Gian: Uh … urk…  Gah…

Their beating’s merciless…  I spit out the blood in my mouth, inch forward like a worm…

dave02 Dave: Haha, is he really that important?  This kid, he’s the Second Boss?  Hey, Sandro the Reaper, you’ve grown quite soft, haven’t you?
aless06 Alessandro: You don’t treasure your family?

Old pops’s voice flows into my ears.  When I hear that voice in my mind dark with fear and pain, I can feel the tears well up…

At an order from the suit, the thugs swivel Alessandro’s chair around and push it away.  The Boss cranes his neck back to look at me and starts yelling wildly,

aless09 Alessandro: Hey!  Let me talk to him!  Hey…!
dave01 Dave: Be a good boy and you’ll get to see him again.
aless09 Alessandro: …Gian!  Giancarlo…!

The boss’s chair gets pushed to a blind spot from where I’m lying…  Instead, what appears in front of my eyes is a pair of sparkling snakeskin shoes.


giandaivanu4-6-2 Gian: Gugah…!

The bastard stomps down on my head.  I hear his voice come down from above.

dave02 Dave: There’s a whole bunch of guys who’ve had their friends and family whacked by you waiting in the wing, Lucky Dog.  They’ll take extra special care of you, Mr. Pretty Boy.

I could only return a sobby groan in response…


In the dim room completely devoid of any light…


Whumph whumph.  Whack.

Giulio’s body is struck, again and again.  The soldiers supporting Giulio at each side are beginning to look exasperated.

Bondone Soldier B: Sir, isn’t it enough now…?

bondone4 Bondone: …Stay in line!  Keep him upright…!


giuliodaivan3-2-2 Giulio: Ngh…


bondone4 Bondone: Why … do you not listen my words…?!  In the past … you would submit … immediately after this…!


Giulio: …Grandfather…  Why … did you betray … us…?

bondone4 Bondone: Y-You still dare talk back…?!


bondone4 Bondone: Is it because of that brat…?  Just how much must he get in my way…?!
giuliodaivan3-3-2 Giulio: Just what … have you done with Gian…?  Did … Did you…?!
bondone5 Bondone: Hmph!  That fool is not worth dirtying my hands.  About now, he…

A horribly repulsive smile appears among the loose folds of skin on Bondone’s aged face.  He shoves the butt of his cane into Giulio’s chest and says,

bondone5 Bondone: …should be receiving a special welcome by that gang of gravediggers…!  Hahaha…!  Serves him right!
giuliodaivan2-8-2 Giulio: Wh-what … did you say…?!

A wave ripples through Giulio’s hair.  Like a wave of invisible thorns, something eminates from his body, causing the men seizing him to flinch.

bondone4 Bondone: It is because of that fool they almost discovered I was clearing out that gang’s worthless scum.  …If you had only listened to what I said…
bondone5 Bondone: …the man named Gian would not have needed to die!
giuliodaivan2-7-2 Giulio: …!!  …A-Ah…

Giulio’s face, his voice, his lips shudder.  His eyes – glass bead eyes of black – focus directly on the elder and pierces him through…


Giulio: How is it possible for anyone…

bondone4 Bondone: Wh-What…?!  Damn you!  Giulio…?!


Giulio: …to be as depraved as you…?

bondone4 Bondone: Y-you dare speak to me like that…?!

Bondone Soldier B: Hey!  How dare you speak like that to the Master?!

Bondone Soldier C: Sir, please rest.  We will handle him.


Unsightly smiles creep onto the faces of the men supporting Giulio as they tighten their grip.  Another man begins wrapping a handkerchief around his clenched fist…

giuliodaivan5-1-2 Giulio: …Where … is Gian…?
bondone4 Bondone: G-Giulio, what are you…?!

Bondone Soldier C: Shut your mouth, Young Master…!

The man sends a punch towards Giulio’s gut…

transition152     transition153

bg124     bg0


Crack. Crrk.

Bondone Soldier B: Gh?!  Ghaaa!!

Bondone Soldier C: Wha—  Gaaah!

The men supporting Giulio, the two soldiers seizing his arms, both fall to the ground screaming, their legs broken.

Their arms twist and crack in directions they shouldn’t like a bad comedy.

Giulio: …

Giulio stands, slowly dropping his arms.  As the elder Bondone and the other soldiers stand dazed at the shrieks of the men whose arms were broken,

Giulio: Where … is Gian…?

A frigid voice, chilling to the bones, repeats the question.  The old man stares at the grandson who should have been under his control with eyes of confusion, rage … and fear.

Bondone Soldier D: E-Ee!  Eeeah!!

Giulio’s hand grabs the fingers on that man’s left hand.  Then…

Giulio: …Where did you take Giancarlo?

Giulio’s voice rumbles quietly.  The man struggles to free his chin and throws a glance back at Don Bondone…  Giulio gently tightens his grip on the fingers.

Bondone Soldier D: U-Uwaah!!  W-Wait!  Wait, please!!  …The golf field!!  The Royal Forest Park!  He’s there…!!

Giulio: Are the GD also there…?

Bondone Soldier D: Yes…!!  They’re using it as their base!!  P-Please, d-don’t—


The man’s neck snaps at a 90 degree angle, cutting off his words.


Giulio continues forward, tossing the man aside.  He picks up the jacket they’d ripped off him and left lying on the floor.

bondone4 Bondone: G-Giulio…?!  You are…  No…!  Stop!  That is where…!

But his grandfather’s words no longer reach his ears.  He slips on the jacket, and then … he picks up the gun left on the floor, the rifle he had modified and sawed short in his room…


Giulio: …

…the room he and Gian had spent together.  Giulio picks it up dearly, gazes at it … and then holsters it behind him through his belt.


And just like that, Giulio continues walking…

bondone4 Bondone: …Giulio!  …Stop!  Stop right there…!

…and leaves.  What is left … is nothing more than several men moaning hideously and the forlorn expression on an old man who knows he has lost everything.

bondone4 Bondone: Wh-Why…?  Why…?!  Even you…?!  How dare you…!  I will never forgive you…!  Never…!


Bondone Soldier A: …Sir!  The other captains are heading this way…!  Please prepare to leave.  Staying here is dangerous!

bondone4 Bondone: Damn you…!  Damn you…!!

bg00     transition38


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  1. Di
    May 11, 2013 @ 17:13:31

    Giulio’s in full search & destroy mode!! oh babyyyy tear me up!!!



  2. allycat
    May 11, 2013 @ 19:59:13

    I knew it! I just knew the old man was dirty! I hope he dies in this game and Giulio is on a mission yeah baby! But seriously the suspense is killing me. Who is Gian really!?! What is his secret?
    And I totally love the how Gian interacts with Giulio after their night together. Its sweet and intimate and very touching. To be honest I didn’t think I would find myself falling for Giulio. Don’t get me wrong though! I have always thought his character was super cute but getting to know his character in depth has put him on a whole new moe scale.



  3. etyy
    May 13, 2013 @ 05:01:05

    After all the intensity and moeness in Giulio’s route, I’m kind of disappointed that it never mentioned anything else about Gian and the del Salto bloodline. Is it gonna be explained further in the game or is it something that is gonna be left in the dark until Bad Egg?



    • terracannon876
      May 13, 2013 @ 09:30:35

      It is never explicitly stated in the game, unfortunately. The closest any other route gets is Bernardo’s route, and even then, Giulio’s has it most explicitly (because Bondone is a bigmouth).

      There are some … mentions in the SS, but it’s actually more red herring than anything else, if I remember right. On the other hand, the Visual Fanbook states it straight out.

      I have no idea what’ll be in Bad Egg, so I can’t say anything about that =P



  4. Kuroneko
    May 13, 2013 @ 18:16:54

    Bondone: G-GIulio…?! You are… No…! Stop! That is where…!
    (Bondone: G-Giulio…?! You are… No…! Stop! That is where…!)



  5. Kuroneko
    May 13, 2013 @ 18:27:26

    Wohoo! Kay, prepare for the end of the world! Pull a paper bag over your heads and hide under a table! Giulio will kill every living cell on earth, BWAHAHAHA….
    *cough cough*



  6. Fate
    May 17, 2013 @ 11:53:58

    I wonder what will happen next hmmm



  7. Jelena
    May 25, 2013 @ 15:50:44

    In this chapter, there are so many hints about Gian’s background. I’m so confused, but is BEGIN SPOILER Gian Alessandro’s son or something!? Like the story about his “real” parents being killed was a lie or a cover up? I’ve been wondering that for a while, but this is starting to confirm my suspicions… 😮 I’mm not really sure.. END SPOILER

    Thanks again for your hard work 🙂



    • terracannon876
      May 25, 2013 @ 18:29:19

      Hm? What? I can’t hear you. The SPOILER censor is too loud 8D

      (email XD)



      • Reg
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        speaking of spoilers, mind emailing me too?



        • Reg
          Aug 05, 2013 @ 07:38:41

          oh and can you translate/summarize the spoilers of the visual fan book in a special section? I have a feeling they left out alot in the game that can be found in the book.



          • terracannon876
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            Lol. I’ll email you but it’s just one thing ^^; It’s also about the only information that is in the visual fanbook and not in the game. The untold information that doesn’t appear in the game mostly appears in Yura Lucky Pack and the SS, both of which cover info past the game (so the game wouldn’t have covered it anyways lol).



  8. arcielfreeder
    Nov 20, 2013 @ 19:59:22

    Thank you so much to your accurate translation (with pictures even!!) and walkthrough that I’m able to play LD. BANZAI!! You’re heaven sent!! An angel!! TTuTT ❤ I finished reading Ivan's route and now am almost done with Giulio's. And I just realized that Ivan & Giulio's route have a chapter title that sounds like the High School Musical songs, We're all in this together and Breaking Free. xDD



    • terracannon876
      Nov 20, 2013 @ 20:02:02

      Hello! Thank you for reading! I’m glad you’re enjoying it 🙂

      …I can assure you that, depending on which titles you mean, they’re either entirely unintentional on my part (I’m not well-versed enough in pop culture to even know where to begin with HSM) or they’re translated from the Visual Fan Book (in which case, I’m also 99.99999% sure they didn’t watch HSM). Soooo. IT’S ALL A CONSPIRACY! I SWEAR!!!! O_O




      • arcielfreeder
        Nov 30, 2013 @ 01:27:14

        I think my last reply didn’t send lol Thinking about associating LD to HSM is a srsly funny thought. XD

        I’ve been wondering.. amog the LD pairings which one do you like most? I think I’ve read a lot of things on your blog but still haven’t figured out you OTP. XD I read the you like Ivan and Luchino’s route tho. XDhaven’t



      • arcielfreeder
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        Waaah my mobile’s being derp it posted my comment without me finishing xD just thought i’d watch for Bernardo’s route as well if I see any HSM song title again. XD

        And I made you a little something, just wondering where I could mail it to. O3O



        • terracannon876
          Nov 30, 2013 @ 01:39:34

          What does HSM stand for?

          Hm. I don’t really have a OTP. Since I’ve read and analyzed all the routes so much, I like all the pairings. Every one seems natural and unique, and all the characters are all awesome. I just regret that AllxGian isn’t an option xD

          You can email me at the address in my About page. It’s my nick @ hotmail. Please let me know when you send so I can keep an eye out. Just in case it goes to the spam folder.



          • arcielfreeder
            Nov 30, 2013 @ 08:37:55

            HSM = High School Musical xDDD Since we were talking about the titles on Ivan & Giulio’s routehaving titles of HSM songs like Breaking Free and We’re all in this together lol If I ever find an HSM song in Bernardo or Luchino’s route.. I swear they are doing it intentionally xDD

            Oh. True. It’s really difficult to find an OTP in this game (tho I’m pretty biased about IvanxGian because of that one AMV I watched with the Me Me She song ;_; after that I shipped them like there’s no tomorrow.. sorry Giulio bby). Just thought I wanted to doodle something (like your fave pairing) for you as thanks for your hardwork. So I guess I’ll just draw AllxGian hahaha! Like srsly I wouldn’t be able to play the game without your translations so I’m really grateful! I’ve been dying to play this game for years! O3O3O3O ❤ ❤ ❤

            I think I missed your email the last time I read the About page but I found it again! Thank you. ❤ I'll comment back here to tell you if I sent the thing I want to give you along with the doodle. My email is also the same name I use here @hotmail so you can find it easily. xDD



            • terracannon876
              Nov 30, 2013 @ 22:11:55

              Oh, nono. I made up all the names myself XD There are no such things as chapters in the original game.

              I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what you have in store XD



  9. Bear
    Jun 16, 2014 @ 00:55:49

    Bondone: This will be the end of that meddlesome del Salto bloodline………IS THIS SOMEKIND OF SPOILER??!? O.M.G. WHAT?!???



  10. Cornette
    Oct 21, 2014 @ 04:16:19

    Dang, never underestimate Giulio’s yandere side!!



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