Lucky Dog 1 translations 13 Giulio route 04 best

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 13



Bakshi: What’s this?  This is quite the overkill we’ve got here, right, Doggy Two?!  You’re the only ones still drawin’ breath ‘round here!!

The man, all angles and bones, wails in an ear-piercing English and screeching laughter.  Crunch, crunch, he advances towards the collapsed exec and kicks him.

dave04 Dave: Bguh!!

Bakshi: Hear that, huh?  Your cute widdle assholes aaaaall…

bg000     bakshi126-1

Bakshi: …got a one-way ticket to Hell with a hole nouveau to go!  Holy shit, what an orgy that’ll be!!  All goin’ ‘C’mon, fuck me!  Fuck mee!!’  right?!

Another round of the man’s yowling laughter.  …Wh-What’s up with him…?  Just as I think this … I catch sight of something on his bared skin…

The blaring image of a GD tattoo flies out at me.

giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: You’re … a GD—

Bakshi: I’ve been thinking of jumping ship for a long time now, though!  Jeez, the whole party hasn’t got two brain cells to rub together!  …Shouldn’t talk though.  Even I almost…

dave04 Dave: Gubgh…!  Save … me…!

Bakshi:  …got pulled a fast one by this dipshit here!  Whoo, that was close!  But man, seriously?  You wops’ve got maggots coming outta yer bellies.

Bakshi: Our boss’s gone a-senile, too!  Just what’s he think he’s getting at, leaving this idjit behind to butter up the wops and getting pulled a fast one by him, too?

giandaivanu2-8-2 Gian: Wh-What’re you talking about, bastard…?!

bg000     bakshi126-1

dave04 Dave: Bguh…!  Gah!

transition164     bg000


The man jams his foot into the gut of the executive on the verge of death … smears the dark black blood he’d hurled up on his face with his foot.


Bakshi: Now then!  My job’s done here no.  The fuckin’ dickwads thought they could team up with the macaronis, and look where it got ‘em!


The Yankee nods back towards the still-flickering truck and bodies with a sneer like the edges of his mouth’d been pulled back by two strings.

bakshi1-6 Bakshi: You two cleaned ‘em up oh so pretty, pretty clean!  T’tell the truth, I was juuust ‘bout to head on home for a nice go at the booze, a nice go at the dick, and some quality time at my comfy pad, but…!!

Crunch! The man stomps on the flagstones.  I finally realize that … what the man has in his hand, what he’s taptap-a-tapping on his shoulder is…

…a double-barrel shotgun.  A massive one with its barrels hacked short.  The muzzle of the stupidly huge shotgun waves back and forth.

bakshi1-4 Bakshi: After seeing that show ya put on for me?  Hey, Mr. Lucky Dog ‘n Mad Dog, sir!  Wanna … have some fun?!

The man suddenly bends forward … and an unbelievably long tongue slithers out from his wide sneer … and he howls.

I feel like I’d just been licked by that long tongue and shiver.

giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: F-Fun?  You’re completely mad…
bakshi1-7 Bakshi: If you play with me for just a biiiit … I’ll give ya that fogey in the wheelchair back in the mansion.  That geezer’s your boss, right?

Ngh, I growl in the back of my throat.  …Just what … is this Yankee…?  Isn’t he a GD executive or something?!

Why’s he using our boss as bait like this—

giandaivanu3-11-1 Gian: Ngh?!  …Giulio?!

Just as I think this, Giulio’s hand clasps my shoulder.

giuliodaivan5-1-1b Giulio: …You have no intention of allowing us to leave … do you?

I shudder as Giulio’s subzero voice echoed.  In response…

bakshi1-6 Bakshi: Nooopity-do.  Never said that, did I?  You could trot on home, hand in hand, if you want.  Though, if you do that…

The giant cannon of a shotgun’s pointed stares back at us.


Bakshi: …I’ll start by blastin’ away your friends!  Don’t think they’re quite bulletproof or stinkin’ cheaters either.  So whatcha gonna do, little puppydogs?!

Bastard…!  I clench my shaking fist, tight enough my nails almost pierce skin…  Beside me, Giulio says, quietly,


Giulio: …I am your opponent.

giandaivanu3-1-1b Gian: Nrk…?!

Giulio’s words were curt and all too glacial – enough to render the Yankee in front of us speechless for an instant before…


Bakshi: …Pft.  Pffhyaaaahahahha!!  That’s the way it’s gotta be!  Come on, come on, bring it ooooon!!  I love it!  Didn’t think there’d be a dago after my own heart!

The shitty Yankee guffaws for a time.  Then…

Bakshi: This way.  C’mon.


He tosses the words back at us in a startling growl before turning his back.  His enormous back strides away from us…  I know even if I shoot at him with him turned away, I couldn’t even hit his ass…

giuliodaivan5-1-1b Giulio: …Gian … please put some distance between us.
giandaivanu3-11-1 Gian: Giu…li—!

Both my voice and body are petrified…

bg00     bg126

The Yankee stomps through the lawn and into a corner of the garden.


He stops, standing in a corner free of the death and destruction Giulio’s wrought, and turns back towards us.


…Giulio also halts.

giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: …Gh…!


There’s not even five yards between the Yankee and Giulio.  If Giulio throws his knife, he could reach, but…

This is like some cheap Western…!!  Even if Giulio could dodge bullets … the other’s got a shotgun…!!

bakshi1-4 Bakshi: Heheheh.  I’m fine anytime you are!

The crazy hooligan taps his cannon shotgun on his shoulder, and his reptilian tongue crawls out.  Giulio…

…shoves a clip of bullets into his rifle.  And then … he holsters it behind him, in his belt.

giandaivanu2-8-2 Gian: …!

What…?!  The two of them’re planning at having a quick-draw at this distance?!  …They’re both insane!!

bakshi126-3     duo-giuliobakshi-126-2

Bakshi: …C’mon.  I’ll let ya fire first.

Giulio: …

…Giulio doesn’t move.  Like a statue, like a shadow, he doesn’t budge, almost like he’d dissolved into the darkness…

And, the Yankee’s still got the shotgun against his shoulder…   He’s not making a move, either.

I can’t bring myself to even take my eyes off the scene…

giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: …D-Damn it…!  …Gh!!

bg0     duo-giuliobakshi-126-2

In the corner of my wide open eyes, I spot something.  …A tiny movement, reflecting just a bit of light back…

Before I even realize just what it is, I shout,


giandaivanu3-4-1b Gian: Giulio!!  Look out!  On your right!!


Giulio: !!


bakshi1-8 Bakshi: …!!  Tsk!!

With my voice as the trigger, the world explodes.

What I’d seen by coincidence was a man, hidden in the pitch black hall of the mansion, plastered against the window, aiming at Giulio.  The reflection of a gunpoint.

…That fucking damn Yankee!  He pretended to set up a fight when he was actually sneaking his lackeys in!!

transition165     transition166


giandaivanu3-4-1b Gian: …Giulio!!


The storm of bullets rain down on from the mansion onto Giulio.  A few rip through Giulio’s coat…  In the storm, Giulio … leaps straight to the side.


bakshi1-9 Bakshi: Grr, fuck you all!!

transition168     bg126



Everything appears slow and sluggish.  …No, my body’s too heavy…  I can’t move…

giulio00-6     bg00

Giulio glides through the air like he’d been punted ahead…

giulio00-4     giulio00-1

giulio00-5     giulio00-6

Bang.  Bang.  Bang.  …Bang.


GD Soldier 1: Bgh!

bg000 bg126

GD Soldier 2: …Geh!

giulio126-3     bg00

Pulling back the bolt over his crossed arm, he fires blindly – accurately – like the rifle’s a machinegun.  When he lands,

Click.  Bang.


Bakshi: …Tsk!


He fires at the damn hooligan.  But…?!  The bastard … dodged?!  He dodged Giulio’s bullet…?!


Giulio: …!

bakshi1-2 Bakshi: The fuck are yooou?!!

Giulio: !!


Fire flowers and explosions flare from the Yankee’s gun like a flamethrower.  Giulio ducks down low like a beast…

transition169     bg126

…and evades the incoming whirlwind of shots.

The Yankee dashes into the night, crouching low and screeching,

bakshi1-2 Bakshi: The fuck?!  The hell?!  That’s a fucking bolt-action rifle!!  How many d’you fire just now, you dirty stinkin’ cheater!!

Giulio doesn’t answer.

giulio126-4     bg0

giulio126-4     giulio126-5

In his hand shines a knife blade.  With just that … he takes a step forward.

bakshi1-6 Bakshi: …Oh?  …Oooh, hohohooo!!  Fucker … you wanna play knives with me, eh?!


Bakshi: I love this, hyaaahahahahaaaa!  I love it when people keep up with me, dago!

transition170     bakshi126-1

The Yankee stands in front of Giulio…  Shht slides out a disgustingly long butcher’s knife, and slrrp creeps his giant wormy tongue over it.

giuliodaivan5-1-1b Giulio: …

bg00     giulio126-2

A rustle of Giulio’s arm.  His hand.  He brings the knife up.  Crosses his arms, like a body embracing itself in death…

bakshi1-10 Bakshi: Hm?  ‘s that eskarmir?  …No, doesn’t look it.  Oh well, whatever.  Let’s have us some fuuun!

…?  Was the Yankee talking about fighting styles or something?

I can’t close my eyes.  Can’t draw breath.  I feel like I’m about to die just from being a bystander, watching.  In my eyes, I see him…

transition171     bg00


transition41     bg0

transition92     bg00


bakshi1-6 Bakshi: Whoo!
giuliodaivan2-8-2 Giulio: …!!

transition172     duo-giuliobakshi-126-2

…Fucking Yankee … he’s fast!!

bakshi126-3     bakshi126-2


Bakshi: Whoo!  Hah!  Hiyah!!

Like the poisonous barb of a giant scorpion, he strikes at Giulio again and again.  Giulio, with the same grace and fluidity as when he avoided the bullets, dodges them, evades them…

giulio126-2     giulio126-5

giulio126-4     giulio126-2


bakshi1-11 Bakshi: …Whoa!!  That was close!!
giuliodaivan5-1-2 Giulio: …

Giulio’s arm catches the Yankee’s, intertwines itself through it … and just when he lets his blade fly, the hooligan throws his body to the side … and slithers away, just an instant before his arm’s broken.

There’s the sound of something slicing through the wind.  A bead of red trails down Giulio’s cheek.  …Did he kick him when he fell away…?!

bakshi1-12 Bakshi: Not baaad!  This’s getting fun…!

There’s a shallow but long cut running down the Yankee’s arm, dripping the limb in blood.  Giulio … also has a sleeve ripped to shreds, soaked in red.

giandaivanu3-1-1b Gian: …!  Gh…

…I’m … lost for words.  A single small shout, a single stir of a muscle, and I might break Giulio’s concentration … and then the Yankee’d…

bakshi1-13 Bakshi: Heh … hehe…!


Giulio’s returned to his original stance as the Yankee aims his bloodied arm, his stare, and his howling laughter at him…  Bit by bit, the Yankee creeps around, drawing a large circle.


…!!  Blood’s also starting to drip out from Giulio’s tattered clothing.  Neither of them are unscathed, and the more they fight…


giuliodaivan3-3-2 Giulio: …Gh!  Shit…!

The Yankee was moving … to move Giulio away from his position in front of me?!

bakshi1-14 Bakshi: …Whoosh!  Aaand here’s one for the bingo!!

The Yankee draws his shotgun with his left arm, aims…  His pitch black eyeballs focus on me…

bg00 bg126

giandaivanu3-11-1 Gian: A-Ah…!!


Giulio: …Gh!!

transition173     transition174


Inferno and lead balls expel from the gun into the open space.  The instant he pulls the trigger, Giulio’s knife moves, cuts into the shotgun’s body, forces it up…


Bakshi: Guh!  Hehe, how’s that for a bingo?

giandaivanu3-1-1b Gian: Ah?!


The … broken knife that’d been locked tooth to tooth with the metal gun … drops from Giulio’s hand.  Over it, drops of blood stain the turf grass red.


Giulio: Gh…

…That … bastard…!  He aimed for me, knew Giulio’d go to block me…!  …Shit…!!


Giulio’s lost his knife … but even then, he shields me, standing between me and the Yankee.

bakshi1-14 Bakshi: Aaaaand, it’s the eeeeend!  Right?  Right?!  Yeah!  All that’s left now…  Wouldn’t it be fun if the both of ya died right here?  You could see if your insides are any different from each other!


giuliodaivan3-3-2 Giulio: …!!  …Gh!!

bg0     bg000


With the force and speed of a piledriver the blade flies towards Giulio parries it away with a bloodstained arm, tries to wrench it from him…

bg000     giulio126-6

…and … is overpowered in turn.


Bakshi: Hoo!  Hyahoo!!


Giulio: …Guh…

transition175     bg126

…Because he’s lost a knife to guard with, Giulio’s sleeve gets more ragged, dripping with blood, by the second.

giandaivanu3-4-1b Gian: …Giulio…!!

I can’t hold back my shout.

…Fuck…!!  There’s no more weapons around…!  Fuck…!  I chew down on…


…on the wad … of tasteless gum in my mouth…

giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: …!  …It’s all or nothing!!

transition172     duo-giuliobakshi-126-3

…The scene unfolding before my eyes is a showdown between what’re possibly the two most dangerous living things on this planet.  The tiniest commotion for the tiniest moment could decide between life and death…

bg126     bg000


I work my shaking lips, teeth, tongue … chew on the gum, round out it, breath in…  And, hiding behind Giulio, in the bastard’s blind spot, I…


Bakshi: Time for ya to die!!  …Take … this!!

bg0     bakshi126-1

…Just when the Yankee swipes with his blade…

transition176     bakshi126-2


Bakshi: Wha—?!  Nugh?

The bubble of gum bursts and sticks to my face.  The sound of that tiny explosion … causes the Yankee to stiffen, just for an instant.


Giulio: !!

That was enough for Giulio.

Bakshi: Y-You bastaaaard!!  Nuh … ah?

bg000     duo-giuliobakshi-126-4

transition177     transition178


bakshi1-15 Bakshi: …Gh!!  Gh … Wh-Wha…?!
giuliodaivan3-3-2 Giulio: …Kh…!!


Giulio’s left hand, fingers splayed into talons, stab into the Yankee’s gut like a lance, and pierce deep and deeper.

Ckkk! crack his abs.  Thump, and the knife falls from the Yankee’s hand.

bakshi1-9 Bakshi: G-Ghaa … aaaah!!  Y…ou bastaaaaard!!

bg00 bg126

giuliodaivan3-3-2 Giulio: Gh…!!  …?!

The Yankee instantly springs backwards an unbelievable distance in a single bound.

bakshi1-15 Bakshi: Fuuuuuuuuuuuck yoooou…!!  I’m really gonna fucking kill you this time!!  Catch ya later!!
giuliodaivan2-8-2 Giulio: …!!  …Ah…!!

A string of blood traces down the tendons of Giulio’s left hand.  But, what Giulio’s eyes are focused on … are at the objects dropped at his feet,

…the things that Yankee’d dropped as he’d made his escape.

giandaivanu3-11-1 Gian: …?!  U-Uwah?!

transition179     bg000


Two grenades, rolling and spewing smoke.

giuliodaivan2-7-2 Giulio: Gian!!
giandaivanu3-4-1b Gian: You idiot!!  Run!!

I can’t run…  But Giulio, he can get away.  I turn my eyes away from the countdown to death right in front of my eyes and holler.

giulio126-7     transition180


giandaivanu4-6-2 Gian: …Gh, gah?!

For an instant, my vision’s clouded in black.  It exploded!  …No, it hasn’t.  Giulio picks me up…

…and, using his body as a shield, he leaps.

giandaivanu3-4-1b Gian: Giulioooooo!!

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  1. Di
    May 12, 2013 @ 14:11:59

    DAMMIT!! You fuckin’ Bakshi don’t mess with my Giulio!!



  2. Aibrean
    May 12, 2013 @ 17:42:00

    …I am having a hard time imagining Bakshi’s route in Bad Egg as anything even remotely pleasing. He’s a complete psycho, like Giulio was, but unlike Giulio he seems to just be a homicidal maniac with no redeeming qualities. Unless you count his love for cats.



    • terracannon876
      May 12, 2013 @ 19:09:54

      If you put it like “he’s the male version of a cat lady,” then … maybe it sounds ok…?

      His route in LHL with Gian is hilarious, though. I guess he likes Gian enough … not to kill him … sometimes…? If he lets him keep cats? …



  3. Magez4life
    May 15, 2013 @ 04:07:05

    Hm? ‘S that eakarmir?….no doesn’t look it(no doesn’t look like it) am I right??????

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