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Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 13

No Matter How Many Times, I’ll…


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…In the end, after that… It was plain as day that me walking and talking on my own was all bravado – or rather, me being whipped onwards with adrenaline and nerves.

The injuries and damage from the torture ended up dragging me into a two-week long nap…

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Giulio: …Are you all right, Signor Gian…?  Please do not push yourself…

giandaivanu1-2-2 Gian: Naw, it’s about time I get moving on my own…  The old man’s coming today, too.  …I can’t keep looking so pathetic forever…


I say this with a brave front, but…


Giulio: Signor Gian…!

The moment I let go of my crutches to stand, I sway and I’m only on my feet because Giulio’s hand’s supporting me.  …Still … even if it hurts, I can stand on my own now.

giandaivanu2-11-2 Gian: S…ee?  I’m … fine!  More … importantly.  …Hellooo, Giuliooo!

Giulio: Y-Yes…?


I needle Giulio as I poke at his flank.

giandaivanu2-4-2 Gian: You’re back to ‘Signor Gian’ again.
giuliodaivan2-1-2 Giulio: Oh…  My … apologies…

That’s all it takes for Giulio to slump down further than me despite the injuries covering my body.  …Aah, it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen this…

It’s been two weeks since then.


While I was sleeping away with a “absolute bedrest” label plastered over my forehead … there wasn’t much chance for me and Giulio to see each other.


First of all, I couldn’t move.  As for Giulio, he was up to his ears in trouble with this whole trial business, citing him for the mutiny of the Bondone family … or so I’d heard from Luchino.

I hear the directors’d turned straight around and started attacking Giulio, the direct heir of the Bondone family – the main perpetrators behind this whole drama of betrayal, but…

As expected, Alessandro and Bernardo and the others came to his defense, and somehow or another got him a clean slate (I think).  …And once again, I was able to do nothing…

After that, I couldn’t meet Giulio.  …Why?  Because Don Bondone, that geezer, went missing.

After his treachery was dragged out into the open, we figured he’d make a move to another state or overseas temporarily, but…  Giulio’s been busy wrapping that up this whole time.


Giulio: My apologies … I…

giandaivanu2-5-2 Gian: Haha…  Don’t worry ‘bout it.

Giulio: Uu … Sig— … Gian…


I place my hand under Giulio’s chin and turn him my way.  His cheek…  It’s soft like a deshelled boiled egg.

giandaivanu3-13-1 Gian: If you forget … then I’ll tell you when it happens.  That all right with you?
giuliodaivan2-1-2 Giulio: …Eh…?!  But, I…
giandaivanu3-13-1 Gian: It’ll never get boring that way!  It’s better like this, right?
giuliodaivan5-6-4 Giulio: Signor Gian… …Oh.
giandaivanu1-9-1b Gian: See?

I give him a smirk … and with my fingers still supporting his chin, I stretch towards Giulio’s hesitant, almost-crying face, and…

giuliodaivan5-7-4 Giulio: …Gian…?  …Nn … mph…
giandaivanu2-9-4 Gian: …Haa…  Giulio…
giuliodaivan5-4-4 Giulio: …gh…  I-I…

Tiny gestures, supporting each other…  Like little birds pecking, we touch our lips, our tongues reach out to find the other’s…  For just a moment, my eyes shut.

giuliodaivan5-7-4 Giulio: Ah … nh, Gian…
giandaivanu2-5-4 Gian: That’s a good boy.  …Now then, let’s get going.
giuliodaivan5-3-3 Giulio: Yes…!
giandaivanu1-9-1b Gian: Oh, you know what the doc said?  He said I can sleep in my own room starting today.
giuliodaivan2-1-4b Giulio: I understand.  …O-Oh…
giandaivanu2-6-1b Gian: It’s been a long time since I’ve slept in that room.
giuliodaivan5-6-3 Giulio: Y-Yes…!!  Gian…!
giandaivanu3-15-1 Gian: Let’s have ourselves a whole mountain of ice cream sundaes again.
giuliodaivan5-5-3 Giulio: Yes…!

I’ve completely let the crutches go now … and with Giulio supporting me, I walk forward.  My goal?  The door ten feet ahead of me…

In Bernardo’s room, with his wire throne, Bernardo and the other captains, Boss Alessandro, and Counselor Cavalli’re gathered.  Waiting for me.

It’s the first captain’s meeting since … no … it’s the first Administration meeting since Capo del Salto’s return.  As next up in line, there’s no way I can miss that…!

No way in hell!



The Normal Ending ends here.  If 65 > Omerta > 35, then continue to Best Ending.

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  1. Di
    May 12, 2013 @ 14:18:38

    Giulio’s sooooo adorable!!!!!!!! *w*



  2. Clover
    May 16, 2013 @ 20:35:55

    “The injuries and damage from the torture ended up draging me into a two-week long nap…”



  3. Fate
    May 17, 2013 @ 12:20:11

    Giulio take care of Gain ok?



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