Lucky Dog 1 translations 13 Giulio route 03

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 13

Dark Knight


giandaivanu4-6-2 Gian: Gaaaaagh…!

The harsh pain blanks me out … and this same pain calls me back to the world.  It’s just a fountain pen threaded through my fingers and twisted, but…

…the agony mercilessly piercing through me is intense enough to drive me mad.

giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: Gghaah…  J-Just … finish me…

GD Soldier A: Haha, no fucking way!  If we off you before we get you to Rockwell, we’d be the ones in pieces!

giandaivanu4-2-2 Gian: What…?

GD Soldier A: Sounds like our boss wants a look at your mug!  Well, once that’s done and over with … we’ve got a fun party waiting for you, Lucky Dog!

bg0     bg125

GD Soldier A: The fellas whose family and friends you’ve killed?  They’ve been waiting for you.  If we let the party’s guest of honor die … we’d be the ones getting whacked!


giandaivanu4-6-2 Gian: Gugh…!


I’ve been assaulted so much that … my mind’s blanking out on me…  Everything’d be better, the pain’d be gone, if I just died…

…I shudder as those thoughts overtake my mind.


GD Soldier B: Whoa there.  Your ride’s here.  …Hey, leave him at that.

GD Soldier A: I know, I … know!!


giandaivanu4-5-2b Gian: Eegh…!!

Kicks fly at my gut in complete overkill and I curl up, a whine like a kicked dog spilling out.

Two pairs of headlights cut through the dark of night, mercilessly assaulting my eyes from where I am.  …Judging from the height, it’s a truck and a sedan…

The rumble of the headlights and engine sound like they’re coming with enough speed run me over groaning on the ground, the end.

giandaivanu3-16-2b Gian: N-No…

GD Soldier B: Hehe, the brat’s shaking up a fit.

GD Soldier A: …Hey, think we can take a finger or three?  We’ll dedicate it to Max’s grave.

GD Soldier B: If you’re so hung up on it…  Hurry up and get it over with.  Don’t let him squeal too loud.

GD Soldier A: I know, I know.  …Now then…

giandaivanu4-5-2b Gian: U-Uwah…!  Stop…!!

My right arm’s mercilessly twisted back…  The sound of a knife flipping open stabs my eardrums.




GD Soldier B: …Huh?  Whassat…?

There’s something pounding or thumping from far away…  The gangsters’ bodies freeze rock-stiff.  It’s different from either the truck or car engine.


GD Soldier A: Who’s that guy there…?

The gates of shrubbery and iron rails to the mansion’s garden are thrown open.  From beyond there, in the darkness, is the thing emitting the steady pulsing.

It’s a large American bike, the kind the military uses.  The great hulking mass, a rider on back, just sits there in the dark, still as stone, headlights off, vibrating steadily.

GD Soldier A: The fuck?  Did we have anyone on a bike?

GD Soldier B: Hell if I know.  Hey!  You here to take him back to Ro—

giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: Gh…?

The thug’s hauling up my arm when his voice…

transition154     bg00


transition155     bg125

GD Soldier A: What…?!  Ah—


The thug pulling up my arm shudders violently, sways, falls to his knees, and then … collapses – as a corpse, the skull above its tongue blown clean away.

GD Soldier A: U-Uwaaah!!  Y-You bastard!  The fuck’re yo—


transition156     transition157


GD Soldier A: Buh…

In the other … a crimson hole is plucked open in his chest before he falls over as well.

giandaivanu3-16-2b Gian: What…?!  What’s…?

Following that two are bursts of gunfire.  The truck and sedan halt at the sound.  A roar rises from the gangsters as they clamber out of the car.

GD Soldier C: Wh-What’s this?!  What’s goingaagh!


bg00     bg000


The man’s body flips a somersault over the sedan’s hood.  Gray matter splatters like a flare through the darkness.

GD Soldier D: U-Uwaah!!  It’s an attack!  The wops’re here!!

GD Soldier E: Fucking hell!  Kill him!!

The men flutter about in a panic, dash off, and hastily lay low in the shadows of the cars.

The enemies still haven’t noticed the mystery rider as they huddle down, exposing their back to him…

bg0     bg125

bg000     bg125

Bang.  Bang.

…before they’re shot down, snapping like dry sticks.

I twist my body around on the bloodied lawn, look up…

…Is it…?  Is it really…?!

giandaivanu4-2-2 Gian: …G-Giuli…o…?!

I drag myself up, endure the piercing pain as I crane my neck back and look…


The pitch back figure perched on top of the enormous bike near the gate blurs and moves.

The hands work the bolt on the short barreled gun he’s holding, shoves in another full clip.  The bolt’s shut again…


…It really is…!!

bg19     bg125

giandaivanu3-4-1b Gian: …Giul—!  Giuliooooo!!

I scream his name like blood ripped from my throat.

Did the clouds move?  Leave the moon open?  My voice causes the shadow to shudder minutely, and, simultaneously, the shadow transforms into a familiar figure…


Giulio: …!

Giulio appears, like there’s a spotlight on him.  His lips … his eyes … are moving.  He’s too far, so I can’t hear him, but…

…He’s calling my name.

giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: …Giulio…!!

I feel like I’m expelling everything in me out as I cry out … but I can’t stand because of the overwhelming pain.  Instead, I stay on the ground, inching myself up.

As I’m doing this…

Click.  Click.

GD Soldier D: Fucking shit!!  The bastard came alone!  He’s fucking with us!!

GD Soldier E: Get him!!

Countless muzzles and pupils gone mad with rage aim towards Giulio.  …Shit.  Giulio or not…  I inhale deep, deep into lungs and throat that feel like they’re exuding blood, and shout.


giandaivanu3-15-2 Gian: Kehaha, hahasnrk … a-arf arf arf!  …The Mad Dog’s heeeeere!!  It’s the Mad Dog!  Fucking bastards, get ready for a trip to hell!


My scream … works.  The expressions on the thugs tighten.  Their bodies stiffen. Their faces of rage and terror turn towards the origin of the voice, me, and…

GD Soldier E: Wh-What…?!  The Mad Dog…?!

GD Soldier D: N-No way…  That’s…?!

giulio125-1     bg125

The men hesitate for an instant.  That instant was enough for Giulio.  A metallic roar swells up from the bike he’s straddling as it charges forward.

bg00     bg125

GD Soldier F: Sh-Shit…!!  Fire!!

bg0     bg125

bg0     bg125

The hoodlums ducking low behind the truck and sedan all pull their triggers at once.  The rust-colored fireworks and thunders of gunshot flare up, engulfing our surroundings.

bg0     bg125

But … Giulio’s bike isn’t where it was anymore.  Like a terrorized bronco, it rears back, stampedes forward…

GD Soldier D: U-Uwaah!!

bg000     bg125

bg0     bg000


Atop the galloping bike, he fires.  Braces the bolt against his arm and pulls.  Loads.  Fires.  Racing all the while.

bg000     bg125

GD Soldier D: Gaaaah!!

For every roar of gunfire piercing through the night sky, another man lies motionless on the ground.

bg0     bg125

Giulio crosses his left hand over to grip the handle and revs the bike into a sprint, leaving the gangsters’ bullets behind in the dust…

giuliodaivan5-1-1b Giulio: …

GD Soldier E: F-Fucking shit!!

Several thugs climb into the car and, safe inside, they streak ahead, charging towards Giulio’s bike…

giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: N-nghuh?!  Shit…

bg0     bg125

transition158     bg125

The giant sedan holding the gangsters – the giant monster beetle of a car – catches Giulio’s bike in its headlights and stampedes forward.

bg0     transition159



Giulio shoots as he keeps running ahead.  The first shot pokes a small hole on the driver’s side of the front window, splattering the inside crimson red…  The second rips the tires apart.

bg0     bg125

GD Soldier E: U-Uwaah…?!


The sedan, its engine shot, jerks and sways like its emergency brakes’d been pulled, and the engines instantly fall silent…

transition160     bg0


…and just like that, its massive body rolls over sideways.  The surviving gangsters flail about, crawl through the window to try to escape…

transition161     bg125

…but before they can, a blast from Giulio’s shotgun catches the sedan’s gas tank.  The burning hot shots pierces through the fumes saturating the top of the tank.

transition162     bg00

GD Soldier E: Gy-Gyaaah!!

The sedan blows, its gas engulfed in an inferno.  The arms stretching out to escape are licked up by the flames, swallowed … and vanish.


Giulio backs the bike up and gets fast away from the light show.

giandaivanu3-8-2b Gian: …P-Pf…hahaha!  He’s … a real piece of work…!  Awesome…!

Giulio…!!  …You came for me…!!

giandaivanu3-7-1b Gian: Giulio…!!

I don’t know if he managed to shrug off whatever spell’s binding him to his grandfather’s control or not, but…

…He came for me…!!

In the dark, the bike’s engine bellows.  Headlights off, the pitch black shadow slips forward through the dark and glides towards me.

giuliodaivan2-8-1 Giulio: …!
giandaivanu2-5-2d Gian: Giulio…!

The bike parks, and…


Giulio: …Signor … Gian…!  I am sorry … I…!

His eyes waver with countless emotions and what wells up because of them.  I sway and finally manage to take Giulio’s hand…


giandaivanu4-8-2 Gian: You … came for me…
giuliodaivan2-7-2 Giulio: Signor Gian…!
giandaivanu4-1-1 Gian: …Haha, you still … haven’t dropped the habit yet?
giuliodaivan5-6-2 Giulio: …Ah.  My … apolo…gies…

Giulio looks down with an expression like he’s about to cry.  …Haha, seriously, jeez.  He’s…  After giving me such a crazy show of strength, he does this.

…It’s – how to put it – frightening, amazing … and so hopelessly adorable.  Damn it all…!

giuliodaivan5-4-2b Giulio: …My apologies…  If I had come earlier, Signor Gian, you would not have been so injured…
giandaivanu2-5-2d Gian: That’s enough.  Don’t worry ‘bout it.

I pat Giulio on the shoulder…  Are the hoodlums here all dead…?

Feeling like I’d just gulped down the entire contents of a novel in one go, I let out a deep breath.

…It hasn’t even been five minutes since Giulio arrived…


Giulio: …I will search for a functioning car.  Gian, please wait right here…

giandaivanu4-5-2b Gian: Yeah.  Counting on … you…  Oh.  Ah…!!  No, wait, take that back!  Wait!!


A form appears inside my mind swallowed by haze.

giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: Giulio…!  He’s here…  The Boss, Alessandro was here.  He’s captured here, too…!
giuliodaivan2-1-2b Giulio: …!!  Is … that so?  I understand.  Let us search for him.
giandaivanu2-8-2 Gian: I hope they didn’t move him somewhere else…

Giulio and I nod to each other…  I travel forward, hiding behind different objects, as Giulio slinks through the darkness itself like a shadow.

We creep towards a door of the mansion left open.  …Right, that super annoying executive in the suit’s still here.

…Where’s that fucker now…?!

I quietly move in towards the cavernous darkness gaping behind the open door…


It was then…

transition163     bg00

giuliodaivan2-8-2 Giulio: …!!  Gian!  Stand back…!!
giandaivanu3-11-1 Gian: Wh-Whoa?!


Giulio pulls my body back with one hand like I’m nothing more than a towel or something and drags me behind him.  In my jostled vision, turned straight around, I see…


giandaivanu3-1-1b Gian: …What?!

A monkey suit flies out of the dark, kicked out into the open…  With a sqrmph, it lands on the flagstone.  It’s … something … in the shape of a person.

dave04 Dave: …Ungh, geehk…  Ee…  S-Save … me…!!
giuliodaivan2-8-2 Giulio: …?!
giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: That’s the bastard that…

…The dinner suit I see belongs to the GD Executive…  It’s a … body, its limbs, his elbows and knees’re all curving in strange directions and angles they shouldn’t ever be…

Its face, twisted in fear and pain, catch sight of us and, as though he has no idea who he’s seeing…

dave04 Dave: S-Sa…ve … me…!!

…Wh-Why’s someone so up high and mighty a few moment ago like this?!

For a second, I think the old man’d managed to get away on his own, but … no.  That’s not it.

giandaivanu3-1-1b Gian: Wh-Who’s there…?!


There’s … something hiding in the dark!!


giuliodaivan5-1-1b Giulio: Gian, do not move…
giandaivanu4-2-2 Gian: …?!

Giulio moves, flowing like water, like shadow … and places himself between me and the darkness.  From behind the black…


There’s the loud crunch of giant boots grinding against the sand…


With a silent whoosh, a looming shadow of a man appears.

It looks at us … swallows.  Gulp.

Bakshi: …Hmhm!  …Haha … hahahahaha!!


The inhuman howl scatters into the night.

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