Answer to my Cry, Beast

(Cover TBA)


(from front flap)

“You keep saying stuff like that, I’m gonna run ya over with a roadroller!”

The angry shout batters at my ears, waking me from my comfortable sleep.  My name’s Orphen.  I’m really a sorcerer, but I do an underground moneylending business on the side.

The one who yelled is a dwarf brat named Volcan.  Even though he’s borrowed money from me, there’s no sign of him ever planning on returning it.

It looks like the kid’s found some kind of money-making scheme.  I’m not putting much hope in it, but either way I dress my best like he says and show up at some rich people’s mansion … and that was where I met her…



Table of Contents


Chapter 1: On Business Day… (5/45 pages complete)

Chapter 2: The Voice Calling From the Memories

Chapter 3: The Revenge of Shrimp Man

Chapter 4: Baltanders

Chapter 5: The Night of “The Hunt”

Chapter 6: The Sorceress of All Heaven and Hell



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