Sorcerous Stabber Orphen terminology

I will be adding to this list as I continue to read the novels and reach new names.


Notes on title translations here



Dwarf / Dwarves


  • Wheeled Dragon (ウィールド・ドラゴン) – Nornir – Arguably could be “wyrd,” but the long ‘ee’ sound makes me think this is actually “wheeled” (as in the Wheel of Fate) while the “ウィールド” in ウイルド・グラフ is “wyrd.”
  • Deep Dragon (ディープ・ドラゴン) – Fenrir
  • Red Dragon (レッド・ドラゴン) – Berserker
  • Mist Dragon (ミスト・ドラゴン) – Troll
  • Faerie Dragon (フェアリー・ドラゴン) – Valkyrie
  • War Dragon (ウォー・ドラゴン) – Sleipnir

Magic Types



  • Voice Sorcery (音声魔術)
    • Black Sorcery (黒魔術)
    • White Sorcery (白魔術)
  • Silence Sorcery (沈黙魔術)
  • Destruction Sorcery (破壊魔術)
  • Darkness Sorcery (暗黒魔術)
  • Spirit Sorcery (精霊魔術)
  • Transmogrification Sorcery (獣化魔術)
  • Weather Sorcery (大気魔術)

Superstition / Charm


Volume 1

  • Baltander
  • Wyrdgraph – ウイルド・グラフ – 魔術文字

Volume 2

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