Uta no Prince-sama translations

I won’t be translating the games (unless I’m done with everything else and I have nothing else to do.  Hah!  Fat chance), but currently, there are 6, all for the PSP: Uta no☆Prince-samaUta no☆Prince-sama ♪ Repeat (a remake), Amazing Aria, Sweet SerenadeMusic, and Debut.  The anime is called Maji Love 1000% and Maji Love 2000%.

If I really feel like it, I might work on the dramas too.  I’ll list them here for now too, for completion’s sake.

Uta no☆ Prince-sama ♪

Nanami Haruka is a new student to Saotome Academy, a prestigious one-year school for idols and composers.  To graduate, she must partner up with a prospective idol and create a song by the end of the year.  However, all seven boys have their own troubles and problems arise.  Romantic feelings also form, but this is made especially problematic since Saotome Academy absolutely forbids all romantic relationships.  Engaging in such a relationship is automatic expulsion.

Amazing Aria and Sweet Serenade cover what happen after the main game and anime.  Debut takes place even later, showing the boys as they’re preparing for their debut.  All Star takes place after Debut, but follows an alternate timeline where Nanami ends up pairing with one of the senpai instead.  All Star After Secret is a direct sequel to All Star.  Music is a minigame disk with a collection of 31 songs.   Music 2 similarly has 33 songs.

Disclaimer: Uta*Prince belongs to BROCCOLI and NipponIchi and ELEMENTS GARDEN and anyone else involved in the developing process.  Not me.  I just own the games.




Memorials translations

  • By Game
  • By Character

Song translations

  • By Game / Anime Appearance
  • By Character
  • By CD

Drama translations

  • By CD


Ittoki Otoya (Terashima Takuma)
一十木音也 (寺島拓篤)

Ichinose Tokiya (Miyano Mamoru)

Hijirikawa Masato (Suzumura Kenichi)
聖川真斗 (鈴村健一)

Jinguuji Ren (Suwabe Junichi)
神宮寺レン (諏訪部順一)

Shinomiya Natsuki (Taniyama Kishou)

Kurusu Shou (Shimono Hiro)
来栖翔 (下野紘)

Aijima Cecil (Toriumi Kousuke)
愛島セシル (鳥海浩輔)

Kotobuki Reiji (Morikubo Shoutarou)
寿嶺二 (森久保祥太郎)

  • Doting Temptation (溺愛テンプテーション)
  • To My Beloved (愛しき人へ)
  • A Kiss and A Wink (キスはウインクで)

Kurosaki Ranmaru (Tatsuhisa Suzuki)
黒崎蘭丸 (鈴木達央)

Mikaze Ai (Aoi Shouta)
美風藍 (蒼井翔太)

Camus (Maeno Tomoaki)
カミュ (前野智昭)




  • ROULETTE (Ittoki Otoya & Ichinose Tokiya)
  • DOUBLE WISH (Hijirikawa Masato & Jinguji Ren)
  • GO! x 2 Roller Coaster (Shinomiya Natsuki & Kurusu Sho) (GO!x2 ジェットコースター)
  • Fantastic Melody (Ittoki Otoya & Kurusu Sho) (ファンタスティックmelody)
  • RISE AGAIN (Kotobuki Reiji & Kurosaki Ranmaru)
  • DEAREST under the Moonlight (Mikaze Ai & Camus) (月明かりのDEAREST)

Debut Units

  • All-out ROman☆Tic (Kotobuki Reiji & Ittoki Otoya & Ichinose Tokiya) (ガムシャラ ROman☆Tic)
  • Dream more than Love (Kurosaki Ranmaru & Hijirikawa Masato & Jinguji Ren)
  • Triangle Beat (Mikaze Ai & Shinomiya Natsuki & Kurusu Sho)
  • North Wind and Sunshine (Camus & Aijima Cecil)

Shuffle Unit

  • Hyper x Super x Lover ☆ (Kotobuki Reiji & Ittoki Otoya)
  • Love-Tinted Emotions (Kurosaki Ranmaru & Aijima Cecil) (恋色センチメンタル)
  • Beautiful Love (Mikaze Ai & Hijirikawa Masato & Kurusu Shou)
  • Baby! My strawberry! (Camus & Jinguuji Ren)
  • Still Still Still (Shinomiya Natsuki & Ichinose Tokiya)

Shining Theatre Troupe

  •  Masquerade Mirage (Shinomiya Natsuki & Kotobuki Reiji & Mikaze Ai) (マスカレイドミラージュ)
  • The Way of the Greatest Invincible Shinobi (Ittoki Otoya & Hijirikawa Masato & Kurusu Shou & Aijima Cecil) (天下無敵の忍び道)
  • JOKER TRAP (Ichinose Tokiya & Jinguuji Ren & Kurosaki Ranmaru & Camus)

(all of A class and/or S class, Senpai)


  • Serious LOVE 1000% (マジLOVE1000%)
  • Serious LOVE 2000% (マジLOVE2000%)
  • Map of the Future (未来地図)
  • Welcome to the World of UTA☆PRI!!
  • RAINBOW☆DREAM (Cecil included)
  • Symphony for Dreamchasers (Cecil included) (夢追人へのSymphony)
  • Shining Star Xmas (Cecil included)
  • Eternal Tri-Star (A Class only) (永遠のトライスター)
  • AMAZING LOVE (A Class only)
  • Eternal Trinity (S Class only) (無限のトリニティ)
  • Passion SERENADE (S Class only) (情熱 SERENADE)
  • QUARTET☆NIGHT (Senpai only)
  • Poison KISS (Senpai only) (ポワゾンKISS)


(Miyano Mamoru’s single for Uta*Prince openings)


  • Aoi Tsubasa (opening for Repeat) (蒼ノ翼)
  • Orpheus (opening for Maji Love 1000%) (オルフェ)
  • DREAM FIGHTER (opening for Debut)
  • Last Around
  • innocence
  • Canon (opening for Maji Love 2000%) (カノン)

TV Inserts

  • Lost Heart (Nanami Haruka) (迷子のココロ)
  • Clear Days☆OHA♪YAHHO (HAYATO) (晴天☆OHA♪YAHHO)

Drama CDs

  • Character Drama CD – A Class & S Class
  • Character Drama CD – Ittoki Otoya & Ichinose Tokiya
  • Character Drama CD – Hijirikawa Masato & Jinguji Ren
  • Character Drama CD – Shinomiya Natsuki & Kurusu Sho
  • Duet CD – Ittoki Otoya & Ichinose Tokiya
  • Duet CD – Hijirikawa Masato & Jinguji Ren
  • Duet CD – Shinomiya Natsuki & Kurusu Sho
  • Debut Unit CD – Camus & Aijima Cecil
  • Debut Unit CD – Shinomiya Natsuki & Kurusu Sho & Mikaze Ai
  • Debut Unit CD – Hijirikawa Masato & Jinguji Ren & Kurosaki Ranmaru
  • Debut Unit CD – Ittoki Otoya & Ichinose Tokiya & Kotobuki Reiji
  • Shuffle Unit CD – Kotobuki Reiji & Ittoki Otoya
  • Shuffle Unit CD – Kurosaki Ranmaru & Aijima Cecil
  • Shuffle Unit CD – Mikaze Ai & Hijirikawa Masato & Kurusu Shou
  • Shuffle Unit CD – Camus & Jinguuji Ren
  • Shuffle Unit CD – Shinomiya Natsuki & Ichinose Tokiya
  • Shining Theatre Troupe CD – Shinomiya Natsuki & Kotobuki Reiji & Mikaze Ai
  • Shining Theatre Troupe CD – Ittoki Otoya & Hijirikawa Masato & Kurusu Shou & Aijima Cecil
  • Shining Theatre Troupe CD – Ichinose Tokiya & Jinguuji Ren & Kurosaki Ranmaru & Camus
  • Original Game Extras
  • Repeat Extras
  • Amazing Aria Extras
  • Sweet Serenade Extras
  • Music Extras
  • Music 2 Extras
  • Debut Extras
  • All Star Extras
  • Maji Love 1000% Side Story
  • Whispers CD ~Sweet Holiday~
  • White Day Special CDs
  • Maji Love 1000% Christmas Special CD
  • Ryuuya-sensei’s Lessons (Piano CDs)

Credits: blog UtaPurinsesu for almost all my material, and blog Are You Ready? (tumblr and wordpress) for some songs.


13 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. xWhiteRussia
    Jun 27, 2013 @ 01:00:18

    Please translate the drama CD’s!! I need to know what Otoya is saying! ♥♥



  2. watyuki
    Jul 01, 2013 @ 20:32:55

    can u plz plz translate the drama cd? i looked everywhere trying to find them



  3. Kuro.
    Jul 02, 2013 @ 09:41:03

    Hello, I’ve been a fan of your UtaPri translations for a while xDDDD.

    If you have free time, can you also translate some of the Drama CDs?
    Any of them should be fine, but if you mind about translating the Drama CDs in which Masato takes part (e.g. Character Drama CD MasaRen, Debut Unit MasaRenRan), it would be great xDDDDD.

    Anyway, thank you so much for all of your hard work, and please excuse for my bad English ;;; v ;;;.



    • terracannon876
      Jul 02, 2013 @ 09:43:54

      I didn’t know anyone READ my Utaprince translations XD

      One request for duet unit cd 2 then. On the record 😉

      As a note, I’ve mentioned this elsewhere before but I’m relatively inexperienced with drama cd translation’s. I’m also busy, so it will take a while. Please be patient…?!

      Thanks for commenting ❤



  4. akaruimaika
    Jul 03, 2013 @ 14:34:14

    Hello! I’ve been looking for UtaPri Drama CD translations, but can’t find any with Masato in them. Then I saw this page + the comments and um, if it isn’t much, can you translate Track 3 (焼ける肉、飛ぶ虫。そしてロック) of Unit Drama CD (Ranmaru, Masato and Ren). I can only understand a few of their lines but I wish to understand more. And I’m really curious on what Masato was afraid of that he screamed like a little girl (he kept saying “Kocchi ni kuru na!” – Don’t come near meeee!) :))

    Also, can you do Magical Princess Ichiko as well? There are some lines which I can’t catch. D: Especially the mid-latter part of track 3 with Tokiya/Ichiko screaming something after he said “Music Princess, Magical Ichiko.. “.

    Uwaaa, sorry if I ask too much. ._.



    • terracannon876
      Jul 03, 2013 @ 14:36:18

      I’ll give it my best… ^^;;; As I said in another comment, my audio comprehension is worse than my reading, but I’ll try.

      As for Masato screaming … just judging from the title, I can guess that it’s because of the bugs. Masato’s deathly afraid of creepy-crawlies.



      • akaruimaika
        Jul 03, 2013 @ 14:46:03

        Derp, I couldn’t read much kanji so I didn’t know that 虫 = mushi (google translate hurrdurr). I assumed as much when there was that flapping sound. Though I want to know if Ranmaru mentioned what kind of bug that was 8D

        Thanks a lot! Looking forward to it. 🙂 I hope I get to learn more in understanding Japanese as well (I need a combination of both audio and written to best understand stuff. ._. I’m just self-taught.)



  5. yukiterudiary
    Feb 10, 2014 @ 16:03:18

    hello! i was wondering, have you ever gotten around to the thought of translating the games? it’s been 2 years since it’s release, and nobody has translated it yet still ;-;



    • terracannon876
      Feb 10, 2014 @ 21:53:49

      Hey there, thanks for commenting!

      I’ve given the games thought, definitely, but I don’t think translating them is feasible at this point in time (or within the next couple years) given my current time commitments to my other projects. I also know that Broccoli (the UtaPrince company) are a bit more tetchy when it comes to these things than the other company I deal with, so I want to get a feel of them first, too. I still plan on catching up with their songs and short stories someday, though.



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