Composition: niki
Lyrics: niki
Editing: niki
Song:VA-L01 ボーカロイド2 リリィ
Song: VA-L01 Vocaloid 2 Lily

【ニコニコ動画】【Lily】 +REVERSE 【オリジナル曲】
(click the link to access the original video for the song)

Japanese lyrics

Romaji lyrics

Translated lyrics

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…「嫌だ」と (だから)
…「嫌だ」と (だから)

死んで 泣いて…
そう 流されるの
流されるの 流されるの
流されるの 溺れるの

それは (弱い)
それは (弱い)
(僕だ) 愛が

迷い 泣いて…
流れてくの 流れてくの
流れてくの 生きていて…

流されるの 流されるの
流されるの 流されるの
生きてるよ だから…


Mazariau toki no naka de saigo ni
ni goisa de kana no kito uarizaMa
Kanjiru koto de sa mayoi wameku no
no sugoni wo etako de toko sukamaGo
(Gomakasu koto de kotae wo nigosu no)
… “Iya da” to
… “Iya da” to, (dakara)
… “Iya da” to, (dakara)

Toki no nagare ni wa
Sakaraenai you de
Atari mae ni ikite…
Shinde, naite…
Sou, nagasareru no
Nagasareru no, nagasareru no
Nagasareru no, oboreru no

Houmuru mirai ga kako to majiwari
riwajima to koka ga irami rumuuho
Okubyou na koe ga ima wo egaite
tashikuka wo nina de toko ruketsushiO
(Oshitsukeru koto de nani wo kakushita)
Sore wa
Sore wa, (yowai)
Sore wa, (yowai)
(Boku da), ai ga

Toki no nagare ni wa
Sakaraenai you de…
Yowamushi na bokura ga
Mayoi, naite…
Sou nagareteku no
Nagareteku no, nagareteku no
Nagareteku no, ikiteite…
Sore de…

Umareyuku koto ga
Sakaraenai you de…
Aisareteru koto ni
Ki ga tsuita toki
Nagasareru no, nagasareru no
Nagasareru no, nagasareru no
Ikiteru yo, dakara…


The last emotions remaining in the swirling chaos of time.
.emit fo soahc gnilriws eht ni gniniamer snoitome tsal ehT
Their sensations lose me in a storm of screams.
…covah eht edih ot sdrow ym liev I
(I veil my words to hide the havoc…)
…To hide the distressed “No,”
…“No,” (which is why…)
…“No,” (which is why…)
Which is why…

No one can fight
Against the flow of time,
We all live as it’s the only action left…
We die… We cry…
Yes, we are being washed away,
Washed away, Washed away,
Washed away. We drown…

,tsap eht htiw segrem tser ot dial erutuf ehT
The future laid to rest merges with the past,
And cowering voices outline the present.
…gnihtemos slaecnoc enim ,tsixe ot decroF
(Forced to exist, mine conceals something…)
It’s hiding…
Hiding… (my weak)
Hiding… (my weak)
(self.) The love…

Which is why…
No one can fight
Against the flow of time…
And our weakling selves
Are swallowed. Lost. Crying…
Yes, it keeps flowing,
Keeps flowing, keeps flowing,
Keeps flowing. Live on…
And so…

Which is why…
No one can fight
Against the birth of something new…
The moment we realize
We are loved, we are being
Washed away, washed away,
Washed away, washed away.
We are alive, which is why…
Which is why…


  • This is the sister song to -ERROR.
  • Highlight the empty lines in the lyrics to see the lines not-backwards.
  • The punctuation is important here, as well as the capitalization (minus the fact that every first word is capitalized), to getting the full meaning of the song, sentence-wise.
  • I honestly can’t tell if fourth line in the third stanza is actually being played backwards or just garbled up.
  • Only the last stanza has a neat ordering to its repetition (2-2).  The rest are split 1-2-1.
  • The fragments are intentional.  They’re being cut off as the same lines play in a cycle over and over and over (like the flow of time! *shot*).
  • …Highlight below for my AMV idea (because I don’t care if anyone uses it.  I just want to SEE it.)   Since the song is a sister song to -ERROR, I originally was thinking of something for Giulio, but the words didn’t fit.  Instead, I found myself thinking about Ivan.  Stanza 1 – Ivan’s running around with the punks from before CR:5 time, and gets betrayed.  Stanza 2 – He’s just living, but not living.  Just surviving.  Still searching for the “friend.”  Stanza 3 – Same as Stanza 2, but he gets into the CR:5, hence the last line.  Stanza 4 – The hardships from the main game.  Stanza 5 – He comes to love Gian and they have a bright future ahead of them.  … … …SOMEONE DO IIIIT XD

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