Arcana Famiglia ~ La storia della Arcana Famiglia ~

Basic Info

Genre: Otome (or as the official site puts it, “Adventure that Turns the Wheel of Fate”)
System: PSP
Release Date: Oct. 27, 2011


All her life, Felicita has lived in a small cottage with only her mother, Sumire, and her butler, Luca, for company.  It was her dream to leave and join the Arcana Famiglia on Regalo Island, the Family her father, Mondo, is in Father of.

The Arcana Famiglia is unique in their usage of special powers.  Every member of the family has a contract with the Tarocco (an old word for Tarot and also the Japanese word for blood oranges, which originated in Sicily).  The strongest members have contracts with the Major Arcana and, on top of having a Stigmata appear on their body somewhere, they are also granted special powers.

Luckily for Felicita, she not only has a contract with the Lovers, Gli Amanti, but also with the Wheel of Fortune, La Ruota della Fortuna.  She’s accepted into the family without any problems.

Things are going well and she’s practically the darling of the family.  However, during Papa’s birthday party, only a few months after she joins, her father makes a sudden announcement.

The family will be holding a tournament – the Arcana Duello – in two months.  The winner will be granted one wish.  On top of that, Mondo will hand over his seat as boss.  In addition, as if that wasn’t enough, he promises Felicita’s hand in marriage to the victor.

Naturally Felicita is not happy about this, but she isn’t powerful enough to have a say.  When she does protest, her father tosses her aside with the power of his Arcana, Il Mundo, the World.  No, the only way to avert everything is to grow stronger and win the tournament herself.  To do so, she needs to strengthen her Arcana by deepening her relationships with others.

There are several drama CDs, as well as a character song CD released for this series.  There is also a sequel called Vascello Phantasma (Vascello is the Italian word for a type of naval warship called “Ship of the Line”) to be released for the PSP on June 21, 2012.  This game is called a “Speciale Episode,” so its format is unclear.  It does look like it has something to do with a ghost ship, and two new characters have been announced.


Creators: HuneX / Comfort
Original Art, Character Design: Sarachi Yomi (さらちよみ)

Voice Actors

Liberta – Fukuyama Jun (福山潤)
Nova – Yonaga Tsubasa (代永翼)
Debito – Yoshino Hiroyuki (吉野裕行)
Pace – Sugita Tomokazu (杉田智和)
Luca – Nakamura Yuuichi (中村悠一)
Dante – Kosugi Juurouta (小杉十郎太)
Jolly – Yusa Kouji (遊佐浩二)
Mondo – Tachiki Fumihiko (立木文彦)
Sumire – Inoue Kikuko (井上喜久子)

Related Media


  • Arcana Famiglia ~ Vascello Phantasma ~ (release date: Jun. 21, 2012)


  • Drama CD  – Vol. 01, 02, 03
  • Drama CD – capitolo 01, 02
  • Special Edition Mini-Drama
  • Image Song album – La Festa La Vita!
  • Opening Song CD – Stellina


  • Manga – Amore Mangiare Cantare!
  • Light Novel – La Primavera
  • Visual Fanbook

Anime (release date: Summer 2012)

Impressions (non-spoiler)

Characters (non-spoiler)

Characters (spoilerific)

Story (spoilerific)

Screenshots (spoilerific?)

Sequel Information

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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Akito Lee
    Jul 06, 2012 @ 09:29:56

    Thanks a bunch for the character info and stuff~ Looking for where to/how to play the actual game (eng rom hopefully)



  2. Izumi Ishida
    Jul 29, 2012 @ 13:29:56

    Do you maybe know where I can find a walkthrough for the game?



    • terracannon876
      Jul 29, 2012 @ 14:55:32

      I’m sorry, I don’t know where you can find one. If you have trouble, please feel free to email me.

      Getting the routes shouldn’t be too hard though. All the information for what dates you can meet whom are present in the information screen or in the gallery.

      The main question comes if you don’t want to spend one play through per character. I’ve found that doubling up Liberta & Dante, Nova & Debito, Pace & Luca, and Jolly (by himself) works best? I’ll check my game later tonight so I’ll give you a final on that.



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