Arcana Famiglia Characters

(The descriptions are roughly translated and non-ingame images are messily screencapped from the official site.)

Felicita (Fel)

Captain of the Swords

Voiced by: NA

Age: 16

Weapon: Throwing knives.  Also dual-wields them, one in each hand.

Birthday: June 18

Zodiac: Gemini

Height: 165cm (5ft 5in)

Arcana: The Lovers Gli Amanti and The Wheel of Fortune La Ruota della Fortuna

The protagonist.  Also the daughter of the Papa of the Arcana Famiglia, Mondo.  She’s strict on herself and others and always strives for improvement thanks to her mother’s strict upbringing, but, thanks to her servant’s influence, she’s also a bit innocent and pure in some ways.  She’s more a “leap before you look” type.  She’s always accompanied by her owl, Fukurota.

Note that her name, her nickname, and her owl’s, can be changed.

“I will decide my own future.”



Soldier of the Intelligence Division

Voiced by: Fukuyama Jun (福山潤)

Age: 18

Weapon: Cutlass

Birthday: Unknown (taken to be the same day as Dante’s)

Zodiac: Unknown

Height: 173cm (5ft 8in)

Arcana: The Fool Il Matto

Hobby: Collecting masks

A boy who is always curious and loves new things.  He believes himself to be a Man of the Sea, and he’s even more impulsive than Felicita.  Thanks to that, he often screws up whatever he’s doing, but fortunately, he’s been gifted with quite a bit of luck.  If he thinks he can get along with someone, then he’ll do whatever he can to help them.

“Well then, let’s just give this a shot!”



Captain of the Cup

Voiced by:  Yonaga Tsubasa (代永翼)

Age: 15

Weapon: Katana

Birthday: Oct. 25

Zodiac: Scorpio

Height: 163cm (5ft 4in)

Arcana: The Death La Morte

Hobby: Reading

The heroine’s cousin.  He has quite a bit of talent despite his young age and because of this, stands at the top of his division.  He trusts Felicita’s parents from the bottom of his heart and, because of this, there’s a bit of friction between him and Fel.  Papa had tried to push him and Fel together in the past, but that didn’t go over so well.  Because of his youthful appearance, others sometimes make fun of him (mostly Liberta).

“Regardless, I will put in my all.”



Captain of the Coin

Voiced by: Yoshino Hiroyuki (吉野裕行)

Age: 23

Weapon: Two pistols

Birthday: Sept. 20

Zodiac: Virgo

Height: 180cm (5ft 11in)

Arcana: The Hermit L’Eremita

Hobby: Gambling

He has a foul mouth, but he’s actually a good big brother figure, and because of the intrigue and danger surrounding him, he’s also rather popular with the ladies.  He’s a real ladies’ man, but at heart, he loves gambling even more.  He enjoys the thrill of dodging a bullet (figuratively) and he has great observational skills.  He hates being tied down.  He’s childhood friends with Pace and Luca, so the three often hang out together.

“What, you wanna see me get serious?”


Pace (pronounced “Pache”)

Captain of the Wand

Voiced by: Sugita Tomokazu (杉田智和)

Age: 25

Weapon: His body and fists

Birthday: July 29

Zodiac: Leo

Height: 187cm (6ft 1 in)

Arcana: The Strength La Forza

Hobby: Gluttonous eating

Though he sometimes gets carried away, he’s the bright and cheerful moodmaker of the Family who eats a mountain every meal and somehow still manages to keep a good figure.  When the Head Captain (Dante) is away, he also acts as Substitute Captain, which involves handling negotiations and managing the different divisions and the civilians.  He’s … intelligent, in his own way, and he has great instinct but he’s not well-read, and his thoughts are often startlingly simple.  Because of this, if there’s trouble, he’s more liable to rely on his fists than his mouth.  He’s good friends with Luca and Debito.

“All righty!  Here we goooo!!”



Felicita’s Servant

Voiced by: Nakamura Yuuichi (中村悠一)

Age: 29

Weapon: Alchemy and knives

Birthday: Dec. 6

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Height: 176cm (5ft 10in)

Arcana: The Temperance La Temperanza

Hobby: Experimenting with Alchemy

He’s been taking care of Felicita ever since she was a child.  He’s amazing at all things domestic, including cooking.  He also trained Fel in knives, so he’s no pushover despite his rather clingy personality (only when it comes to Fel).  He’s childhood friends with Debito and Pace.  He’s more the “thinker” type, though, and loves to tinker with Alchemy, and when he does so he’ll sometimes tune the world out around him.  Despite this, he isn’t on very good relations with his teacher, Jolly (understatement).

“Let’s do our best, Miss!”



Former pirate, current head Captain

Voiced by: Kosugi Juurouta (小杉十郎太)

Age: 38

Weapon: Bazooka cannon

Birthday: Apr. 9

Zodiac: Ares

Height: 199cm (6ft 6in)

Arcana: The Emperor L’Imperatore

Hobby: Making jokes (that aren’t very good)

He’s a former pirate who was taken in by Papa, and now, he’s one of the top members of the Family.  He’s very reliable and one of the most trustworthy people in the Family, and because of this, he’s very popular with the people.  He dislikes things that aren’t straightforward.  He’s got a great sense of humor (not) and people just have fun when they’re around him.  His trademark beard hasn’t changed despite his baldness.  He’s like a father to Liberta.

“Haha!  I haven’t had a good fight in a while!”



Consultant (equivalent to Consigliere?)

Voiced by: Yusa Kouji (遊佐浩二)

Age: Unknown (but along Dante’s level)

Weapon: Alchemy

Birthday: Mar. 8

Zodiac: Pisces

Height: 184cm (6ft)

Arcana: The Moon La Luna

Hobby: Experiments

Papa’s right-hand man, and the second highest ranking member in the Family.  As the Family’s Counselor, people go to him when they want problems solved, but because of his rather cold and emotionless actions, opinions, and words, almost everyone on the island avoids him as the very incarnation of terror.  He’s a strange character, but he’s strong, so they acknowledge, if not respect, him.  He’s also the best at alchemy on the island.

“Must I…?”



Family’s Papa and Boss

Voiced by: Tachiki Fumihiko (立木文彦)

Age: 58

Weapon: Fists

Birthday: Apr. 1

Zodiac: Ares

Height: 195cm (6ft 5in)

Arcana: The World Il Mondo

The father of Felicita and the head of the Family.  Everyone in the Family calls him Papa.  He may be harsh at times, but he’s really a frank and good-natured guy.  He’s also one of those fathers who can’t say no to their daughters … until the Arcana Duello comes along, that is.

“I have my reasons.  But, there’s no need for me to justify my decision to you.”




Voiced by: Inoue Kikuko (井上喜久子)

Age: 36

Weapon: Iron fan (Tessen)

Birthday: Jan. 1

Zodiac: Capricorn

Height: 175cm (with heels) (5ft 9in)

Arcana: The Judgment Il Giudizio

Hobby: Gardening

The mother of Felicita and does (accurate) fortunetelling for the Family.  Everyone in the family calls her Mamma.  She has a mysterious air around her, possibly because of her origin in Japan or Giappone.  She’s very refined, and Felicita takes after her.  Like Mondo, though, she has a doting aspect to her personality for her daughter despite giving her a strict upbringing.

“You mustn’t remain the one always being protected.  You have to fight with the spirit of one who wishes to protect someone else, understand?”


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