We Will Destroy the World for Gian! demo impressions

Played: 2-15-12

First, tennenouji came out with Lucky Dog 1, a classic visual novel.  Read and click.  Make choices, affect the routes.  Pair Gian up with someone.  Pure, normal, awesome, but a regular visual novel.

Then came Giancarlo’s Lucky Happy Life, which can only be described as a virtual board game.  You roll a dice, you get money/luck, and you try to reach the end first.  There are plenty of routes, some of which are a pain to play.  Think … Mario Party, but first player and not 3D.

And now, we have We Will Destroy the World for Gian!  I was skeptical at first when I’d heard of this.  I mean, first of all, that title.  It can’t be anything very serious.  Also, tennenouji (love them, but…) has been working on Lucky Dog 1 Bad Egg (the expansion pack for the first LD1 game; it’s rumored you get GD!Gian in the game) for a year or two … and now we’re definitely going to get another delay in its release.

Nevertheless, I give tennenouji the benefit of the doubt.  I mean, it’s Lucky Dog.  I’ll probably love it if it were the worst crap in the world.  I love it even though it made me import books at over 40$ a piece.  I probably will keep importing stuff from them, the money sappers.  Plus, the chibi images from the official site were really cute – cuter than the ones from LHL, at least (the eyes of the ones in LHL are creepy…).  The art on the official site, promising military uniforms, is a pretty nice bonus.

Anyways, the demo was just released today for the game and I, of course, pounced on it.

Not quite what I expected.

(Remember that this is a demo, so what’s in this may actually not apply for the final release.)

There are no voices, but this is a demo, so that’s to be expected.  There’s new music, which is kind of nice.  I love the LD OST to bits, but new songs are always a nice plus.  The old songs are still here.

The story is told through speech bubbles in comic style, with the characters speaking represented by … very large SD images.  Which is very, very odd.  Kind of cute, but very odd.


They seem oddly OOC like this (out of character), but…

That’s not the craziest part.  The “plot” is basically this (and this was posted on the official site, and was my first indication that something was very, very weird about this game):

Gian has been kidnapped.  Thus, it is up to the four capos to get him back.


However, their enemies are great.  Gian is in danger.  What ever shall they do??

It’s now, (ex-boss) Alessandro unveils CR: 5’s hidden weapon … the human canon (named “Fighter Bomber”), which can apparently destroy the world.  Its ammo?  Humans, of course.  (Don’t worry.  The ammunition is 100% unharmed afterwards.)  (Even the four captains think this is insane but … whatever.)


The game is simple.  Calculate the amount of gunpowder you need by pressing up and down on the arrow keys, while keeping an eye since every unit costs money and you can’t have the CR: 5 going bankrupt (I haven’t tried to see if this is even possible in the demo).  Calculate the trajectory by pressing left and right on the arrow keys.  Press enter to fire.

The round ends when you hit the two human opponents on the map; your goal is to destroy the place as much as possible until then while still keeping an eye on the money you’re using up.  You can also collect money on the map by hitting it.


Simple premise.  Simple design.  It’s all very … clean, and smooth.  I like that about this game.  The art style is unique, too, and it’s practically screaming, “Don’t take me seriously!”  I find it kind of hilarious.

I don’t like that it’s like Angry Birds, but that’s mostly because I really suck at that game, so that doesn’t really count as a minus…

You then get to choose a scenario.  The demo only has the first two acts for the first Bernardo scene, and the first act for the Luchino scene.

First, Bernardo.  It’s based in Daivan itself, so we get to see a cartoony version of the port city.  The buildings are pretty classic ones, with pillars and stuff.  Getting used to the amount of powder you should use takes a while, but the game is really easy to restart, so there’s no problem with practicing.  After each act, you even get the chance to continue without saving your data if you think you did really bad.


Luchino’s reports told him Gian was in New York, so he hikes over there instead.  (Interestingly, you actually get to see Luchino’s subordinates for the first time ever…)  His map contains giant storage boxes which actually require a different strategy to destroy.  Unlike Bernardo, the money in Luchino’s map are hidden within the boxes, so you can’t see them until you destroy them.

I can’t personally tell if firing Bernardo vs. firing Luchino has any difference.  Probably not.


After you’ve destroyed the two people on the map, a score appears telling you the percent you destroyed on that map, the amount of money you obtained, the amount you used, and the amount of money the CR: 5 has left.  (The clouds are essentially rankings, like the trees in Ookami…  I did pretty badly here…)  Another window appears showing “how much of the world you’ve destroyed.”

Interestingly, different parts of the country are pointed out … I wonder if the CR: 5 travel there?  (From the dialogue, it sounds like Giulio’s heading to Columbia.)  (Also note that this % is after only three scene’s-worth of destruction.  It’ll probably be much harder to destroy the world in the official game.)


Unfortunately, since this is only a demo, the game has to come to an end very soon.  WG comes out on April 8, 2012 and is 2800yen, with the soundtrack included.

Mm … this demo actually has me interested in seeing more…  I like the new style since it’s just asking not to be taken seriously, and because it’s consistent.  Not quite what I had hoped for in the next LD game, but … I didn’t really expect anything else.  It seems like it’ll be fun – maybe a bit trollish like LHL, but still for the most part, fun.  After all, replaying scenarios is very easy, and everything is skippable at the press of a button.

Tennenouji, why must you torture me so…

Update (April 05, 2012):

I was almost right on the image style, lol.

I’ve created a page detailing the game itself, as release draws closer.  Here it is.

Update (May 12, 2012):

The image style was a random guess by me and is not the case.  Sadness.

Also updated the page detailing the game itself with more information.

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