We Will Destroy the World for Gian! – old

Click here for the demo impressions.

Click here for the official Tennenouji website.

Release date: April 8, 2012

System: PC (Win/Mac)

abbreviation used on this site: IFG (IfForGian, as the official site calls it, from the possible translation “If it’s for Gian, We Would Destroy the World!”)

All (messily screencapped) images are from the official site.


The story is told through simplistic chibi representations of the characters.  The scenarios are mostly going to be gag (I mean, Human Cannon.  What can it be other than gag?).

The scenario is as follows… *cough* (puts on best narration voice)

Gian has been kidnapped and no one knows where he’s gone!  To retrieve him, the capos of the CR:5 have pulled out their ultimate weapon, the Human Cannon!  Using themselves as fodder, they shoot themselves at the traitors, the Satanists, the aliens (etc. etc.) that stand in their way!  However, because of the Human Cannon’s enormous power, its usage causes tremors and rains destruction upon Earth itself.  Will they save Gian or will the planet be destroyed first?!

(Actually, since the CR:5 has to pay for the Earth’s reparation fee, the question should be “…or will CR:5 go bankrupt first?!”)

The game seems to follow the presumption that Gian is paired with no one (i.e., my self-proclaimed “canon” route), and as IFG goes on the feelings and relationships develop.

There are CGs to collect and various scenes, too.  These change depending on the situation (more below).

Judging from the sample CGs on the main site, Ivan gets the Satanists, Bernardo gets the Martians, Giulio gets Egypt, and Luchino gets … something very normal looking.  Probably the “traitors.”


The best way to describe IFG is as a modified version of the popular iPhone/iPad/iTouch/iWhatever game, Angry Birds.  This would be doing it an injustice, though, as there are plenty of differences between the two games.

The main mechanics are described in the demo impressions, but I’ll put a basic overview here, too.

Instrumental to saving Gian is, of course, CR:5’s ultimate weapon, the Human Cannon.  You can adjust its angle as well as the amount of explosives you’re going to use.  The goal is to hit the “enemies” (SD Mafia-looking figures) on the screen.  I’m not clear if you actually want to cause more damage to your surroundings or not point-wise, but I do know that doing so uncovers hidden goodies on the map.


However, everything comes at a price.  Explosives cause money, and it seems that the CR:5 also has to pay for all the damages they’ve caused.  Luckily, the family has an enormous budget, but … destroying the Earth is a pretty expensive thing to cover.

There are a total of 13 stages, which seem to vary from New York City to Egypt to Japan to (of course) Daivan.

Not present in the demo are items.  You can obtain items somehow (probably either by hitting them on the stage or by completing stages and getting certain rankings?) that you can equip to your characters.  They’ll use them while flying and each item will have different effects.  Some of the items include (roughly translated):

  • Drop items – these fall on the place you drop them
    • Includes: Buddah statue heads and metal girders
  • Throw items – several these are thrown in a wide spray
    • Includes: logs
  • Speed items – when activated, flies straight towards the right and breaks everything in its path
    • Includes: rockets
  • Rot items – these dissolve (think strong acid) the area around where they fall
    • Includes: garbage dumps
  • Explosive items – these explode when dropped
    • Includes: …what is that, a Martian?  Firecrackers?

You can get money by hitting it in the stage.  This is added to the CR:5’s budget.  Some of the bags of moolah are hidden by the buildings and obstacles, so destroying some scenery is advisable.

In addition, and probably of more interest, you can pick up H-items.  Depending on the item, you can unlock different CG, texts, and situations.  These change depending on the item.  For example, if there’s glasses on-stage, picking them up will result in the scene with Gian wearing glasses.  If there’s a person icon (not to be confused with the enemies), picking them up will result in … someone walking on the two doing questionable things (poor traumatized mind).  Getting handcuffs seem to result in H-scenes.

This varies and varies with each available CG.  (For example, Giulio’s scenes have the options of accessories and … snakes.)

The stage ends immediately after you’ve hit all the enemies on the stage.


IFG also comes with online ranking.  This is connected internationally, so you can see how others around the world do.  In addition, the creators of the game have announced they’ll be playing the game, too, so I can’t wait to see how Yura does on the game!

You can set a “watch” on another user, too, so IFG will feed their ranking to you live.

Once you check rankings, you’ll automatically get points.  These points can be used to get Gian Capsule Toys (the kind where you pay 25-50cents in a grocery store to get a little toy).  These unlock different avatars you can use to represent yourself on the ranking page.

More to come when the game actually comes out!

Updated: April 05, 2012

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