Lucky Dog 1 bad egg+ Prerelease Information


Prerelease Info

Date: 8-03-2013

Source: Cool-B issue 51 – released 8-03-2013

  • Official release date is Dec. 2014
  • Game is 25-30% complete.
  • bad egg+’s Part 1 Prison will be 5x that of Lucky Dog 1’s Part 1

Date: 8-03-2013

Source: Tennenouji Official Website (more approximate than my usual translations)

“Thank you for supporting us in the past.

We are deeply sorry for the frequent delays in the release of Lucky Dog 1 bad egg+.

Usually, unless the delay is a direct result of circumstances within the company, we would not publicize the reason for delays.  However, due to the multiple postponements where we have caused trouble for everyone waiting for the release, we will report our current process with bad egg+.

Currently, the scenario is not complete.

We have drastically diverged from our initial plans, but to present everyone looking eagerly forward to playing this game with content and quality worthy of the wait, our two writers are working every day to construct the scenario.

Although we don’t believe that framing a timeline on the creation process will be valid, judging from our estimated % completion of content and how much has been completed by the end of the previous month, plus our average work pace, and after we project the approximate time the scenario will be completed, we estimate that the release date will be in December 2014.

We will be working hard in developing a game with at a quality that will satisfy everyone, so we hope everyone will forgive us.”

Date: ??? (Sorry, I forgot when these magazine scans were released)

“New” Important Characters

Norman Ainsworth


“Welcome to America, Land of Freedom and Equality, all you fucking insects!”

BOI, colleague of Homer and also his rival.  110% a WASP and believes in the true Aryan race, and so he really does not look highly upon the Italian Mafia and the poor.  He gives no shits about justice and instead uses the law as a weapon.

Skysail Jack


“Call off those men you have tailing me.  If I see them again tomorrow … they’re dead.”

Skysail Jack, a.k.a. Jack Delfino.  He used to be part of the Capone Gang back in Chicago, but because he’s a Native American, he could never join the Italian Mafia.  Still, he holds tight to the Omerta and is very much of the older mentality when it comes to gangs.  He is a silent giant type, but is also surprisingly quick in fights.

Date: September 2016 (Issue 89 of Cool’s B)

Game is likely to come out in 2017 (for real this time).

Bad Egg+ will focus on the “dark side” and will be the incredibly gritty and depressing side of the coin to Lucky Dog 1’s joyous romp.  After all, the harder, the more painful the trials, the bigger the fireworks waiting at the end.  (…Wait, I don’t think that’s how that goes.)

The game will diverge from Lucky Dog 1 early on and will be like a separate route to the main game.  (In other words, instead of thinking ofthis as a sequel, think of this as the flip side to LD1.  LD1 B to the LD1 A we already have.)  Instead of selling the game as an expansion like originally planned, Lucky Dog 1 itself will be made over with higher resolution and an update for newer OS in addition to being packaged with Bad Egg+.  The story, background and event art, and also the portrait art will be all new.  The Luck system has also been revamped, and the resolution has been changed from 800×600 to 1280×720.  (Don’t worry, not all of the CG are as dark in palette as what has been shown in the scans.)

In addition to Bad Egg+, though, the main game will also have a happy epilogue added for each captain.

With all of the added content (Bad Egg+ and the epilogues), Lucky Dog 1 has now approximately doubled in length.

The story is completely different from what was in Lucky Dog 1.  While Gian is still planning the escape for all four captains (and himself) when he finds himself in a predicament and loses the gold ring … along with his fabled luck.  Instead, he gains a ruthless luck so powerful it can “change fate itself.”  He and Bakshi become a force to be reckoned with, rewriting the power map of gangs and Mafia alike, but what awaits them after they’ve consumed everything?

While the point where Gian has to lead the other capos to escape is the same, things take an instant turn for the worse when an event throws Madison Penitentiary into anarchy.  And as this goes down, Gian finds himself tossed into a hole full of rotting corpses…  This is where the story starts, departing from the main game fairly early in Part 1: Prison.  Like the previous game, Bad Egg+ will be separated into three sections: Prison, Rockwell, and Daivan.  The other captains go separate ways from Gian and are not Gian’s allies, but the ties they shared is not so easily cut.

Gian is nothing if not tenacious, and to survive the gritty situations he finds himself in, he also becomes a bit … darker.  As mentioned before, Gian loses his ring, and with it goes his good luck.  Instead, his luck becomes more ruthless and more powerful – perhaps even … miraculous?  He also teams up with Bakshi as his primary ally and, though there is little opportunity for rest in all the chaos, there is some romance to be found and sex to be had.  …In other words, the length and depth of the scene will make up for the actual number of scenes.  (Unfortunately, there will not be routes for the captains in the Bad Egg+ portion.)






Giancarlo Bourbon de Monte

2016-10-10_23-10-31     skypephoto_20161001_10_44_45

“Don’t you go betting your neck on my luck.  …Good luck only begets misfortune, y’know?”

The owner of strong luck is now the owner of ruthless luck…?!


Bernardo Ortolani

2016-10-10_23-25-04     2016-10-11_23-08-44

“…My goal is not to take your head, Gian.”

The one believer of the ways of old.


Ivan Fiore

2016-10-10_23-28-42     2016-10-11_23-07-43

“Were you … the one who sold me out, Gian?”

The short-tempered young’un.


Luchino Gregoretti

2016-10-10_23-30-06     2016-10-11_23-06-36

“Game’s over, Gian.”

Lady lover and gambling lover.


Giulio di Bondone

2016-10-10_23-32-04     2016-10-11_23-08-09

Signor Gian…  Are you … going to shoot me?”

The silent slaughterer.


More story bits:


Me and another prisoner – a respectable – work together to clean up the man who was no longer moving and stuff his corpse into a bag…

The corpse with the glass bottle that had taken his life still sticking out of him…

I couldn’t do a thing to pull out the broken shards.  No.  The thought never even struck my mind.

I clean up the body of someone I’d known.  I clean up the corpse of the murdered man.

Warden B: Shit…  We’re taking him to the morgue.  Bring it here.

Gian: …

Me, along with the other prisoner, drag the bag carrying the small, small corpse of the man … but the body is all mushy now and the blood is seeping the bag with red.  But still we can’t do a thing but drag it, carry it…

…We drag it over the damp concrete of the cafeteria…

My head is a blank void the whole time…

…as we follow the sullen warden with the bag, not nearly as heavy as a body should be, with leaden steps, moving our numb legs as though we were walking corpses ourselves.

We make our way past the other prisoners, marching in forced single file towards the hall for solitary confinement…



…I curl into a ball and hold my head tight to my chest.

…There are rotten bodies all around me in this hole.  It’s pitch black around me.  There are swarms of flies, feasting on the decaying flesh of the corpses around me…

Gian: Nghhh…

…I curl up on the ground and hold my head.  Tight enough to hide inside myself, to tuck my head into my chest into a ball, small as I can possibly manage.

…That damn warden might come back at some point.

…How long have I been locked up in here?  …How much longer will I be locked in here?  …I don’t know.

It’s dark, and the filthy, pungent swarms of insects and the piercing stench frighten me stiff to pain, and…

Something in me snaps.  The terror and a deep hatred of the world burns the fuse to nothing, and I try to think about nothing at all, just…

Gian: Ngh…  Nguuuugh…

A wordless, voiceless cry claws its way out of my throat as I continuously, endlessly swat away the bugs trying to crawl into my hair, into my face.

…I might … be in this darkness forever…  I … might…  …Aagh, no, don’t think about it!  Don’t think about it…

…Aaaagh, maybe I…

…I was killed with that whoever back there…

…Yeah, someone’d died, and now I’m dead, too…

…Aagh, No. No!  No!…

…It’s dark here.  It stinks.  It’s grimy and filthy.

…I can’t breathe.  I’m scared.  It hurts.

…I.  Am here.

…I may have fallen into Hell.



Giulio: …Ha … haha…  Blood…  Heh…

The two men were dead in an instant.

A tingle of something carnal runs up his spine at the sensation of skull and ribs and heart crunching in his fingers, stretching Giulio’s lips back into a smile as he grabs hold of the glass bottle clutched tightly in the dead man’s fingers – the bottle with a rag running out its opening, trailing dark flames from the cloth.

And … Giulio turns his eyes towards the guard tower.  Curtains of bullets rain down incessantly, the rust-colored bursts of light keeping the darkness of night at bay.  Giulio looks at them and his eyes narrow in mirth.

He strips the belt from his uniform…

…and folds it in two, tying the Molotov cocktail in the center of the fold.  The tommyguns sitting atop the tower never stop their roaring…

The metal hailing down haphazardly pierce the bodies lying in the courtyard and rip the flesh from the bone in sprays of blood.

The flashes of gunfire reflect in Giulio’s eyes as he takes the folded belt with the attached fiery bottle and starts swinging.

In the same way soldiers used to sling rocks in ancient times, Giulio whirls the belt in tight circles, the flame trailing to form a wheel.

Giulio: …!

With a sharp, short exhale, Giulio releases one end of the belt.  The gathered centrifugal force carries the Molotov cocktail high into the air in a crimson comet, flying through the pitch black of night.

The blazing arc left behind rises and falls like a great mountain…

…as it is swallowed by the openings in the watchtower more than 100 meters away, blasting the concrete open from the inside.

National Guard: …Gh!  Gaaah!!

A black inferno erupts from the tower after the direct hit.  It swallows the machine guns, which fall into silence.  Instead…

…the shrieks of the soldiers being devoured by the fire fill the air.

Giulio: …Heh.  …A-Ahahaha…

The smoky conflagration wraps the tower in darkness blacker than night.  From above, countless small human shapes silhouetted in red fall.  They scream.  The screams suddenly stop…

Giulio: …It … has been so long…!  Aha…haha…!

And through it all, Giulio watches and smiles like a little child.  Then he puts the belt back on before picking up the bloody chain he’d discarded earlier.  With the indiscriminate assault from the watchtower having ceased, the prisoners who had hidden in the shadows come crawling into motion again.

Giulio: …Hahaha…  Blood…  Blood…!  There is still…!

Giulio burrows the tip of his shoe into the dirt, a thick mud sticky from the blood pouring out from the bodies lying here and there … and a sigh of indescribable pleasure escaped his lips, as though he had climaxed.

Giulio: …Uaah…  Hahaha … hehe…

His body shakes, sways, lurches forward.  And then, in the next instant, all that remains is the clanking of chains as Giulio dashes forward towards the pillar of smoke weaving into the night.



Giulio: I must … go search for Signor Gian…  It will be dangerous if this continues.  If this continues … no.  No, it cannot…

Luchino: Wait, cazzo, you idiot…!  We finally managed to rendezvous with our getaway…  If you run off on your own, we’re going to waste this perfect opportunity!

Giulio: Let … me …go…  I am going-

Bernardo: W-Wait, Giulio…!  Gh…  Stay…  Stay here.  Don’t move.  That’s … an order.  Please.

Giulio: Gh…  But…!

Bernardo: Maybe … Gian may be on his way here, too.  If so … then we can’t waste this chance.  We have to wait.

Giulio: Gh…  I-I…

Ivan: …That truck still hasn’t budged an inch.  Shit.  Fuck!  Where the hell did Gian go, that fucker?!

Giulio: Shit…  Shit!  It was so long since I had seen blood, I…  Signor Gian…!  Aah, I…

Luchino: He mentioned that he had other escape routes planned…  Think he was telling the truth?  Or maybe it was all a bluff.

Ivan: Say … I think that truck’s … prolly our last chance.  What’re we gonna do?  If things go south, then we’ve gotta get ourselves out…

Bernardo: …!  No…!  No, b-but…

Giulio: No, we cannot!  Without Signor Gian here…!

Luchino: Then what?  We’re gonna be good and wait like good lil’ boys ’til we’re all in deep shit?

Bernardo: …We-  No, I believe in Gian.  I believe that he’s coming.  And even in the one in a million chance he’s not, he’s definitely going to…

Luchino: Cazzo, there’s no time!  We’re gonna wait just a while longer … and if that truck starts moving, then we’re done.  We’re out.  Make a decision, Bernardo.  We … can’t afford to kick the bucket here.  You know that!

Luchino: We’ll wait for Gian.  We’ll wait, but … even if only one of us is left standing, that person’s gotta get back to Daivan … and fight.

Ivan: …Heh, so even if we make it back we’re still neck-deep in shit.

Bernardo: …I understand. If Gian … doesn’t come here, then…  When that happens, we go…!

(Scans courtesy of Sprinkles and Debono)

Date: October 2016 (Issue 90 of Cool’s B) (That issue number might be wrong…)

There were two main focuses of this article.  The first is the BL Contest rankings, which … I may as well include here because it’s in the same scans.  The second is a comparison of some of the previously released CG over the past few years of bad egg+’s development cycle and the current CG as well as the accompanying story blurb.


(Clean scans can be found on this tumblr post)

(Scans thanks to frillyfujoshidev)

Cool B Contest Results


  1. Lamento – 3255 pts
  2. Lucky Dog 1 – 2340 pts (tennenouji note mentions credit goes to SENTIVE)
  3. DRAMAtical Murder – 1325 pts
  4. Taishou Mebiusline – 1050 pts


  1. Lucky Dog 1 – 1985 pts (tennenouji note from Yura mentions bg artist credit goes to “Kyuun Plant.”)
  2. DRAMAtical Murder – 1779 pts
  3. Togainu no Chi – 1630 pts
  4. Taishou Mebiusline – 835 pts (???)
  5. Lamento – 1080 pts


  1. Taishou Mebiusline – 2650 pts
  2. Lucky Dog 1 – 2640 pts
  3. Shingakkou – 1630 pts

Supporting Character

  1. Senge Iori (Taishou Mebiusline) – 1435 pts (You love…?  Hmph.  You speak nonsense.  Explain this to me, Kyouichirou.  …Kyouichirou?  Where are you, Kyouichirou?)
  2. Shiki (Togainu no Chi) – 1055 pts
  3. Giulio di Bondone (Lucky Dog 1) – 930 pts (I send my deepest gratitude to everyone from Japan.  Because of the passionate support of the ladies from your magnificent country, our CapoSignor Gian, was able to place first in a separate catego-  …Huh?  This is wrong?  I … also placed in third?  …What?)
  4. Midou Takamfumi (Kichiku Megane) – 670 pts (Thank you, everyone.  Much time has passed, but I am truly grateful that I still remain in your hearts despite this.  As usual, I spend every day being thrown around by Saeki Katsuya’s whims.  That probably will not be changing no matter how many years pass.  …Or ever.)
  5. Ivan Fiore (Lucky Dog 1) – 645 pts (Aah, aah.  So, hey everyone.  Thanks a bunch for pounding the button to place those precious votes on me!  Seriously, thanks!  And it looks like Gian’s gone and scored big, too.  Is he gonna be OK?  Think he’ll get stage fright?  Ah well.)
  6. Carlo (Si-Nis-Kanto) – 625 pts
  7. Shigure (Taishou Mebiusline) – 550 pts
  8. Keisuke (Togainu no Chi) – 500 pts
  9. Tatebayashi Kai (Taishou Mebiusline) – 405 pts
  10. Mitsurugi Sakuya (Gakuen Handsome) – 380 pts

Main Character

  1. Giancarlo Bourbon del Monte (Lucky Dog 1) – 3495 pts (Buongiorno, ya samurai girls from Giappone!  Thank you for all your votes, more numerous and more brilliant than the stars in the sky, for the Lucky Dog!  Time to give a call to HQ so we can get started on prepping for a banquet tonight, ladies.  Grazie mille!)
  2. Hiiragi Kyouichirou (Taishou Mebiusline) – 2225 pts (Thank you very much, everyone!  It was worth it to face all of those endings head on, where I almost die or actually died many times…  Please remember me in the future.)
  3. Akira (Togainu no Chi) – 1225 pts
  4. Saeki Katsuya (Kichiku Megane) – 950 pts (I feel like most of my votes are for the glasses me and not me, but I can hope that perhaps some of them were for me, too, right…?  Um, thank you very much!) (Well, it’s only natural that I’d place.  You want a reward for voting for me?  My, you are greedy, to be unsatisfied with being graced by my name.  This is a special celebration, though, so when we return, I’ll take good care of you in bed.)
  5. Aoba (DRAMAtical Murder) – 860 pts
  6. Konoe (Lamento) – 715 pts
  7. Haru (NO, THANK YOU!!) – 700 pts
  8. Maeda Tomoake (Hadaka Shitsuji) – 605 pts
  9. Protagonist (Gakuen Handsome Special) – 480 pts
  10. Tengenjibashi Rei (Tokyo Onmyouji ~ In the Case of Tengenjibashi Rei ~) – 445 pts

Overall Game


  1. Lucky Dog 1 – 3215 pts
  2. Taishou Mebiusline – 2225 pts
  3. Togainu no Chi – 1635 pts
  4. sweet pool – 1215 pts
  5. Kichiku Megane – 950 pts
  6. DRAMAtical Murder – 940 pts
  7. Gakuen Handsome – 930 pts
  8. Shingakkou – 900 pts
  9. Lamento – 835 pts
  10. NO, THANK YOU!!! – 775 pts
  11. Bara no Ki ni Bara no Hana Saku – 400 pts
  12. Hadaka Shitsuji – 395 pts
  13. Gakuen Heaven – 385 pts
  14. Si-Nis-Kanto – 320 pts
  15. Taishou Mebiusline (Vita ver.) – 300 pts
  16. Gakuen Heaven (PS2 ver.) – 270 pts
  17. GALTIA – 395 pts (???)
  18. Taishou Mebiusline Memorandum of the Capital – 220 pts
  19. Tokyo Onmyouji ~ In the Case of Tengenjibashi Rei ~) – 195 pts
  20. Omerta ~ Chinmoku no Okite ~ – 190 pts



Also, there is mention of the 10th anniversary of Miracle Not-on.  A promotional image with both LD1 and Not-on was also in the magazine.




Finally, we have the comparisons.  The blurb mentions that the team is hard at work on bad egg+, and that the CG that were previously completed were redone to fit the new widescreen specifications.  Other things are “refined” as well.

Sorry for some of the iffy quality.  Hope the point gets across…  First image is old, second image is new.  All of the old images are ones that were shown in previous magazines.

Story bits:

2016-10-25_23-00-49     2016-10-25_23-01-16

Guard: Fucking shits! Freeze! Stop! Don’t move!!

Guard 2: Freeze! Don’t you guys dare move a muscle or I’ll shoot!

The guards bark ferociously as shrill whistles pierce the air with promises of death…

Gian: Ah-! Shit, you idiots. That’s stupid…

From the line of prisoners herded into formation like a flock of sheep bursts a small group of stripes. The three or four prisoners slipped through the guards and between the beams of searchlights…

Guard: Stop! We’ll shoot! Stop!!

The men bound towards the gates that had started slowly closing shut like beasts. The sight shakes up the remaining inmates still standing in line.

Gian: H-Holy shit, no warning…?!

The guards were donning uniforms different than those from Madison.

These ones, instead of aiming upwards in threat, let loose their shotguns towards the escaping men.

Owen: Ee! Aah! They’re firing!

Prisoner 3: Wh-What the fuck?! H-Hey there, the fuck’s going on?!

With the dam burst by the sound of gunfire, the roar of voices from the inmates on my floor swells. However, my eyes and attention were fixed to the events unfolding outside the window.

Of the detainees who’d bolted like wild hares towards the closing door, two are snared by the scattered shots and collapse. They flounder, and then still.

Guard: Stop!! Shit, don’t you guys move either. Do you wanna die?!

The guards threaten the shaken inmates and fires their shotguns into the sky.

And then, he turns it towards the one remaining man…

Gian: …! Sh-Shit…?! Are you … Kidding me…?

The bursts of bullet fire blast through the dark, surprising me so much I almost leaped away from the window.

I’ve never heard this sound outside of movies…

It’s the ratatat of a machinegun like the one they use in wars. The bullets rains with the search light beams towards the ground from the watchtower.

It’s a terrifying sound, each burst an eagle talon gripping tighter around my heart…

But, the hail wasn’t directed towards the escaping prisoner. No … it was like their aim had gone off and,instead, the bullets instead flew towards the quiet inmates frozen in place.

It was like a knife had sliced through butter. Like an invisible whip had cut straight through the flock of striped sheep. A clean line of men collapsed like their strings were cut.

Gian: F-Fuck… The hell’s going on…?!

I was seeing Hell through the window.

The prisoners who had done nothing and knew nothing chose flight over fight and every single one of them froze in place.

And … the man who had taken off towards the shrinking opening between the metal gates out of Hell…

…A faint yelp reaches my ears from the injured man far in the distance.

A bullet or something probably cut into the vulnerable inmate’s leg just as he’s about to reach the gate. He trips … and there…

Gian: …! O-Oh wow…

Ack… I’d turned my eyes away before I knew it.

The metal doors, powered by hydraulics or a giant motor or whatever … with the injured man still lying on the rails … slid shut with finality.


2016-10-25_23-01-44     2016-10-25_23-02-10

Bakshi: C-cough… Gehg…

Gonzales: C’mon, eat up, fucking dog. Put your mouth to good use and clean up the floor!

Bakshi: C-cough… Gehg…

…The GD gorilla grabbed the guy’s head and slammed it to the floor and started rubbing his face into the filth as though he were snubbing out a cigarette.

The sound of skull and teeth clanking against the concrete echoed several times…

Bakshi: U-Ueh… U-Uu…ah…

Innen(?): Hahaaahah! He’s sure digging into the slop!

Grunt: Haha! Fucking hell, this is the Mad Bakshi that killed all our friends? Lots like we were worrying over a whole load of nothing!

Bubble Bob: Hehehe! Bro, give ‘im some more!

Gonzales: Dope ain’t something you do. It’s there for profit, not to use.

Grunt 2: You’ve got that right, boss! Haha! This is perfect for the druggie. He’s just drugs and brawn.

…Blood started getting mixed with the puddle of puke on the floor.

…But still…

…the crazy shit head just kept lapping.


2016-10-25_23-04-02     2016-10-25_23-04-23

The whole place was rather casual despite the scant room…

But, suddenly, the murmuring among the prisoners around us swells before diving deep into silence.

…Oh, there’s the capo. Make way for lo zio.

Luchino: …Sigh. You’re looking glum, Bernardo. Ivan, move over a bit, will you?

Ivan: …What? You’re chowing down here, too?

The man who’d appeared was of course also donning the prisoner’s stripes, but he was larger than Bernardo and, more than anything else, the broadness of his chest, the sharp line of his spine, his flaming red mane, and his large mouth especially stood out…

Well, in short, he was a ladykiller. The ritzy, successful mafioso type.

…If I remember right, he’s the captain who oversees the red light district and the trade of booze.

Um … what was his name again?

Luchino: Two captains are sitting close and having a private huddle I thought, hey, maybe some good news finally came in.

When the large Casanova settles down on the bench, the seat begins to creak like it’s desperately pleading for the end of a wrestling match … but somehow, it manages to hold on.

The man opens his large mouth wide and rips into the flaky bread.

Luchino: So, did something happen?

Bernardo: …Right now, there … isn’t anything. I have a meeting with my lawyer today in the afternoon. Then, there should be…

Bernardo cuts off there before saying,

Bernardo: …All right?

…to the CR:5 inmate behind him. He gives the order to, eh, basically, a guy who’s like me, just a common soldier.


2016-10-25_23-02-50     2016-10-25_23-03-33

Gian: So, how ’bout you guys?

Luchino: …! What are you implying?

Gian: Ten years? Or was it fifteen? Are you gonna curl in a corner and wait in fear for the clock to tick down and your sentence to run out as you make your plea, or…

Gian: …are you take a page from Monte Cristo’s book and pinch a spoon from the cafeteria and slowly dig out a tunnel out of here…

Gian: …or, are you gonna leave with me?

Bernardo: Gian, you’re-

Luchino: …Damn brat.

Gian: How ’bout it? Feel like placing your bets on me?

Ivan: Wait… Hold on a sec, you fucker. You saying we get out … with you? …Shit. This isn’t your usual breakout, you know.

Gian: ‘course I know that. I mean, I’ve never really flown the coop with anyone more than my one lonesome self, but … I’m getting out, so I’ll do it? If you’re willing, of course, all four of you…

I make a fist and punch the wall, stained black with mud and the pungent odor of piss that even the never-ending rain could wash away.

Gian: I’ll take you guys … out of these fucking nasty walls.

A strained silence stretches between all of the captains.

They wordlessly look between themselves, at me, and up at the tall, tall walls…

I point upwards…

Luchino: …You’re not busting our balls, are you? You’re really … going to break us out?

Ivan: There is a chance, right? Fuck, if you’re just pulling our legs-

Gian: Yeah, if I haven’t got some chance at this, I wouldn’t be setting fire to the balls of all you capos if I didn’t have some odds.

Bernardo: But, Gian … it’s far too risky. If you break yourself out, then…

Gian: What’re you saying, Bernardo? How could I leave my family and mentor behind in a fucking shit hole like this? Now that would be failing as a real man … or something like that? Haha!

I take my time opening my lips again for what I say next as I squint into the sunlight shining far too brightly overhead.

Gian: Come one, come all! Time to place your bets! Place your chips on me. You gonna keep on like this and spend ten years in these walls? Fucking hell, no!

Bernardo: …! Gian, I…

…I almost say, “In ten years, both Daivan and Cr:5 will be goners, y’know?” but I stop.

That’ll be going too far…

I watch how the men before my eyes react to my gamble…

I wait to see what they will do with the mental cards I’d dealt them.

…Will they fold?

Or call…?


2016-10-25_23-04-58     2016-10-25_23-05-54

Giulio: I … Know…

With steel pipe in hand, Giulio steps forward through the mud as though taking a walk with what couldn’t be mistaken for anything other than a weapon.

At the threat looming closer, Bakshi curls into himself and…

Bakshi: E-Ee, uehh?

…he shrinks into himslef as he somehow drags his large body across the ground like a bug to my feet.

Still without a clue as to what was going on, I shout,

Gian: I … I said stop! Shit… Remember what I said before? Even if it’s this bastard, you can’t just pick fights in lock up…!

Giulio: …! You will … Understand soon…!

…No good. I’m not getting through to him.

Not to Bakshi curled into a ball in the mud, nor to Giulio holding the steel pipe in front of me…

Gian: Hey, just … throw that shit away, OK? Put it down. Toss it.

Giulio: …Signor Gian … please move…! I must kill-!

Gian: K-Kill?! Wait!

Bakshi: E-Ee?! N-No, stop! Why’re you hit-

Giulio: …what he really is…!


At this rate, Giulio’s going to seriously whack Bakshi. When I realize this, I raise my hand to stop him…


Bakshi: Eek…!

Bakshi flails all four limbs in a struggle to get away, practically burying his arms and legs in the mud…

…and he moves so that his disheveled mop-covered head is behind me, when…

Giulio: …-ut!

Bakshi: Bgh!!

Giulio: …?! Wh-?

Gian: Agh! Shit…!

Ivan: Whoa! You- What?!

(Scans courtesy of Debono)


15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pengaana
    Aug 04, 2013 @ 03:24:49

    Ah that is sad to hear that it’ll be pushed back but all in all I’m happy to hear them come out and hear something at least instead of “Not this year but next year…” over and over again. I think as far off as December 2014 is I can handle it. Also 5x’s bigger my goodness! I hope that means we’ll be getting more interactions with Joshua and Lloyd (for purely my own selfish reasons…)



  2. Lauri ImWinter
    Aug 06, 2013 @ 17:44:24

    It’ll take awhile but I’m reaaaaaaaaaaally looking forward to it!
    As long as I know that they are in fact working on it I won’t despair too much over the longish waiting time 😉
    Hopefully I’ll be able to understand enough Japanese by then to play the game without having to switch back and forth between translations and the actual game … >3<

    Thanks for the info!!!!!



  3. Jane Doe
    Sep 07, 2013 @ 02:37:22

    Im just curious but do you need to buy luckydog 1 to play badegg or can you just buy badegg and still get all the routes ?



  4. Blackdeep
    Oct 13, 2016 @ 00:05:16

    wait.. do the story is began.. all of the captain leave Gian Behind?
    …i can’t wait for these games release



  5. Lan
    Oct 13, 2016 @ 08:29:05




  6. yuuri
    Oct 14, 2016 @ 16:52:12

    So Bakshi is the only guy to date here, or there’s more? Btw, I’m sold :3 Gian becomes hotter now



  7. Kris
    Oct 26, 2016 @ 17:54:38

    Wow, the cg look amazing! Only gripe I have is that one photo with Gian holding his arm out basking in the sun. The old one looks much better, he looks divine, victorious, and it greatly implies lady luck is on his side. The new one…meh. I don’t know what’s with his arm, and the lack of sun doesn’t make him look very inspirational.



    • terracannon876
      Oct 26, 2016 @ 19:56:53

      That one bothered me as well. I know what she was going for – Gian is pointing up at the sky to signify their escape (it’s written in the story blurb), and the game overall isn’t as sunny because 1. it’s a darker game, and 2. supposedly in BE+ Gian has lost his luck – but … the old one was more dramatic?



  8. Yuuriayato69
    Jan 25, 2017 @ 13:34:06

    Is Yura gonna be the artist again? Cause the art seems a lil different..
    Btw thank you for this amazing blog ❤ I love it!!!!!



    • terracannon876
      Jan 25, 2017 @ 13:35:59

      Yes. The artist is still Yura. Her art has changed quite a bit over time. You can sort of track her progress through the LD side games, from LD to LHL to IFG to Secret diary. And between IFG and Secret diary you can also find an otome game called Hana Awase, where you can also see her more recent work.



  9. Sophia Lira
    Dec 29, 2017 @ 10:04:26

    Wait, I think I’m a little lost, is this game going to be a sequel after the events of the first game or is it going to be something like a “remake”? Or is it just an extra that disregards what happened in the first game?



    • terracannon876
      Dec 29, 2017 @ 16:20:41

      Honestly, I’m a little confused on whether the original LD1 is going to get updated CGs, but essentially, bad egg+ is going to be an expansion pack. The original game is going to happen, but at some point (during the first Prison part), the route will diverge and an entirely different story will happen. There is also going to be a few additional scenes, if I remember correctly, to the 4 original routes.



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