Lucky Dog 1 Secret Diary F & L


Basic Info

Genre: BL
System: PC (XP/VistaSP2(32bit,64bit)/7(32bit,64bit)/8)
Preorder Start Date: June 10, 2014
Preorder End Date (for Limited Edition sets): Nov. 24, 2014
Release Date: Dec. 24, 2014
Price: 3,300 Yen per game


This game essentially contains all the SS included in the iOS game.  tennenouji have previously stated they would port the iOS SS to the PC, and they’ve done so for this 5th Anniversary pack.  The format will be similar to that of the iOS, and the CG will be the same as that in the iOS.  There will be no voices.


banner_gian banner_bernardo banner_luchino

banner_giulio banner_ivan

Director/Artist: Yura (由良)
Script: Jinnai / Suganuma Kyouji (陣内 / 菅沼 恭司)


Game information


  • Secret Diary F
  • Secret Diary L

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