Lucky Dog 1 Secret Diary F&L System

Gameplay System

The game contains a total of 31 SS from the iOS version of Lucky Dog 1.

The contents seem to be exactly the same as those from the iOS game, so, that would be the same format, same CG, and also no voices.

You can find a list of the SS included in the game here.

The functionalities of the game should be about the same as any visual novel – Save, Load, Backlog, Auto, Skip, Config, and Exit.  The menu, if it’s really the same as the iOS version, will be at the side of the screen.  (This will likely change.)

Gameplay Screens

The text appears over the screen, with the images of the characters appearing in the narrative.  The stories are based off the SS, so expect them to be much more descriptive than the original game.

cutin_1  cutin_2

cutin_3  cutin_4

On the other hand, the CG take up the entire screen.  I’m not sure how they will be viewed as you play the game, but I believe that you will get the CG filling the screen, and then a faded version will fill the background as text appears.

Here are some sample CG.

ev_1  ev_2



(The following two images are NSFW.)

ev_3  ev_5

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