Lucky Dog 1 Contest Prizes

Prize Roster

Here’s everyone’s favorite part!  The prrrrizes~

The prizes will be listed from approximately least points to highest.  More organization is required later.

If you have any questions about the prizes, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Prizes are mostly set, but some may be subject to change.


Trading Cards
(Cards are hard plastic and partially transparent.  Possibly 1 full set will be given as a higher ranked price.
May come with one Card Box (unpictured).
Most likely consolation prizes as well.)

photo 54     photo 55

photo 56     photo 57

(Stickers are rather thick and sturdy.  Haven’t tried them yet, but assumed to be very adhesive.
Possibly 1 full set will be given as higher ranked prize.
Most likely consolation prizes as well.)

photo 58     photo 59

(Bookmarks are thin plastic.  Possibly 1 full set will be given as higher ranked prize.)

photo 60

Individual Bad Egg+ trading cards
(Rare cards given individually.)

photo 53

Playing Cards
(Please note that if you intend to use these, there are NSFW images on the cards.)

photo 49     photo 50

Bookmark Set
(Given as a set only.)

photo 38

Clear Files (mini-folders)
(Please note relative sizes.  Clear files are semi-transparent plastic folders.)

photo 13     photo 14

photo 16     photo 37

Shopping Bags

photo 8     photo 9

photo 10     photo 12


photo 2     photo 1

(Given separately.)

photo 41     photo 42

photo 51     photo 52

(Given separately.)

photo 17

First Anniversary Postcards
(Given as a set only.)

photo 4

(Given separately only.  The left one in the left image is flipped over as the left one in the right image.
Same with the right bag.)

photo 39     photo 40

Second Anniversary White’s Day Booklet
(10+ pages total.  Pages are hard, compressed cardboard-type material.)

photo 5     photo 7

Mini Dakimakura (body pillows)
(Important!  The Bernardo and Ivan images are on the same item.  The Luchino and Giulio are on the same item.
Also, please note the size.
I will say, despite their size, they are very soft and smooth, lol.)

photo 44     photo 43

photo 45     photo 46


photo 47     photo 48

Various doujinshi (complete with English translations provided on printed sheets)


(summaries will be provided as well.)


YURA Lucky Pack Artbook (preorder bonus card included)

photo 35     photo 26

photo 27     photo 28

photo 29

Lucky Dog 1 Visual Fanbook
(juice not included)

photo 19     photo 20

photo 21     photo 22

photo 23     photo 24

4th Anniversary books giovane and vecchio with cardboard sleeve and Daivan business card
(Directions for folding the sleeve are on the tennenouji website, but I can translate for you)

photo 30     photo 31

photo 32     photo 33

photo 34     photo 36


(all doujinshi will be translated)
Lover for Sale
Bernardo Gian

6 pages comic, 6 pages novel
NSFW, nonexplicit
Fluffy. Teasing Gian

photo 1     photo 2


My Boss, My Honey
Bernardo Gian

22 pages comic
NSFW explicit
Gian has to take a break from his birthday conference, and Bernardo follows him into the changing room

photo 3     photo 4     photo 5


Take Five
Luchino Gian

19 pages
Gian sneaks away from a conference and Luchino meets him outside.  The two have a heart-to-heart (kind of).

photo 1     photo 2     photo 3


Ordinary Love Song
Giulio Gian

30 pages
NSFW, explicit
Giulio tries to help Gian relax.  Giulio cuteness.

photo 1     photo 2     photo 3


Total Eclipse
Ivan Gian

25 pages comic, 9 pages novel
NSFW, explicit
Takes place after Cold Fever, the Drama CD.  Gian is sick, but wishes Ivan happy birthday anyways.

photo 1     photo 2     photo 3


Place of Rest
Ivan Gian

25 pages comic
Takes place after main game.  Happy times between the two.

photo 1     photo 2     photo 3


Bow Wow 5
All Gian (separately)
2 separate artist anthology

31 pages comic
Bernardo engages in dress-up.  Rosalia asks Gian what kind of women Ivan likes.  Giulio is anxious about him and Gian.  Gian gives Luchino a present.

photo 1     photo 2     photo 3     photo 4     photo 5


Lucky Dot
All Gian (separately)
4 separate artist anthology

57 pages comic
NSFW, explicit
Bernardo’s birthday.  GD!Gian meets Bernardo.  Gian turns into a kid and Giulio has no idea…  Luchino and Gian high school AU.  Gian drinks something suspicious and Ivan has the misfortune of coming upon him.

photo 1     photo 2     photo 3     photo 4     photo 5


Pike pack
(Pike is this artist here.)
4 separate books:
Birthday Mafia Idol
Fly Me to the Moon
High School Lullaby 1
High School Lullaby 2
No pairing

32 pages, 17 pages, 27 pages, 32 pages
What better way to earn money and celebrate Gian’s birthday than to make him a celebrity.
Gian is on the moon (via IFG) and the CR:5 follow him there.
Gian meets a group of 4 people hanging out on the rooftop of the high school and starts hanging out with them.
The 5 of them start realizing something is weird about the high school.

photo 1     photo 2     photo 3     photo 4


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9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. J3nni
    Jun 09, 2014 @ 11:41:02

    The last prize: 4th year anniversary we get both of them? Or do we pick one of them? Or is it actually a set?and the bookmarks can we pick the ones we want? Or do u randomly give us one?and how many bookmarks can we get?and the shopping bags..can we choose a color or is it ramdom?



    • terracannon876
      Jun 11, 2014 @ 19:17:29

      Sorry for the late response!

      For the 4th Anni books, you get both. They’re a set.

      For bookmarks, they will be worth fewer “points” than the other prizes (haven’t decided how many yet), so you can choose more than one bookmark if you want. I’m currently guessing about 2, compared to one of the larger prizes.

      Shopping bags, first come first serve. You choose, but if someone else has already gotten one, you’ll get the remaining color.

      Anything else? 🙂



  2. J3nni
    Jun 15, 2014 @ 11:41:49

    Ohh Ty! That’s all I wanted to ask! And srry for the late reply….lolz



  3. Lehst
    Sep 25, 2014 @ 12:04:14

    o.o wow….
    but aw man, I sure was hoping for that juice. I’m shocked it’s not included with the book. xD



  4. Sarina
    Dec 29, 2014 @ 01:01:22

    Hiya terra \o/ I didn’t win, but I was one of the participants for your contest. Did you already give out all the prizes? If so, which ones would be left? Or did you already give them all out? I didn’t get an email about a consolation prize still, so that’s why I’m asking all these questions ^^; Thanks xD



    • terracannon876
      Dec 29, 2014 @ 17:48:56

      Hey there. Don’t worry, everyone’s getting a prize. I’m just contacting people one at a time, and between waiting for people to respond and waiting for me to respond, we’re about halfway through the contestants lol. Your email will probably come with due time. Mm, your email doesn’t match any I have on the list, though, so you’d have to tell me which email/nick you were using when you participated ^^;



  5. flaxe
    Jul 22, 2016 @ 15:01:40

    where you buy all that??



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