Lucky Dog 1 Contest Rules

Lucky Dog 1 Contest Details


Table of Contents:


This is a contest for Lucky Dog 1 fans.  The goal is to have fun and to show tennenouji in Japan our support.

You can submit fanart, cosplay, doujinshi, fanfiction, or other.

Anyone can participate.  You do not have to participate for prizes or judging.  Please let me know beforehand if you don’t intend to.

Your own work only.  Do not use any work you have previously posted online.

You can submit more than one work for the tennenouji book, but you must specify only one for judging.

Please set up a Pixiv account.  This is free.

You may start working at any time.

Registration starts official contest start date on June 20, 2014.  Contact me with your name, email, preferred contact method, your participation category, and # of non-judging submissions.

Contest will run for 4 months after registration date.

Email me your work before submission deadline.

On submission deadline, I will contact everyone with number of times they must vote for each category.

Go to Pixiv contest site and vote for the specified number of times.  Do so by contacting me with your votes.  You must vote for the specified number of times to be counted eligible for prizes.  Do not vote for your own work.

When everyone has voted, votes will be tallied and rankings will be posted.

I will contact you when you can select your prizes.  Please give me your shipping address and select your prize and shipping time.

I will calculate shipping estimate.  Please pay estimated amount through Paypal.

Item will be shipped!

(That was still pretty fudging long!)

Contact me at with subject “Lucky Dog 1 Contest registration” after registration start date.

View up-to-date prize roster here.

View judging submissions here.

What are the important dates?

Registration start date: June 20, 2014

Submission deadline: Oct. 20, 2014

Judging deadline: Nov. 08, 2014

What is this contest?

I am holding a contest for Lucky Dog 1 fans – fanart, cosplay, crafting, anything you feel you can do to show off your love for the series.

I hope to compile everything (or photos of everything) into a book that I can send to tennenouji out in Japan to show our support as well as overseas support.

Who can participate?

Anyone!  I’ve tried to make the contest accessible to everyone – whether you’re talented in art, cosplay, writing, etc. – so feel free to participate!  There are three agreements you have to make, though.

  1. You agree that your art (or a photo of your creation) can be viewable to others, for judging purposes, and can be put into a book for tennenouji.  Don’t submit anything you’re not comfortable showing the company folks.
  2. If you do a doujinshi/comic/4koma or fanfiction and the language is not Japanese, I will have to translate it myself.  As such, you agree that some artistic license on my part will be taken to translate the work into Japanese as well as I can.
  3. If you win a prize, you will be asked to pay for your own shipping.  If you live in an area that has questionable success in mail delivery, it is up to you whether you want to take the risk.  Expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $20.  (Please note that the books – the most expensive prizes – cost around $30, with the two anni books costing $50 total.)

The key, though, is to have fun!  Don’t feel pressured that you have to do this to win, or that you have to compete with others.  Don’t feel pressured that you have to color your work, that you have to draw on the computer, etc.  Just do what you like and show your love for Lucky Dog 1!

What can we submit?

Almost anything!  …Within restrictions and Lucky Dog 1-centric, of course.

My goal is to not limit participants’ form of expression, so you can submit:

  • Fanart – digital or physical, colored or lineart.
  • Cosplay – photos.  Photoshopping / editing allowed.
  • Doujinshi / comic / 4koma – same as fanart.
  • Fanfiction – 5,000 word limit.
  • Other – photos of any physical media like figurines, baked goods…  Be creative!  For these, please no photoshopping the photo of the item.

(Please do not send hard copies of anything.)

(Starting now, the submissions will be called “works” below.)

Any restrictions on the works?

Because Lucky Dog 1 is an R18+ game, I won’t be surprised if some of the art is not exactly SFW, haha.  However, like I stated above, just make sure you’re comfortable with others seeing it, and with tennenouji seeing it.

The ultimate goal is a book for tennenouji.  As such, music or videos will not be accepted (how the hell would I put that in a physical book??).

Please no redrawings, as I want everyone to work on an even playing field.  Likewise, please do not use any previously published works.  (For cosplay, this refers to the photos, not the costumes themselves.)  (For your sanity, please don’t post anything you submit until submission deadline has passed.)  You may use an incomplete work you’ve already started.

And finally – and this should go without saying – please use your own work.  You can take inspirations from others, bounce ideas off each other, and enlist another’s help when it comes to photography or grunt work – but the artistic creation must be your own.  If you do plagiarize and are caught (by me or another artist), you will be automatically disqualified.

Aside from these restrictions, if you have a question, feel free to email me and ask.

What are the guidelines for each category?

As used below, one “submission” is what people will see on the judging page as one work.  For example, 5 photos of cosplay will be seen as a group of photos together.


1 submission is max 1 image.

No restrictions on media or characters.  If the art is on physical media, please scan or send a photo of the art.  Please limit the image/photo size to 2mb and format to .jpeg or .png.  It is up to you to provide the best scan/photo you can of the image.


1 submission is max 5 photos, same costume.  1 person per cosplay submission for judging.

You may recruit friends for non-judged submissions (see below “Can I make more than one submission?” for information about non-judged submissions).

Please limit the image/photo size to 2mb and format to .jpeg or .png.

Doujinshi / comic / 4koma:

1 submission is max 10 pages.

Please limit each image/photo size to 2mb and format to .jpeg or .png.  Accepted languages are Japanese, English, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Italian.


1 submission is max 5,000 words.  This is not a hard limit (feel free to go less than this), but please be reasonable.

Accepted languages are Japanese and English. (Sorry, I value my sanity.)  Please use formats .doc, .docx, or .rtf.


1 submission is max 5 photos of 1 item (or set of items).  (An example would be creating something, by yourself, with 5 people for each of the CR:5.)

Please limit each image/photo size to 2mb and format to .jpeg or .png.

However, I understand this can be variable depending on the item, so please feel free to ask.

Can I make more than one submission?

Yes.  However, you must specify which one you want to enter into the judging, regardless of category.

For example, if you submit 1 5-page doujinshi and 3 cosplay photos, you can choose 1 work to be judged (the doujinshi or 1 photo).  The rest will still be included in the book, though.  Works submitted for the book but not for judging will be referred to as non-judged submissions.

When is the contest being held?

The registration will start at a June 20, 2014.  It will run for 4-5 months.  Judging will run for ~1 month, from June 20, 2014 to Oct. 20, 2014.  Hopefully I can finish everything by 2014, but from my current schedule it looks like the contest will run into early 2015.

However, as I stated, you can use work you’ve already started working on so long as you haven’t published them elsewhere (deviantart, tumblr, pixiv, twitter,, AO3, etc.).  This means that you don’t have to wait for my start date to start working on it.

What will be included in the book?  Can we get a copy of the book?

Submissions and non-judged submissions alike.

Yes, it is possible to purchase a copy of the book.  It will be mailed with your prize.  Shipping will be calculated accordingly with the added weight of the book and a printing price for the book itself.  (The more people order, the lower the latter will be for each person.)

What is the registration and submission process?

  1. Starting on the official start date, contact me with your intention to participate (ie, “I want to participate”).  In this contact, please include:
  • a)     How you want to be referred (your nickname / screennname) in the book and on the judging page
  • b)     What category will your main judged submission be (and, if “other”, what it is)
  • c)      How many non-judging submissions you hope to include.  This is a rough count only.
  • d)     Preferred contact method (and screenname / address for this method)
  • e)      Email address (for submissions)
  1. When you’re ready, email me the works.  Other methods of contact will not be reliable for this.
  • a)     Specify which of the submissions is to be judged (if any)
  • b)     Titles of submissions (optional)
  • c)      Small description/comment (100 words) of work to be judged (optional)
  • d)      Small comment for tennenouji (100 words) (optional)
  1. Reminders will come at your preferred contact method at
  • a)     1 month from deadline,
  • b)     2 weeks from deadline,
  • c)      1 week from deadline, and
  • d)     1 day from deadline.
  1. No works for judging will be accepted after submission deadline.  (Non-judging submissions will be accepted until end of judging deadline.)

What if I’m late for registration?

You can jump into the contest any time you want until submission deadline.  Just email me with the information specified above.  People not participating in the contest cannot vote but are free to view the works.

What is the judging process?

  1. Make sure you have a Pixiv account.
  2. About 1 week after submission deadline, I will send all participants (including those with only non-judging submissions) the link to the judging Pixiv page.  Included will also be the number of votes you can make in each category.
  3. Number of votes you can make will be determined by
  • a)     the number of judging submissions,
  • b)     number of submissions in each category, and
  • c)      number of works (judging or non-judging) you’ve made.

(2 for Cosplay, 8 for Fanart, 3 for Fanfiction, and 1 for Other.  All non-judging submissions add an extra vote that can be used as you please.)

  1. Participants will look through the submissions.
  2. When you are ready to vote, please contact me through your preferred method of contact with the title or name of the participants you want to vote for.  Please include which category they are in.
  3. Do not vote for yourself.
  4. You must use up all your votes in every category to be considered eligible for placing and receiving prizes.
  5. I will tally the votes and post the ranking on my blog and tumblr for the judging.

What is the prize selection process?

Rules are subject to change.

  1. Your rank in the contest will determine the order in which I contact you.  For example, first place in each category will be contacted first, and then second place after the first place winner has decided on their prize.  Please be courteous to others and respond promptly.
  • a)     To clarify, first place winners in each category will be contacted first.
  • b)     First response first served.
  • c)      When all first place winners have responded, all second place winners will be contacted.
  • d)     No nonresponses.  You will hold up the process.  At worst, respond with a “I do not want a prize anymore.”
  • e)      If a week has passed with no response, you will be skipped over.
  1. The prize roster will be updated after every person has made their choice.
  2. The participant in question may choose any of the remaining prizes.  The number of prizes they can choose is determined by the number of prizes left.  (More details below.)
  3. This will continue until the top 10 in fanart/cosplay or top 5 in other categories have all been awarded.
  4. If there are remaining prizes, I will contact the next highest ranking in each category (in priority: fanart, cosplay, doujinshi, fanfiction, other).
  5. Once the main prizes are all gone, the remaining participants will receive a consolation prize.  These participants will be contacted all at once and asked to select the prize.  This is also first response first served.  Prize roster will be updated accordingly.

It is also possible to order a copy of the book that will be sent to tennenouji.  This will not cost any points, but will cost extra both for printing the book and for shipping.  The number of people ordering will affect the printing price (because batches are cheaper), so the price quote can only be given after all the orders are in.  Estimated cost is around 30$, though, not including shipping.

Also note that ordering a book will mean your prize can only be shipped after the books have been shipped and delivered.  This will likely take 1-2 months.

In your response, please specify:

  • a)     The prize you want (I will check point totals)
  • b)     Whether you want the book
  • c)      Shipping address (please see shipping information below)

After I receive this, I will see what options I have for shipping.  For reference, I currently live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  I will then ask you how fast you want your item.

Finally, please make sure you have a Paypal account.


How do I select prizes and how many can I select?

Please see the prize roster for an up-to-date list of the prizes you can choose from.  Beside each is a number that each prize is worth.  Every top participant may select 120pts worth of prizes.  For example, if the book costs 120pts and the bookmarks cost 40pts each, then the participant can either choose one book or 3 bookmarks.

Prizes are first come first serve.

After the top 10 in fanart/cosplay and top 5 in other categories have chosen their prizes, the remaining participants may select 60pts of prizes.

If there is a top prize remaining after the top participant prize selection process, it will be adjusted to 60pts.

What if I do not want a prize?

You may want this for various reasons – either you have all the prizes already, don’t see anything you want, you don’t want to submit for judging, or you don’t want to risk the shipping.  If you do not want a prize, please specify this when you submit your work or earlier.

What if I am not available/away/on vacation with no access to the Internet during the voting or prize selection process?

Please let me know ahead of time.  There is nothing I can do for voting, but your entry will still be up for vote.  Please provide in the contact:

  • Tell me you will be absent
  • List your preference of prizes, up to a list of 10
  • Let me know approximately when you will be back so I can contact you about shipping

Depending on where you rank, I will reserve your prizes for you based on top priority and the number of points you can use (see “How do I choose prizes?” for information about points).

What is the shipping process?

  1. Make sure you have a Paypal account or a credit card.
  2. After you have selected your present, I will contact you with a request for your shipping address.  Please respond with
  • a)     Your shipping address (as it would appear on an envelope, country included)
  • b)     Shipping method (how many days you will allow the item to arrive by.  Reasonable range for within the US is 2 to 10 days, reasonable range for international is 7 days to 3 weeks.  Keep in mind the price).
  1. I will obtain an approximate shipping estimate and contact you with the amount.  Respond with whether this is OK.
  2. If OK, Participants will then pay me the specified amount through Paypal.  Please email me that you have paid.
  3. After I receive the payment, I will ship the item as safely and securely as I can with your shipping time range, within reason.

If for any reason you cannot use Paypal, please contact me.  If for any reason you cannot afford a shipping price, don’t hesitate to ask.

How do I pay through Paypal?

I will send you instructions during the prize selection process.

Where can I view the prize roster?

You can view them here.

Where can I view the submissions for judging?

You can view them here or here.

How can I contact you?

As I understand, email is not everyone’s preferred method of contact.  Please make sure, no matter which method you choose, you are very reachable through that method.  If there you suspect you will not be reachable during the judging, prize selection, or shipping process, please let me know.  (Details above.)

Personally, email is preferred.  Please only use the others as alternatives.

  • Email:
  • Tumblr messaging: terracannon876 (do NOT tag me!  I won’t see it!  Use private messaging)
  • WordPress comments

Whatever the method, please include – as a subject, a title, or as your opening invitation message – “Lucky Dog 1 contest participant,” no matter if you’re contacting me for the 1st or 100th time.  Otherwise you risk me ignoring your message by accident.



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