Lucky Dog 1 Contest Judging Submissions


Contest Judging Submissions

The art, photos, and fanfiction that were submitted for the contest to be judged will be listed below.  They will be listed by category and then ID number.

If for some reason you would like me to remove your submission, please contact me and I will do so.


Cosplay Entries


01 – Laura-preciousseashells
Congratulations on 2nd place!

Submission for LD

Original Cosplayer: Laura-Preciousseashell

This picture was taken at Nyancon 2014.
Cosplay: Laura (Preciousseashell)
Photographer: Vagabond Photography
Editor: Koralene


02 – Gulper Eel
Congratulations on 1st place!

Bernardo Ortolani

IMGP7157     IMGP7600

With one of these shots I wanted to try and recreate one of my favourite LD1 CGs.


03 – Jazzy

Giulio Enjoys His Treat
Serious Look

Giulio Enjoys His Treat     Serious Look     Relaxation


04 – Shion Nion

Oh It’s Heaven Nowadays


“Oh it’s heaven nowadays” A gift from Gian can make it so easy to take a break in bliss. Don’t worry, there’s a lot of light in the room.

Fanart Entries


05 – ArcielFreeder
Congratulations on 2nd place!

arciel - fanart (judged submission)

YURA’s ジャンのためなら世界を壊す art was a very big inspiration! ( ಠ◡ಠ )


06 – Sprinkles

Daivan Drift


The Motorcycle Gang theme is one of my favorite themes. ( ; 7 ; ) I enjoyed making this piece of art over the summer! Thank you Tennenouji for making characters that are fun to dress up and draw!!


07 – Alice


Soy tan fan de LD1 que aqui esta un pequeño dibujo de mi parte :),con cariño Alice~
Saludos a Tennenouji desde México! 😉


08 – Aki
Congratulations on 1st place!

The Sparkling CR:5!

ld1 contestpic

I just really wanted to make the CR-5 all sparkly and badass. (But failed horribly) This took a lot longer than expected (4 hours? I think?) heh. But It was fun to make! Now that I think about it, This is the first time I draw the CR-5 digitally. Whoa. Well, I honestly hope you enjoy what I made!


09 – Aseriaa

Gian’s Birthday Surprise

Gian x Ivan Art Submission

Ivan is an adorable mushy idiot. Enough said ❤


10 – Evelyn


Acrylic paint on 16×32 stretch canvas


11 – RosetteHiruka


It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out overall. I really wanted to do something with Giulio so I thought something sweet with Gian would be nice!


12 – Kezi

Casual Bernardo

First Bernado final copy

It’s my first time entering this type of contest and editing a picture so please forgive the hideousness.


13 – Silver Lou


I tried xD I’m not that good at coloring – I probably should have kept it black and white. But this is still better of many thing I have already drawn. Good luck to everyone! ^^


14 – dante

Smile for the Camera



15 – GhostAlly
Congratulations on 4th place!

lucky dogs contest Judging sumbission


16 – Adder

His Light



17 – JigoKuu

Sweet Misery



18 – Vicky
Congratulations on 5th place!

Casual Saturday

Lucky Dog Blast Fanartjpg

Happy Inktober everyone ;> (although when everyone sees this it’s probably not October anymore)


19 – pandycanes

giancarlo and friends


20 – Pijon

Such a Card


I thought about which card suit each character would fall into. Gian would of course have to be the Ace. Giulio would represent diamond, as he is both wealthy and the diamond itself could be used as a nice weapon. Luchino would best represent hearts. Bernardo seems to generally have bad luck, so I would chose him to represent the 3 leaf clover. His coloring doesn’t hurt either. And lastly, Ivan would have spades. He’s a bit of a crude joker, so I imagine he’d pick spades anyway.


21 – wheatpaste
Congratulations on 3rd place!

Lucky Lesbians



22 – Epic

Lucky Time 1


Gian takes touchy-feely initiative one time and Ivan’s a flustered mess.


30 – Jenny

Halloween Special


Fanfiction Entries


23 – Scooter
Congratulations on 2nd place!

Trick or Treat

Just a…pointless, stupid Halloween AU, because it’s that time of year and why not? Dialogue is my weakest aspect, but I had fun with this and loved having the opportunity to write it! The ending is just a random, awful thing, because body swaps are pretty common and done a lot. Alas! (I don’t do Ivan or Gian’s characters any justice, but I had fun playing with them all the same!) And for some reason everyone wound up being a couple of years younger in my head as I was writing this….


24 – Memento6

Let’s Go Somewhere Today, Let’s Blame the Whole World

I somehow made it through the deadline! I hope it won’t be too shabby, considering I wrote this in the middle of three political papers without giving it much thought. Thank you again for creating this contest. Your translation was lovely.


25 – Soapytoast1
Congratulations on 3rd place!



26 – Em

Dear Giulio

“Dear” is being used as an endearment.


27 – May 梁美
Congratulations on 1st place!

Suspiciously Specific Denial

College AU. Gian was his best friend. The type Ivan wouldn’t throw away for anything else in the world. This included shark attacks, zombie apocalypses, or disagreeing one too many times on the kinds of pizza toppings they should get.

Title inspired by the TVTropes category! Ivan is the biggest dork and total tsundere which makes him such a good match for Gian. I originally wanted to write some Luchino/Gian but it somehow snowballed into this. I’m falling for Ivan (´°ω°`)

Ivan’s birthday is December 23! He’d be one of those unlucky fellows who get birthday and Christmas presents all in one.

Thanks for reading! ♥

Other Entries


28 – Aural
Congratulations on 1st place!

(Figurine / Hamas / Perler Beads)


I love your page, thanks for translating and making these contests make me feel pretty lucky. Emoji/Adoro tu página, gracias por traducir y hacer estos concursos, me hacen sentir bastante afortunada.Emoji


29 – tigertree

(Felt Plushie)

IMG_2065     IMG_2066     IMG_2069

This plushie mafioso is entirely made of felt, with the exception of his white handkerchief that is made out of cloth. His hair took me quite a long time to get right. Although an ammateur work, I tried to craft him with care. He even has little button eyes! I love all the characters, but I had a fun time making this Giulio plushie~

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