Lucky Dog 1 Contest Fanfiction Entry 25


Gian you idiot! You’ve been out of the joint for a week and I only found out today!?

I really had to put the pressure on that tight-lipped bastard Bernardo to get the location of your hiding place. What have you been doing for a week in some shitty backend apartment anyway?

With a good kick the door crashed open.

“Gi… an”

Looking into the room my words died at the back of my throat.

“What the fuck?”

Amongst the mess of sheets on the bed two figures lay entwined. The blond rose first, seeing me his eyes lost their sleepy tarnish and struggled to cover their naked forms.

“Signor Gian…” The other muttered, unstirred.

FUCK… my face instantly burned red.


I retreated back to the hall and held the broken door closed.

Gian… and … How?

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…” I quietly chanted as my ears blazed with shock, anger, jealousy?

For a second I was distracted by the door handle rattling.

“Ivan you bastard!” Gian tried to talk through the door to me, careful not to disturb Guilio. Desperately trying to ‘explain’ the situation.

Why is it I feel so fucking jealous – I’m not a homo. But why… why when seeing that did I feel like I’d seen my woman with another man?

I’m not in fucking love with that fucking bastard.


“Don’t lie to me” I said quietly, almost surprised at the meekness of my voice. Gently letting the door open.

Gian looked terrified, half dressed. Not so luck now are we? With this knowledge, I would end them. No amount of luck or strength could give them exception.

“I won’t tell anyone” Before even thinking I’d pulled Gian into a kiss. It was heated and forced. Gian barely could resist, dumbfound by my actions. I think it was the best kiss I’d ever had.


I ran away without looking back. I must be a complete fool.

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