Lucky Dog 1 Contest Fanfiction Entry 26

Dear Giulio

Giulio loved Gian. In his life, Gian was the most important. Signor Gian was above all others. Giulio wanted to follow after him forever. Even being allowed to be of service in some way was like a reward for Giulio. He really… loved Gian. He’s loved him for a long time. Without even thinking it directly, he’d, from the start, become helplessly and hopelessly devoted.

The splatter of blood. The smell of it thick in the air. As more and more bodies piled up the smell clotted.

There was nothing like it. It felt like living. It was an overwhelming rush of life. The stimulus was overwhelming. It made Giulio’s pants grow tight. It wasn’t until the blood covered the floor and walls and the sounds of living bodies around him ceased that he stopped to undo his belt and touch himself. He salivated and let his mouth hang open to pant wetly. With bodies surrounding him, Giulio touched himself. One of his hands still held his knife. Both that hand the blade shone with blood. He delicately licked the knife and whimpered. Before he knew it he was coming. Clinging to the feeling of life, even after coming, he kept stroking himself. Post-orgasm the sensation was unpleasant, but nonetheless in time he grew aroused again and he came again, shaking. He panted, his mind cloudy. Realizing he’d drooled some, he reached for his handkerchief and wiped his mouth, his pants still wide open as he did so. He carefully, neatly, and slowly wiped his hands and knife off with the handkerchief. A bath was in order after he reported the success of his mission to the others. He folded up the handkerchief and tucked it away. He tucked himself back into his underwear and did up his pants. He’d done the job thoroughly.

Gian offered him the hand sticky with melted ice cream, and Giulio , flushed and eager, lapped at it. It was sweet. To be able to- to be allowed to touch Signor Gian like this and have him smile at someone like me… I am blessed. Giulio thought, flooded with warmth and internally shaking with the desire to please Gian and see him smile.

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