Lucky Dog 1 Contest Fanfiction Entry 27

Suspiciously Specific Denial

Gian was his best friend.

The type that Ivan wouldn’t throw away for anything else in the world. This included shark attacks, zombie apocalypses, or disagreeing one too many times on the kinds of pizza toppings they should get.

Without sounding like a sap, Ivan would say that Gian had picked him up from when he was at his lowest, like when he was dumped by his girlfriend at the fragile age of 15 or when he was kicked out of his home for stealing money from his father or when his father passed away.

And so when Gian told him that he was gay, Ivan took it in stride. Chances were that Gian had been gay for a while now and nothing was going to change anyway. Ivan shrugged and said, “more chicks for me then,” and Gian laughed, the sort of relieved laugh like a huge weight had been lifted off his chest.

Gian was his best friend.

But Bernardo was not. So he could only glower when Gian and Bernardo were doing their thing, because it was none of Ivan’s business that they were raging homosexuals and he just needed to deal with it.

It’s just that every single pseudo-endearing honey or darling made him want to whip out a spatula and literally start flipping shit.

When he couldn’t take it anymore, Ivan slammed his hands onto the desk in front of them and groaned, “I hate you both so much.”

So Gian laughed in that stupidly perfect way that he always did, and Bernardo gave him a knowing look. Which confused Ivan, because what exactly did he know?

After that Gian detached himself from Bernardo and took a seat next to Ivan. Ivan felt a surge of victory (for whatever reason) and sent a smug look Bernardo’s way.

Bernardo shook his head and sat on the other side of Ivan, with that dumb enigmatic smirk on his face that Ivan wanted to wipe off with his fist.

Gian was his best friend.

So when Ivan saw his best friend liplocking with the most annoyingly popular guy at the college who also happened to be way too good with girls, Ivan was only extremely pissed because he was worried about Gian. Ivan knew that Luchino was a good-for-nothing was Gian was only going to get his heart broken.

Ivan told his sister about this big news and she snorted while leafing through her stupid celebrity gossip magazine and said Ivan was just jealous.

Jealous? Pffft, there was no reason for Ivan to be jealous. None whatsoever. Maybe jealous of all the pussy Luchino was probably getting, and now even getting Gian? Gian was way too good for him. Way too good for anyone, really.

Gian was his best friend.

For his best friend’s sake, Ivan had to make sure Gian knew that Luchino was a filthy, cheating whoremonger. And so it was perfectly normal for Ivan to be following him to a house party with loud-ass music and drunk-ass chicks. Ivan happened to love loud-ass music and drunk-ass chicks. And if his cellphone happened to capture a picture of Luchino making out with the tall brunette with the enormous rack, it was only by coincidence.

Gian was his best friend.

Ivan didn’t want to break his heart with the news of Luchino’s dirty, filthy infidelity but he told the tragic news to Gian with the most solemn tone of voice he could muster. He slowly slid his cellphone towards Gian, with the incriminating picture of Luchino’s dirty, filthy makeout session full-blown across the screen. Ivan would’ve probably made a poster-sized version of it just to prove his point.

Gian just stared and laughed and said that their kiss was nothing serious which almost launched Ivan into cardiac arrest. Nothing serious? Why would he make out with Luchino of all people when it’s “nothing serious?” No one knew how to “nothing serious” more than Ivan did, damnit.

Wiping a tear of laughter from the corner of his eye, Gian said that Luchino was not his type. That he preferred guys that were more oblivious and hard-headed, but were still loyal and loveable. Ivan wouldn’t say that he knew any guys that fit that criteria but he figured that he would at least try, so that Gian wouldn’t go do “nothing serious” with a random guy again.

Gian was his best friend.

But despite all his efforts, all the guys Ivan found wanted to do some very serious things with Gian which included no clothes and lots of fondling. Ivan socked them all because there was nothing loveable about wanting to fondle Gian. Ivan would admit to thinking about fondling Gian before, too, but Ivan would at least buy him dinner first, maybe pop open a bottle of champagne and just stare into the depths of Gian’s eyes.

And then Ivan would fondle him, because he knows Gian has some self-respect.

He informed Gian of his failure (and of all the creepy guys who Ivan wouldn’t let near him with a 10 foot pole) and Gian smiled at him, and it was a different kind of smile than usual. It was a loving kind of smile so Ivan figured that Gian was just touched that so many dudes wanted to fondle him. Ivan couldn’t say he understood but he would do anything to make Gian smile like that again.

Gian was his best friend.

So it was weird that there was radio silence from him for the past few days. It was getting closer to Christmas so Ivan figured Gian was busy buying gifts or whatever. But then he realized that there was another possibility—Gian was spending all of his time with a new boyfriend.

It was unfair because there was an allotted time in Gian’s life that was reserved for Ivan and Ivan only. Some stupid boyfriend couldn’t just barge in and steal Ivan’s spotlight. Ivan started to worry more and more—what if his boyfriend broke the ice by telling Gian he had a huge package for him this Christmas, and it was in his pants? What his boyfriend dangled the mistletoe above his dick and said that by Christmas law Gian had to kiss it? Granted that was a pretty good idea that Ivan would totally steal but he would never steal from Gian’s stupid, stupid boyfriend.

Ivan started to ask Gian about hanging out more but Gian blew him off time and time again. Ivan was almost 99% certain that Gian was canoodling with his new lover, making snowmen and then fucking after because everyone knew snowmen-making was just foreplay.

As the days passed and Christmas Eve approached, Ivan had given up on life and decided to stay in and watch Netflix on his new plasma TV. He was alone in his apartment so he felt that he was justified in breaking out the hot cocoa and putting on Mean Girls for the first time since he watched it with his sister years ago (or so Ivan would vehemently tell himself).

The doorbell rang and Ivan contemplated just ignoring it and waiting until whoever it was got too cold and decided to go home. When there was a string of 26 persistent ding-dongs Ivan was sick and tired of his movie getting interrupted so he angrily yanked open the door with an unsavory cuss word already on the tip of his tongue.

And outside stood Gian with a box in his hands, covered in snow but still somehow managing to look flawless. Ivan was still not over the whole ignoring-him-for-the-last-few-days shenanigan.

“Finally decided to talk to me?” Ivan asked, figuratively patting himself on the back for sounding so casual and totally not upset. It wasn’t like he was pouting or anything.

Gian only smiled and let himself in. Before Ivan realized it, it was too late and Gian discovered how Ivan was spending his wintry December night.

“Is that Mean Girls!?” Gian guffawed with laughter and Ivan turned bright red. “You’re drinking hot chocolate by yourself while watching a chick flick? Who are you!?” Gian threw his head back with pure glee and even though Ivan was an indistinguishable tomato color the sight of Gian laughing made him tingle with joy all the way down to his toes.

“What do you even want? If you’re just gonna make fun of me, just leave.” But please don’t, stay here with me. Ivan tried to play it cool.

Gian walked closer to Ivan and opened the box. Inside was the most beautifully decorated cake that was frosted over with white and red, with decorative chocolate pieces and “Happy Birthday, You Stupid Asshole” gracefully iced over the center. Ivan looked up from the cake to Gian who had the biggest, proudest grin on his face.

“You have no idea how much cake I had to force down before I made one that’s actually edible. Happy birthday, you oblivious, hard-headed dumbass.” Gian leaned over and kissed Ivan’s softly on the lips, pulling away with the same loving smile he had on when Ivan told him about the fondlers and suddenly everything seemed so obvious.

After the initial shock Ivan took the cake and set it gently on the table before crashing against Gian and pressing their lips together with passion and joie de vivre, their bodies colliding against the wall near the door. This time the kiss wasn’t nearly as chaste; it was more electric and there was tongue and bodies pressing together and hands wandering below the waist.

When Gian pushed Ivan onto the couch and started stripping, Ivan was so excited he almost came in his pants, which would’ve been embarrassing for everyone (not really, just for him because Gian would’ve had a field day) so he had to close his eyes to calm down. But when he opened them, Gian’s face was hovering over his crotch with half-lidded eyes that held a promise of what was to come, which almost sent Ivan over the edge again. With great self-control, their clothes were ripped off and strewn haphazardly across the living room. They kissed, touched, fucked, and afterwards they watched the credits of Mean Girls together, which was a moment that Ivan never thought they’d share (in many, many more ways than one).

Gian turned to stare at Ivan with an impish expression like the little devil he was, the mastermind orchestrating the entire surprise and the jerk who didn’t tell Ivan that he was well-aware that Ivan was totally into him. Needless to say it was the best birthday gift he’s ever received, ever and his penis was more than happy to agree.

“I really like this, you know.” Gian said eyes meeting Ivan’s with split second of vulnerability, like he was actually a bit afraid that Ivan wouldn’t want to do it again. It was such stupid way for Gian to feel because Ivan enjoyed every second of the steamy sex, and the cake—the cake was amazing.

But the best part was that he was sharing his birthday with Gian—who, after peeling away all of the heavy layers of denial, had always been more than just Ivan’s best friend.

“Me too, you dumbass.”

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