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Lucky Dog 1

Escape From School 


An anime with a 10-min preview online!

Airing will begin Friday, every week, at 7:30 PM.



Episode List



Our story takes place in a school specially designed to teach you how to escape from prison.

A school from which you had to escape.

“Jailbreak School.”

The only teacher in the this school for jailbreak is the infamous virtuoso whose name everyone knows, Giancarlo.

Then there are the four new students and one delinquent, all with awful grades and awful behavioral issues.

All of them are trapped within this cage, a school that will keep you for the rest of your life if you don’t learn how to escape.

In the end, who will be able to escape from Jailbreak School?




The only teacher at Jailbreak School.
Was once a genius jailbreak artist.
If he doesn’t get his awful, non-studying students to break out of there, he himself cannot escape from the school.
Just once, he tried to escape on his own, but some mysterious power dragged him back and shut him in the Detention Room for a year.
Ever since, he’s never tried to escape on his own.



Was once the Head Captain of a Mafia family.
On his journey to search for his boss, Alessandro, who’d vanished, he wandered into Jailbreak School and was forcefully made to enroll.
Cursed with a lack of any athleticism, he was labeled with a rank among the delinquents.
Resentful of this infamous brand, he’s skipping his classes and working secretly works with falsifying information.



Former Mafia captain.
His quarrel with the opposing gang GD intensified.
Waiting for ally reinforcements, he was instead betrayed by someone on the inside and had to run.
Half-conscious and half-alive, he came to Jailbreak School and was forcibly made to enroll, where he was then put on the “Injured” list and confined to the infirmary.
He has yet to attend a single class.



Former Mafia captain.
He arrived at Jailbreak School on instinct as he sought out the target of his adoration, Gian, through pure instinct.
But, because he massacred half the staff on his enrollment, he was put on the blacklist and brainwashed.
However, none of the others know of this brainwashing.



Former Mafia captain.
Rocketing at frightening speed down the streets in his beloved vehicle, the Valkyrie, he accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up in a completely unfamiliar city.
When he entered Jailbreak School to ask for directions, his Valkyrie was quickly confiscated and he was forced to enroll.
He actually is attending his classes, but because he lost his other half and only thoughts of his Valkyrie fills his head, he’s out for the count.




Former Mafia Boss.
After getting captured by an opposing gang, he was forced to stay in Jailbreak School.
He’s a complete delinquent with awful grades, awful behavior, and always gets in Gian’s way.
Since the whole ordeal is surprisingly comfortable for him, he’s purposely stayed back from graduating for many years.

Episode List

Episode 1 (Release date: Apr. 4, 2014)

Everyone, Gather Around


All the students are gathered in the classroom one day for an emergency announcement.
Suddenly, a mysterious strange something is being broadcasted on classroom’s monitor.
“We’ll be holding the ‘Fun Fun Jailbreak Test’ for the first time two days from now!
If everyone can escape from the designated area on that day, you all pass!
If even one of you gets left behind, you all fail!
The place for the test this time will be … this classroom!
Oh, and I forgot to mention…

Anyone who fails goes to the Detention Room for one whole year!
And, of course, that goes for you, too, Gian.”
There, the eerie broadcast cut off before the students’ eyes…


Episode 2 (Release date: Apr. 11, 2014)

Class is in Session?!


Gian knew the horrors of the Detention Room.
Immediately after the message, he announced, “We’ll be cramming in a crash course starting tomorrow!”
However, the next day … not a single soul appeared in his classroom.
Furious, Gian goes to visit every one of the students at their rooms.  But … none of them were there…
Just where did the students all go…?!


Episode 3 (Release date: Apr. 18, 2014)

Detention Room


As Gian thought, the reason behind the disappearances of the students was that rotten apple Alessandro.
He’d gathered all the students in the middle of the night at the cafeteria and had a wild drinking party there.
Still trapped in the grips of alcohol that morning, the students were completely free of any worries.
Seeing this, Gian steeled his heart and started quietly telling them a story that he’d never told anyone else before.
What was it that Gian told them…?


Episode 4 (Release date: Apr. 25, 2014)



The aftermath of Gian’s story was extraordinary.
That very day, all of the students’ eyes sharpened and they began hunkering down on their training.
…All except for one.
Alessandro laughed nonchalantly at the desperate students as he obliviously lounged in the sauna, chewing his ice cubes.
Gian could only glare at him loathingly.
If only there wasn’t that rule… “If even one of you gets left behind, you all fail…”

Can Gian do something about the bad apple, Alessandro…?



 PS: This information was released on Apr. 1, 2014.

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7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Silver Lou
    Apr 01, 2014 @ 15:18:29

    Whoa, they prepared the joke very well… so why don’t they make an actual anime from it? The story sounds good, too *^*



  2. Silver Lou
    Apr 01, 2014 @ 15:36:39

    Ahaha, that dog’s everywhere… Men, I’m starting be a little scared of it. It’s creepy. xD

    But, I can’t see anything on my Google Maps -3-



  3. carla
    Apr 01, 2014 @ 15:43:28

    Thanks for your hard work!!!!!!!!!!!



  4. Silver Lou
    Apr 01, 2014 @ 15:52:20

    Oh, ok… Well, fin- No, that’s not fine, this is poké-racism toward computers!!



  5. satelliteolove
    Apr 01, 2014 @ 19:55:07

    This was absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing.



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