Here are stories I’ve written, fanfiction or original.  These aren’t all completed, but I’m hoping that the version that appears on this site will be as close to final as can be — moreso than the versions on fanfiction.net and livejournal.  Fics that will not be actively updated will be posted only here (rather than on ff.net) until a decent amount is finished.  That being said, please be extremely critical of technical aspects and flow and writing style as well as content.

Original fiction will be sorted by title.  If I ever get more authors to contribute, they will be sorted by author first, and then by title.  Fanfiction will be sorted by series, and then by title.

Disclaimer:  I do not own any of the original material for fanfiction.  They belong to their respective directors, writers, producers, etc. etc.  The events in the story are mine, though.  I do not make any money off fanfiction.

Disclaimer #2:  I do, however, own my original works and all related images and whatever ideas that come with them.  Please do not repost these or use these ideas anywhere.  You can ask, but … I’m not really sure why you would want to repost them somewhere anyways…

Have fun reading!


Spirit Chronicles


Bakuten Shoot Beyblade

  • ScorchedChapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
    • Warnings for imagery of addiction and (non-character) death; Characters: Kai, Dranzer, Black Dranzer, rest of the G-Rev team
    • Summary: In his battle with Brooklyn, Kai and Dranzer burned up every last ounce of energy until there was nothing left.  When he next woke, Dranzer was gone and he feels a hungering emptiness in his chest sated only by more and more battles … or perhaps for his bit beast’s Black counterpart.


  • The Dragon and His BoyChapter 1
    • Warnings: Creature-OC, AU; Characters: Hitsugaya & Hyourinmaru
    • Summary: Hitsugaya has been raised by dragons his whole life, even before he was Shinigami.  Even before he met Hyourinmaru.

Criminal Minds

  • Self-Denial


  • Little Birdie – Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4
    • Warnings: OCs, as appropriate for a case-fic.  Slight pre-slash.  NOT a crossover.
    • Summary: Lab-rat-turned-field-mouse Greg has always known more than he could or should, but it’s through no fault of his own.  Well, not really.  But when a new case comes up that has Greg on its suspect list, Greg may have to come clean with a secret he’s kept all his life.


  • Legends
  • Looking Glass


  • I See You
  • Watcher

Final Fantasy XII

  • The Earth, the Sky, and the Sea – Chapter 1
    • Warnings: OCs ahoy!; Characters: Balthier and Fran.
    • Summary: Judge Dylaneil Njor Bunansa has never much liked his parents, the infamous Sky Pirates Balthier and Fran.  He does not know them well, nor does he wish to.  However, the time finally came to clean out his father’s old study, where Dylaneil comes across an old journal in his father’s hand.


  • A Mere Centimeter and a World Apart

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn

  • Careful What You Wish For – Chapter 1, 2
    • Warnings: slash potential, second person POV, ignores canon; Characters: Mukuro & Tsunayoshi (Ten Years Later)
    • Summary: To save the Sky, the Mist claimed the blue as his own.  Oh, how he’s yearned to make the Sky his own for so long … but not at this price.  Not like this.

Lucky Dog 1

  • Ghost Story Behind BarsChapter 1
    • Warnings: very, very slight gore; Characters: Gian, Joshua
    • Summary: It’s Halloween night, and how do you celebrate if you’re locked behind bars and there’s no trick-or-treating to be had? Why, a ghost story of course!

Natsume Yuujinchou

  • Dancing Shadows
  • Deception
  • Possibilities
  • The Hand Taken
  • Uncertain Reality
  • White Noise


  • On the Start of a Whole New Journey
  • Pokedex – Entry 1, 2
    • Warnings for blunt, biological language.
    • Summary: 251 species of Pokemon reside in the regions of Kanto and Johto, each with their own unique characteristics and niches in the world. This is a Pokedex compiled from the 5 generations of Pokedex in the games, and one that will focus on how the Pokemon fit into their world, be it with nature, other Pokemon, or human society.


  • Black and White
  • Impossible Miracles
  • The Riddler

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