Little Birdie

CSI fanfiction

Little Birdie


Lab-rat-turned-field-mouse Greg has always known more than he could or should, but it’s through no fault of his own.  Well, not really.  But when a new case comes up that has Greg on its suspect list, Greg may have to come clean with a secret he’s kept all his life.

Main Characters:

  • Greg Sanders
  • The rest of the CSI team


  • As necessary for a case-fic, a whole slew of OCs will be present.  This story is also NOT a crossover, no matter what names may suggest.
  • It’s CSI.  There will be death and gore.
  • Minor mentions of pre-slash (Nick x Greg), but it won’t be major.





  • Greg being special.  I blame this on the Wikipedia page for Greg.
  • Wanting to write a case-fic where the answer lies between the different POVs and what different characters know or perceive.
  • I’m pretty sure my psychology class influenced this somehow…




  • A play on different points of view and perception.  There will be three main ones: the reader’s, the CSI team’s, and Greg’s.


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